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Abbreviation : PS
Long Form : persulfate
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 Kinetics study of dinitrodiazophenol industrial wastewater treatment by a microwave-coupled ferrous-activated persulfate process. COD, DDNP, MW
2018 Abatement of chlorinated compounds in groundwater contaminated by HCH wastes using ISCO with alkali activated persulfate. COCs, ISCO
2018 Activation of persulfate by CuO-sludge-derived carbon dispersed on silicon carbide foams for odorous methyl mercaptan elimination: identification of reactive oxygen species. SC
2018 Activation of persulfate by homogeneous and heterogeneous iron catalyst to degrade chlortetracycline in aqueous solution. CTC
2018 Activation of persulfate by irradiated laterite for removal of fluoroquinolones in multi-component systems. CIP, FLU, FQs, NOR
2018 Advanced treatment of biologically treated coking wastewater by persulfate oxidation with magnetic activated carbon composite as a catalyst. BTCW, GC-MS, TOC
2018 Catalytic Degradation of Diatrizoate by Persulfate Activation with Peanut Shell Biochar-Supported Nano Zero-Valent Iron in Aqueous Solution. BC, DTZ, nZVI
2018 Comparative study of the toxicity between three non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and their UV/Na2S2O8 degradation products on Cyprinus carpio. AOPs, C. carpio, DPs, NSAIDs
2018 Contribution of alcohol radicals to contaminant degradation in quenching studies of persulfate activation process. ARs, EtOH, TBA, TCA
10  2018 Degradation of 2,4-dichlorophenol by activating persulfate and peroxomonosulfate using micron or nanoscale zero-valent copper. 2,4-DCP, PMS
11  2018 Degradation of aqueous 2,4,4'-Trihydroxybenzophenone by persulfate activated with nitrogen doped carbonaceous materials and the formation of dimer products. EPR, GO
12  2018 Degradation of atenolol via heterogeneous activation of persulfate by using BiOCl@Fe3O4 catalyst under simulated solar light irradiation. ATL
13  2018 Degradation of atrazine by electrochemically activated persulfate using BDD anode: Role of radicals and influencing factors. ATZ, BDD
14  2018 Degradation of the earthy and musty odorant 2,4,6-tricholoroanisole by persulfate activated with iron of different valences. CA, EDTA, EPR, OA, TCA, TCP
15  2018 Degradation of the UV-filter benzophenone-3 in aqueous solution using persulfate activated by heat, metal ions and light. BP-3, EPR, FED, HA
16  2018 Effect of inorganic and organic solutes on zero-valent aluminum-activated hydrogen peroxide and persulfate oxidation of bisphenol A. BPA, HP, ZVA
17  2018 Effective treatment of oily scum via catalytic wet persulfate oxidation process activated by Fe2. CWPO, TPHs, WAO
18  2018 Efficient degradation of diclofenac by LaFeO3-Catalyzed peroxymonosulfate oxidation---kinetics and toxicity assessment. L-H, PMS
19  2018 Electro activation of persulfate using iron sheet as low-cost electrode: the role of the operating conditions. ---
20  2018 Electrolysis assisted persulfate with annular iron sheet as anode for the enhanced degradation of 2, 4-dinitrophenol in aqueous solution. AIS, DNP
21  2018 Enhanced degradation of 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid by pre-magnetization Fe-C activated persulfate: Influential factors, mechanism and degradation pathway. EDX, GC/MS, IC, Pre-Fe0, SEM
22  2018 Enhanced degradation of isoproturon in soil through persulfate activation by Fe-based layered double hydroxide: different reactive species comparing with activation by homogenous Fe(II). ---
23  2018 Enhanced visible-light activation of persulfate by Ti3+ self-doped TiO2/graphene nanocomposite for the rapid and efficient degradation of micropollutants in water. EPR
