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Abbreviation : PYD
Long Form : pyridinoline
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2022 Fluctuation of bone turnover markers' levels in samples of gingival crevicular fluid after orthodontic stimulus: a systematic review. ALP, BALP, BTMs, DPD, GCF, OC, OPN, OTM, RCTs, TRAP
2022 Treatment of postmenopausal osteoporosis patients with teriparatide for 24 months reverts forming bone quality indices to premenopausal healthy control values. BMD, GAGs, MM, MMC, PMOP, PMOP-PLC, TW
2021 Effects of palliative radiotherapy and bisphosphonate usage on bone turnover marker levels in cancer patients with osteolytic bone metastases. ALP, BAP, Ca, DPD, OC, RT
2021 Effects of Soy Isoflavones on Biochemical Markers of Bone Metabolism in Postmenopausal Women: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials. BAP, DPD, OC
2021 Predictive and Prognostic Biomarkers for Lung Cancer Bone Metastasis and Their Therapeutic Value. ALP, BAP, BMP-2, BSP, C5aR, CaSR, OP, OS, PICP/PINP, PTHrP, TRACP-5b
2020 Assessment of Bone Turnover Biomarkers in Lead-Battery Workers with Long-Term Exposure to Lead. ALP, BALP, BLLs, BTM, Dpyd, OC, TRACP-5b, UHYP
2020 Bone tissue material composition is compromised in premenopausal women with Type 2 diabetes. BMD, CC, GAG, MM, MMC, PEN, T2DM, TA
2020 Impact microindentation measurements correlate with cortical bone material properties measured by Fourier transform infrared imaging in humans. BMSi, FTIRI, MMC
2020 Serum changes in pyridinoline, type II collagen cleavage neoepitope and osteocalcin in early stage male brucellosis patients. ELISA, OC
10  2020 Serum Pyridinoline is Associated With Radiographic Joint Erosions in Rheumatoid Arthritis. RA
11  2019 High Capacity Oil Denitrogenation over Azine- and Tetrazine-Decorated Metal-Organic Frameworks: Critical Roles of Hydrogen Bonding. FMOFs, IND, MOFs, NCCs, PRR, QUI
12  2019 Temporal Change in Biomarkers of Bone Turnover Following Late Evening Ingestion of a Calcium-Fortified, Milk-Based Protein Matrix in Postmenopausal Women with Osteopenia. DPD, P1NP
13  2018 Bone biochemical markers for assessment of bone responses to differentiated phosphorus supply in growing-finishing pigs. BAP, BMC, BMD, BW, Ca, DM, DPD, GalHyl, GLC-GAL-HYL, HP, Hyl, Hyp, OC
14  2018 Elevated urinary excretion of free pyridinoline in Friesian horses suggests a breed-specific increase in collagen degradation. DPD, MS/MS
15  2018 Estrogen depletion alters mineralization regulation mechanisms in an ovariectomized monkey animal model. GAG
16  2018 Exogenous Lysyl Oxidase-Like 2 and Perfusion Culture Induce Collagen Crosslink Formation in Osteogenic Grafts. ECM, LOX, LOXL2, MSCs
17  2018 Serum bone biomarkers osteocalcin and pyridinoline in mares during pregnancy and lactation, and in foals during early post-natal life. OC
18  2017 Concentrations of CTX I, CTX II, DPD, and PYD in the urine as a biomarker for the diagnosis of temporomandibular joint osteoarthritis: A preliminary study. DPD, OA, TMJ
19  2017 Detection of the Urinary Biomarkers PYD, CTX-II, and DPD in Patients with Kashin-Beck Disease in the Qinghai Province of China. DPD, KBD
20  2017 Endocrine and metabolic changes in transition dairy cows are affected by prepartum infusions of a serotonin precursor. 5-HTP, PTH
21  2017 Identification of Pyridinoline Trivalent Collagen Cross-Links by Raman Microspectroscopy. ---
22  2017 Kynurenine, a Tryptophan Metabolite That Accumulates With Age, Induces Bone Loss. KYN, NFK
