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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Development and Investigation of Vitamin C-Enriched Adapalene-Loaded Transfersome Gel: a Collegial Approach for the Treatment of Acne Vulgaris. ADVTG, DoE, EE, PDI, ZP
2020 Influence of Ternary Emulsifier Mixtures on Oxidative Stability of Nanoemulsions Based on Avocado Oil. PDI, TBARs
2020 Influence of water chemistry on colloid-size Cu-based pesticides particles: A case of Cu(OH)2 commercial fungicide/bactericide. ---
2020 Novel Intranasal Drug Delivery: Geraniol Charged Polymeric Mixed Micelles for Targeting Cerebral Insult as a Result of Ischaemia/Reperfusion. I/R, PMM
2020 Thermo-reversible in situ forming implant with nanostructured lipid carriers (NLC) as a delivery system for the administration of estradiol valerate. EV, NLC, PDI, ZP
2019 Clarithromycin-Loaded Poly (Lactic-co-glycolic Acid) (PLGA) Nanoparticles for Oral Administration: Effect of Polymer Molecular Weight and Surface Modification with Chitosan on Formulation, Nanoparticle Characterization and Antibacterial Effects. CLR, CS, NPs, ZP
2019 Cork as a sustainable carbon source for nature-based solutions treating hydroponic wastewaters - Preliminary batch studies. CT, NBS, OC
2019 Curcumin-loaded nanostructured lipid carriers prepared using Peceol™ and olive oil in photodynamic therapy: development and application in breast cancer cell line. CUR, NLCs, RSM, ZP
2019 Data on optimization and drug release kinetics of nanostructured lipid carriers containing ondansetron hydrochloride prepared by cold high-pressure homogenization method. DL, EE, NLCs, OSH, PI
10  2019 Development, manufacture and characterization of niosomes for the delivery for nevirapine. CQA, DoE, EE, NVP, PDI, RSM
11  2019 Effects of feed form and particle size, and pellet binder on performance, digestive tract parameters, intestinal morphology, and cecal microflora populations in broilers. CD, FF, GC, LAB, PB, PDI, STC, VH
12  2019 Enhanced Permeation of Methotrexate via Loading into Ultra-permeable Niosomal Vesicles: Fabrication, Statistical Optimization, Ex Vivo Studies, and In Vivo Skin Deposition and Tolerability. EA, MTX, PVA, TEM, ZP
13  2019 Enhancement of Transdermal Delivery of Haloperidol via Spanlastic Dispersions: Entrapment Efficiency vs. Particle Size. DI, EA, HAL, SF
14  2019 Evaluation of the Influence of Process Parameters on the Properties of Resveratrol-Loaded NLC Using 22 Full Factorial Design. HSH, NLC, PDI, ROS, RSV, US
15  2019 Fabrication of solid lipid nanoparticles of lurasidone HCl for oral delivery: optimization, in vitro characterization, cell line studies and in vivo efficacy in schizophrenia. EE, HPH, LH, SLNs
16  2019 Formulation and optimization of intranasal nanolipid carriers of pioglitazone for the repurposing in Alzheimer's disease using Box-Behnken design. AD, BBB, EE, i.n, NLC, PDI, PIO
17  2019 Formulation of injectable glycyrrhizic acid-hydroxycamptothecin micelles as new generation of DNA topoisomerase I inhibitor for enhanced antitumor activity. DL, GL-HCPT, HCPT, topo I
18  2019 Freeze-Dried Lopinavir-Loaded Nanostructured Lipid Carriers for Enhanced Cellular Uptake and Bioavailability: Statistical Optimization, in Vitro and in Vivo Evaluations. LPV, NLCs, PDI, ZP
19  2019 Hyaluronic acid-functionalized bilosomes for targeted delivery of tripterine to inflamed area with enhancive therapy on arthritis. EE, HA, Tri, Tri-BLs
20  2019 Implementation of two different experimental designs for screening and optimization of process parameters for metformin-loaded carboxymethyl chitosan formulation. BB, EE, MET, O-CMC, PB, ZP
21  2019 In situ composite ion-triggered gellan gum gel incorporating amino methacrylate copolymer microparticles: a therapeutic modality for buccal applicability. AC, MPs
22  2019 Lactation performance of dairy cows fed rehydrated and ensiled corn grain differing in particle size and proportion in the diet. CS, DM, FN, HI, REC, ST
23  2019 Multistage remediation of heavy metal contaminated river sediments in a mining region based on particle size. ---
24  2019 Nanostructured cubosomes in an in situ nasal gel system: an alternative approach for the controlled delivery of donepezil HCl to brain. EE, GMO, PDI, TEM, ZP
