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Abbreviation : PWS
Long Form : port-wine stains
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Efficacy and related factors analysis in HMME-PDT in the treatment of port wine stains. HMME-PDT, VAS
2020 Port-wine stains associated with large vestibular aqueduct syndrome caused by mutations in GNAQ and SLC26A4 genes: A case report. LVAS
2019 Application of different noninvasive diagnostic techniques used in HMME-PDT in the treatment of port wine stains. HFUS, HMME-PDT, LSCI
2019 Characterization of Laser-Resistant Port Wine Stain Blood Vessels Using In Vivo Reflectance Confocal Microscopy. RCM
2019 Clinical study on hemoporfin PDT for infant facial port-wine stains. PDT
2019 Comparison of Two Generation Photosensitizers of PsD-007 and Hematoporphyrin Monomethyl Ether Photodynamic Therapy for Treatment of Port-Wine Stain: A Retrospective Study. HMME, PDT
2019 Effect of 410nm photodynamic therapy with hemoporfin on the expression of vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) in cultured human vascular endothelial cells. HUVECs, LED, PDT, RT-PCR, VEGF, VEGFR
2019 Effectiveness of Dual Sequential Wavelength Laser in the Treatment of Portwine Stains - A Retrospective Study. DSWL, PDL
2019 Efficacy of 577-nm Pro-Yellow laser in port wine stain treatment. ---
10  2019 Immediate post-irradiation dermoscopic vascular changes versus purpura as a therapeutic endpoint in pulsed-dye laser treatment of port wine stains. PDL
11  2019 Is it better to reduce the intervals between pulsed dye laser treatments for port wine stains in children? Laser Doppler Imaging based study. LDI, PDL
12  2019 Membrane trafficking and exocytosis are upregulated in port wine stain blood vessels. SWATH-MS, TEM
13  2019 Phenotypic association of presence of a somatic GNAQ mutation with port-wine stain distribution in capillary malformation. ---
14  2019 Port wine stain treatment outcomes have not improved over the past three decades. ---
15  2019 Predictive value of dermoscopy for the treatment of port-wine stains with large spot 532 nm laser. ---
16  2019 Pulsed Dye Laser Treatment of Port-Wine Stains in Infancy Without the Need for General Anesthesia. VAS
17  2019 Site-specific pharmaco-laser therapy: A novel treatment modality for refractory port wine stains. SSPLT
18  2019 Surgical Treatment for Facial Port Wine Stain by Prefabricated Expanded Cervical Flap Carried by Superficial Temporal Artery. ---
19  2019 The application of 595-nm pulsed dye laser for vascular anomalies in a Chinese population: a 10-year experience. IH, PDL
20  2019 The Pathogenesis of Port Wine Stain and Sturge Weber Syndrome: Complex Interactions between Genetic Alterations and Aberrant MAPK and PI3K Activation. SWS
21  2019 Treatment of port wine stain with Tixel-induced rapamycin delivery following pulsed dye laser application. DDS, PDL
22  2019 Treatment of port wine stains with 595-nm pulsed dye laser in 27 pediatric patients: A prospective study in the Iranian population. PDL
23  2019 [Hypertrophic port-wine stain: a clinicopathological analysis of 24 cases]. ---
24  2018 A clinical study of HMME-PDT therapy in Chinese pediatric patients with port-wine stain. HMME-PDT
25  2018 A dose-finding study for hemoporfin in photodynamic therapy for port-wine stain: A multicenter randomized double-blind phase IIb trial. PDT
26  2018 Can red-light 5-aminolevulinic photodynamic therapy cure port wine stains on comb animal model? ALA-PDT
27  2018 Double Pass 595 nm Pulsed Dye Laser Does Not Enhance the Efficacy of Port Wine Stains Compared with Single Pass: A Randomized Comparison with Histological Examination. ---
28  2018 EMLA cream does not influence efficacy and pain reduction during pulsed-dye laser treatment of port-wine stain: a prospective side-by-side comparison. PDL, VAS
29  2018 Glucose in Conjunction with Multiple Laser Pulses on Laser Treatment of Port-wine Stain: An in vivo Study. MLPs, pn, RCT
30  2018 Less is more: similar efficacy in three sessions and seven sessions of pulsed dye laser treatment in infantile port-wine stain patients. PDL
31  2018 Outcome with topical sirolimus for port wine stain malformations after unsatisfactory results with pulse dye laser treatment alone. PDL
