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Abbreviation : PS
Long Form : polysulfone
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Are the beneficial effects of 'antioxidant' lipoic acid mediated through metabolism of reactive sulfur species? AOA, BSO, DEM, LA, PPG, ROS, RSS
2019 A Retrospective Study on Erythropoiesis Stimulating Agent Dose Reducing Potential of an Anti-Platelet Activation Membrane Dialyzer in Hemodialysis Patients. ERI, ESA
2019 Abundant Defects-Induced Interfaces Enabling Effective Anchoring for Polysulfides and Enhanced Kinetics in Lean Electrolyte Lithium-Sulfur Batteries. F-PP
2019 Antibacterial Properties of Polysulfone Membranes Blended with Arabic Gum. AG, FESEM
2019 Comparison of adsorption of selected antibiotics on the filters in continuous renal replacement therapy circuits: in vitro studies. PAN
2019 Comparison of the circulatory effects of continuous renal replacement therapy using AN69ST and polysulfone membranes in septic shock patients: A retrospective observational study. APACHE, CRRT
2019 Evaluation of Proteins and Cells that Adsorb to Dialysis Membranes Used in Continuous Hemodiafiltration: Comparison of AN69ST, Polymethylmethacrylate, and Polysulfone Membranes. CRRT, PMMA, WBCs
2019 High-capacity extraction chromatographic materials based on polysulfone microcapsules for the separation and preconcentration of lanthanides from aqueous solution. EXC, HDEHP, PMMA
2019 Preliminary investigation of polymer-based in situ passive samplers for mercury and methylmercury. IHg, PE, PES, POM, PPS
10  2018 Adsorption of pharmaceuticals onto isolated polyamide active layer of NF/RO membranes. NF, PA, PhACs, RO, TrOCs
11  2018 Blocking Polysulfides and Facilitating Lithium-Ion Transport: Polystyrene Sulfonate@HKUST-1 Membrane for Lithium-Sulfur Batteries. Li-S, PSS
12  2018 Cation-Directed Selective Polysulfide Stabilization in Alkali Metal-Sulfur Batteries. ---
13  2018 Development of waste biomass based sorbent for removal of cyanotoxin microcystin-LR from aqueous phases. DC-PEI-PSBF, MC-LR, PEI
14  2018 Dialysis Membranes Influence Perfluorochemical Concentrations and Liver Function in Patients on Hemodialysis. AST, CTA, KPSS, PFCs, PFOA, PFOS, PMMA
15  2018 Electrolyte Additives for Lithium Metal Anodes and Rechargeable Lithium Metal Batteries: Progress and Perspectives. Li-S
16  2018 Engineering the Surface and Mechanical Properties of Water Desalination Membranes Using Ultralong Carbon Nanotubes. CNT
17  2018 Evaluation of antibacterial properties on polysulfone composite membranes using synthesized biogenic silver nanoparticles with Ulva compressa (L.) Kutz. and Cladophora glomerata (L.) Kutz. extracts. ---
18  2018 Nanofibrous Tubular Membrane for Blood Hemodialysis. DMF, THF
19  2018 Platelet activation and clotting cascade activation by dialyzers designed for high volume online hemodiafiltration. ECC, OL-HDF, PVP, TATs
20  2018 Processing and characterization of silver-filled conductive polysulfide sealants for aerospace applications. ---
21  2018 Synthesis of soluble oligsiloxane-end-capped hyperbranched polyazomethine and their application to CO2/N2 separation membranes. EC
22  2018 Thrombogenicity and long-term cytokine removal capability of a novel asymmetric triacetate membrane hemofilter. ATA, CRRTs, IL-6, PES, TAT, TNF-alpha
23  2017 A New Polysulfone Membrane Dialyzer, NV, with Low-Fouling and Antithrombotic Properties. PVP
24  2017 Asymmetric triacetate membrane keeps high water flux during ultrafiltration: in vitro study. ATA, HD, HDF, PES
25  2017 Effect of dialyzer membrane materials on survival in chronic hemodialysis patients: Results from the annual survey of the Japanese Nationwide Dialysis Registry. CTA, EVAL, HRs, PAN, PEPA, PES, PMMA
26  2017 High-Performance Membrane Dialyzers and Mortality in Hemodialysis Patients: A 2-Year Cohort Study from the Annual Survey of the Japanese Renal Data Registry. CTA, EVAL, HD, HR, PAN, PEPA, PES, PMMA
27  2017 Impact of the type of dialysis membranes on the circulating concentration of markers of vitamin D metabolism. ALB, HDF, KDIGO, VDBP
28  2017 Mechanisms Involved in Hypersensitivity Reactions to Polysulfone Hemodialysis Membranes. CTA, HD
29  2017 Vitamin E-Coated Polysulfone Membrane-Based Hemodiafiltration Attenuates Inflammation in a Rat Model of Lipopolysaccharide-Induced Systemic Inflammation. ABP, HDF, IL, LPS, VEPS
30  2016 Bioimpacts of dialyzer variety on phosphorus level in Iranian hemodialysis patients. HD, HF, LF, PES