25  2019 Optimization and Formulation of Fucoxanthin-Loaded Microsphere (F-LM) Using Response Surface Methodology (RSM) and Analysis of Its Fucoxanthin Release Profile. EE, F-LM, FCCCD, PLGA, PVA, RSM
26  2019 Preparation and optimization of polymeric micelles as an oral drug delivery system for deferoxamine mesylate: in vitro and ex vivo studies. DFO, EE
27  2019 Preparation, characterization and pharmacokinetic evaluation of rosuvastatin calcium incorporated cyclodextrin-polyanhydride nanoparticles. CD, EE, PDI, RCa, ZP
28  2019 Proniosomal gel-mediated topical delivery of fluconazole: Development, in vitro characterization, and microbiological evaluation. HPMC, ZP
29  2019 QbD Approach for Novel Crosslinker-Free Ionotropic Gelation of Risedronate Sodium-Chitosan Nebulizable Microspheres: Optimization and Characterization. CQAs, QbD, RA, RS, RS-CS
30  2019 Reversing multi-drug tumor resistance to Paclitaxel by well-defined pH-sensitive amphiphilic polypeptide block copolymers via induction of lysosomal membrane permeabilization. CAC, GPC, LMP, PEG-PBLG, PTX-NPs, ROP
31  2019 Self-assembled insulin and nanogels polyelectrolyte complex (Ins/NGs-PEC) for oral insulin delivery: characterization, lyophilization and in-vivo evaluation. IA, INS, MMA, NGs, PDI, PEC, ZP
32  2019 Solid lipid nanoparticles of Annona muricata fruit extract: formulation, optimization and in vitro cytotoxicity studies. CDR, EE, SLNs, ZP
33  2019 Tailoring of PEGylated bilosomes for promoting the transdermal delivery of olmesartan medoxomil: in-vitro characterization, ex-vivo permeation and in-vivo assessment. OLM, PBs, PDI, ZP
34  2019 The effect of critical process parameters of the high pressure homogenization technique on the critical quality attributes of flurbiprofen nanosuspensions. CPPs, FB, HPH, HSH, PDI, ZP
35  2019 Tripling the Bioavailability of Rosuvastatin Calcium Through Development and Optimization of an In-Situ Forming Nanovesicular System. CA, EE, PDI, RC, ZP
36  2019 Use of transethosomes for enhancing the transdermal delivery of olmesartan medoxomil: in vitro, ex vivo, and in vivo evaluation. OLM, PDI, SAAs, TEs, TFs, ZP
37  2018 A novel nasal almotriptan loaded solid lipid nanoparticles in mucoadhesive in situ gel formulation for brain targeting: Preparation, characterization and in vivo evaluation. ALM, i.n, PDI, SLNs
38  2018 A potential antibacterial wound dressing of cefadroxil chitosan nanoparticles in situ gel: Fabrication, in vitro optimization and in vivo evaluation. CDX, PDI, ZP
39  2018 Ameliorating the in vivo antimalarial efficacy of artemether using nanostructured lipid carriers. ARM, CM, EE, HSH, NLCs, ZP
40  2018 Colorectal cancer-targeted delivery of oxaliplatin via folic acid-grafted solid lipid nanoparticles: preparation, optimization, and in vitro evaluation. CRC, DSC, DSPE, EE, FA, OP, OPSLNFs, OPSLNs, SLNs, XRD
41  2018 Corneal targeted Sertaconazole nitrate loaded cubosomes: Preparation, statistical optimization, in vitro characterization, ex vivo permeation and in vivo studies. PDI, STZ, STZ-CUBs, ZP
42  2018 Design, optimization and characterizations of chitosan fortified calcium alginate microspheres for the controlled delivery of dual drugs. EE
43  2018 Development and optimization of a novel drug free nanolipid vesicular system for treatment of osteoarthritis. EA, NLVS, OA, PC, PDI, SC, ZP
44  2018 Development, optimization, and in vitro characterization of dasatinib-loaded PEG functionalized chitosan capped gold nanoparticles using Box-Behnken experimental design. ADC, BBD, DSB, PBD, PEG, ZP
45  2018 Effect of homogenisation speed and centrifugation on particle size analysis of beef and the relationship with shear force. LL
46  2018 Effect of long term chilled (up to 5 weeks) then frozen (up to 12 months) storage at two different sub-zero holding temperatures on beef: 3. Protein structure degradation and a marker of protein oxidation. LL
47  2018 Effects of forage source and forage particle size as a free-choice provision on growth performance, rumen fermentation, and behavior of dairy calves fed texturized starters. AH, AH-LPS, AH-MPS, WS-LPS, WS-MPS
48  2018 Enhanced transdermal delivery of ondansetron using nanovesicular systems: Fabrication, characterization, optimization and ex-vivo permeation study-Box-Cox transformation practical example. DVs, EE, IVs, NVs, OF, ZP
