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Abbreviation : POEGMA
Long Form : poly(oligoethylene glycol methacrylate)
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Biochip Performances of Agarose, Poly(Oligo(Ethylene Glycol) Methacrylate), and Poly(2-Hydroxyethyl Methacrylate) Film on Glass Surfaces. PHEMA
2020 Nanostructured degradable macroporous hydrogel scaffolds with controllable internal morphologies via reactive electrospinning. PEO
2020 The physico-chemistry of adhesions of protein resistant and weak polyelectrolyte brushes to cells and tissues. AFM, PAA, PDMAEMA, SAMs
2019 2.5D Hierarchical Structuring of Nanocomposite Hydrogel Films Containing Cellulose Nanocrystals. CNCs
2019 All-Aqueous SI-ARGET ATRP from Cellulose Nanofibrils Using Hydrophilic and Hydrophobic Monomers. CNF, PMMA, QCM-D, SI-ARGET ATRP
2019 Architectural Modification of Conformal PEG-Bottlebrush Coatings Minimizes Anti-PEG Antigenicity While Preserving Stealth Properties. APAs, EG, PEG
2019 Binary polymer brush patterns from facile initiator stickiness for cell culturing. ATRP, MUDBr, PGMA, PHEMA
2019 Cellulose Nanocrystal Aerogels as Electrolyte Scaffolds for Glass and Plastic Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells. CNCs, DSSCs
2019 Codelivery of doxorubicin and camptothecin by dual-responsive unimolecular micelle-based beta-cyclodextrin for enhanced chemotherapy. ATRP, beta-CD, CPT, DOX, PDPA, TME
10  2019 Data supporting polymerization of anti-fouling polymer brushes polymerized on the pore walls of porous aluminium and titanium oxides. AAO, ATRP, BSA, FITC, NT, PAAm
11  2019 Enzymatically Degassed Surface-Initiated Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization with Real-Time Monitoring. ATRP, GOx, LSPR, PDMAEMA, PSBMA, QCM
12  2019 Preparation and antibacterial activity of silver-loaded poly(oligo(ethylene glycol) methacrylate) brush. ---
13  2019 Reductively Responsive Gel Capsules Prepared Using a Water-Soluble Zwitterionic Block Copolymer Emulsifier. DTT, FITC-Dex, PMPC, PPEGMA, RAFT, W/O
14  2019 Slow polymer diffusion on brush-patterned surfaces in aqueous solution. ---
15  2019 Temperature dependent specific ion effects in mixed salt environments on a thermoresponsive poly(oligoethylene glycol methacrylate) brush. NR, QCM-D
16  2019 Two-Dimensional Antifouling Fluidic Channels on Nanopapers for Biosensing. BSA, CNF, hIgG, PDMAEMA, SPR
17  2018 Biofunctionalized Patterned Polymer Brushes via Thiol-Ene Coupling for the Control of Cell Adhesion and the Formation of Cell Arrays. AFM
18  2018 Fabricating Degradable Thermoresponsive Hydrogels on Multiple Length Scales via Reactive Extrusion, Microfluidics, Self-assembly, and Electrospinning. PNIPAM
19  2018 Fabrication of microstructured binary polymer brush "corrals" with integral pH sensing for studies of proton transport in model membrane systems. ATRP, NBC, PCysMA
20  2018 Fabrication of supramolecular star-shaped amphiphilic copolymers for ROS-triggered drug release. ATRP, beta-CD, DB, DLS, DOX, DPs, Fc, PCL, ROP, TEM
21  2018 Impact of Polymer Bioconjugation on Protein Stability and Activity Investigated with Discrete Conjugates: Alternatives to PEGylation. PEG, PNAM
22  2018 Improving the carrier stability and drug loading of unimolecular micelle-based nanotherapeutics for acid-activated drug delivery and enhanced antitumor therapy. DEX, DOX, UMs
23  2018 Measuring the Interactions between Protein-Coated Microspheres and Polymer Brushes in Aqueous Solutions. BSA, pCBMA, TIRM
24  2018 Self-Assembled Nanostructures of Red Fluorescent Amphiphilic Block Copolymers as Both Imaging Probes and Drug Carriers. PCL, PDL
25  2018 Synthesis of Modular Brush Polymer-Protein Hybrids Using Diazotransfer and Copper Click Chemistry. ELP, ISA
26  2017 Calcium triggered self-assembly of alginate-graft-POEGMA via RAFT for the encapsulation of lipophillic actives. RAFT