31  2016 Comparative Effectiveness of Dialyzers: A Longitudinal, Propensity Score-Matched Study of Incident Hemodialysis Patients. ESA, PAS-PVP
32  2016 Dialyzer-related Thrombocytopenia due to a Polysulfone Membrane. DRT, HD, PLT
33  2016 Highly and Stably Water Permeable Thin Film Nanocomposite Membranes Doped with MIL-101 (Cr) Nanoparticles for Reverse Osmosis Application. MOF, PA, RO, TFN, UF
34  2016 The Superiority of AN69ST Membrane in the Adsorption of Fibroblast Growth Factor-23. AKI, CRRT, FGF23, PMMA
35  2015 An effective approach for alleviating cation-induced backbone degradation in aromatic ether-based alkaline polymer electrolytes. APEs, PPO, PPSU, pQA, QA
36  2015 Electrocatalysis of lithium polysulfides: current collectors as electrodes in Li/S battery configuration. ---
37  2015 Eluted substances from hemodialysis membranes elicit positive skin prick tests in bioincompatible patients. PVP, SPTs
38  2015 Evaluation of solute penetration across the polysulfone membrane with vitamin E coating. SC, Vit E
39  2015 Extreme UV index and solar exposures at Plateau Rosa (3500 m a.s.l.) in Valle d'Aosta Region, Italy. ER, ITA, PE, PPO, TLV
40  2015 High-volume online haemodiafiltration improves erythropoiesis-stimulating agent (ESA) resistance in comparison with low-flux bicarbonate dialysis: results of the REDERT study. B2MG, CRP, ERI, ESA, ESAs, Hb, HD, hep, HV-OL-HDF
41  2015 PK/PD analysis of biapenem in patients undergoing continuous hemodiafiltration. BIPM, CHDF, PK
42  2015 The effect of two different high-flux dialysis membranes on insulin resistance in non-diabetic end-stage renal disease patients. ESRF, HD, HOMA-IR, PPP
43  2014 Haemodialysis in patients treated with oral anticoagulant: should we heparinize? ---
44  2014 Perfluorinated ionomer-enveloped sulfur cathodes for lithium-sulfur batteries. ---
45  2014 The growth of Scenedesmus sp. attachment on different materials surface. PAN, PVDF, PVP
46  2013 Agar-based bridges as biocompatible candidates to provide guide cues in spinal cord injury repair. AG, KC, Xn
47  2013 Cationic polymer-immobilized polysulfone-based fibers as high performance sorbents for Pt(IV) recovery from acidic solutions. PEI, PEI-PSBF, PEI-PSF, PGMs, PSBF, PSF
48  2013 Characterization of polymer membranes by MALDI mass-spectrometric imaging techniques. PVP
49  2013 Hemodialysis membranes for acute and chronic renal insufficiency. CA, CS, EVOH, PAN, PES, PVA
50  2013 The removal of serum hepcidin by different dialysis membranes. MHD, UN
51  2013 Vitamin E-coated polysulfone membrane improved red blood cell antioxidant status in hemodialysis patients. EPO, HD, RBC, Vit E
52  2012 A critical assessment of two types of personal UV dosimeters. EUV
53  2012 Contamination of ultrapure water with bisphenol A leached from polysulfone ultrafilter. BPA, LC-MS, SPE
54  2012 Determination of total leachable bisphenol A from polysulfone membranes based on multiple consecutive extractions. BPA, HPLC-MS, SPE
55  2012 Improvement of intradialytic hypotension in diabetic hemodialysis patients using vitamin E-bonded polysulfone membrane dialyzers. HD, IDH, SBP
56  2012 Wet air oxidation of formic acid using nanoparticle-modified polysulfone hollow fibers as gas-liquid contactors. CWAO
57  2011 A vitamin E-coated polysulfone membrane reduces serum levels of inflammatory markers and resistance to erythropoietin-stimulating agents in hemodialysis patients: results of a randomized cross-over multicenter trial. CRP, ERI, ESAs, Hb, IL-6, Vit E PS
58  2011 Characterization of insulin adsorption behavior of dialyzer membranes used in hemodialysis. CTA, HD, PEPA
59  2011 Differences in bio-incompatibility among four biocompatible dialyzer membranes using in maintenance hemodialysis patients. CTA, IL, MHD, PMMA
60  2011 Selection guidelines for high-performance membrane. EVAL
61  2010 Cellulose triacetate dialyzer reduces platelet loss during continuous veno-venous hemofiltration. CTA, CVVH, LMWH
62  2010 Effect of synthetic vitamin E-bonded membrane on responsiveness to erythropoiesis-stimulating agents in hemodialysis patients: a pilot study. ESAs, PTH, Vi-E
63  2010 Experimental investigation of oily wastewater treatment using combined membrane systems. COD, PAN, TDS, UF/RO
64  2010 Lipase immobilization on Polysulfone globules and their performances in olive oil hydrolysis. ---
65  2010 Vitamin E-coated cellulose acetate dialysis membrane: long-term effect on inflammation and oxidative stress. CAE, HD, hs-CRP, IL-6, SOD, TAC
66  2009 A circulating beta 2-microglobulin intermediate in hemodialysis patients. CRF, HD, HDF, PMMA
