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Abbreviation : PS
Long Form : parkinsonian syndromes
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2018 Altered regulation of serum lysosomal acid hydrolase activities in Parkinson's disease: A potential peripheral biomarker? NCs, PD
2018 Count-based method for specific binding ratio calculation in [I-123]FP-CIT SPECT analysis. CTAC, DAT, DLB, SBR, VOI
2018 Dopamine transporter imaging with [18F]FE-PE2I PET and [123I]FP-CIT SPECT-a clinical comparison. BPND, DAT, HC, ICC, PET, SN, SPECT, SUR, SUVR
2018 Quantitative evaluation of the tracer distribution in dopamine transporter SPECT for objective interpretation. AUC, DAT, FD, ROC, SBR, SBR/FD, SBR/FD, SPECT
2018 Sensitivity and specificity of cardiac metaiodobenzylguanidine scintigraphy in the early diagnosis of Parkinson's disease. HMR, MIBG, MSA, PD
2018 The Hamburg Parkinson day-clinic: a new treatment concept at the border of in- and outpatient care. HPDC, PD
2018 [Characteristics and dynamics of inpatient treatment of patients with Parkinson's disease in Germany : Analysis of 1.5 million patient cases from 2010 to 2015]. DRG
2017 ACR-ACNM Practice Parameter for the Performance of Dopamine Transporter (DaT) Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography (SPECT) Imaging for Movement Disorders. CBD, DAT, DLB, ET, MSA, PD, PSP, SPECT
2017 Computed-tomography-guided anatomic standardization for quantitative assessment of dopamine transporter SPECT. CT, DARTEL, DAT, PD, SBRs, SPECT, SPM12, VOI
10  2017 Diagnostic Performance of the Visual Reading of 123I-Ioflupane SPECT Images With or Without Quantification in Patients With Movement Disorders or Dementia. DLB
11  2017 Evolution of anti-parkinsonian activity of monoterpenoid (1R,2R,6S)-3-methyl-6-(prop-1-en-2-yl)cyclohex-3-ene-1,2-diol in various in vivo models. Diol
12  2017 High-Accuracy Classification of Parkinson's Disease Through Shape Analysis and Surface Fitting in 123I-Ioflupane SPECT Imaging. PPMI, SBR, SPECT, SVM, SWEDD
13  2017 Treadmill Exercise Improves Motor Dysfunction and Hyperactivity of the Corticostriatal Glutamatergic Pathway in Rats with 6-OHDA-Induced Parkinson's Disease. CGP, PD, SN
14  2017 [Helpful instrumental examinations in idiopathic Parkinson's disease]. CT, IPD, MRI
15  2016 Current status and future challenges of brain imaging with (18)F-DOPA PET for movement disorders. ET, MRI, ND, PD, PET, SPET
16  2016 Evaluation of (99m)Tc-TRODAT-1 SPECT in the diagnosis of Parkinson's disease versus other progressive movement disorders. BG, ET, PD
17  2016 Implementation of the European multicentre database of healthy controls for [(123)I]FP-CIT SPECT increases diagnostic accuracy in patients with clinically uncertain parkinsonian syndromes. ---
18  2016 Validation of an automated morphological MRI-based (123)I-FP-CIT SPECT evaluation method. ET, MRI, SPECT
19  2016 [Parkinsonian Syndromes: Direct Costs of Inpatient Neurological Rehabilitation]. ---
20  2016 [The Competence Network Parkinson (CNP)]. CNP, PD, RBD
21  2015 Assessment of the efficacy of early phase parameters by (123)I-MIBG dynamic imaging for distinguishing Lewy body-related diseases from Parkinson's syndrome. LBRD, MIBG, ROC
22  2015 Comparison between Different Intensity Normalization Methods in 123I-Ioflupane Imaging for the Automatic Detection of Parkinsonism. CAD, GMM, MSE
23  2015 The contribution of cerebellar proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy in the differential diagnosis among parkinsonian syndromes. Cho, Cr, mI, NAA, PD, PSP-RS
24  2015 [Parkinson syndromes: aspects of social medical care]. ---
25  2014 Association between Hoehn and Yahr, Mini-Mental State Examination, age, and clinical syndrome predominance and diagnostic effectiveness of ioflupane I 123 injection (DaTSCAN™) in subjects with clinically uncertain parkinsonian syndromes. BRP, CUPS, MMSE
26  2014 Clinimetric evaluation of the Simpson-Angus Scale in older adults with schizophrenia. SAS, UKPDSBB
27  2014 Linear intensity normalization of DaTSCAN images using Mean Square Error and a model-based clustering approach. CAD, GMM, MSE
28  2013 Weighted registration of 123I-FP-CIT SPECT images improves accuracy of binding potential estimates in pathologically low striatal uptake. ICC, WR
29  2013 [Lower urinary tract dysfunctions in parkinsonian syndromes: a review by the Neuro-Urology Comittee of the French Association of Urology]. LUTD, PD
30  2012 Amyloid-related biomarkers and axonal damage proteins in parkinsonian syndromes. BRP, DLB, MSA, NF-L, PD, PSP
31  2012 Automatic assistance to Parkinson's disease diagnosis in DaTSCAN SPECT imaging. CAD, SVM
