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Abbreviation : PVA
Long Form : polyvinyl alcohol
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 3-Dimensional Porous Carbon with High Nitrogen Content Obtained from Longan Shell and Its Excellent Performance for Aqueous and All-Solid-State Supercapacitors. LSPC800, SCs
2020 3D printing of a poly(vinyl alcohol)-based nano-composite hydrogel as an artificial cartilage replacement and the improvement mechanism of printing accuracy. ---
2020 3D-Printed Titanium Cage with PVA-Vancomycin Coating Prevents Surgical Site Infections (SSIs). EBM, SSIs, Ti, VH
2020 A bioinspired hydrogen bond crosslink strategy toward toughening ultrastrong and multifunctional nanocomposite hydrogels. CNCs, TA
2020 A breathable, biodegradable, antibacterial, and self-powered electronic skin based on all-nanofiber triboelectric nanogenerators. e-skins, PLGA
2020 A General Protocol for Electrospun Non-Woven Fabrics of Dialdehyde Cellulose and Poly(Vinyl Alcohol). DAC, ES, ESNWs
2020 A Hydrogel Microneedle Patch for Point-of-Care Testing Based on Skin Interstitial Fluid. CS, ISF, POCT
2020 A large-area luminescent downshifting layer containing an Eu3+ complex for crystalline silicon solar cells. c-Si, EQE, LDS, PV
2020 A left ventricular phantom for 3D echocardiographic twist measurements. STE, VPS, VR
10  2020 A multidimensional nanostructural design towards electrochemically stable and mechanically strong hydrogel electrodes. PPy
11  2020 A naked-eye detection polyvinyl alcohol/cellulose-based pH sensor for intelligent packaging. ARC
12  2020 A network composed of gold nanoparticles and a poly(vinyl alcohol) hydrogel for colorimetric determination of ceftriaxone. CTRX
13  2020 A nonadherent chitosan-polyvinyl alcohol absorbent wound dressing prepared via controlled freeze-dry technology. ---
14  2020 A novel control strategy for the partial nitrification and anammox process (PN/A) of immobilized particles: Using salinity as a factor. De, NAR, PEG, PN/A
15  2020 A novel electrochemical sensor based on ion imprinted polymer and gold nanomaterials for nitrite ion analysis in exhaled breath condensate. 2-ATP, AFM, CV, DPV, EBC, EIS, FTIR, GA, IIP, NIIP, SEM-EDS
16  2020 A Novel Profiled Multi-Pin Electrospinning System for Nanofiber Production and Encapsulation of Nanoparticles into Nanofibers. CA, PMES
17  2020 A rapid self-healing hydrogel based on PVA and sodium alginate with conductive and cold-resistant properties. GI
18  2020 A Rechargeable Zn-Air Battery with High Energy Efficiency and Long Life Enabled by a Highly Water-Retentive Gel Electrolyte with Reaction Modifier. GPE, ZABs
19  2020 Acoustic-Controlled Bubble Generation and Fabrication of 3D Polymer Porous Materials. FSAW
20  2020 Adsorption of copper ions onto chitosan/poly(vinyl alcohol) beads functionalized with poly(ethylene glycol). AFM, CS, EDS, FTIR, PEG, SEM, XRD
21  2020 All 3D-Printed Flexible ZnO UV Photodetector on an Ultraflat Substrate. UV
22  2020 An all-silk-derived functional nanosphere matrix for sequential biomolecule delivery and in situ osteochondral regeneration. BMSCs, KGN, SF
23  2020 An antioxidant self-healing hydrogel for 3D cell cultures. DHPM, PBA, PEGMA
24  2020 An online pH detection system based on a microfluidic chip. ANN, PD
25  2020 Antibacterial Assessment of Zinc Sulfide Nanoparticles against Streptococcus pyogenes and Acinetobacter baumannii. MHA, OD, PVP, SEM, TSB, ZnS NPs
26  2020 Antibacterial, Self-Adhesive, Recyclable, and Tough Conductive Composite Hydrogels for Ultrasensitive Strain Sensing. e-skin, PDA
27  2020 Antifouling and antibacterial behaviors of capsaicin-based pH responsive smart coatings in marine environments. ALG
