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Abbreviation : PMMA
Long Form : poly(methyl methacrylate)
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2021 A Comparison of Accuracy of Different Dental Restorative Materials between Intraoral Scanning and Conventional Impression-Taking: An In Vitro Study. Co-Cr, CON group
2021 A comparison of depth of necrosis among adjuvant therapies used for the treatment of benign bone tumors. ABC, BHS
2021 A general strategy for semiconductor quantum dot production. CdS, CuS, FeS, ns, NSA, PL, QDs, ZnS
2021 A hydrostable Zn2+ coordination polymer for multifunctional detection of inorganic and organic contaminants in water. PA
2021 A Nanoplasmonic-Based Biosensing Approach for Wide-Range and Highly Sensitive Detection of Chemicals. BSA, LOD
2021 A Novel Phantom and a Dedicated Developed Software for Image Quality Controls in X-Ray Intraoral Devices. QC
2021 A Selective Ratiometric Fluorescent Probe for No-Wash Detection of PVC Microplastic. MP, PDI, PE, PET, PP, PS, PTFE, PVC
2021 A simple and low-cost approach for irreversible bonding of polymethylmethacrylate and polydimethylsiloxane at room temperature for high-pressure hybrid microfluidics. PDMS
2021 A structural polymer for highly efficient all-day passive radiative cooling. ---
10  2021 A systematic review of digital removable partial dentures. Part II: CAD/CAM framework, artificial teeth, and denture base. CAD/CAM, RPDs, SLM
11  2021 A transparent hydrophilic anti-biofouling coating for intraocular lens materials prepared by "bridging" of the intermediate adhesive layer. AL, PVA
12  2021 Achieving Concurrent High Energy Density and Efficiency in All-Polymer Layered Paraelectric/Ferroelectric Composites via Introducing a Moderate Layer. ---
13  2021 Acoustic scattering by a finite-length elastic elliptical cylinder in a plane wave. ---
14  2021 Adhesion Engineering in Polymer-Metal Comolded Joints with Biomimetic Polydopamine. PDA, TPMs
15  2021 Adsorption and wettability of extended anionic surfactants with different PO numbers on a polymethylmethacrylate surface. CMC, PO, SDS
16  2021 Advanced G-MPS-PMMA Bone Cements: Influence of Graphene Silanisation on Fatigue Performance, Thermal Properties and Biocompatibility. MPS
17  2021 Alternative radiopacifiers for polymethyl methacrylate bone cements: Silane-treated anatase titanium dioxide and yttria-stabilised zirconium dioxide. ---
18  2021 Amphiphilic Double-Brush Copolymers with a Polyurethane Backbone: A Bespoke Macromolecular Emulsifier for Ionic Liquid-in-Oil Emulsion. DBCs, IL, PDMA, PU
19  2021 An Energy Efficient Thermally Regulated Optical Spectroscopy Cell for Lab-on-Chip Devices: Applied to Nitrate Detection. ---
20  2021 An Enhanced Scheme for Multiscale Modeling of Thermomechanical Properties of Polymer Bulks. AA, CG, MD, PS, PVT, Tg
21  2021 An in vitro system to investigate IOL: Lens capsule interaction. IOL, LC, PCO
22  2021 Antibacterial, Antiviral, and Self-Cleaning Mats with Sensing Capabilities Based on Electrospun Nanofibers Decorated with ZnO Nanorods and Ag Nanoparticles for Protective Clothing Applications. ---
23  2021 Antibiotic Refilling, Antimicrobial Activity, and Mechanical Strength of PMMA Bone Cement Composites Critically Depend on the Processing Technique. CD
24  2021 Antifungal Activity of Denture Base Resin Containing Nanozirconia: In Vitro Assessment of Candida albicans Biofilm. ---
25  2021 Antifungal activity of polymethyl methacrylate/Si3N4 composites against Candida albicans. ---
26  2021 Antifungal Effect of Piezoelectric Charges on PMMA Dentures. ---
27  2021 Antimicrobial Activity of Thermocycled Polymethyl Methacrylate Resin Reinforced with Titanium Dioxide and Copper Oxide Nanoparticles. ---
28  2021 Assessing Fracture Toughness and Impact Strength of PMMA Reinforced with Nano-Particles and Fibre as Advanced Denture Base Materials. ANOVA, SEM
29  2021 Assessment of Marginal Integrity and Color Stability of Provisional Restoration Fabricated from Different Autopolymerizing Acrylic Resins - A Comparative Study. ---
30  2021 Association of Graphene Silver Polymethyl Methacrylate (PMMA) with Photodynamic Therapy for Inactivation of Halitosis Responsible Bacteria in Denture Wearers. ---
31  2021 Avoiding artifacts in liposome leakage measurements via cuvette- and liposome-surface modifications. CF, PEG, PS, QCM-D
32  2021 Back Injection Molding of Sub-Micron Scale Structures on Roll-to-Roll Extrusion Coated Films. BIM, PET, PP
33  2021 Bacterial Cellulose Network from Kombucha Fermentation Impregnated with Emulsion-Polymerized Poly(methyl methacrylate) to Form Nanocomposite. KBC
