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Abbreviation : PTBE
Long Form : peritumoral brain edema
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Evaluation of Epidemiologic Factors, Radiographic Features, and Pathologic Findings for Predicting Peritumoral Brain Edema in Meningiomas. CI, CSF, OR, SI
2020 NCK1-AS1 Increases Drug Resistance of Glioma Cells to Temozolomide by Modulating miR-137/TRIM24. ISH, lncRNA, MTT, qRT-PCR, TMZ
2020 Significance of skull osteoporosis to the development of peritumoral brain edema after LINAC-based radiation treatment in patients with intracranial meningioma. HU, LINAC
2020 Symptomatic peritumoral edema is associated with surgical outcome: a consecutive series of 72 supratentorial meningioma patients≥80years of age. KPS
2019 A Small Meningioma with Extensive Peritumoral Brain Edema: A Case Report. ---
2019 Characteristic features and proposed classification in 69 cases of intracranial microcystic meningiomas. MM
2019 Importance of collateral venous circulation on indocyanine green videoangiography in intracranial meningioma resection: direct evidence for venous compression theory in peritumoral edema formation. ---
2019 Long non-coding RNA LINC00174 promotes glycolysis and tumor progression by regulating miR-152-3p/SLC2A1 axis in glioma. ---
10  2019 Long noncoding RNA ENST00000413528 sponges microRNA-593-5p to modulate human glioma growth via polo-like kinase 1. Plk1, RIP
11  2019 Microsurgical resection of trigone ventricular meningiomas using the parieto-occipital approach: a retrospective analysis of 47 cases and literature review. GCS, KPS
12  2018 Expression of CXC-motif-chemokine 12 and the receptor C-X-C receptor 4 in glioma and theeffect on peritumoral brain edema. CXCR4
13  2018 Expression of N-cadherin and beta-catenin in human meningioma in correlation with peritumoral edema. ---
14  2018 Successful treatment using apatinib in intractable brain edema: A case report and literatures review. BM, TKI, VBE, VEGF, VEGF
15  2017 Clinical Features, Radiologic Findings, and Surgical Outcomes of 65 Intracranial Psammomatous Meningiomas. KPS, PMs
16  2017 Pathophysiology of Meningioma Growth in Pregnancy. FSH, hCG, hPL, LH, PRL, VEGF
17  2017 Primary intracranial leiomyosarcoma presenting with massive peritumoral edema and mass effect: Case report and literature review. CNS, HIV, LMSs
18  2017 Rapid and Accurate MRI Segmentation of Peritumoral Brain Edema in Meningiomas. ---
19  2017 Simulating vasogenic brain edema using chronic VEGF infusion. BBB, VBE, VEGF
20  2016 Failed First Craniotomy and Tumor Removal of Parasagittal Meningioma with Severe Peritumoral Brain Edema. SSS
21  2016 Glucocorticoids in the management of peritumoral brain edema: a review of molecular mechanisms. GCs, VEGF
22  2015 Clinical multifactorial analysis of early postoperative seizures in elderly patients following meningioma resection. OR, PPAD
23  2015 Correlation of high delta-like ligand 4 expression with peritumoral brain edema and its prediction of poor prognosis in patients with primary high-grade gliomas. DLL4, HGGs
24  2015 Expression of MMP-9 and VEGF in meningiomas and their correlation with peritumoral brain edema. MMPs, VEGF
25  2015 Histopathological findings in the peritumoral edema area of human glioma. MVDs
26  2014 High delta-like ligand 4 (DLL4) is correlated with peritumoral brain edema and predicts poor prognosis in primary glioblastoma. DLL4, OS, TTP
27  2013 Expression of brain-specific angiogenesis inhibitor 1 is inversely correlated with pathological grade, angiogenesis and peritumoral brain edema in human astrocytomas. BAI1, bFGF, MRI, MVD, VEGF
28  2013 Factors affecting peritumoral brain edema in meningioma: special histological subtypes with prominently extensive edema. EI, MIB1-LI, WHO
29  2013 Intracranial meningiomas, the VEGF-A pathway, and peritumoral brain oedema. FFPE, VEGF-A
30  2013 Peritumoral brain edema in angiomatous supratentorial meningiomas: an investigation of the vascular endothelial growth factor A pathway. VEGF-A
31  2013 Peritumoral brain edema in intracranial meningiomas: the emergence of vascular endothelial growth factor-directed therapy. VEGF-A
32  2013 Secretory meningiomas: clinical, radiological and pathological findings in 70 consecutive cases at one institution. Gd-DTPA, SM
33  2013 Skull base secretory meningioma. Value of histological and immunohistochemical findings for peritumoral brain edema formation. MRI, MS, TSM
34  2012 Predicting outcomes of patients with intracranial meningiomas using molecular markers of hypoxia, vascularity, and proliferation. CAIX, GLUT1, HIF-1alpha, MVD, PFS, VEGF
35  2012 Role of VEGF and matrix metalloproteinase-9 in peritumoral brain edema associated with supratentorial benign meningiomas. EI, MMP-9, OR
36  2011 Peritumoral brain edema in meningiomas : correlation of radiologic and pathologic features. EI, LI, MRI, SI, T2WI
37  2011 The effect of hyperbaric oxygen on clinical outcome of patients after resection of meningiomas with conspicuous peritumoral brain edema. KPS
38  2011 Vascular endothelial growth factor A protein level and gene expression in intracranial meningiomas with brain edema. VEGF
39  2010 Correlation of granulin expression in intracranial meningiomas to clinical parameters. ---
40  2010 Influence of interleukin-6 on the development of peritumoral brain edema in meningiomas. EI, IL-6
41  2010 Vascular endothelial growth factor: the major factor for tumor neovascularization and edema formation in meningioma patients. VEGF, WHO
42  2009 Correlation of tumor topography and peritumoral edema of recurrent malignant gliomas with therapeutic response to intranasal administration of perillyl alcohol. AA, AO, GBM, POH
43  2008 Expression of vascular endothelial growth factor in human meningiomas and peritumoral brain areas. EI, RT-PCR, VEGF
44  2008 Expression of vascular endothelial growth factor-A and mRNA stability factor HuR in human meningiomas. MVD, VEGF-A
45  2008 Peritumoral edema and prognosis in intracranial meningioma surgery. ---
46  2006 Correlation between the efferent venous drainage of the tumor and peritumoral edema in intracranial meningiomas: superselective angiographic analysis of 25 cases. EI
47  2006 Occludin expression in brain tumors and its relevance to peritumoral edema and survival. MR
48  2005 Peritumoral brain edema in intracranial meningiomas. EI, MEI
49  2004 The relationship between peritumoral brain edema and the expression of vascular endothelial growth factor and its receptors in intracranial meningiomas. ---
50  2002 [Correlation between vascular endothelial growth factor and peritumoural edema in meningiomas]. EI, MVD, VEGF, VIII-RAG
51  2001 Peritumoral brain edema in intracranial meningiomas: effects of radiological and histological factors. ---
52  1999 Peritumoral brain edema associated with meningioma: influence of vascular endothelial growth factor expression and vascular blood supply. EI, VEGF
53  1998 Tumor-related venous obstruction and development of peritumoral brain edema in meningiomas. EI
54  1997 The importance of pial blood supply to the development of peritumoral brain edema in meningiomas. EI
55  1992 Peritumoral brain edema in meningiomas--influence of vascular supply on its development. ---