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Abbreviation : PPO
Long Form : peak power output
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 6-week High-intensity Interval Training (HIIT) of the Lower Extremities Improves VO2max of the Upper Extremities. CE, HCE, HIIT
2020 Effect of High Intensity Interval Training Compared to Continuous Training on Cognitive Performance in Young Healthy Adults: A Pilot Study. HIIT, MICE
2020 Interval exercise induces milder respiratory responses compared to continuous exercise. CE, GET, IE
2020 Mechanical and morphological determinants of peak power output in elite cyclists. HAMVOL
2020 Minimal Effects of Moderate Normobaric Hypoxia on the Upper Body Work-Time Relationship in Recreationally Active Women. ANOVA, CP, TW
2019 Caffeine and Sprint Cycling Performance: Effects of Torque Factor and Sprint Duration. ---
2019 Comparison of Forward and Reverse Wingate Anaerobic Tests: A Brief Technical Note. FWAT, MPO, RMPO, RPE, RPPO, RWAT, WAT
2019 Comparison of RPE (Rating of Perceived Exertion) Scales for Session RPE. BORG-RPE, sRPE
2019 Effects of Load on Peak Power Output Fatigue During the Bench Throw. ---
10  2019 Evaluation of Power Production Asymmetry during Cycling in Persons with Multiple Sclerosis. PwMS
11  2019 Examining work-to-rest ratios to optimize upper body sprint interval training. CON, SIT
12  2019 Graded reductions in preexercise muscle glycogen impair exercise capacity but do not augment skeletal muscle cell signaling: implications for CHO periodization. CHO
13  2019 High tempo music prolongs high intensity exercise. BL, ES, HR, RPE
14  2019 Impact of HIIT, MICT, and Resistance Training on Endothelial Function in Older Adults. BA, FMD, HIIT, L-FMC, MICT, POP, RT
15  2019 Influence of upper-body continuous, resistance or high-intensity interval training (CRIT) on postprandial responses in persons with spinal cord injury: study protocol for a randomised controlled trial. CRIT, CRT, HIIT, MICT, RMR, SCI
16  2019 Isovelocity vs. Isoinertial Sprint Cycling Tests for Power- and Torque-cadence Relationships. COPT, Tmax
17  2019 Lactalbumin, Not Collagen, Augments Muscle Protein Synthesis with Aerobic Exercise. CP, LA, MPS, SarcPS
18  2019 Monitoring Muscle Fatigue Progression during Dynamic Exercise. ---
19  2019 Overnight fasting compromises exercise intensity and volume during sprint interval training but improves high-intensity aerobic endurance. SIT, SIT-CHO, SIT-Fast
20  2019 Peak Power Output Is Similarly Recovered After Three- and Five-Days' Rest Following Sprint Interval Training in Young and Older Adults. HIIT, SIT
21  2019 Physiological determinants of elite mountain bike cross-country Olympic performance. FI
22  2019 Prediction of Emergency Capsule Egress Performance. CP
23  2019 Predictors of Linear and Multidirectional Acceleration in Elite Soccer Players. CMJs, IMTPs
24  2019 Recovery following Rugby Union matches: effects of cold water immersion on markers of fatigue and damage. CMJ, CON, CWI, ES, RFD, TNF-alpha
25  2019 Reliability of traditional and task specific reference tasks to assess peak muscle activation during two different sprint cycling tests. ISO-CYC
26  2019 The effect of cold ambient temperature and preceding active warm-up on lactate kinetics in female cyclists and triathletes. CWU, ES, LT
27  2019 The effects of cardiorespiratory fitness on executive function and prefrontal oxygenation in older adults. fNIRS, OAs
28  2019 The effects of exercise and diet program in overweight people - Nordic walking versus walking. 6MWT, AC, BMI, MVCBB, NW, WC
29  2019 Training Prescription Guided by Heart Rate Variability Vs. Block Periodization in Well-Trained Cyclists. BP, HRV
30  2018 A comparison of different heat maintenance methods implemented during a simulated half-time period in professional Rugby Union players. WU
31  2018 Acute HIIE elicits similar changes in human skeletal muscle mitochondrial H2O2 release, respiration, and cell signaling as endurance exercise even with less work. CMIE, HIIE, HIIE, SIE
32  2018 Comparison of physiological measures obtained using the Lode Excalibur Sport cycle ergometer and Tacx i-Magic home training device. POLT
33  2018 Cytokine Responses to Acute Exercise in Healthy Older Adults: The Effect of Cardiorespiratory Fitness. IL-10, IL-6, TNF-alpha
34  2018 Differences in the Repeated Sprint Performance Between the First and Latter Halves of Trials Under Conditions of Several Thermal States in Exercising Muscles. MPO, RSC, SWO, Tty
