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Abbreviation : PPG
Long Form : photoplethysmography
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 14.85 W Analog Front-End for Photoplethysmography Acquisition with 142-dBOmega Gain and 64.2-pArms Noise. AFE, BGL
2019 A Chair-Based Unconstrained/Nonintrusive Cuffless Blood Pressure Monitoring System Using a Two-Channel Ballistocardiogram. ANN, ECG, IPD, PTT, PVDF, PWV
2019 A Comparison of Reflective Photoplethysmography for Detection of Heart Rate, Blood Oxygen Saturation, and Respiration Rate at Various Anatomical Locations. HR, RR
2019 A Comparison of Sexual Arousal in Men Exposed to Visual Stimuli With and Without Facial Blurring. ---
2019 A Deep Neural Network-Based Pain Classifier Using a Photoplethysmography Signal. DBN, MLPNN, NRS, SVM
2019 A novel parameter derived from photoplethysmographic pulse wave to distinguish preeclampsia from non-preeclampsia. AUC, CHAR, PE
2019 A Supervised Approach to Robust Photoplethysmography Quality Assessment. AFib, DT, fPPG, KNN, rPPG, SVM, UCSF
2019 Autonomic Nervous System Measurement in Hyperbaric Environments Using ECG and PPG Signals. ECG, HF, HRV, LF, PRV
2019 Breath Rate Variability: A Novel Measure to Study the Meditation Effects. BBI, BRV, EEG, HRV, LF-HF, LS, PSD, RMSSD, SDBB, SDSD
10  2019 Can one detect atrial fibrillation using a wrist-type photoplethysmographic device? AF, SR, VA
11  2019 Can pulse check by the photoplethysmography sensor on a smart watch replace carotid artery palpation during cardiopulmonary resuscitation in cardiac arrest patients? a prospective observational diagnostic accuracy study. ED, ROSC
12  2019 Comparative accuracy of optical sensor-based wearable system for non-invasive measurement of blood glucose concentration. BG, NIGM
13  2019 Comparative Design Study for Power Reduction in Organic Optoelectronic Pulse Meter Sensor. EQE, OLED, OPD, SNR
14  2019 Continuous heart rate monitoring for automatic detection of atrial fibrillation with novel bio-sensing technology. AF, ECG
15  2019 CorNET: Deep Learning Framework for PPG-Based Heart Rate Estimation and Biometric Identification in Ambulant Environment. BId, HR
16  2019 Current progress of photoplethysmography and SPO2 for health monitoring. ---
17  2019 Detection of atrial fibrillation using a wrist-worn device. AF
18  2019 Detection of atrial fibrillation with a smartphone camera: first prospective, international, two-centre, clinical validation study (DETECT AF PRO). AF, iECG, SR
19  2019 Detection of pulsed blood flow through a molar pulp chamber and surrounding tissue in vitro. ---
20  2019 Diagnostic Performance of a Smart Device With Photoplethysmography Technology for Atrial Fibrillation Detection: Pilot Study (Pre-mAFA II Registry). AF, ECG
21  2019 Estimating blood pressure trends and the nocturnal dip from photoplethysmography. BP, DBP, LSTM, RMSE, SBP
22  2019 Estimation of respiratory rate from motion contaminated photoplethysmography signals incorporating accelerometry. AR, RR
23  2019 Finger and forehead photoplethysmography-derived pulse-pressure variation and the benefits of baseline correction. ABP, MLR, PAV, PPV
24  2019 Human photoplethysmogram through the Morse graph: Searching for the saddle point in experimental data. ---
25  2019 In vivo effects of temperature on the heart and pyloric rhythms in the crab Cancer borealis. ---
26  2019 Instant Stress: Detection of Perceived Mental Stress Through Smartphone Photoplethysmography and Thermal Imaging. ---
27  2019 Lower limb pulse rise time as a marker of peripheral arterial disease. ABI, PAD, PRTs, PTA, PWs
28  2019 Mobile Phone-Based Use of the Photoplethysmography Technique to Detect Atrial Fibrillation in Primary Care: Diagnostic Accuracy Study of the FibriCheck App. AF, ECG
29  2019 Monte Carlo Analysis of Optical Interactions in Reflectance and Transmittance Finger Photoplethysmography. ROI
30  2019 Motion Artifact Reduction for Wrist-Worn Photoplethysmograph Sensors Based on Different Wavelengths. ECG, HR, MAs
31  2019 Multi-mode Particle Filtering Methods for Heart Rate Estimation from Wearable Photoplethysmography. HRs, MAs, MPF, PF, SPF
32  2019 Multi-sensor Fusion Approach for Cuff-less Blood Pressure Measurement. BP, DBP, ECG, MAP, PPW, PTT, SBP