28  2020 Antimicrobial biodegradable chitosan-based composite Nano-layers for food packaging. CH, DLS, FCNLs, SEM, XRD
29  2020 Application of Fenton pre-oxidation, Ca-induced coagulation, and sludge reclamation for enhanced treatment of ultra-high concentration poly(vinyl alcohol) wastewater. COD
30  2020 Arthrospira platensis transglutaminase derived antioxidant peptide-packed electrospun chitosan/ poly (vinyl alcohol) nanofibrous mat accelerates wound healing, in vitro, via inducing mouse embryonic fibroblast proliferation. Ap, CS, TG
31  2020 Bactericidal and antifouling electrospun PVA nanofibers modified with a quaternary ammonium salt and zwitterionic sulfopropylbetaine. ---
32  2020 Baicalein nanofiber scaffold containing hyaluronic acid and polyvinyl alcohol: preparation and evaluation. BE, FT-IR, HA, PEO, SEM, SERS
33  2020 Bead-immobilized Pseudomonas stutzeri Y2 prolongs functions to degrade s-triazine herbicides in industrial wastewater and maize fields. AC, SA
34  2020 Bilayer Anion-Exchange Membrane with Low Borohydride Crossover and Improved Fuel Efficiency for Direct Borohdyride Fuel Cell. DBFCs
35  2020 Bio-Compatible Ca-BDC/Polymer Monolithic Composites Templated from Bio-Active Ca-BDC Co-Stabilized CO2-in-Water High Internal Phase Emulsions. ---
36  2020 Biodegradation of reactive yellow dye using mixed cells immobilized in different biocarriers by sequential anaerobic/aerobic biotreatment: experimental and modelling study. COD, GE, HRT, OLR, SA, ST
37  2020 Biofabrication of valentine-shaped heart with a composite hydrogel and sacrificial material. HUVECs, PRP
38  2020 Bioinspired Healable Mechanochromic Function from Fluorescent Polyurethane Composite Film. HMC
39  2020 Biomethanol Production from Methane by Immobilized Co-cultures of Methanotrophs. ---
40  2020 Biomimetic fabrication of highly ordered laminae-trestle-laminae structured copper aero-sponge. L-T-L
41  2020 Biomimetic polyvinyl alcohol/type II collagen hydrogels for cartilage tissue engineering. ECM
42  2020 BNNS/PVA bilayer composite film with multiple-improved properties by the synergistic actions of cellulose nanofibrils and lignin nanoparticles. BNNS, CNF, LNP
43  2020 Bronchial Artery Embolization in Pediatric Pulmonary Hemorrhage: A Single-Center Experience. BA
44  2020 Cardio protective role of wogonin loaded nanoparticle against isoproterenol induced myocardial infarction by moderating oxidative stress and inflammation. HO-1, ISO, MDA, MI, Nrf2, PLGA, Wog np
45  2020 Catalytic oxidative desulphurization of gasoline using amphiphilic polyoxometalate@polymer nanocomposite as an efficient, reusable, and green organic-inorganic hybrid catalyst. CODS
46  2020 Cellulose-based aerogels from sugarcane bagasse for oil spill-cleaning and heat insulation applications. MTMS
47  2020 Chairside fabrication of provisional crowns on FDM 3D-printed PVA model. Conv, RMS
48  2020 Characterization and Evaluation of Ternary Complexes of Ascorbic Acid with gamma-Cyclodextrin and Poly(vinyl Alcohol). AA, CCD, gamma-CD
49  2020 Characterization and Release Behavior of a Thiosemicarbazone from Electrospun Polyvinyl Alcohol Core-Shell Nanofibers. ATR-FTIR, MTT, TSC
50  2020 Characterization of network bonding created by intercalated functionalized graphene and polyvinyl alcohol in nanocomposite films for reinforced mechanical properties and barrier performance. FG
51  2020 Characterization of polyvinyl alcohol hydrogels as tissue-engineered cartilage scaffolds using a coupled finite element-optimization algorithm. FE
