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Abbreviation : PMCs
Long Form : primary mesenchyme cells
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 Spatially mapping gene expression in sea urchin primary mesenchyme cells. ---
2018 Cdc42 controls primary mesenchyme cell morphogenesis in the sea urchin embryo. ---
2018 Global analysis of primary mesenchyme cell cis-regulatory modules by chromatin accessibility profiling. CRMs, GRN
2018 TGFbeta signaling controls intrahepatic bile duct development may through regulating the Jagged1-Notch-Sox9 signaling axis. alpha-SMA, BECs, IHBDs, PMFs, PVM
2017 A sea urchin invivo model to evaluate Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition. EGF, EGFR, EMT
2017 Endocytosis in primary mesenchyme cells during sea urchin larval skeletogenesis. ---
2017 KirrelL, a member of the Ig-domain superfamily of adhesion proteins, is essential for fusion of primary mesenchyme cells in the sea urchin embryo. ---
2017 TGF-beta sensu stricto signaling regulates skeletal morphogenesis in the sea urchin embryo. MO
2017 The small GTPase Arf6 regulates sea urchin morphogenesis. ---
10  2016 Calcium transport into the cells of the sea urchin larva in relation to spicule formation. ---
11  2016 RNA-Seq identifies SPGs as a ventral skeletal patterning cue in sea urchins. ---
12  2016 Zygotic LvBMP5-8 is required for skeletal patterning and for left-right but not dorsal-ventral specification in the sea urchin embryo. DV, LR
13  2015 Late Alk4/5/7 signaling is required for anterior skeletal patterning in sea urchin embryos. SB43
14  2015 Lectin uptake and incorporation into the calcitic spicule of sea urchin embryos. ---
15  2015 microRNA-31 modulates skeletal patterning in the sea urchin embryo. KD, miR-31, miRNAs
16  2014 Signal-dependent regulation of the sea urchin skeletogenic gene regulatory network. GRN, WMISH
17  2014 Specification to biomineralization: following a single cell type as it constructs a skeleton. ---
18  2013 Growth factor-mediated mesodermal cell guidance and skeletogenesis during sea urchin gastrulation. ---
19  2012 Acidified seawater impacts sea urchin larvae pH regulatory systems relevant for calcification. ---
20  2012 MiR-17-92 cluster regulates cell proliferation and collagen synthesis by targeting TGFB pathway in mouse palatal mesenchymal cells. miR-17-92, TGFB
21  2012 Morphogenesis in sea urchin embryos: linking cellular events to gene regulatory network states. ---
22  2012 Par6 regulates skeletogenesis and gut differentiation in sea urchin larvae. Par
23  2012 Recombinant sea urchin vascular endothelial growth factor directs single-crystal growth and branching in vitro. rVEGF
24  2011 Bioengineering single crystal growth. ---
25  2011 Echinoderms as blueprints for biocalcification: regulation of skeletogenic genes and matrices. ECM
26  2011 P58-A and P58-B: novel proteins that mediate skeletogenesis in the sea urchin embryo. ---
27  2011 Specific expression of a TRIM-containing factor in ectoderm cells affects the skeletal morphogenetic program of the sea urchin embryo. TRIM
28  2010 Asymmetric inhibition of spicule formation in sea urchin embryos with low concentrations of gadolinium ion. ---
29  2010 Implication of HpEts in gene regulatory networks responsible for specification of sea urchin skeletogenic primary mesenchyme cells. SM50
30  2010 Up-regulation of circadian clock gene Period 2 in the prostate mesenchymal cells during flutamide-induced apoptosis. AR, ARE, DHT, FL, Per2
31  2008 Expression patterns of three Par-related genes in sea urchin embryos. aPKC, Par
32  2008 FGF signals guide migration of mesenchymal cells, control skeletal morphogenesis [corrected] and regulate gastrulation during sea urchin development. ---
33  2008 The surprising complexity of the transcriptional regulation of the spdri gene reveals the existence of new linkages inside sea urchin's PMC and Oral Ectoderm Gene Regulatory Networks. GRNs
34  2007 A switch in the cellular basis of skeletogenesis in late-stage sea urchin larvae. GFP, SM50, SMCs
35  2007 Evolutionary modification of mesenchyme cells in sand dollars in the transition from indirect to direct development. EMCs, LMCs, SMCs
36  2007 Gene expression patterns in a novel animal appendage: the sea urchin pluteus arm. ---
37  2007 Ingression of primary mesenchyme cells of the sea urchin embryo: a precisely timed epithelial mesenchymal transition. EMTs