35  2018 Effect of Accommodating Resistance on the Postactivation Potentiation Response in Rugby League Players. CA, CMJ, EMG, GM, PAP, RM, TA, VL
36  2018 Effect of Cold (14 C) vs. Ice (5 C) Water Immersion on Recovery From Intermittent Running Exercise. CON, CWI, MPO
37  2018 Effects of acute exercise on endothelial function in patients with abdominal aortic aneurysm. AAA, FMD
38  2018 Effects of hydrogen rich water on prolonged intermittent exercise. FI, HRW, ORP
39  2018 Effects of normobaric hypoxia on upper body critical power and anaerobic working capacity. AWC, CP, CWR
40  2018 Efficacy of constant load verification testing to confirm VO2 max attainment. ICC, INC, MD, SEM, VER
41  2018 Impact of pulmonary emphysema on exercise capacity and its physiological determinants in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. COPD, GOLD
42  2018 Increased cardiac output and maximal oxygen uptake in response to ten sessions of high intensity interval training. CO, CON, HIIT, HR, SV
43  2018 Is Vertical Jump Height an Indicator of Athletes' Power Output in Different Sport Modalities? BM, JH
44  2018 Kinematic analysis of the shot-put: A method of assessing the mechanical work of the hand action force. WHAF
45  2018 Muscle Oxygenation Rather Than VO2max as a Strong Predictor of Performance in Sprint Canoe-Kayak. TT
46  2018 Neuromuscular, Biochemical, Endocrine, and Mood Responses to Small-Sided Games' Training in Professional Soccer. CK, JH, SSGs
47  2018 Oxygen consumption, rate of perceived exertion and enjoyment in high-intensity interval eccentric cycling. RPE
48  2018 Physiological and psychological determinants of whole-body endurance exercise following short-term sustained operations with partial sleep deprivation. CLT85, CO, HR, MAP, SUSOPS
49  2018 Predictive ability of a comprehensive incremental test in mountain bike marathon. IAT
50  2018 Relationship between skeletal muscle contractile properties and power production capacity in female Olympic rugby players. HP, LP, RF, TMG, VL, VM
51  2018 Sodium bicarbonate improves 4 km time trial cycling performance when individualised to time to peak blood bicarbonate in trained male cyclists. BM, PLA, TT
52  2018 The Effect of Nitrate Supplementation on Cycling Performance in the Heat in Well-Trained Cyclists. PLA
53  2018 The Preparation Period in Basketball: Training Load and Neuromuscular Adaptations. CI, CMJ, COD, ES, PRO, PT, SEMIPRO
54  2018 Training Prescription Guided by Heart Rate Variability in Cycling. BW, EW, HRV, HRV-G, TRAD, TW
55  2017 Cardiorespiratory fitness modulates the acute flow-mediated dilation response following high-intensity but not moderate-intensity exercise in elderly men. CI, FMD, HIIE, MICE
56  2017 Chronic effects of superimposed electromyostimulation during cycling on aerobic and anaerobic capacity. EMS, MPO
57  2017 Complex Training: The Effect of Exercise Selection and Training Status on Postactivation Potentiation in Rugby League Players. BS, CA, CMJ, EMG, HBD, PAP
58  2017 Effect of low dose, short-term creatine supplementation on muscle power output in elite youth soccer players. Cr, FI, MPO, WAnT
59  2017 Effect of the timing of ice slurry ingestion for precooling on endurance exercise capacity in a warm environment. CON, ES, POST, PRE
60  2017 Effects of caffeine on neuromuscular fatigue and performance during high-intensity cyclingexercise in moderate hypoxia. ---
61  2017 Effects of different warm-up modalities on power output during the high pull. EMG, HPS, Tm, WBV
62  2017 Effects of Motivational Self-Talk on Endurance and Cognitive Performance in the Heat. MST, TTE
63  2017 Endurance Exercise in Hypoxia, Hyperoxia and Normoxia: Mitochondrial and Global Adaptations. BLa, EN, HY, NOR, RPE
64  2017 HIIT enhances endurance performance and aerobic characteristics more than high-volume training in trained rowers. ES, HIIT, HR, LSD
65  2017 HIIT produces increases in muscle power and free testosterone in male masters athletes HIIT
66  2017 HIIT produces increases in muscle power and free testosterone in male masters athletes. HIIT
67  2017 Impact of high-intensity and high-volume exercise on short-term perturbations in the circulating fraction of different cell types. HIT, HVT, LDC
68  2017 Measuring recovery: An adapted Brief Assessment of Mood (BAM+) compared to biochemical and power output alterations. CK, MLM