24  2018 Fate of perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) in sewage sludge during microwave-assisted persulfate oxidation treatment. PFCAs, PFOA
25  2018 Impact of Chloride Ions on UV/H2O2 and UV/Persulfate Advanced Oxidation Processes. ---
26  2018 Impacts of inorganic anions and natural organic matter on thermally activated persulfate oxidation of BTEX in water. BTEX, NOM, SR-AOP
27  2018 Implementation of continuously electro-generated Fe3O4 nanoparticles for activation of persulfate to decompose amoxicillin antibiotic in aquatic media: UV254 and ultrasound intensification. AMX, US
28  2018 Influence of water matrix species on persulfate oxidation of phenol: reaction kinetics and formation of undesired degradation byproducts. GC-MS, NOM
29  2018 Insights into removal of tetracycline by persulfate activation with peanut shell biochar coupled with amorphous Cu-doped FeOOH composite in aqueous solution. BC, BET, FTIR, TC, XPS, XRD
30  2018 Insights into the mechanism of persulfate activated by rice straw biochar for the degradation of aniline. RSBC
31  2018 Intensification of UV-C tertiary treatment: Disinfection and removal of micropollutants by sulfate radical based Advanced Oxidation Processes. MPs, PMS, SR-AOPs
32  2018 Mechanisms of Interaction between Persulfate and Soil Constituents: Activation, Free Radical Formation, Conversion, and Identification. EPR, ISCO, SOM
33  2018 Oxidation of cefalexin by thermally activated persulfate: Kinetics, products, and antibacterial activity change. CFX
34  2018 Oxidation of Rhodamine B by persulfate activated with porous carbon aerogel through a non-radical mechanism. CA, EPR, RhB
35  2018 Oxidative degradation of atenolol by heat-activated persulfate: Kinetics, degradation pathways and distribution of transformation intermediates. ATL, SRFA
36  2018 Oxidative degradation of Bisphenol A by carbocatalytic activation of persulfate and peroxymonosulfate with reduced graphene oxide. BPA, DW, rGO, TWW
37  2018 Phenol abatement using persulfate activated by nZVI, H2O2 and NaOH and development of a kinetic model for alkaline activation. nZVI
38  2018 Photocatalytic co-oxidation of As(III) and Orange G using urea-derived g-C3N4 and persulfate. OG
39  2018 Photochemical treatment of tyrosol, a model phenolic compound present in olive mill wastewater, by hydroxyl and sulfate radical-based advanced oxidation processes (AOPs). AOPs, PMS, TSL
40  2018 Rapid Ferric Transformation by Reductive Dissolution of Schwertmannite for Highly Efficient Catalytic Degradation of Rhodamine B. HA, RhB
41  2018 Rapid quantification of persulfate in aqueous systems using a modified HPLC unit. OCs, RSE
42  2018 Reductive Hexachloroethane Degradation by S2O8•- with Thermal Activation of Persulfate under Anaerobic Conditions. DFT, EPR, HCA
43  2018 Remediation and cytotoxicity study of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon-contaminated marine sediments using synthesized iron oxide-carbon composite. CB, PAHs
44  2018 Remediation of aged diesel contaminated soil by alkaline activated persulfate. TPH
45  2018 Sulfate radical induced degradation of Methyl Violet azo dye with CuFe layered doubled hydroxide as heterogeneous photoactivator of persulfate. CuFe-LDH, ESR, MV
46  2018 Synergic mechanism of adsorption and metal-free catalysis for phenol degradation by N-doped graphene aerogel. GO, N-rGO
47  2018 Synthetic magnetite, maghemite, and haematite activation of persulphate for orange G degradation. ISCO
48  2018 The efficacy and cytotoxicity of iron oxide-carbon black composites for liquid-phase toluene oxidation by persulfate. CB, TOL