27  2017 Effect of Molecular Architecture on Cell Interactions and Stealth Properties of PEG. ---
28  2017 Long-range interactions between protein-coated particles and POEGMA brush layers in a serum environment. AFM, NBCS, PS, SI-ATRP, TIRM
29  2017 Mesoporous silica nanoparticles (MSNs)-based organic/inorganic hybrid nanocarriers loading 5-Fluorouracil for the treatment of colon cancer with improved anticancer efficacy. 5-FU, ATRP, MSN, MSNs, zeta
30  2017 Nanocomposite Films of Laponite/PEG-Grafted Polymers and Polymer Brushes with Nonfouling Properties. AFM, APTMS, ATRP, FTIR, PEG, XRD
31  2017 Small nanosized poly(vinyl benzyl trimethylammonium chloride) based polyplexes for siRNA delivery. PVTC
32  2017 Targeting to the Bone: Alendronate-Directed Combretastatin A-4 Bearing Antiangiogenic Polymer-Drug Conjugates. ALN, CA-4
33  2017 Understanding the Oxidative Stability of Antifouling Polymer Brushes. pCBMA, PMPC, PSBMA, QCM, SI-ATRP
34  2016 A brush-polymer conjugate of exendin-4 reduces blood glucose for up to five days and eliminates poly(ethylene glycol) antigenicity. EG, PEG
35  2016 A Rationally Optimized Nanoparticle System for the Delivery of RNA Interference Therapeutics into Pancreatic Tumors in Vivo. PDMAEMA, RAFT, siRNA
36  2016 Cellulose nanocrystal-poly(oligo(ethylene glycol) methacrylate) brushes with tunable LCSTs. ATRP, CNCs, LCSTs
37  2016 Control of Protein Affinity of Bioactive Nanocellulose and Passivation Using Engineered Block and Random Copolymers. hIgG, PDMAEMA, TOCNF
38  2016 Enhanced Mechanical Properties in Cellulose Nanocrystal-Poly(oligoethylene glycol methacrylate) Injectable Nanocomposite Hydrogels through Control of Physical and Chemical Cross-Linking. CNCs
39  2016 Facile Synthesis of Worm-like Micelles by Visible Light Mediated Dispersion Polymerization Using Photoredox Catalyst. bpy, BzMA, EtOH, macro-CTA, PBzMA, PET-RAFT, PISA, RAFT
40  2016 Hydrophilic Polymer Brush Layers on Stainless Steel Using Multilayered ATRP Initiator Layer. ---
41  2016 Reactive electrospinning of degradable poly(oligoethylene glycol methacrylate)-based nanofibrous hydrogel networks. ---
42  2016 Silica particles with immobilized protein molecules and polymer brushes. BSA, LCST
43  2016 Site-specific in situ growth of an interferon-polymer conjugate that outperforms PEGASYS in cancer therapy. C-terminal, PEG, SIG
44  2016 Stimuli-Responsive Cellulose Nanocrystals for Surfactant-Free Oil Harvesting. CNC-BPB, PMAA
45  2016 Temperature Dependence of the Surface and Volume Hydrophilicity of Hydrophilic Polymer Brushes. PDMA, PHEMA, PNIPAM, QCM-D, SI-ATRP
46  2016 Tuning the properties of injectable poly(oligoethylene glycol methacrylate) hydrogels by controlling precursor polymer molecular weight. RAFT
47  2015 Complementary light scattering and synchrotron small-angle X-ray scattering studies of the micelle-to-unimer transition of polysulfobetaines. ---
48  2015 Controlling surface topology and functionality of electrospun fibers on the nanoscale using amphiphilic block copolymers to direct mesenchymal progenitor cell adhesion. ECM, hES-MPs, PLA, PMPC
49  2015 Effect of Molecular Architecture of PDMAEMA-POEGMA Random and Block Copolymers on Their Adsorption on Regenerated and Anionic Nanocelluloses and Evidence of Interfacial Water Expulsion. AFM, CNF, PDMAEMA, RAFT, SPR, XPS
50  2015 Immobilization of Antibody on a Cyclic Olefin Copolymer Surface with Functionalizable, Non-Biofouling Poly[Oligo(Ethylene Glycol) Methacrylate]. ---
51  2015 Negative chromatography purification of hepatitis B virus-like particles using poly(oligo(ethylene glycol) methacrylate) grafted cationic adsorbent. HB-VLPs, HCPs
52  2015 Optimization of Aqueous SI-ATRP Grafting of Poly(Oligo(Ethylene Glycol) Methacrylate) Brushes from Benzyl Chloride Macroinitiator Surfaces. SI-ATRP
53  2015 Versatile thiol-based reactions for micrometer- and nanometer-scale photopatterning of polymers and biomolecules. GFP, IL, TPPDF