34  2021 Balanced strength-toughness, thermal conductivity and self-cleaning properties of PMMA composites enabled by terpolymer grafted carbon nanotube. Ter-CNT
35  2021 Ballistic performance of Polycarbonate and Polymethyl methacrylate under normal and inclined dynamic impacts. DOP, EDP, PC, POP
36  2021 Balloon kyphoplasty combined with posterior pedicle screw fixation for the treatment of osteoporotic thoracolumbar burst fractures. CT, ODI, TLBF, VAS, VBHL
37  2021 Bioactive glass S53P4 to fill-up large cavitary bone defect after acute and chronic osteomyelitis treated with antibiotic-loaded cement beads: A prospective case series with a minimum 2-year follow-up. BAG-S53P4
38  2021 Biological and Mechanical Properties of Denture Base Material as a Vehicle for Novel Hydroxyapatite Nanoparticles Loaded with Drug. DSC, FTIR, HANP, MZ
39  2021 Biomechanical Comparison of Polymethylmethacrylate Augmentation Methods in Failed Pedicle Screw Revision. POS
40  2021 Bond strength of artificial teeth to thermoplastic denture base resin for injection molding. ---
41  2021 Bonding Behavior Between Polyetheretherketone and Polymethylmethacrylate Acrylic Denture Polymer. PEEK, SBS, SFE, SR
42  2021 Bonding Behavior of Conventional PMMA towards Industrial CAD/CAM PMMA and Artificial Resin Teeth for Complete Denture Manufacturing in a Digital Workflow. SBS
43  2021 Bonding between implant attachment pickup materials and CAD-CAM denture base material. CAD-CAM
44  2021 Bonding Interface and Repairability of 3D-Printed Intraoral Splints: Shear Bond Strength to Current Polymers, with and without Ageing. AM base, MMA, SBS
45  2021 Bone defects are repaired by enhanced osteogenic activity of the induced membrane: a case report and literature review. IMT
46  2021 Borate mineral loading into acrylic bone cements to gain cost-effectivity, enhanced antibacterial resistivity, and better cellular integration properties. ---
47  2021 Bovine Serum Albumin Conjugation in Superparamagnetic/Poly(methyl methacrylate) Nanoparticles as an Alternative for Magnetic Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assays. BSA, TEM
48  2021 Calcium Phosphate Cement Causes Nucleus Pulposus Cell Degeneration through the ERK Signaling Pathway. CPC, ERK, HNPC, HNPCs
49  2021 Calculation of Stopping-Power Ratio from Multiple CT Numbers Using Photon-Counting CT System: Two- and Three-Parameter-Fitting Method. CT, PFM, SPR
50  2021 Calculations on compact disc cracking. ---
51  2021 Cement augmentation for trochanteric fracture in elderly: A systematic review. CP
52  2021 Ceria-Incorporated Biopolymer for Preventing Fungal Adhesion. CNPs
53  2021 Characterization and evaluation of a novel silver nanoparticles-loaded polymethyl methacrylate denture base: In vitro and in vivo animal study. MMA, NS
54  2021 Characterization of a GaAs photon-counting detector for mammography. CNR, GaAs, PCD
55  2021 Characterization of Drug-Polymer Adsorption Isotherms in Body-on-a-Chip Systems by Inverse Liquid-Solid Chromatography. PDMS, PK/PD
56  2021 Characterization of Inkjet-Printed Digital Microfluidics Devices. DMF, PCB
57  2021 Characterizing and Optimizing Piezoelectric Response of ZnO Nanowire/PMMA Composite-Based Sensor. FEM, NW
58  2021 Clinical Outcome and Histological Findings After Induced Leakage of PMMA Loaded With Methotrexate and Cisplatin During Vertebroplasty: Experimental Model in Pigs. MTX
59  2021 Clinical Performance of Two Types of Primary Molar Indirect Crowns Fabricated by 3D Printer and CAD/CAM for Rehabilitation of Large Carious Primary Molars. CAD/CAM
60  2021 CNT and rGO reinforced PMMA based bone cement for fixation of load bearing implants: Mechanical property and biological response. BC, BCs, CNT, PMMA-HT, rGO
61  2021 Coating of Conducting and Insulating Threads with Porous MOF Particles through Langmuir-Blodgett Technique. LB, MOF
62  2021 Collateral flow at circle of Willis in healthy condition. ACoA, CAC, CoW, MCAs
63  2021 Color stability of 3D-printed denture resins: effect of aging, mechanical brushing and immersion in staining medium. AS, D3D, DB, NBS
64  2021 Comparative Evaluation of Two Glass Polyalkenoate Cements: An In Vivo Pilot Study Using a Sheep Model. GPCs, rTKA
65  2021 Comparative Raman study on the molecular structure and IN VIVO wear of poly(methyl methacrylate)-based devices used as temporary knee prostheses: Effect of the antibiotic. ---
66  2021 Comparison between Tonifying Kidney Yang and Yin in Treating Segmental Bone Defects Based on the Induced Membrane Technique: An Experimental Study in a Rat Model. IM, SBDs