33  2019 Optimal fiducial points for pulse rate variability analysis from forehead and finger photoplethysmographic signals. ECG, HRV, PP, PRV
34  2019 OxiMA: A Frequency-Domain Approach to Address Motion Artifacts in Photoplethysmograms for Improved Estimation of Arterial Oxygen Saturation and Pulse Rate. MAs, PR
35  2019 Photoplethysmography Detection of Overreaching. AF, FOR
36  2019 Photoplethysmography in dogs and cats: a selection of alternative measurement sites for a pet monitor. ---
37  2019 Postoperative Pain Assessment Model Based on Pulse Contour Characteristics Analysis. Ac, AUC
38  2019 Posture effects on the calibratability of remote pulse oximetry in visible light. RoG, VIS
39  2019 Quantifying Movement in Preterm Infants Using Photoplethysmography. NICU, PCA
40  2019 Quantitative Comparison of Photoplethysmographic Waveform Characteristics: Effect of Measurement Site. ANOVA, RI, Tn, Tp
41  2019 Rationale and design of a large-scale, app-based study to identify cardiac arrhythmias using a smartwatch: The Apple Heart Study. ---
42  2019 Robust Heart Rate Monitoring for Quasi-periodic Motions by Wrist-Type PPG Signals. HR, MA
43  2019 Sickle Cell Disease Subjects Have a Distinct Abnormal Autonomic Phenotype Characterized by Peripheral Vasoconstriction With Blunted Cardiac Response to Head-Up Tilt. ANS, CP, HUT, MLR, SCD
44  2019 SPECMAR: fast heart rate estimation from PPG signal using a modified spectral subtraction scheme with composite motion artifacts reference generation. SPECMAR
45  2019 State-dependent Gaussian kernel-based power spectrum modification for accurate instantaneous heart rate estimation. bpm, HR, MAE, MAs
46  2019 The WATCH AF Trial: SmartWATCHes forDetectionofAtrial Fibrillation. AF, CI, ECG
47  2019 Validation of a photoplethysmography device for detection of obstructive sleep apnea in the perioperative setting. AHI, AUC, LHR, NPV, OSA, PG, PPV, PSG, ROC
48  2018 A 36 muW 1.1 mm2 Reconfigurable Analog Front-End for Cardiovascular and Respiratory Signals Recording. CG, ECG, GSR, R-AFE
49  2018 A Continuous Identity Authentication Scheme Based on Physiological and Behavioral Characteristics. ---
50  2018 A Fast Respiratory Rate Estimation Method using Joint Sparse Signal Reconstruction based on Regularized Sparsity Adaptive Matching Pursuit. bpm, JSSR, MAE, RR, RSAMP
51  2018 A Low-cost, Smartphone-only Pulse Transit Time Measurement System Using Cardio-mechanical Signals and Optical Sensors. DSP, GCG, PTT, SCG
52  2018 A Low-Power Photoplethysmogram-Based Heart Rate Sensor Using Heartbeat Locked Loop. HBLL, HR
53  2018 A Model for Waveform Dissimilarities in Dual-Depth Reflectance-PPG. BVVs, PS
54  2018 A Modified Mask for Continuous Cardiac Monitoring during Positive Airway Pressure Therapy. ECG, PAP
55  2018 A new, short-recorded photoplethysmogram dataset for blood pressure monitoring in China. CVD
56  2018 A novel and low-complexity peak detection algorithm for heart rate estimation from low-amplitude photoplethysmographic (PPG) signals. ---
57  2018 A Novel Approach for Swallow Detection by Fusing Throat Acceleration and PPG Signal. ACC, SVM
58  2018 A Novel Neural Network Model for Blood Pressure Estimation Using Photoplethesmography without Electrocardiogram. ANN, BP, MTM
59  2018 A Photoplethysmographic Signal Isolated From an Additive Motion Artifact by Frequency Translation. MA
60  2018 A Portable, Wireless Photoplethysomography Sensor for Assessing Health of Arteriovenous Fistula Using Class-Weighted Support Vector Machine. ADC, AVF, LED, SNR, SVM
61  2018 A Prospective Evaluation of Duplex Ultrasound for Thoracic Outlet Syndrome in High-Performance Musicians Playing Bowed String Instruments EAST, TOS, ULTT
62  2018 A review on wearable photoplethysmography sensors and their potential future applications in health care. ---
63  2018 A Robust Fusion Model for Estimating Respiratory Rate From Photoplethysmography and Electrocardiography. ECG, RQIs, RR
64  2018 A Simple and Robust Method for Determining the Quality of Cardiovascular Signals Using the Signal Similarity. ---
65  2018 Accuracy of a Wrist-Worn Heart Rate Sensing Device during Elective Pediatric Surgical Procedures. bpm, cECG, HR, PFT