32  2018 Port-wine stain as a clue for two rare coexisting entities. KTS, PPV
33  2018 Prospective analysis of the port-wine stain patient population in the Netherlands in light of novel treatment modalities. ---
34  2018 Safety and efficacy of dual-wavelength laser (1064 + 595 nm) for treatment of non-treated port-wine stains. DWL, PDL
35  2018 Shorter Treatment Intervals of East Asians with Port-Wine Stain with Pulsed Dye Laser Are Safe and Effective-A Prospective Side-by-Side Comparison. PDL
36  2018 Topical Adjuncts to Pulsed Dye Laser for Treatment of Port Wine Stains: Review of the Literature. PDL, RPM
37  2018 Topical Halometasone Reduces Acute Adverse Effects Induced by Pulsed Dye Laser for Treatment of Port Wine Stain Birthmarks. PDL
38  2017 A randomized side-by-side study comparing alexandrite laser at different pulse durations for port wine stains. Alex, PDL
39  2017 Activation of PKCalpha and PI3K Kinases in Hypertrophic and Nodular Port Wine Stain Lesions. ---
40  2017 Analysis of quality of life and influencing factors in 197 Chinese patients with port-wine stains. DLQI, QOL
41  2017 Clinical study on clinical operation and post-treatment reactions of HMME-PDT in treatment of PWS. HMME-PDT
42  2017 Coexistence of Eph receptor B1 and ephrin B2 in port-wine stain endothelial progenitor cells contributes to clinicopathological vasculature dilatation. ECs, EphB1
43  2017 Combined pulsed dye laser and fiberoptic Nd-YAG laser for the treatment of hypertrophic port wine stain. PDL
44  2017 Dermoscopy guided dark-field multi-functional optical coherence tomography. MF-OCT
45  2017 Dynamic optical absorption characteristics of blood after slow and fast heating. ---
46  2017 Experimental and numerical investigation on the transient vascular thermal response to multi-pulse Nd:YAG laser. ---
47  2017 Experimental investigation on the vascular thermal response to near-infrared laser pulses. ---
48  2017 Glaucoma in Patients with Eyes Close to Areas Affected by Port-wine Stain has Lateral and Gender Predilection. SWS
49  2017 Histologic changes associated with talaporfin sodium-mediated photodynamic therapy in rat skin. PDT, TS
50  2017 In Vivo Investigation of the Safety and Efficacy of Pulsed Dye Laser with Two Spot Sizes in Port-Wine Stain Treatment: A Prospective Side-by-Side Comparison. PDL
51  2017 Quality of life in adults with facial port-wine stains. QOL
52  2017 Successful Treatment of Unilateral Klippel-Trenaunay Syndrome With Pulsed-Dye Laser in a 2-Week Old Infant. KTS, PDL
53  2017 The association between treatment reactions and treatment efficiency of Hemoporfin-photodynamic therapy on port wine stains: A prospective double blind randomized controlled trial. PDT
54  2017 Treatment of port wine stains using Pulsed Dye Laser, Erbium YAG Laser, and topical rapamycin (sirolimus)-A randomized controlled trial. PDL
55  2017 Treatment of recalcitrant port-wine stains (PWS) using a combined pulsed dye laser (PDL) and radiofrequency (RF) energy device. PDL, RF
56  2017 Treatment of sporadic port-wine stains: a retrospective review of 17 cases consecutively treated by pulsed sequential dual wavelength 595 and 1064 nm laser. NEI, PGA
57  2017 [Sturge-Weber syndrome in port-wine stain patients: a retrospective study on the clinical features and screening strategy]. IOP, SWS
58  2016 A case of acquired port wine stain: an association with repeated sunburn? ---
59  2016 Assessment of Efficacy of the 595-nm Pulsed Dye Laser in the Treatment of Facial Port-Wine Stains in Indian Patients. PDL
60  2016 Characterization of skin Port-Wine Stain and Hemangioma vascular lesions using Doppler OCT. OCT
61  2016 Determination of Optical and Microvascular Parameters of Port Wine Stains Using Diffuse Reflectance Spectroscopy. BVF, DRS, MVD
62  2016 Hemoporfin-mediated photodynamic therapy on normal vasculature: implications for phototherapy of port-wine stain birthmarks. PDL, PDT
63  2016 Intraoperative monitoring of blood perfusion in port wine stains by laser Doppler imaging during vascular targeted photodynamic therapy: A preliminary study. LDI, V-PDT
64  2016 Port wine stain treated with a combination of pulsed dye laser and topical rapamycin ointment. PDL
65  2016 Prognosis and response to laser treatment of early-onset hypertrophic port-wine stains (PWS). ---
