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略語 : PRES
展開形 : phase-related external suction
No. 発表年 題目 共起略語
1996 PRES- and orthostatic-induced heart-rate changes as markers of labile hypertension: magnitude and reliability measures. OSP
1996 Waveform reliability of the phase related external suction baroreceptor manipulation method. ---
1995 Baroreceptor cortical effects, emotions and pain. SCR
1995 Comparison of two mechanical carotid baroreceptor stimulation techniques. ---
1994 Baroreceptor stimulation: pain perception and sensory thresholds. ---
1994 Reduced pain during baroreceptor stimulation in patients with symptomatic and silent myocardial ischaemia. ---
1993 Activation of carotid baroreceptors inhibits spinal reflexes in man. T-reflex
1993 Baroreceptor stimulation alters cortical activity. ---
1993 Blood pressure changes validate phase related external suction, a controlled method for stimulation of human baroreceptors. ---
10  1993 Does activation of the baroreceptors reinforce differential Pavlovian conditioning of heart rate responses? ---
11  1993 Effects of baroreceptor stimulation on sensorimotor control of the hand. EMG
12  1992 Physiological and psychological differentiation of bidirectional baroreceptor carotid manipulation in humans. ---
13  1992 PRES: the controlled noninvasive stimulation of the carotid baroreceptors in humans. ---