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Abbreviation : PUFAs
Long Form : polyunsaturated FAs
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 ANGPTL3 deficiency alters the lipid profile and metabolism of cultured hepatocytes and human lipoproteins. FA, IHH, KD, LOF, LPL, TAG
2020 Comparison of Fatty Acid Proportions Determined by Mid-Infrared Spectroscopy and Gas Chromatography in Bulk and Individual Milk Samples. FA, TFAs, UFAs
2020 Effects of cottonseed meal on slaughter performance, meat quality, and meat chemical composition in Jiangnan White goslings. aa, CSM, FA
2020 Impact of a high-fat diet on the fatty acid composition of the retina. DMA, FA, HFD, MUFAs, Pls, SFAs
2020 Phytoprostanes and Phytofurans-Oxidative Stress and Bioactive Compounds-in Almonds are Affected by Deficit Irrigation in Almond Trees. AAc, ALA, DI, dw, PhytoFs, PhytoPs, TPC
2020 Response of pearl oyster Pinctada fucata martensii to allograft-induced stress from lipid metabolism. FA
2020 Simultaneous targeted and untargeted UHPLC-ESI-MS/MS method with data-independent acquisition for quantification and profiling of (oxidized) fatty acids released upon platelet activation by thrombin. DIA, FAs, HHT, KHT, SWATH, TXB2
2020 The Effect of a High-Fat Diet on the Fatty Acid Composition in the Hearts of Mice. FA, HFD, MUFAs
2019 Comparative lipidomic analysis of phospholipids of hydrocorals and corals from tropical and cold-water regions. CAEP, FA
10  2019 Conjugated Linoleic Acid Isomers Affect Profile of Lipid Compounds and Intensity of Their Oxidation in Heart of Rats with Chemically-Induced Mammary Tumors-Preliminary Study. CFAs, CLA, CVD, DMBA, FAs, MDA
11  2019 Dealing with saturated and unsaturated fatty acid metabolism for anticancer therapy. FA, MUFA
12  2019 Effects of cottonseed meal on slaughter performance, meat quality, and meat chemical composition in Jiangnan White goslings. aa, CSM, FA
13  2019 Physiologic and pathologic effects of dietary free fatty acids on cells of the joint. FAs, OA
14  2019 Sperm motility and lipid composition in internally fertilizing ocellate river stingray Potamotrygon motoro. FA, MUFAs
15  2018 Decreased Oleic Acid and Marine nā€‰-ā€‰3 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids in Tunisian Patients with Urothelial Bladder Cancer. DGLA, DHA, EPA, FAs, PA, UBC
16  2018 Lipid droplets induced by secreted phospholipase A2 and unsaturated fatty acids protect breast cancer cells from nutrient and lipotoxic stress. ATGL, FAs, hGX sPLA2, LD, TAG, TNBC
17  2018 Sex-Dimorphic Association of Plasma Fatty Acids with Cardiovascular Fitness in Young and Middle-Aged General Adults: Subsamples from NHANES 2003ā»2004. BMI, CRP, CVFL, FAs, NHANES, VLSFAs
18  2018 Simulated eutrophication and browning alters zooplankton nutritional quality and determines juvenile fish growth and survival. ALA, DHA, EAAs, FAs
19  2017 Bariatric surgery reduces fasting total fatty acids and increases n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids in morbidly obese individuals. FA, MUFAs, SFAs
20  2017 Fatty Acid Proportions in Plasma Cholesterol Esters and Phospholipids Are Positively Correlated in Various Swedish Populations. BMI, CEs, FA, rs
21  2017 Hunger and satiety responses to high-fat meals after a high-polyunsaturated fat diet: A randomized trial. HF, PYY, VAS
22  2017 Intake of Different Types of Fatty Acids in Infancy Is Not Associated with Growth, Adiposity, or Cardiometabolic Health up to 6 Years of Age. FAs, MUFAs, SFAs
23  2017 Physical and Flavor Characteristics, Fatty Acid Profile, Antioxidant Status and Nrf2-Dependent Antioxidant Enzyme Gene Expression Changes in Young Grass Carp (Ctenopharyngodon idella) Fillets Fed Dietary Valine. aa, CAT, FA, Keap1, MUFAs, Nrf2, S6K1, Se-GPx, TOR