38  2007 Localized VEGF signaling from ectoderm to mesenchyme cells controls morphogenesis of the sea urchin embryo skeleton. VEGFR
39  2007 Skeletogenesis by transfated secondary mesenchyme cells is dependent on extracellular matrix-ectoderm interactions in Paracentrotus lividus sea urchin embryos. ECM, mAb, SMCs
40  2007 The Snail repressor is required for PMC ingression in the sea urchin embryo. EMT, GRN, SMCs
41  2006 Study of larval and adult skeletogenic cells in developing sea urchin larvae. ---
42  2005 P16 is an essential regulator of skeletogenesis in the sea urchin embryo. ---
43  2004 A Raf/MEK/ERK signaling pathway is required for development of the sea urchin embryo micromere lineage through phosphorylation of the transcription factor Ets. ---
44  2004 Glucocorticoid enhances transforming growth factor-beta effects on extracellular matrix protein expression in human placental mesenchymal cells. Col, DEX, ECM, GC, IUGR, PCR, TGF-beta
45  2004 PI3K inhibitors block skeletogenesis but not patterning in sea urchin embryos. PI3K
46  2003 Primary mesenchyme cell patterning during the early stages following ingression. EMT
47  2002 Biomineralization of the spicules of sea urchin embryos. ---
48  2002 Identification and developmental expression of new biomineralization proteins in the sea urchin Strongylocentrotus purpuratus. ---
49  2001 A large-scale analysis of mRNAs expressed by primary mesenchyme cells of the sea urchin embryo. ESTs
50  2001 Role of the proteasome in the regulation of fetal fibronectin secretion in human placenta. CTs, ELISA, fFN, IL, SFM, UPS
51  2001 Skeletogenesis in sea urchin interordinal hybrid embryos. ---
52  2000 Cell-substrate interactions during sea urchin gastrulation: migrating primary mesenchyme cells interact with and align extracellular matrix fibers that contain ECM3, a molecule with NG2-like and multiple calcium-binding domains. ECM
53  1999 alphaSU2, an epithelial integrin that binds laminin in the sea urchin embryo. ---
54  1999 Matrix and mineral in the sea urchin larval skeleton. ---
55  1998 Disruption of primary mesenchyme cell patterning by misregulated ectodermal expression of SpMsx in sea urchin embryos. ---
56  1998 Study of heteroserum-induced rat liver fibrosis model and its mechanism. HSC, LPR
57  1998 The dynamics and regulation of mesenchymal cell fusion in the sea urchin embryo. ---
58  1997 Short-range cell-cell signals control ectodermal patterning in the oral region of the sea urchin embryo. ---
59  1997 Skeletal morphogenesis in the sea urchin embryo: regulation of primary mesenchyme gene expression and skeletal rod growth by ectoderm-derived cues. ---
60  1996 Expression of S9 and actin CyIIa mRNAs reveals dorso-ventral polarity and mesodermal sublineages in the vegetal plate of the sea urchin embryo. D-V, SMCs
61  1995 Four-dimensional microscopic analysis of the filopodial behavior of primary mesenchyme cells during gastrulation in the sea urchin embryo. DIC
62  1994 Primary mesenchyme cell migration in the sea urchin embryo: distribution of directional cues. APR
63  1994 Skeletal pattern is specified autonomously by the primary mesenchyme cells in sea urchin embryos. ---
64  1993 Cell-cell interactions regulate skeleton formation in the sea urchin embryo. ---
65  1993 Protein-DNA interactions at putative regulatory regions of two coordinately expressed genes, msp130 and PM27, during skeletogenesis in sea urchin embryos. ---
66  1993 Size regulation and morphogenesis: a cellular analysis of skeletogenesis in the sea urchin embryo. ---
67  1991 Tissue-specific, temporal changes in cell adhesion to echinonectin in the sea urchin embryo. ---
68  1990 A fibronectin-related synthetic peptide, Pro-Ala-Ser-Ser, inhibits fibronectin binding to the cell surface, fibronectin-promoted cell migration in vitro, and cell migration in vivo. FN, PA, PAS, PASS
69  1990 Cell interactions in the sea urchin embryo studied by fluorescence photoablation. SMCs
70  1990 The regulation of primary mesenchyme cell patterning. ---
71  1989 Immunogold detection of glycoprotein antigens in sea urchin embryos. ---
72  1988 Cell lineage conversion in the sea urchin embryo. SMCs
73  1987 A new method for isolating primary mesenchyme cells of the sea urchin embryo. Panning on wheat germ agglutinin-coated dishes. FITC
74  1986 Behavior of sea urchin primary mesenchyme cells in artificial extracellular matrices. ECMs, SEM, TEM
75  1986 The regulation of primary mesenchyme cell migration in the sea urchin embryo: transplantations of cells and latex beads. ---