49  2018 Ultrasound-assisted heterogeneous activation of persulfate by nano zero-valent iron (nZVI) for the propranolol degradation in water. nZVI, PRO
50  2018 Variations of moisture and organics in activated sludge during Fe0/S2O82- conditioning-horizontal electro-dewatering process. AS, DS, EPS, HED, PSs, WC, ZVI
51  2018 [Enhanced Degradation of Aniline by PS Oxidation in the Presence of UV and Ferric Oxalate]. ---
52  2017 Activation of persulfates by natural magnetic pyrrhotite for water disinfection: Efficiency, mechanisms, and stability. NP, ROS
53  2017 Activation performance and mechanism of a novel heterogeneous persulfate catalyst: Metal Organic Framework MIL-53(Fe) with FeII/FeIII mixed-valence coordinative unsaturated iron center. CUS, Fe
54  2017 Bicarbonate-activated persulfate oxidation of acetaminophen. FFA, KSIE
55  2017 Characteristics and fate of natural organic matter during UV oxidation processes. AOPs, EEM, LC-OCD, NOM, PARAFAC, pCBA, SRNOM
56  2017 Combination of sunlight, oxidants, and Ce-doped TiO2 for phenol degradation. HP
57  2017 Comparative study of the formation of brominated disinfection byproducts in UV/persulfate and UV/H2O2 oxidation processes in the presence of bromide. BAAs, HA
58  2017 Degradation of ketoprofen by sulfate radical-based advanced oxidation processes: Kinetics, mechanisms, and effects of natural water matrices. KET, NOM, SR-AOPs, TAP
59  2017 Different kinds of persulfate activation with base for the oxidation and mechanism of BDE209 in a spiked soil system. Ea
60  2017 Effects of pre-oxidation and adsorption on haloacetonitrile and trichloronitromethane formation during subsequent chlorination. ACMNs, HAN, OZ, PM, PO, TCNM
61  2017 Enhanced decolorization of methyl orange in aqueous solution using iron-carbon micro-electrolysis activation of sodium persulfate. BI, ICE, MO, TBA
62  2017 Enhanced degradation of BDE209 in spiked soil by ferrous-activated persulfate process with chelating agents. CAs, Glu
63  2017 Enhanced degradation of micropollutants by zero-valent aluminum activated persulfate: assessment of toxicity and genotoxic activity. BPA, CIP, DW, IOPA, MPs, RSW, TX-45, ZVA
64  2017 Enhanced reactivity of microscale Fe/Cu bimetallic particles (mFe/Cu) with persulfate (PS) for p-nitrophenol (PNP) removal in aqueous solution. COD, mFe0-PS, PNP, TMLCu
65  2017 Evaluation of sulfathiazole degradation by persulfate in Milli-Q water and in effluent of a sewage treatment plant. STP, STZ
66  2017 Evolution of molecular weight and fluorescence of effluent organic matter (EfOM) during oxidation processes revealed by advanced spectrographic and chromatographic tools. AOPs, DOC, EfOM, MW, PARAFAC
67  2017 Ferrocene-modified chitosan as an efficient and green heterogeneous catalyst for sulfate-radical-based advanced oxidation process. AMR, CS, EPR, Fc, Fc-CS
68  2017 Heterogeneously catalyzed persulfate with a CuMgFe layered double hydroxide for the degradation of ethylbenzene. CuMgFe-LDH, ESR
69  2017 Kinetic study of Reactive Black 5 degradation by Fe2+/S2O82- process via interactive model-based response surface methodology. RSM
70  2017 Kinetics and Mechanism of Ultrasonic Activation of Persulfate: An in Situ EPR Spin Trapping Study. DMPO, EPR, ISCO, US, US-PS
71  2017 Low Permeability Zone Remediation via Oxidant Delivered by Electrokinetics and Activated by Electrical Resistance Heating: Proof of Concept. EK, ERH, PCE
72  2017 Mineralization of aniline using hydroxyl/sulfate radical-based technology in a waterfall reactor. ---
73  2017 Nanoscale Fe/Ag particles activated persulfate: optimization using response surface methodology. 4-CP, BBD, BET, SEM, XRD
74  2017 Non-photochemical production of singlet oxygen via activation of persulfate by carbon nanotubes. 2,4-DCP, CNTs, EPR
