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Abbreviation : PVC
Long Form : peripheral venous catheter
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2022 A comparison of first-attempt cannulation success of peripheral venous catheter systems with and without wings and injection ports in surgical patients-a randomized trial. ---
2022 Cost-effectiveness analysis of bundled innovative devices versus standard approach in the prevention of unscheduled peripheral venous catheters removal due to complications in France. BDs, SDs
2022 Difficult intravenous access in a paediatric intensive care unit. DVA, PICC, PICU
2022 Relationship between indwelling site and peripheral venous catheter-related complications in adult hospitalized patients: A systematic review and meta-analysis. ---
2022 Reliability of blood tests taken from the peripheral intravenous catheter. DVS
2022 The implementation of a standardized optimal procedure for peripheral venous catheters' management: Results from a multi-dimensional assessment. ---
2022 Trends in the epidemiology of catheter-related bloodstream infections; towards a paradigm shift, Spain, 2007 to 2019. CI, CRBSI, CVC, ICU, IRR, IRR, PICVC
2022 [Unnecessary peripheral venous catheters in ambulatory emergency care]. ---
2021 A Curious Case of MRSA Bacteremia and Septic Pulmonary Embolism Secondary to Peripheral Venous Catheter. CVCs, DVT, MRSA, TEE
10  2021 Analgesic Pump Tubing Securement to Prevent Dislodgement of Peripheral Vein Indwelling Catheter. ---
11  2021 Difficult intravenous access in a paediatric intensive care unit. DVA, PICC, PICU
12  2021 Nurses' knowledge and experience related to short peripheral venous catheter extravasation. ---
13  2021 Peripheral venous catheter collection of immune effector cells and hematopoietic stem cells is feasible and safe in older pediatric patients. CVCs, HSC, IEC
14  2021 Peripheral Venous Catheter-related Bloodstream Infections in Hospitalized Children: The Role of Gram-negative Bacteria. BSI
15  2021 Practical view of the topical treatment of peripheral venous catheter-related phlebitis: A scoping review. RCTs
16  2021 Prospective cohort study on the management and complications of peripheral venous catheter in patients hospitalised in internal medicine. IM
17  2021 Reducing the incidence of phlebitis in medical adult inpatients with peripheral venous catheter care bundle: a best practice implementation project. ---
18  2021 Risk factors for peripheral venous catheter failure: A prospective cohort study of 5345 patients. ---
19  2021 Teaching ultrasound-guided peripheral venous catheter placement through immersive virtual reality: An explorative pilot study. IVR, US
20  2020 Characteristics of expert nurses' assessment of insertion sites for peripheral venous catheters in elderly adults with hard-to-find veins. ---
21  2020 Feasibility and Safety of Peripheral Intravenous Administration of Vasopressor Agents in Resource-limited Settings. CVC
22  2020 Nursing students' knowledge on the management of peripheral venous catheters at Wollega University. ---
23  2020 Prospective cohort study on the management and complications of peripheral venous catheters in patients hospitalised in Internal Medicine. IM
24  2020 Six-year multicenter study on short-term peripheral venous catheters-related bloodstream infection rates in 204 intensive care units of 57 hospitals in 19 cities of India: International Nosocomial Infection Control Consortium (INICC) findings. ICUs, INICC, PVCR-BSIs
25  2020 Six-year multicenter study on short-term peripheral venous catheters-related bloodstream infection rates in 246 intensive units of 83 hospitals in 52 cities of 14 countries of Middle East: Bahrain, Egypt, Iran, Jordan, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Lebanon, Morocco, Pakistan, Palestine, Sudan, Tunisia, Turkey, and United Arab Emirates-International Nosocomial Infection Control Consortium (INICC) findings. ICUs, INICC, PVCR-BSIs
26  2020 Six-year multicenter study on short-term peripheral venous catheters-related bloodstream infection rates in 727 intensive care units of 268 hospitals in 141 cities of 42 countries of Africa, the Americas, Eastern Mediterranean, Europe, South East Asia, and Western Pacific Regions: International Nosocomial Infection Control Consortium (INICC) findings. ICUs, INICC, PVCR-BSI
27  2020 The Effectiveness of Local Hot and Cold Applications on Peripheral Intravenous Catheterization: A Randomized Controlled Trial. ---
28  2020 The efficacy of midline catheters-a prospective, randomized, active-controlled study. CVC
29  2020 Ultrasound-guidance of peripheral venous catheterization in apheresis minimizes the need for central venous catheters. CVC
30  2019 Comparison of EMLA and Diclofenac on Reduction of Pain and Phlebitis Caused by Peripheral IV Catheter: A Randomized-Controlled Trial Study. VAS
31  2019 Influence of Parenteral Nutrition Delivery Techniques on Growth and Neurodevelopment of Very Low Birth Weight Newborns: A Randomized Trial. CA, CVC, MDI, PDI, PICC, PN, VLBW
32  2019 Initiation of vasopressor infusions via peripheral versus central access in patients with early septic shock: A retrospective cohort study. APACHE II, CVC, IQR
33  2019 Two different techniques of ultrasound-guided peripheral venous catheter placement versus the traditional approach in the pre-hospital emergency setting: a randomized study. ---
34  2019 Use of infrared thermography in the detection of superficial phlebitis in adult intensive care unit patients: A prospective single-center observational study. ICU, IR, VIP