24  2017 Serum and synovial fluid lipidomic profiles predict obesity-associated osteoarthritis, synovitis, and wound repair. OA, SFAs
25  2017 Serum Phospholipid Fatty Acid Composition in Cystic Fibrosis Patients with and without Liver Cirrhosis. CF, FA
26  2017 Serum phospholipid fatty acids, dietary patterns and type 2 diabetes among urban Ghanaians. beta, FAs, LA, SD, SFAs, TFAs
27  2017 The effect of alpha-linolenic acid on glycemic control in individuals with type 2 diabetes: A systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled clinical trials. ALA, CI, FBG, FBI, HOMA-IR, MD, RCTs
28  2017 Vitamin B-6 Status in Unsupplemented Pregnant Women Is Associated Positively with Serum Docosahexaenoic Acid and Inversely with the n-6-to-n-3 Fatty Acid Ratio. AA, DHA, EPA, FAs, PLP
29  2016 Impact of water temperature on the growth and fatty acid profiles of juvenile sea cucumber Apostichopus japonicus (Selenka). DHA, FA, HUFAs, MUFAs, SFAs, SGR
30  2016 Metabolomic study of aging in mouse plasma by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry. AAs, FAs, GC-MS, OAs
31  2015 A Candidate Single Nucleotide Polymorphism in the 3' Untranslated Region of Stearoyl-CoA Desaturase Gene for Fatness Quality and the Gene Expression in Berkshire Pigs. FAs, MUFAs, SCD
32  2015 A systematic review of high-oleic vegetable oil substitutions for other fats and oils on cardiovascular disease risk factors: implications for novel high-oleic soybean oils. ApoA1, apoB, CHD, H-OSBO, HO, SFAs, TC, TC, TFA, TGs
33  2015 Development and Characterization of Somatic Hybrids of Ulva reticulata Forsskal () Monostroma oxyspermum (Kutz.)Doty. AFLP, FA, ISSR, SFAs
34  2015 Dietary fatty acid content regulates wound repair and the pathogenesis of osteoarthritis following joint injury. FA, OA, SFAs
35  2015 Levels of polyunsaturated fatty acids correlate with growth rate in plant cell cultures. FAs
36  2014 Diversity of fatty acid composition of symbiotic dinoflagellates in corals: evidence for the transfer of host PUFAs to the symbionts. FA, HF, SF
37  2014 Higher erythrocyte n-3 PUFAs are associated with decreased blood pressure in middle-aged and elderly Chinese adults. BMI, BP, FAs, SFA, TGs
38  2014 [Fat component in the diet and providing with fat-soluble vitamins]. ---
39  2013 Associations of depressive symptoms with serum proportions of palmitic and arachidonic acids, and alpha-tocopherol effects among male population--a preliminary study. AA, aToc, CES-D, FA, PA
40  2013 Dietary practices in isolated First Nations communities of northern Canada: combined isotopic and lipid markers provide a good qualitative assessment of store-bought vs locally harvested foods consumption. FA, PLFA
41  2013 Erythrocyte membrane fatty acid composition is related to overloaded plasma ferritin in Chinese males with angiographic coronary artery disease. CAD, Ery-FA, FAs, MUFAs, SCD, SFAs
42  2013 Fatty acids as determinants of in-vivo lipid peroxidation: the EFFGE study in Eastern Finnish hypertensive and non-hypertensive subjects. BMI, CVD, F2-IsoPs, FA, SFAs
43  2013 Fatty acids of erythrocyte membrane in acute pancreatitis patients. AP, APACHE II, FAs
44  2013 Health significance of fat quality in the diet. CVD
45  2013 Phospholipid composition and longevity: lessons from Ames dwarf mice. FA
46  2013 Separation of fatty acid methyl esters by GC-online hydrogenation GC. FAME, FAs
47  2013 The impact of PLA2G4A and PTGS2 gene polymorphisms, and red blood cell PUFAs deficit on niacin skin flush response in schizophrenia patients. FA, PTGS2, RBCs, VNR