67  2009 Analysis method and characterization of the antioxidant capacity of vitamin E-interactive polysulfone hemodialyzers. FRAP, HD
68  2009 Comparison of the effects of polysulfone and polyester-polymer alloy dialyzers on glycemic control in diabetic patients undergoing hemodialysis. GA, HD, PEPA
69  2009 Importance of membrane materials for blood purification devices in critical care. PAN, PEPA, PMMA
70  2009 Measured occupational solar UVR exposures of lifeguards in pool settings. SEDs, UVR
71  2009 Measurement of the UVR exposures of expeditioners on antarctic resupply voyages. SEDs
72  2009 Polysulfated/sulfonated compounds for the development of drugs at the crossroad of viral infection and oncogenesis. PSN
73  2009 Preventive effect of alpha-tocopherol and glycyrrhizin against platelet-neutrophil complex formation induced by hemodialysis membranes. ADP, CHO, HD, ROS
74  2009 Ultrathin and stable active layer of dense composite membrane enabled by poly(dopamine). PAS
75  2008 Agreement between diary records of time spent outdoors and personal ultraviolet radiation dose measurements. ---
76  2008 Clinical evaluation of plasma insulin and C-peptide levels with 3 different high-flux dialyzers in diabetic patients on hemodialysis. CPR, CTA, HD, IRI, PMMA
77  2008 Effects of fluid flow on elution of hydrophilic modifier from dialysis membrane surfaces. PEPA, PVP
78  2008 Lignin peroxidase from Streptomyces viridosporus T7A: enzyme concentration using ultrafiltration. CA, LiP, MWCO
79  2008 Patterns in the received facial UV exposure of school children measured at a subtropical latitude. SZAs
80  2008 Polyanionic drugs and viral oncogenesis: a novel approach to control infection, tumor-associated inflammation and angiogenesis. GSLs, HSPGs, PSN
81  2008 Regional variations of low-density lipoprotein oxidizability in hemodialysis patients may explain discrepancies in interventional therapy on oxidative profile. HD, LDL, OS, VE
82  2008 The influence of hemodialysis membranes on the plasma insulin level of diabetic patients on maintenance hemodialysis. CTA, HD, IRI, PEPA
83  2007 Accumulation of bisphenol A in hemodialysis patients. CE
84  2007 Hemofiltration of recombinant hirudin by different hemodialyzer membranes: implications for clinical use. PMMA
85  2007 Impact of dialyzer membrane on apoptosis and function of polymorphonuclear cells and cytokine synthesis by peripheral blood mononuclear cells in hemodialysis patients. CA, HD, LPS, PBMC, PMN, TCC
86  2007 The impact of haemodialysis-associated variables on lipid profile in Egyptian haemodialysis population. CV, ESRD, HD, HDL-C, HP, LDL-C, log, TC, TG
87  2006 Development of vitamin E-modified polysulfone membrane dialyzers. PS-ViE
88  2006 Effect of dialysis membrane biocompatibility on polymorphonuclear granulocyte activity in dialysis patients. PMN
89  2006 Effect of different dialyzer membranes on cutaneous microcirculation during hemodialysis. EVAL, TBARS, VE-C
90  2006 Platelet activation through interaction with hemodialysis membranes induces neutrophils to produce reactive oxygen species. EVAL, PMMA, RC, ROS
91  2006 Variability among polysulphone calibration curves. UV
92  2005 Cefepime and continuous renal replacement therapy (CRRT): in vitro permeability of two CRRT membranes and pharmacokinetics in four critically ill patients. CRRT, CRRTs, CVVH, CVVHD, SA, SC, SD
93  2005 Improving hollow fiber dialyzer efficiency with a recirculating dialysate system. I: Theory and applicability. RDS
94  2005 In vitro and in vivo evaluation of enoxaparin removal by continuous renal replacement therapies with acrylonitrile and polysulfone membranes. CRRT, CVVH, CVVHD, SA, SC
95  2005 Influence of different haemodialysis modalities on AGE peptide levels: intradialytic versus long-term results. CTA, HD
96  2005 Myeloperoxidase serves as a marker of oxidative stress during single haemodialysis session using two different biocompatible dialysis membranes. AOPP, GPx, HD, MPO, RC, SOD, TBARS
97  2005 The effect of hemodialysis and dialyzer biocompatibility on erythrocyte glutathione-defense system in chronic hemodialysis patients. CU, G6PD, GSH-DS, GSH-Px, GST, HD, ROS
98  2005 [Effect of blood purification materials and anticoagulants on the contact activity of factor XI]. CA, PES, PMMA
99  2004 Dialyzer membrane type and reuse practice influence polymorphonuclear leukocyte function in hemodialysis patients. CU, fMLP, HD, HEMO, ICED, PMNL, ROS
100  2004 Enhanced long-term reduction of plasma leptin concentrations by super-flux polysulfone dialysers. CHD, CTA, IL-6