52  2020 Chemical and physical reinforcement behavior of dialdehyde nanocellulose in PVA composite film: A comparison of nanofiber and nanocrystal. CNCs, CNFs
53  2020 Clinical Outcomes of the Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA) Hydrogel Implant for Hallux Rigidus. MTP, PROMIS
54  2020 Co-precipitated poly(vinyl alcohol)/chitosan composites with excellent mechanical properties and tunable water-induced shape memory. RCS
55  2020 Coating of magnetic nanoparticles affects their interactions with model cell membranes. DSC, MD
56  2020 Color-Tunable Polymeric Long-Persistent Luminescence Based on Polyphosphazenes. ED-PLPL, ISC, OLPL, PLPL
57  2020 Comparison Between Polyvinyl Alcohol Implant and Cheilectomy With Moberg Osteotomy for Hallux Rigidus [Formula: see text]. FDA, PROMIS
58  2020 Comparison of Attachment and Antibacterial Activity of Covalent and Noncovalent Lysozyme-Functionalized Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes. EDC-NHS, LSZ, SWNT
59  2020 Comparison of the physical and functional properties of starch/polyvinyl alcohol films containing anthocyanins and/or betacyanins. ---
60  2020 Composite Microgels Created by Complexation between Polyvinyl Alcohol and Graphene Oxide in Compressed Double-Emulsion Drops. GO
61  2020 Compressive Strength Prediction of PVA Fiber-Reinforced Cementitious Composites Containing Nano-SiO2 Using BP Neural Network. BP, TLNN
62  2020 Constructing a tetraphenylethene (TPE) derivative-decorated polyvinyl alcohol (PVA)/lanthanide nanoparticle composite system for tunable luminescence. AIE, Rh, TPE, TPEBA
63  2020 Controlled release of adenosine from core-shell nanofibers to promote bone regeneration through STAT3 signaling pathway. Ade, BMMs, BMSCs, PCL
64  2020 Controlled released of drug from doubled-walled PVA hydrogel/PCL microspheres prepared by single needle electrospraying method. PCL, SNESy
65  2020 Cost-Effective Water-Soluble Poly(vinyl alcohol) as a Functional Binder for High-Sulfur-Loading Cathodes in Lithium-Sulfur Batteries. Li-S
66  2020 Coupled Oxides/LLDPE Composites for Textile Effluent Treatment: Effect of Neem and PVA Stabilization. BOD, COD
67  2020 Crosslinked Sulfonated Polyphenylsulfone-Vinylon (CSPPSU-vinylon) Membranes for PEM Fuel Cells from SPPSU and Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA). CSPPSU, CSPPSU-vinylon, PVAc, RH
68  2020 Cu-nanoflower decorated gold nanoparticles-graphene oxide nanofiber as electrochemical biosensor for glucose detection. GOx, HRP, NF
69  2020 Customization of Conductive Elastomer Based on PVA/PEI for Stretchable Sensors. IoTs, PEI
70  2020 Data on a temperature-dependent thermic and electrical properties of a novel blend polymeric system based on poly(vinyl alcohol), chitosan and phosphoric acid. CS
71  2020 Decoration of electrical conductive polyurethane-polyaniline/polyvinyl alcohol matrixes with mussel-inspired polydopamine for bone tissue engineering. PANI, PDA, PU
72  2020 Denitrification performance of Pseudomonas fluorescens Z03 immobilized by graphene oxide-modified polyvinyl-alcohol and sodium alginate gel beads at low temperature. EPS, GO, HN-AD, SA
73  2020 Design and evaluation of Konjac glucomannan-based bioactive interpenetrating network (IPN) scaffolds for engineering vascularized bone tissues. CAM, IPN, IPN, KGM, PCL
74  2020 Design and fabrication of electrospun SBA-15-incorporated PVA with curcumin: a biomimetic nanoscaffold for skin tissue engineering. SBA
75  2020 Design of Slidable Polymer Networks: A Rational Strategy to Stretchable, Rapid Self-Healing Hydrogel Electrolytes for Flexible Supercapacitors. PEI
