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Abbreviation : PS
Long Form : protein synthesis
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2018 A critical evaluation of the anabolic response after bolus or continuous feeding in COPD and healthy older adults. COPD, Phe, SPEPHE
2018 Acute recovery from disuse atrophy: the role of stretch-activated ion channels in the activation of anabolic signaling in skeletal muscle. HS, SAC
2018 Preserved anabolic threshold and capacity as estimated by a novel stable tracer approach suggests no anabolic resistance or increased requirements in weight stable COPD patients. COPD, Phe, Tyr
2018 Protein Intake at Breakfast Promotes a Positive Whole-Body Protein Balance in a Dose-Response Manner in Healthy Children: A Randomized Trial. NB
2018 Protein intake distribution pattern does not affect anabolic response, lean body mass, muscle strength or function over 8 weeks in older adults: A randomized-controlled trial. EVEN, LBM, MPS, NB
2018 Quality of meal protein determines anabolic response in older adults. CEREAL, EAA, EGG, MPS, NB
2018 Routine Yoga Practice Impacts Whole Body Protein Utilization in Healthy Women. CON, PB, WBPB, WBPU
2018 Whole body protein anabolism in COPD patients and healthy older adults is not enhanced by adding either carbohydrates or leucine to a serving of protein. CHO, COPD, FFM, Leu, PB
2017 Akt-dependent and Akt-independent pathways are involved in protein synthesis activation during reloading of disused soleus muscle. HS, phospho-GSK-3beta
10  2017 Divergent Anabolic Signalling responses of Murine Soleus and Tibialis Anterior Muscles to Chronic 2G Hypergravity. SOL, TA
11  2016 Leucine supplementation stimulates protein synthesis and reduces degradation signal activation in muscle of newborn pigs during acute endotoxemia. eIF, LC, LD, Leu, PD
12  2016 The anabolic response to a meal containing different amounts of protein is not limited by the maximal stimulation of protein synthesis in healthy young adults. HP, MP, NB
13  2015 Quantity of dietary protein intake, but not pattern of intake, affects net protein balance primarily through differences in protein synthesis in older adults. MPS, NB
14  2014 "Fast proteins" with a unique essential amino acid content as an optimal nutrition in the elderly: growing evidence. AP, CAS, HP, PB, PRO, WB
15  2014 Alcohol impairs skeletal muscle protein synthesis and mTOR signaling in a time-dependent manner following electrically stimulated muscle contraction. mTOR
16  2012 Differing semaphorin 3A concentrations trigger distinct signaling mechanisms in growth cone collapse. NP-1, Sema3A
17  2012 Enteral leucine supplementation increases protein synthesis in skeletal and cardiac muscles and visceral tissues of neonatal pigs through mTORC1-dependent pathways. eIF, HP, Leu, mTOR, S6K1
18  2012 Insulin fails to enhance mTOR phosphorylation, mitochondrial protein synthesis, and ATP production in human skeletal muscle without amino acid replacement. aa
19  2012 Protein metabolism and gene expression in skeletal muscle of critically ill patients with sepsis. ---
20  2011 A family of protein growth curves with extension to other chemical body components together with application to animal nutrition and improvement. PR
21  2011 Differential regulation of protein synthesis and mTOR signaling in skeletal muscle and visceral tissues of neonatal pigs after a meal. mTORC1, RP
22  2011 Endotoxin transiently inhibits protein synthesis through Akt and MAPK mediating pathways in C2C12 myotubes. LPS, MAPKs, mTOR, TLR4
23  2011 Essential amino acids regulate both initiation and elongation of mRNA translation independent of insulin in MAC-T cells and bovine mammary tissue slices. aa, EAA, eIF, IRS-1, MTS, S6K1
24  2011 Novel insights into the regulation of skeletal muscle protein synthesis as revealed by a new nonradioactive in vivo technique. IV-IHC-SUnSET, Rheb
25  2011 Regulation of chemotropic guidance of nerve growth cones by microRNA. BDNF, BMP-7, miR-134, Xlimk1
26  2010 The 2009 ESPEN Sir David Cuthbertson. Citrulline: a new major signaling molecule or just another player in the pharmaconutrition game? aa, Arg, Cit
27  2009 A novel approach for assessing protein synthesis in channel catfish, Ictalurus punctatus. ---
28  2008 TNF-alpha increases protein content in C2C12 and primary myotubes by enhancing protein translation via the TNF-R1, PI3K, and MEK. TNFR1
29  2006 Incorporating turnover in estimates of protein retention efficiency for different body tissues. CV, PR
30  2006 Mechanism of insulin's anabolic effect on muscle: measurements of muscle protein synthesis and breakdown using aminoacyl-tRNA and other surrogate measures. aa, PB
31  2006 Protein synthesis in jejunum and liver of neonatal calves fed vitamin A and lactoferrin. APE, FSR, LF