54  2015 Volume phase transition mechanism of poly[oligo(ethylene glycol)methacrylate] based thermo-responsive microgels with poly(ionic liquid) cross-linkers. FTIR, PCMW, PIL
55  2014 Directing cell migration using micropatterned and dynamically adhesive polymer brushes. ---
56  2014 Injectable poly(oligoethylene glycol methacrylate)-based hydrogels with tunable phase transition behaviours: physicochemical and biological responses. VPTT
57  2014 On the two-step phase transition behavior of the Poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) (PNIPAM) brush: different zones with different orders. ATRP, PCMW, PNIPAM
58  2014 Poly(oligoethylene glycol methacrylate) dip-coating: turning cellulose paper into a protein-repellent platform for biosensors. BSA
59  2014 Polyplex micelles with thermoresponsive heterogeneous coronas for prolonged blood retention and promoted gene transfection. pDNA, PMEO2MA
60  2014 Polypropylene non-woven meshes with conformal glycosylated layer for lectin affinity adsorption: the effect of side chain length. BP, Con A, PHEMA, PPNWMs
61  2014 Role of Branching of Hydrophilic Domain on Physicochemical Properties of Amphiphilic Macromolecules. AMs, ATRP, CMC, HEBiB, OEGMA, Tg
62  2014 Surface-initiated polymerization within mesoporous silica spheres for the modular design of charge-neutral polymer particles. PMPC
63  2013 Aptamer-modified micro/nanostructured surfaces: efficient capture of Ramos cells in serum environment. CTCs, GNPLs
64  2013 Block copolymer modified surfaces for conjugation of biomacromolecules with control of quantity and activity. FTIR, PGMA
65  2013 Protein resistance and pH-responsive controlled release from the modification of single-walled carbon nanotubes with a double polymer layer. Pdop, SWNTs
66  2013 Solid-phase colorimetric sensor based on gold nanoparticle-loaded polymer brushes: lead detection as a case study. ---
67  2013 Surface interactions surpass carbon-carbon bond: understanding and control of the scission behavior of core-shell polymer brushes on surfaces. CPBs, POEGMA-b-PDMAEMA, POEGMA-b-PMETAI
68  2012 Exploiting thermoresponsive polymers to modulate lipophilicity: interactions with model membranes. LCST
69  2012 Poly(2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate) brush surface for specific and oriented adsorption of glycosidases. GAL, GLU, PHEMA, PMEMA
70  2010 Exploiting the superior protein resistance of polymer brushes to control single cell adhesion and polarisation at the micron scale. ECM
71  2010 Generation of patterned neuronal networks on cell-repellant poly(oligo(ethylene glycol) methacrylate) films. ---
72  2010 Protein patterning by UV-induced photodegradation of poly(oligo(ethylene glycol) methacrylate) brushes. AFM, XPS
73  2010 Protein-resistant NTA-functionalized polymer brushes for selective and stable immobilization of histidine-tagged proteins. His-tagged, NTA, PHEMA
74  2010 Water-soluble organo-silica hybrid nanotubes templated by cylindrical polymer brushes. ATRP, CPBs, PAPTS, PtBA, TEM
75  2009 Biofunctionalized protein resistant oligo(ethylene glycol)-derived polymer brushes as selective immobilization and sensing platforms. ---
76  2009 Versatile synthesis and micropatterning of nonfouling polymer brushes on the wafer scale. ---
77  2008 A facile method of forming nanoscale patterns on poly(ethylene glycol)-based surfaces by self-assembly of randomly grafted block copolymer brushes. ATRP, PMMA
78  2008 Activity-based assay of matrix metalloproteinase on nonbiofouling surfaces using time-of-flight secondary ion mass spectrometry. MMP, ToF-SIMS
79  2007 Functionalization of poly(oligo(ethylene glycol) methacrylate) films on gold and Si/SiO2 for immobilization of proteins and cells: SPR and QCM studies. ATRP, DSC, SAMs
80  2006 DNA-accelerated atom transfer radical polymerization on a gold surface. HEMA, OEGMA, PHEMA, ssDNAs