76  2020 Design, fabrication, and optimization of a dual function three-layer scaffold for controlled release of metformin hydrochloride to alleviate fibrosis and accelerate wound healing. alpha-SMA, PCL
77  2020 Detailed Structural Study on the Poly(vinyl alcohol) Adsorption Layers on a Si Substrate with Solvent Vapor-Induced Swelling. ---
78  2020 Detection of Cardiovascular CRP Protein Biomarker Using a Novel Nanofibrous Substrate. CNT, CRP, HS, LOD, PBS
79  2020 Developing poly(vinyl alcohol)/chitosan films incorporate with d-limonene: Study of structural, antibacterial, and fruit preservation properties. CS, d-L, FTIR, SEM
80  2020 Development and Application of Nanosized Polymer-Stabilized Cobinders and Their Effect on the Viscoelastic Properties and Foaming Tendencies of Coating Colors. PS, S/B
81  2020 Development and evaluation of TPGS/PVA-based nanosuspension for enhancing dissolution and oral bioavailability of ticagrelor. BCS, NSP, TCG, TCG-NSP
82  2020 Development of 3D Printed Tablets by Fused Deposition Modeling Using Polyvinyl Alcohol as Polymeric Matrix for Rapid Drug Release. ---
83  2020 Development of a novel three-dimensional magnetic polymer aerogel as an efficient adsorbent for malachite green removal. BCNFs, GO, MBCNF/GOPA, MG
84  2020 Development of a polyvinyl alcohol/sodium alginate hydrogel-based scaffold incorporating bFGF-encapsulated microspheres for accelerated wound healing. SA
85  2020 Development of antioxidant and antimicrobial xanthan-based cryogels with tuned porous morphology and controlled swelling features. RGP, XG
86  2020 Development of the PVA/CS nanofibers containing silk protein sericin as a wound dressing: In vitro and in vivo assessment. CS, SS, TCN
87  2020 Dicarboxylic acid as a linker to improve the content of amorphous drug in drug-in-polymer film: Effects of molecular mobility, electrical conductivity and intermolecular interactions. ASD, ATR-FTIR, DES, DSC, Fum, MAL, OLN, PLM, Suc, XRD
88  2020 Dielectric Relaxation Behavior of Silver Nanoparticles and Graphene Oxide Embedded Poly(vinyl alcohol) Nanocomposite Film: An Effect of Ionic Liquid and Temperature. GO, IL, SEM, TEM
89  2020 Differential Immunomodulatory Effect of Carbon Dots Influenced by the Type of Surface Passivation Agent. ALG, CDs, PEG
90  2020 Differentiation of neonate mouse spermatogonial stem cells on three-dimensional agar/polyvinyl alcohol nanofiber scaffold. qRT-PCR
91  2020 DNA Extraction from Plant Leaves Using a Microneedle Patch. MN, PCR
92  2020 Doubly Dynamic Hydrogel Formed by Combining Boronate Ester and Acylhydrazone Bonds. ADH, PAD, RAFT
93  2020 ECM-based microchannel for culturing in vitro vascular tissues with simultaneous perfusion and stretch. ECM, HUVECs, TG
94  2020 Efavirenz nanomicelles loaded vaginal film (EZ film) for preexposure prophylaxis (PrEP) of HIV. DSC, EFV, EZ film, PrEP, SSF, SVF
95  2020 Effect of an ionic liquid on the physicochemical properties of chitosan/poly(vinyl alcohol) mixtures. AFM, ATR-FTIR, CH, IL, SEM, TGA
96  2020 Effect of ethylene oxide sterilization on polyvinyl alcohol hydrogel compared to gamma radiation. EtO
97  2020 Effect of expanding nanocellulose sponge on nasal mucosal defects in an animal model. ED
98  2020 Effect of Hydrophilic Polymers on Complexation Efficiency of Cyclodextrins in Enhancing Solubility and Release of Diflunisal. beta-CD, DIF, DSC, FTIR, HP-beta-CD, PXM-188, XRD
99  2020 Effect of Na2CO3 on the Microstructure and Macroscopic Properties and Mechanism Analysis of PVA/CMC Composite Film. AFM, CMC, DSC, FTIR, XRD
100  2020 Effect of Poly(vinyl alcohol) on Nanoencapsulation of Budesonide in Chitosan Nanoparticles via Ionic Gelation and Its Improved Bioavailability. BUD, CS, DLS, DSC, SEM, XRD