49  2018 Enhancement of dissolution and oral bioavailability of lacidipine via pluronic P123/F127 mixed polymeric micelles: formulation, optimization using central composite design and in vivo bioavailability study. CCFD, LCDP, PDI
50  2018 Fabrication and Characterization of Timolol Maleate and Brinzolamide Loaded Nanostructured Lipid Carrier System for Ocular Drug Delivery. BRZ, DL, EE, NLC, PDI, TM
51  2018 Fabrication of novel elastosomes for boosting the transdermal delivery of diacerein: statistical optimization, ex-vivo permeation, in-vivo skin deposition and pharmacokinetic assessment compared to oral formulation. DCN, DI, EA, OA, PDI, ZP
52  2018 Improved Targeting and Tumor Retention of a Newly Synthesized Antineoplaston A10 Derivative by Intratumoral Administration: Molecular Docking, Technetium 99m Radiolabeling, and In Vivo Biodistribution Studies. i.t, i.v, MPD, MPDME, MPDS, PDI, ZP
53  2018 Intake and feed utilization in two breeds of pregnant beef cows fed forages with high-fiber concentrations. iNDF, MCP, RC, WCO
54  2018 Lyophilized Hybrid Nanostructured Lipid Carriers to Enhance the Cellular Uptake of Verapamil: Statistical Optimization and In Vitro Evaluation. HVD-NLCs, PDI
55  2018 Metformin-Loaded Hyaluronic Acid Nanostructure for Oral Delivery. HA, ZP
56  2018 Microneedle-Assisted Percutaneous Delivery of Paeoniflorin-Loaded Ethosomes. EE, MN-assisted, MPT, MST, PDI, ST, TEM, TGP, ZP
57  2018 Nanoemulsion of Dill essential oil as a green and potent larvicide against Anopheles stephensi. EOs, LA, LC
58  2018 Nanoliposomal Resveratrol as a Novel Approach to Treatment of Diabetes Mellitus. DM, EE, GSH-Px, LPs, MTT, PDI, RSV, SOD, STZ, ZP
59  2018 Nanosized soy phytosome-based thermogel as topical anti-obesity formulation: an approach for acceptable level of evidence of an effective novel herbal weight loss product. ---
60  2018 PLGA-PEG-RA-based polymeric micelles for tumor targeted delivery of irinotecan. EE, MRT, PDI, ZP
61  2018 Resolution V fractional factorial design for screening of factors affecting weakly basic drugs liposomal systems. PhC, ZP
62  2018 Solutol HS15 based binary mixed micelles with penetration enhancers for augmented corneal delivery of sertaconazole nitrate: optimization, in vitro, ex vivo and in vivo characterization. PDI, SM, STZ, STZ-MMs, ZP
63  2018 Supervised Machine Learning Algorithms for Evaluation of Solid Lipid Nanoparticles and Particle Size. SLNs
64  2018 Sustained ocular delivery of Dorzolamide-HCl via proniosomal gel formulation: in-vitro characterization, statistical optimization, and in-vivo pharmacodynamic evaluation in rabbits. Dorz, DVs, IOP, OF
65  2018 Synthesis of an oleic acid based pH-responsive lipid and its application in nanodelivery of vancomycin. EE, NMEO, PDI, VCM, ZP
66  2018 Targeted Nanostructured Lipid Carrier for Brain Delivery of Artemisinin: Design, Preparation, Characterization, Optimization and Cell Toxicity. ART, ART-NLCs, EE, MRT, PDI, TF-NLCs, ZP
67  2018 Topical phenytoin nanostructured lipid carriers: design and development. NLCs, PHT, ZP
68  2018 Tri-block co-polymer nanocarriers for enhancement of oral delivery of felodipine: preparation, in vitro characterization and ex vivo permeation. FLD, PDI
69  2017 Aceclofenac nanocrystals with enhanced in vitro, in vivo performance: formulation optimization, characterization, analgesic and acute toxicity studies. AC
70  2017 Bio-fabrication and statistical optimization of polysorbate 80 coated chitosan nanoparticles of tapentadol hydrochloride for central antinociceptive effect: in vitro-in vivo studies. CS-NPs, RH, TPD
71  2017 Chitosan-coated diacerein nanosuspensions as a platform for enhancing bioavailability and lowering side effects: preparation, characterization, and ex vivo/in vivo evaluation. CS, CS-DNS, DCN, DNS, PDI, PVP, ZP
72  2017 Development and optimization of transferrin-conjugated nanostructured lipid carriers for brain delivery of paclitaxel using Box-Behnken design. DL, EE, MRT, PTX, PTX-NLCs, Tf-NLCs, ZP
73  2017 Development, stability and in vitro delivery profile of new loratadine-loaded nanoparticles. ---
74  2017 Diosmin/essential oil combination for dermal photo-protection using a lipoid colloidal carrier. LCC