67  2021 Comparison of amniotic membrane versus the induced membrane for bone regeneration in long bone segmental defects using calcium phosphate cement loaded with BMP-2. CPC, HAM, hBMSCs, IM
68  2021 Comparison of Genotoxicity and Cytotoxicity of Polyvinyl Chloride and Poly(methyl methacrylate) Nanoparticles on Normal Human Lung Cell Lines. PVC
69  2021 Comparison of Mechanical Properties of PEEK and PMMA: An In Vitro Study. PEEK, UTM
70  2021 Comparison of myoglobin clearance in three types of blood purification modalities. CHF, HDF
71  2021 Comparison of spectra and mean glandular dose (MGD) with tube voltage used in digital mammography for simulated, metrological and clinical cases. DBT, DR, MGD
72  2021 Comparison of strength of milled and conventionally processed PMMA complete-arch implant-supported immediate interim fixed dental prostheses. MUA, WM
73  2021 Computer-assisted implant placement and full-arch immediate loading with digitally prefabricated provisional prostheses without cast: a prospective pilot cohort study. s-CAIS
74  2021 Consistent modelling of material weight loss and gas release due to pyrolysis and conducting benchmark tests of the model-A case for glovebox panel materials such as polymethyl methacrylate. PC
75  2021 Contemporary Review on Craniectomy and Cranioplasty; Part 2: Material Selection and Plate Manufacture. ---
76  2021 Controlled (Co)Polymerization of Methacrylates Using a Novel Symmetrical Trithiocarbonate RAFT Agent Bearing Diphenylmethyl Groups. Co, CTA, RAFT
77  2021 Correlation between surface friction and the hydrophobicity of structure-related side-chain exposure of albumin on contact lens. PHEMA, PPI, PSI
78  2021 Cost-Effective Cranioplasty Utilizing 3D Printed Molds: A Canadian Single-Center Experience. ---
79  2021 Cranioplasty with three-dimensional customised mould for polymethylmethacrylate implant: a series of 16 consecutive patients with cost-effectiveness consideration. CT
80  2021 Crystallinity and β Phase Fraction of PVDF in Biaxially Stretched PVDF/PMMA Films. PVDF
81  2021 CT-based structural analyses of vertebral fractures with polymeric augmentation: A study of cadaveric three-level spine segments. PPF
82  2021 CT-guided percutaneous bilateral sacroiliac joint arthroplasty. SI
83  2021 CuO/PMMA Polymer Nanocomposites as Novel Resist Materials for E-Beam Lithography. EBL, muXRF
84  2021 CuS/rGO-PEG Nanocomposites for Photothermal Bonding of PMMA-Based Plastic Lab-on-a-Chip. CuS, NIR, PCR, rGO
85  2021 Customized and Cost-Effective 3D Printed Mold for Cranioplasty: India's First Single Center Experience. CAD, VASC
86  2021 Customized Cost-Effective Polymethyl-Methacrylate Cranioplasty Implant Using Three-Dimensional Printer. ---
87  2021 Cyclic Gas Dissolution Foaming as an Approach for Simultaneously Reducing Cell Size and Relative Density in Nanocellular PMMA. ---
88  2021 Cytotoxicity and cell response of preosteoblast in calcium sulfate-augmented PMMA bone cement. MMA, UPLC
89  2021 Design of 3D Additively Manufactured Hybrid Structures for Cranioplasty. Cu-TCP, FEA, PCL, PLA
90  2021 Designer Core-Shell Nanoparticles as Polymer Foam Cell Nucleating Agents: The Impact of Molecularly Engineered Interfaces. MDS, NPs, PAN, PDMS, PS
91  2021 Detection of chlorantraniliprole residues in tomato using field-deployable MIP photonic sensors. CHL, MIP, NIP
92  2021 Development of the Functionalized Nanocomposite Materials for Adsorption/Decontamination of Radioactive Pollutants. PB
93  2021 Distal edge determination precision for a multi-slat prompt-gamma camera: A comprehensive simulation and optimization of the detection system. YAP
94  2021 Does microwave and hydrogen peroxide disinfection reduce Candida albicans biofilm on polymethyl methacrylate denture surfaces? AFU, CDC, CFUs, CLSM, YPD
95  2021 Dual-Emission Ratiometric Fluorescent Probe Based on Lanthanide-Functionalized Carbon Quantum Dots for White Light Emission and Chemical Sensing. FTIR, MMA, TEM, XPS
96  2021 Dual-initiating and living frustrated Lewis pairs: expeditious synthesis of biobased thermoplastic elastomers. FLPs, PMMBL, tri-BCPs
97  2021 Durable Oral Biofilm Resistance of 3D-Printed Dental Base Polymers Containing Zwitterionic Materials. MPC, SB
98  2021 Dynamic assessment of interleukin-6 during hemodialysis and mortality in coronavirus disease-19. COVID-19
99  2021 Effect of a Surface Sealant Agent on the Color Stability and Surface Roughness of Polymethyl Methacrylate and Nylon Denture Base Materials. SEM
100  2021 Effect of aging and mechanical brushing on surface roughness of 3D printed denture resins: A profilometer and scanning electron microscopy analysis. AS