66  2018 Acquiring Respiration Rate from Photoplethysmographic Signal by Recursive Bayesian Tracking of Intrinsic Modes in Time-Frequency Spectra. RR, STFT, TF
67  2018 Adaptive template matching of photoplethysmogram pulses to detect motion artefact. ICUs
68  2018 Advances in Photopletysmography Signal Analysis for Biomedical Applications. ECG, HRV
69  2018 An Advanced Bio-Inspired PhotoPlethysmoGraphy (PPG) and ECG Pattern Recognition System for Medical Assessment. CNN, ECG
70  2018 An Artificial Neural Network Framework for Gait Based Biometrics. ANN, BCS, BSN, ECG, WBANs
71  2018 An Exploration of Behind-the-Ear ECG Signals From a Single Ear Using Inkjet Printed Conformal Tattoo Electrodes. BCG, ECG, EEG
72  2018 An optimal filter for short photoplethysmogram signals. ---
73  2018 Analysis of a Pulse Rate Variability Measurement Using a Smartphone Camera. HRV, PRV
74  2018 Application of multiscale Poincare short-time computation versus multiscale entropy in analyzing fingertip photoplethysmogram amplitudes to differentiate diabetic from non-diabetic subjects. MSE, MSP, MSPI
75  2018 Arterial Pulse Waveform Characteristics Difference between the Three Trimesters of Healthy Pregnant Women. ---
76  2018 Assessing mental stress from the photoplethysmogram: a numerical study. ---
77  2018 Assessing Pain Intensity Using Photoplethysmography Signals in Chronic Myofascial Pain Syndrome. HRV, MPS, PPG parameters, PRV
78  2018 Assessment of Subtle Changes in Diabetes-Associated Arteriosclerosis using Photoplethysmographic Pulse Wave from Index Finger. CT, CTR
79  2018 Bayesian fusion of physiological measurements using a signal quality extension. RR
80  2018 Bidirectional Recurrent Auto-Encoder for Photoplethysmogram Denoising. BRDAE, ICUs
81  2018 Biometric Authentication Using the PPG: A Long-Term Feasibility Study. EER, FMR, FNMR
82  2018 Blood Pressure Estimation Using Photoplethysmography Only: Comparison between Different Machine Learning Approaches. BP, ECG, MLR, SVM
83  2018 Can Photoplethysmography Replace Arterial Blood Pressure in the Assessment of Blood Pressure? ABP, COH, dDTF, DTF, ffDTF, pCOH, PDC
84  2018 Can Wearable Devices Accurately Measure Heart Rate Variability? A Systematic Review. ECG, HRV, PRV
85  2018 Cascade and parallel combination (CPC) of adaptive filters for estimating heart rate during intensive physical exercise from photoplethysmographic signal. CPC
86  2018 CHANGE: Cardiac Health Analysis Using Graph Eigenvalues. CAD, CHG
87  2018 Changes of Arterial Pulse Waveform Characteristics with Gestational Age during Normal Pregnancy. ---
88  2018 Characterization Study of Neck Photoplethysmography. HR, RR
89  2018 Combining Adaptive Filter and Phase Vocoder for Heart Rate Monitoring Using Photoplethysmography During Physical Exercise. AAE, bpm
90  2018 Comment on 'New photoplethysmogram indicators for improving cuffless and continuous blood pressure estimation accuracy'. BP, PAT
91  2018 Comparison and Noise Suppression of the Transmitted and Reflected Photoplethysmography Signals. SNRs
92  2018 Comparison between electrocardiogram- and photoplethysmogram-derived features for atrial fibrillation detection in free-living conditions. AF, CosEn, ECG, RMSSD
93  2018 Comparison of photoplethysmogram measured from wrist and finger and the effect of measurement location on pulse arrival time. ECG, PAT
94  2018 Comparison of speckleplethysmographic (SPG) and photoplethysmographic (PPG) imaging by Monte Carlo simulations and in vivo measurements. SNR, SPG
95  2018 Compression of Steganographed PPG Signal with Guaranteed Reconstruction Quality Based on Optimum Truncation of Singular Values and ASCII Character Encoding. LL-ACE, SVD
96  2018 Continuous Vital Sign Analysis to Predict Secondary Neurological Decline After Traumatic Brain Injury. ECG, ND, ONPOINT, TBI
97  2018 Contribution of systemic vascular effects to fMRI activity in white matter. GM, WM
98  2018 Cuffless Blood Pressure Estimation Using Pulse Transit Time and Photoplethysmogram Intensity Ratio. BP, ECG, HF, PIR, PTT
99  2018 Design and Evaluation of a Real Time Physiological Signals Acquisition System Implemented in Multi-Operating Rooms for Anesthesia. DOA, ECG, EEG, PMSDA
100  2018 Design and Implementation of Respiration Rate Measurement System Using an Information Filter on an Embedded Device. FFT, RIIV