75  2017 Effect of dietary fiber and diet particle size on nutrient digestibility and gastrointestinal secretory function in growing pigs. CSB, DC, DDGS, GIP, GLP-1, SBH, TBA
76  2017 Effect of surfactants and drug load on physico-mechanical and dissolution properties of nanocrystalline tadalafil-loaded oral films. OFs, PDI, TDF, ZP
77  2017 Enhanced Solubility and Dissolution Rate of Lacidipine Nanosuspension: Formulation Via Antisolvent Sonoprecipitation Technique and Optimization Using Box-Behnken Design. LCDP, PDI, ZP
78  2017 Enhancement of lomefloxacin Hcl ocular efficacy via niosomal encapsulation: in vitro characterization and in vivo evaluation. LXN, S. aureus, ZP
80  2017 Mucopenetrating nanoparticles for enhancement of oral bioavailability of furosemide: In vitro and in vivo evaluation/sub-acute toxicity study. ALG, CS, FSM, NPs, PDI, SEM, ZP
81  2017 Nanostructured lipid carriers loaded with simvastatin: effect of PEG/glycerides on characterization, stability, cellular uptake efficiency and in vitro cytotoxicity. NLCs, SV, ZP
82  2017 Preparation, Characterization, and Optimization of Folic Acid-Chitosan-Methotrexate Core-Shell Nanoparticles by Box-Behnken Design for Tumor-Targeted Drug Delivery. DoE, FA-Chi-MTX NPs, FESEM, HeLa, PSD
83  2017 Resin-dentin bond stability and physical characterization of a two-step self-etching adhesive system associated with TiF4. DC, PI, ZP
84  2017 RSM and ANN modeling-based optimization approach for the development of ultrasound-assisted liposome encapsulation of piceid. ---
85  2017 Screening of ionically crosslinked chitosan-tripolyphosphate microspheres using Plackett-Burman factorial design for the treatment of intrapocket infections. CS-TPP, CT, DSC, DT, EE, FTIR, MOP, PY, SEM, XRD
86  2017 Targeted Nanostructured Lipid Carriers for Delivery of Paclitaxel to Cancer Cells: Preparation, Characterization, and Cell Toxicity. EE, FA, FA-ODA and PEG-ODA, NLC, PEG, PTX, ZP
87  2017 Titanium tetrafluoride incorporated into a two-step self-etching adhesive system: physico-mechanical characterization and bonding stability. CL, DC, FS, PI, TBS, ZP
88  2017 Topical Delivery of Fenoprofen Calcium via Elastic Nano-vesicular Spanlastics: Optimization Using Experimental Design and In Vivo Evaluation. DI, FPCa, TFH
89  2016 A Novel Method for Preparing Surface-Modified Fluocinolone Acetonide Loaded PLGA Nanoparticles for Ocular Use: In Vitro and In Vivo Evaluations. EE, PLGA, ZP
90  2016 A trial for the design and optimization of pH-sensitive microparticles for intestinal delivery of cinnarizine. CIN, EE, RE
91  2016 Aripiprazole loaded poly(caprolactone) nanoparticles: Optimization and in vivo pharmacokinetics. APZ
92  2016 Chitosan-tripolyphosphate nanoparticles: Optimization of formulation parameters for improving process yield at a novel pH using artificial neural networks. ANN, CS, DSC, FT-IR, NP, TPP, ZP
93  2016 Development, characterization, and in vivo assessment of mucoadhesive nanoparticles containing fluconazole for the local treatment of oral candidiasis. EE, NP
94  2016 Filgrastim (G-CSF) loaded liposomes: mathematical modeling and optimization of encapsulation efficiency and particle size. APEs, Chol, DPPC, RSM
95  2016 In vitro and in vivo effect of paclitaxel and cepharanthine co-loaded polymeric nanoparticles in gastric cancer. CCRD, CCRD-RSM, CEP, DL, EE, PTX, RSM
96  2016 Intranasal brain-targeted clonazepam polymeric micelles for immediate control of status epilepticus: in vitro optimization, ex vivo determination of cytotoxicity, in vivo biodistribution and pharmacodynamics studies. CCFD, CZ, EE, PDI, PM, SE, TFH, ZP
97  2016 Local anesthetic lidocaine delivery system: chitosan and hyaluronic acid-modified layer-by-layer lipid nanoparticles. EE, LbL
98  2016 Methotrexate loading in chitosan nanoparticles at a novel pH: Response surface modeling, optimization and characterization. CS, NPs, PDI, ZP
99  2016 Nanoparticles as tool for enhanced ophthalmic delivery of vancomycin: a multidistrict-based microbiological study, solid lipid nanoparticles formulation and evaluation. PVA, SLNs, VCM
100  2016 Preparation, characterization and pharmacokinetic studies of linalool-loaded nanostructured lipid carriers. DSC, LL, LL-NLCs, TEM, XRD, ZP