69  2017 Non-invasive Assessments of Subjective and Objective Recovery Characteristics Following an Exhaustive Jump Protocol. CMJ, DOMS, RPE
70  2017 One session of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) every 5 days, improves muscle power but not static balance in lifelong sedentary ageing men: A randomized controlled trial. HIIT, INT, LfHIIT, RCT
71  2017 Oral Contraceptive Use Dampens Physiological Adaptations to Sprint Interval Training. MC, OC, SIT
72  2017 Parameters of the 3-Minute All-Out Test: Overestimation of Competitive-Cyclist Time-Trial Performance in the Severe-Intensity Domain. CV, EP, TT, WEP
73  2017 The acute response to interval and continuous exercise in adults with confirmed airway hyper-responsiveness. AHR, HIIE, MICE, MIIE
74  2017 The effects of training with loads that maximise power output and individualised repetitions vs. traditional power training. RPE, sT
75  2017 The Physiological Profile of a Multiple Tour de France Winning Cyclist. GE
76  2017 Tolerance of exercise-induced pain at a fixed rating of perceived exertion predicts time trial cycling performance. CPT, EIP, GET, PPT, TT
77  2017 Validity of a Jump Mat for assessing Countermovement Jump Performance in Elite Rugby Players. CMJ, JJS
78  2017 Vascular Dynamics and Peripheral Oxygen Uptake in Obese Individuals during Progressive Physical Exercise. BMI, ET-1, NO
79  2016 Acute Effects of Different Exercise Protocols on the Circulating Vascular microRNAs -16, -21, and -126 in Trained Subjects. c-miRNAs, EMPs, HIT, HVT, miRNAs, SIT, VSMCs
80  2016 Acute Response of Circulating Vascular Regulating MicroRNAs during and after High-Intensity and High-Volume Cycling in Children. ---
81  2016 Biological maturity-associated variance in peak power output and momentum in academy rugby union players. ISM, ISV
82  2016 Capillary ultrastructure and mitochondrial volume density in skeletal muscle in relation to reduced exercise capacity of patients with intermittent claudication. BM, IC, PAD
83  2016 Comparison of different cryotherapy recovery methods in elite junior cyclists. ACT, CCT, CWI
84  2016 Effect of jumping interval training on neuromuscular and physiological parameters: a randomized controlled study. ES, JIT
85  2016 Effect of Permissive Dehydration on Induction and Decay of Heat Acclimation, and Temperate Exercise Performance. HA, PV
86  2016 Effect of short-term heat acclimation with permissive dehydration on thermoregulation and temperate exercise performance. GXT, HA, STHADe, TT
87  2016 Effects of Exercise Training under Hyperbaric Oxygen on Oxidative Stress Markers and Endurance Performance in Young Soccer Players: A Pilot Study. BE, HH, NN
88  2016 Effects of high-intensity interval training on cardiometabolic risk factors in overweight/obese women. FM
89  2016 Effects of Sprint versus High-Intensity Aerobic Interval Training on Cross-Country Mountain Biking Performance: A Randomized Controlled Trial. ES, HIT, LT, MTB, OBLA, SIT
90  2016 Electromyographic adjustments during continuous and intermittent incremental fatiguing cycling. EMG, IMNF, MFCV, RMS
91  2016 Guidelines to Classify Female Subject Groups in Sport-Science Research. PLs
92  2016 High-intensity interval training versus moderate-intensity steady-state training in UK cardiac rehabilitation programmes (HIIT or MISS UK): study protocol for a multicentre randomised controlled trial and economic evaluation. CHD, CR, HIIT
93  2016 Relationships between match activities and peak power output and Creatine Kinase responses to professional reserve team soccer match-play. CK, GPS
94  2016 The impact of short duration, high intensity exercise on cardiac troponin release. ---
95  2016 Ventilatory efficiency and breathing pattern in world-class cyclists: A three-year observational study. fR, VE, VT
96  2015 A passive heat maintenance strategy implemented during a simulated half-time improves lower body power output and repeated sprint ability in professional Rugby Union players. CMJ, WU
97  2015 Between-Match Variability of Peak Power Output and Creatine Kinase Responses to Soccer Match-Play. CK
98  2015 Brain stimulation modulates the autonomic nervous system, rating of perceived exertion and performance during maximal exercise. ANS, HR, RPE, tDCS
99  2015 Comparison of Rowing Performance Improvements Following Various High-Intensity Interval Trainings. HIT, SMIT
100  2015 Incorporating sprint training with endurance training improves anaerobic capacity and 2,000-m Erg performance in trained oarsmen. APO, SIT