66  2016 Relationship between the blood perfusion values determined by laser speckle imaging and laser Doppler imaging in normal skin and port wine stains. LDI, LSI, PORH, V-PDT
67  2016 Split lesion randomized comparative study between long pulsed Nd:YAG laser 532 and 1,064 nm in treatment of facial port-wine stain. SFDI
68  2016 Successful treatment of two pediatric port wine stains in darker skin types using 595 nm laser. ---
69  2016 The Role of Laser Speckle Imaging in Port-Wine Stain Research: Recent Advances and Opportunities. LSI, PDL, PDT
70  2016 Tranexamic Acid-Encapsulating Thermosensitive Liposomes for Site-Specific Pharmaco-Laser Therapy of Port Wine Stains. C TA, SSPLT, TA, Tm
71  2016 Why do port-wine stains (PWS) on the lateral face respond better to pulsed dye laser (PDL) than those located on the central face? PDL
72  2016 [Port wine stains and Pulsed Dye Laser: study of prognostic factors in 74 Moroccan patients]. ---
73  2015 18 years long-term results of facial port-wine stain (PWS) after photodynamic therapy (PDT)--a case report. PDT
74  2015 A prospective study of risk for Sturge-Weber syndrome in children with upper facial port-wine stain. SWS
75  2015 A Split-Face Study of Dual-Wavelength Laser on Neck and Facial Port-Wine Stains in Chinese Patients. EI, PDL
76  2015 Assessment of the role of LASER-Doppler in the treatment of port-wine stains in infants. LDI, PDL
77  2015 BRAF and RAS Mutations in Sporadic and Secondary Pyogenic Granuloma. PG
78  2015 Can long-term alopecia occur after appropriate pulsed-dye laser therapy in hair-bearing sites? Pediatric dermatologists weigh in. PDL
79  2015 Genetic Variants Associated with Port-Wine Stains. NGS
80  2015 Heredity of port-wine stains: investigation of families without a RASA1 mutation. CM-AVM
81  2015 Intraoperative, real-time monitoring of blood flow dynamics associated with laser surgery of port wine stain birthmarks. LSI
82  2015 Prospective comparison treatment of 595-nm pulsed-dye lasers for virgin port-wine stain. PDL
83  2015 Real-time photothermal imaging and response in pulsed dye laser treatment for port wine stain patients. CSC-LT, FLPPDL, NC-LT, PDL
84  2015 Sturge-Weber syndrome type II treated with PDL 595 nm laser. SWS
85  2015 Topical axitinib suppresses angiogenesis pathways induced by pulsed dye laser. ERKs, PDL
86  2015 Topical rapamycin combined with pulsed dye laser in the treatment of capillary vascular malformations in Sturge-Weber syndrome: phase II, randomized, double-blind, intraindividual placebo-controlled clinical trial. PDL, SWS
87  2014 12-year retrospective study of Sturge-Weber syndrome and literature review. SWS
88  2014 A medical manipulator system with lasers in photodynamic therapy of port wine stains. MMS, PDT
89  2014 A new Monte Carlo program for simulating light transport through Port Wine Stain skin. ---
90  2014 A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study of oral oxycodone plus acetaminophen for the treatment of pain in photodynamic therapy on port wine stains. PDT, VAS
91  2014 Assessment of tissue perfusion changes in port wine stains after vascular targeted photodynamic therapy: a short-term follow-up study. LSI, PU, V-PDT
92  2014 Clinical analysis of port-wine stain in 130 Chinese patients treated by long-pulsed 1064-nm Nd: YAG laser. ---
93  2014 Comparison of pulsed dye laser (PDL) and photodynamic therapy (PDT) for treatment of facial port-wine stain (PWS) birthmarks in pediatric patients. PDL, PDT
94  2014 Cutaneous New World Leishmaniasis on a Port-wine stain birthmark. ---
95  2014 Early morphea mimicking acquired port-wine stain. PDL
96  2014 Kasabach-Merritt phenomenon in an adult man with a tufted angioma and cirrhosis responding to radiation, bevacizumab, and prednisone. KMP, TA
97  2014 Sclerotherapy: a novel bloodless approach to treat recurrent oral pyogenic granuloma associated with port-wine stain. PG, STS
98  2014 Sustained activation of c-Jun N-terminal and extracellular signal-regulated kinases in port-wine stain blood vessels. ---
99  2014 Treatment of port wine stains with pulsed dye laser and topical timolol: a multicenter randomized controlled trial. IGA, PDL
100  2014 Treatment of port-wine stains with flash lamp pumped pulsed dye laser on Indian skin: a six year study. PDL