32  2012 Improved parkinsonism diagnosis using a partial least squares based approach. PLS
33  2012 [123I]FP-CIT (DaTscan) SPECT brain imaging in patients with suspected parkinsonian syndromes. ET
34  2011 Comparison of parameters of (123)I-metaiodobenzylguanidine scintigraphy for differential diagnosis in patients with parkinsonism: correlation with clinical features. HY, LBD, MIBG, PD, WR
35  2011 Dopamine-deficiency-enhanced hyperthermia and rhabdomyolysis during a heat wave in a metachromatic leucodystrophy heterozygote with metabolic myopathy. ---
36  2011 Image-based classification of parkinsonian syndromes using T2'-atlases. PD, PSP
37  2011 Ocular motor abnormalities in Parkinsonian syndromes. PD
38  2011 Parkinson's disease or Parkinson symptoms following seasonal influenza. CI, OR, PD
39  2011 Parkinson's syndrome and Parkinson's disease in mitochondrial disorders. PD
40  2011 [Interobserver agreement in the visual and semi-quantitative analysis of the 123I-FP-CIT SPECT images in the diagnosis of Parkinsonian syndrome]. DAT
41  2010 A 15-year population-based cohort study of the incidence of Parkinson's disease and dementia with Lewy bodies in an elderly French cohort. DLB, PD
42  2010 IBZM SPECT and FDG PET in the differential diagnosis of Parkinsonian syndromes: comparison with respect to inter-rater agreement. APS, PD, SPMs
43  2009 Awareness and knowledge of the clinical practice guideline on Parkinson's disease among German neurologists. ---
44  2009 Valsalva manoeuvre in patients with different Parkinsonian disorders. MSA, PD, PSP, VM, VR
45  2008 Genes associated with Parkinson syndrome. LRRK2, PD
46  2006 New semiquantitative assessment of 123I-FP-CIT by an anatomical standardization method. ET, UPDRS
47  2006 Possible impact of dopamine SPECT on decision-making for drug treatment in Parkinsonian syndrome. DAT, SPECT
48  2005 Combined 123I-FP-CIT and 123I-IBZM SPECT for the diagnosis of parkinsonian syndromes: study on 72 patients. DAT
49  2005 Increased myocardial N-myristoyltransferase activity in rotenone model of Parkinsonism. NMT, PD
50  2005 Recovery from parkinson syndrome and prolonged visually evoked potentials in hepatic encephalopathy. HE, VEPs
51  2004 (123I) beta-CIT and single-photon emission computed tomographic imaging vs clinical evaluation in Parkinsonian syndrome: unmasking an early diagnosis. CIT, SPECT
52  2004 Essential tremor course and disability: A clinicopathologic study of 20 cases. ET, PD, PSP, RT, UL
53  2004 Impact of dopamine transporter SPECT using 123I-Ioflupane on diagnosis and management of patients with clinically uncertain Parkinsonian syndromes. CUPS, SPECT
54  2004 Validation and cross-cultural adjustment of PDQL-questionnaire, Spanish version (Ecuador) (PDQL-EV). EF, HADS, HY, SES, SF, SS
55  2003 DAT imaging in drug-induced and psychogenic parkinsonism. ---
56  2002 Olfactory function in Parkinsonian syndromes. IPD
57  2002 Parkinson syndrome as a manifestation of mitochondriopathy. MCP
58  2002 [Parkinson syndrome and cognitive disorders]. CBD, CLBD, FTD, MSA, PD, PSP, VP
59  2001 Levodopa prolongs life expectancy and is non-toxic to substantia nigra. LD, SN
60  2000 [Effect of the novel aminoadamantane derivative A-7 on Parkinsonian syndrome induced by systemic administration of neurotoxin MPTP]. ---
61  1999 Different postural reaction patterns for expected and unexpected perturbations in patients with idiopathic Parkinson's disease and other parkinsonian syndromes. IPD
62  1999 [Phase 2 clinical study of 123I-IBF, a dopamine D2 receptor imaging agent, to evaluate clinical efficacy and safety in Parkinson's disease and Parkinson syndromes]. PD
63  1998 Kleine-Levin syndrome and Parkinsonian symptoms--a case report. KLS
64  1996 Danish-American family (family E) with 'Parkinson's Disease': Pitfalls of genetic studies. ---
65  1995 [Dopamine (D2) receptor SPECT with 123I-iodobenzamide (IBZM) in diagnosis of Parkinson syndrome]. IBZM, IPS
66  1993 [The characteristics of a parkinsonian syndrome induced in an experiment by a deficiency of nigrostriatal dopamine and by stimulation of the cholinergic neurons of the caudate nucleus]. EA, GPEE
67  1992 Frequency and cause of Parkinson's disease. ---
68  1991 Accuracy of clinical diagnosis in parkinsonism--a prospective study. IPD
69  1990 Levodopa efficacy and pathological basis of Parkinson syndrome. ---
70  1989 Magnetic resonance imaging in Parkinson's disease and parkinsonian syndromes. ATYP, MRI, MSA, PD, PSP
71  1989 [Clinico-electroencephalographic indices of the parkinsonian syndrome induced by MPP+ in rats]. GPEE, PA
72  1985 Inhibition of dopaminergic agonist-induced gnawing behavior by neuroleptic drugs in mice. PI, SI