32  2006 Resistance training reduces whole-body protein turnover and improves net protein retention in untrained young males. PB
33  2006 Signaling mechanisms underlying Slit2-induced collapse of Xenopus retinal growth cones. Slit2-CM
34  2005 Effect of in vitro glucose and diabetic hyperglycemia on mouse kidney protein synthesis: relevance to diabetic microangiopathy. ---
35  2005 Training does not affect protein turnover in pre- and early pubertal female gymnasts. PD, SEM
36  2004 Dual effect of heparin on cultured adult rat cardiomyocytes. ARVM, NRCM
37  2004 Protein synthesis profiling in the developing brain: a graph theoretic clustering approach. GTC
38  2003 Differential regulation of protein dynamics in splanchnic and skeletal muscle beds by insulin and amino acids in healthy human subjects. AAs
39  2002 Amino acid availability affects amino acid flux and protein metabolism in the porcine mammary gland. aa, MG
40  2002 Effects of resistance training on protein utilization in healthy children. FFM, FM, PB
41  2002 Intrinsic properties of muscle satellite cells are changed in response to long-term selection of mice for different growth traits. ---
42  2001 Acute effects of peritoneal dialysis with dialysates containing dextrose or dextrose and amino acids on muscle protein turnover in patients with chronic renal failure. aa, NB, PD
43  2001 Exercise affects protein utilization in healthy children. PB
44  2000 Effect of contractile activity on protein turnover in skeletal muscle mitochondrial subfractions. IMF, SS
45  2000 Effect of hemodialysis on protein synthesis. HD
46  1999 Activation of MYD116 (gadd34) expression following transient forebrain ischemia of rat: implications for a role of disturbances of endoplasmic reticulum calcium homeostasis. ER, TG
47  1999 Differences in estimates of forearm protein synthesis between leucine and phenylalanine tracers following unbalanced amino acid infusion. Leu, NB, Phe
48  1999 Double-tracer autoradiographic study of protein synthesis and glucose consumption in rats with focal cerebral ischemia. TCA
49  1999 Effects of exercise combined with diet therapy on protein utilization in obese children. PB
50  1999 Protein kinetics during and after long-duration spaceflight on MIR. ---
51  1998 Effects of reduced energy intake on protein utilization in obese children. FFM, FM, NB, PB, RMR
52  1998 Inhibition of protein synthesis by acid in L6 skeletal muscle cells: analogies with the acute starvation response. MA, PD
53  1998 Suppression of protein synthesis in brain during hibernation involves inhibition of protein initiation and elongation. ---
54  1998 The 24-h whole body leucine and urea kinetics at normal and high protein intakes with exercise in healthy adults. ---
55  1997 Relation of neuronal endoplasmic reticulum calcium homeostasis to ribosomal aggregation and protein synthesis: implications for stress-induced suppression of protein synthesis. ER
56  1996 Prolonged bed rest decreases skeletal muscle and whole body protein synthesis. ---
57  1996 Protein degradation and synthesis measured with multiple amino acid tracers in vivo. Ra
58  1995 Whole body protein synthesis in healthy adult humans: 13CO2 technique vs. plasma precursor approach. ---
59  1995 [Cerebral ischemia: ontogenetic differences in energy metabolism and protein biosynthesis]. EM
60  1994 Metabolic responses to nephrosis: effect of a low-protein diet. ---
61  1994 Synthesis of yeast cell wall glucan and evidence for glucan metabolism in a Saccharomyces cerevisiae whole cell system. gs
62  1992 Influence of ammonia and pH on protein and amino acid metabolism in LLC-PK1 cells. PD
63  1992 Tumor and host response to arginine and branched chain amino acid-enriched total parenteral nutrition. A study involving Walker 256 carcinosarcoma-bearing rats. BCAA, TPN
64  1989 Effects of ketamine and fentanyl on lung metabolism in perfused rat lungs. 5-HIAA, ACE
65  1989 Energy production, intracellular amino acid pools, and protein synthesis in chronic renal disease. AK, Ech, PAA, PFK, PK
66  1989 Mitochondrial protein synthesis may be involved in long-term memory formation. LTM
67  1989 Structural and metabolic integrity of sheep external intercostal muscle during extended culture. FCS, PD
68  1988 Measurement of protein turnover in skeletal muscle strips. PD
69  1986 Comparative studies on protein turnover regulations in tumor cells and host tissues: development and analysis of an experimental model. ---
70  1986 Inhibition by rhodamine 123 of protein synthesis in mitochondria of normal and cancer tissues. Rho123
71  1986 Leucine and alpha-ketoisocaproate metabolism and interconversions in fed and fasted sheep. KIC, PD
72  1983 Muscle protein turnover and glucose uptake in acutely uremic rats. Effects of insulin and the duration of renal insufficiency. ARF, PD, SO