48  2012 New pharmaceutical insights related to the pathways of PUFAs. FAs, MUFAs
49  2011 Effect of dietary fatty acids on serum parameters, fatty acid compositions, and liver histology in Shaoxing laying ducks. FA, FO, MDA, SO, SOD, TC, TG
50  2011 The role of fatty acids in anti-inflammatory effects of low-intensity extremely high-frequency electromagnetic radiation. FA, MUFAs
51  2010 Relationship between milk fatty acid composition and dietary roughage source in dairy cows. FA, GH, MS
52  2010 The effect of dietary fat content on phospholipid fatty acid profile is muscle fiber type dependent. EDL, FA, HFD, IR, MUFAs, SOL
53  2009 Increased selenium intake in elderly high fish consumers may account for health benefits previously ascribed to omega-3 fatty acids. DHA, EPA, RBC FA, Se
54  2009 Project DyAdd: Fatty acids and cognition in adults with dyslexia, ADHD, or both. ADHD, FA
55  2009 Project DyAdd: Fatty acids in adult dyslexia, ADHD, and their comorbid combination. ADHD, FA
56  2008 TOF-SIMS analysis of lipid accumulation in the skeletal muscle of ob/ob mice. DAGs, FAs, IR, MUFAs, PCA, PCs, ROI, ToF-SIMS
57  2007 Application of fatty acids for chemotaxonomy of reef-building corals. FA, MSA
58  2007 Effects of dietary thia fatty acids on lipid composition, morphology and macrophage function of Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.) kidney. FA, LTB4, PGE2, TTA
59  2007 Immune modulation by parenteral lipid emulsions. FAs
60  2007 Lipid metabolism in the adipose tissues of a carnivore, the raccoon dog, during prolonged fasting. FA, WAT
61  2006 Effects of 3-thia fatty acids on expression of some lipid related genes in Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.). apoAI, apoCII, DTA, FAs, FO, LDLR, LPL, PPAR, TTA
62  2006 Selective fatty acid mobilization in the American mink (Mustela vison) during food deprivation. FAs
63  2006 Study of precursors responsible for off-flavor formation during storage of potato flakes. ---
64  2004 Fatty acid composition of individual polar lipid classes from marine macrophytes. DGDG, DGTS, FA, PC, PE, PG, SQDG
65  2003 Activating omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids and inhibitory purine nucleotides are high affinity ligands for novel mitochondrial uncoupling proteins UCP2 and UCP3. ---
66  2003 Seasonal variation in consumption and plasma concentrations of fatty acids in Japanese female dietitians. CCs, DHA, EPA, FAs, HUFAs
67  2002 Discrepancies in dietary intakes and plasma concentrations of fatty acids according to age among Japanese female dietitians. DHA, EPA, FAs
68  2002 Is there a single mechanism for fatty acid regulation of gene transcription? AOX, FAS, FAs, L-CPT1, L-FABP, LXR, PEPCK, SREBP1
69  2002 Lipids in blood-brain barrier models in vitro I: Thin-layer chromatography and high-performance liquid chromatography for the analysis of lipid classes and long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids. BBB, FA, HPLC, PC, TG
70  2001 The metabolism of fatty acids in human Bietti crystalline dystrophy. BCD, CPG, FAs, TG, WD
71  2000 Diet composition and insulin action in animal models. ---
72  1999 Influence of dietary fats on c-Fos-like immunoreactivity in mouse hypothalamus. dLH, FLI, PVN, VMH
73  1999 Lowered omega3 polyunsaturated fatty acids in serum phospholipids and cholesteryl esters of depressed patients. FAs, MUFAs, OPI, SFAs, Zn
74  1998 Lipid content and essential fatty acid (EFA) composition of mature Congolese breast milk are influenced by mothers' nutritional status: impact on infants' EFA supply. BMI, EFA, FA
75  1996 The effects of dietary fatty acids on the proliferation of normal human urothelial cells in vitro. FAs, MUFAs