35  2018 Short-Term Peripheral Venous Catheter-Related Bloodstream Infections: Evidence for Increasing Prevalence of Gram-Negative Microorganisms from a 25-Year Prospective Observational Study. aOR, CI
36  2017 A successful model to learn and implement ultrasound-guided venous catheterization in apheresis. CVC
37  2017 Are three ports better than one? An evaluation of flow rates using all ports of a triple lumen central venous catheter in volume resuscitation. CVC, NS, TL
38  2017 Complications from Administration of Vasopressors Through Peripheral Venous Catheters: An Observational Study. ED
39  2017 Disabling Outcomes After Peripheral Vascular Catheter Insertion in a Newborn Patient: A Case of Medical Liability? ---
40  2017 Measurement of peripheral venous catheter-related phlebitis: a cross-sectional study. ---
41  2017 Peripheral venous catheter fracture with embolism into the pulmonary artery. ---
42  2017 Peripheral Venous Catheter-Related Adverse Events: Evaluation from a Multicentre Epidemiological Study in France (the CATHEVAL Project). PVCAEs
43  2017 Reducing Central Venous Catheter Use in Peripheral Blood Stem Cell Donation: Quality Improvement Report. CVC, PBSC, PDSA
44  2017 Ultrasound-guidance outperforms the palpation technique for peripheral venous catheterisation in anaesthetised toddlers: a randomised study. DNTP
45  2016 Complications of intravascular catheters in ICU: definitions, incidence and severity. A randomized controlled trial comparing usual transparent dressings versus new-generation dressings (the ADVANCED study). AC, CVC, HDC, PAC
46  2016 Non-dominant hand quicker to insert peripheral venous catheters under echographic guidance: A randomised trial. ---
47  2016 Related factors with extravasation of non-cytostatic agents in peripheral vein catheters. ---
48  2016 Study of strains of Candida spp. Isolated from catheters in UHC of Oran (Algeria): Identification and antifungal susceptibility. MIC, UHC
49  2015 Cisplatin-Based Chemotherapy for Testicular Germ Cell Tumors: Complication Rates of Peripheral versus Central Venous Administration. CBP, CVA, TGCT
50  2015 Devices and dressings to secure peripheral venous catheters to prevent complications. CENTRAL, CRBSI, RCTs
51  2015 Healthcare-associated infections in a Tunisian university hospital: from analysis to action. ES, HAI, RF, UHC
52  2015 Heparin Saline Versus Normal Saline for Flushing and Locking Peripheral Venous Catheters in Decompensated Liver Cirrhosis Patients: A Randomized Controlled Trial. APTT, DLC, HS, NS, PLT, PT
53  2015 [Reducing the Incidence of Phlebitis Related to Intravenous Injection in Pediatric Patients]. CGMH, SOPs
54  2015 [The assessment of the effectiveness of long vs standard-length catheters in reducing complications: a randomized controlled trial]. ---
55  2014 Heparin solution for maintaining peripheral venous catheter patency in children: a survey of current practice in Italian pediatric units. HS, NS
56  2014 Late-onset bloodstream infections of Very-Low-Birth-Weight infants: data from the Polish Neonatology Surveillance Network in 2009-2011. CPAP, CVC, LOBSI, MV, pds, VLBW
57  2014 Rapid infusion pump overestimates delivered flow during rapid vascular filling: a bench study. CVC
58  2013 [Skin antisepsis with 0.05% sodium hypochlorite before the insertion of a peripheral venous catheter in adults, children and newborns]. CRI
59  2012 Delayed peripheral venous catheter-related Staphylococcus aureus bacteremia: onset ≥ 24 hours after catheter removal. CI, D-SAB, E-SAB, OR
60  2012 Laboratory-based surveillance of hospital-acquired catheter-related bloodstream infections in Catalonia. Results of the VINCat Program (2007-2010). CRBSI, CVC, PICC
61  2012 Successful multifaceted intervention aimed to reduce short peripheral venous catheter-related adverse events: a quasiexperimental cohort study. BSIs, CI, PVP
62  2012 [Effectiveness of the transparent sterile dressing vs standard to fix the peripheral venous catheter (PVC) on the incidence of phlebitis. A randomized controlled trial]. ---
63  2011 Peripheral venous catheter-related Staphylococcus aureus bacteremia. OR
64  2011 [Cohort study of peripheral catheter related complications and identification of predictive factors in a population of orthopedic patients]. ---
65  2010 Access technique and its problems in parenteral nutrition - Guidelines on Parenteral Nutrition, Chapter 9. CVC, PN
66  2010 Blood sampling through peripheral venous catheters is reliable for selected basic analytes in children. BS
67  2010 Use of a peripheral venous catheter in single-incision laparoscopic surgery. SILS
68  2009 Peripheral venous catheters: an under-evaluated problem. PVC-BSI
69  2008 Incidence of healthcare-associated infections in high-risk neonates: results from the German surveillance system for very-low-birthweight infants. BSI, CPAP, CVC, HAI, NEC
70  2008 [Effect of a long-term quality improvement program on the risk of infection related to peripheral venous catheters]. ---
71  2007 Efficacy and safety of a two-step method of skin preparation for peripheral intravenous catheter insertion: a prospective multi-centre randomised trial. ---
72  2006 Peripheral venous catheter-related inflammation. A randomized prospective trial. PVCRI
73  2005 [Factors that influence the duration of peripheral venous catheters used to antibiotic therapy in Cystic Fibrosis patients: results of a study]. CF
74  2003 [Complications due to peripheral venous catheterization. Prospective study]. ---
75  2000 Nosocomial bacteremia in HIV patients: the role of peripheral venous catheters. HV, NB
76  1989 A randomised study of central versus peripheral intravenous nutrition in the perioperative period. CVC, TPN