75  2017 Oxidation of organic contaminant in a self-driven electro/natural maghemite/peroxydisulfate system: Efficiency and mechanism. AO7, EPR, MFC, NM, PDS, XPS
76  2017 Persulfate enhanced photocatalytic degradation of bisphenol A by g-C3N4 nanosheets under visible light irradiation. BPA, ESR
77  2017 Persulfate-assisted photodegradation of diethylstilbestrol using monoclinic BiVO4 under visible-light irradiation. DES, DRS, EDS, SEM, UV-vis, XRD
78  2017 Persulfate-enhanced sonochemical degradation of naphthol blue black in water: Evidence of sulfate radical formation. NBB
79  2017 Photoactuation Healing of alpha-FeOOH@g-C3 N4 Catalyst for Efficient and Stable Activation of Persulfate. ---
80  2017 Simultaneous atrazine degradation and E. coli inactivation by simulated solar photo-Fenton-like process using persulfate. ---
81  2017 Sulfate radical induced degradation of beta2-adrenoceptor agonists salbutamol and terbutaline: Phenoxyl radical dependent mechanisms. LFP, SAL, TBL
82  2017 Thermoactivated persulfate oxidation of pesticide chlorpyrifos in aquatic system: kinetic and mechanistic investigations. CP, MO, OPPs
83  2017 Treatment of refractory contaminants by sludge-derived biochar/persulfate system via both adsorption and advanced oxidation process. EPR, SDBC
84  2017 Zero-valent aluminum-mediated degradation of Bisphenol A in the presence of common oxidants. BPA, HP, SW, ZVA
85  2017 [MIL-88A@MIP Activated Persulfate for Targeted Degradation of Dibutyl Phthalate]. DBP, EDS, PAE, SEM, XRD
86  2017 [Zero-Valent Iron (ZVI) Activation of Persulfate (PS) for Oxidation of Arsenic (Ⅴ) Form Aqueous Solutions]. SEM, XPS, ZVI
87  2016 Achieving synergy between chemical oxidation and stabilization in a contaminated soil. BTEX, ISCO, ISS, NAP, PAH
88  2016 Activated carbon fiber for heterogeneous activation of persulfate: implication for the decolorization of azo dye. AC, ACF, HA, OG
89  2016 Advanced treatment of effluents from an industrial park wastewater treatment plant by ferrous ion activated persulfate oxidation process. COD, RSM
90  2016 Degradation of sunscreen agent p-aminobenzoic acid using a combination system of UV irradiation, persulphate and iron(II). AOPs, HO, PABA
91  2016 Efficient transformation of DDTs with Persulfate Activation by Zero-valent Iron Nanoparticles: A Mechanistic Study. DDT
92  2016 Fate of iron and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons during the remediation of a contaminated soil using iron-activated persulfate: A column study. ANT, ATQ, BaP, nZVI, PAHs, PHE, PYR
93  2016 Formation of halogenated disinfection by-products in cobalt-catalyzed peroxymonosulfate oxidation processes in the presence of halides. DBAA, DBPs, NOM, PMS
94  2016 Green mechanochemical oxidative decomposition of powdery decabromodiphenyl ether with persulfate. MC
95  2016 Iron electrolysis-assisted peroxymonosulfate chemical oxidation for the remediation of chlorophenol-contaminated groundwater. 2,4-DCP, PMS
96  2016 Kinetics and mechanism investigation on the destruction of oxytetracycline by UV-254nm activation of persulfate. OTC, TOC
97  2016 Metal-free catalysis of persulfate activation and organic-pollutant degradation by nitrogen-doped graphene and aminated graphene. N-GP, SMX
98  2016 Mineralization of naphtenic acids with thermally-activated persulfate: The important role of oxygen. NAs
99  2016 Optimizing COD removal from greywater by photoelectro-persulfate process using Box-Behnken design: assessment of effluent quality and electrical energy consumption. EC, GW, PEPS
100  2016 Oxidation of 2,4-dichlorophenol by non-radical mechanism using persulfate activated by Fe/S modified carbon nanotubes. 2,4-DCP, CNTs