23  2016 Biochemical markers of bone turnover in patients with spinal metastases after resistance training under radiotherapy--a randomized trial. Arm A, BAP, BTM, CTX-I, DPD, PINP, RT, SRE
24  2016 Non-reproductive Effects of Anovulation: Bone Metabolism in the Luteal Phase of Premenopausal Women Differs between Ovulatory and Anovulatory Cycles. BAP, QCT
25  2016 The Role of Free Radicals in the Photodynamic Treatment of Fibrotic Skin Diseases. HB
26  2016 Vitamin D and calcium supplementation for three years in postmenopausal osteoporosis significantly alters bone mineral and organic matrix quality. GAG, MMC
27  2015 Aging Versus Postmenopausal Osteoporosis: Bone Composition and Maturation Kinetics at Actively-Forming Trabecular Surfaces of Female Subjects Aged 1 to 84 Years. BMD, DXA, GAG, MMC
28  2015 Comparison of the effects of heparin and the direct factor Xa inhibitor, rivaroxaban, on bone microstructure and metabolism in adult rats. BAP, BMD, DPD, PINP, Tb.Sp
29  2015 Effects of a physical activity program on the urinary collagen crosslinks in pre- and postmenopausal women. DPD, PRE, PST
30  2015 Quantitative urinary proteomics using stable isotope labelling by peptide dimethylation in patients with prostate cancer. DPD, PCa, PSA, ROC
31  2014 A systematic evaluation of collagen cross-links in the human cervix. DHLNL, DPD, PEN
32  2014 Cervical collagen network remodeling in normal pregnancy and disrupted parturition in Antxr2 deficient mice. LC-MS-MS
33  2014 Changes in skeletal collagen cross-links and matrix hydration in high- and low-turnover chronic kidney disease. CKD, DPD, HPLC, NL, NMR, PE
34  2014 Effect of metformin on periimplant wound healing in a rat model of type 2 diabetes. GK
35  2014 Fourier transform Infrared spectroscopic characterization of mineralizing type I collagen enzymatic trivalent cross-links. DPD, FTIR
36  2014 Pediatric reference Raman data for material characteristics of iliac trabecular bone. ---
37  2014 Physiological factors influencing toughness in cooked Saddletail snapper (Lutjanus malabaricus). TC
38  2014 Response of Bone Resorption Markers to Aristolochia longa Intake by Algerian Breast Cancer Postmenopausal Women. Al, DPD, non-Al
39  2013 Collagen cross-links as a marker for subclinical atherosclerosis in postmenopausal women. CIMT, DPD
40  2013 Short-term effects of an oral contraceptive containing oestradiol valerate and dienogest on bone metabolism and bone mineral density: an observational, preliminary study. BMD, COC, DEXA, Dpyd
41  2012 Bone markers in the healthy Thai people. BMD, DPD, MGP, N-MID, OC, PINP, PTH, ucOC, VitD
42  2012 Cathepsin K preferentially solubilizes matured bone matrix. DPD, PEN
43  2012 Changes in bone metabolic parameters in children with chronic myeloid leukemia on imatinib treatment. CML, DPD, OC
44  2012 Correlation between the circulating bone markers and vitamin D in the healthy Thai people. DPD, MGP, N-MID, PINP, ucOC, VitD
45  2012 Early effects of zoledronic acid and teriparatide on bone microarchitecture, remodeling and collagen crosslinks: comparison between iliac crest and lumbar vertebra in ewes. DPD, PEN
46  2012 Lanthanum salts improve bone formation in a small animal model of post-menopausal osteoporosis. muCT, OC
47  2012 Study of validity of pyridinoline and correlation of pyridinoline and beta crosslap in postmenopausal women. ---
48  2011 Associations between dietary flavonoid intakes and bone health in a Scottish population. BMD, DPD, DXA, FN, HPLC, LS
49  2011 Bone resorption in syndromes of the Ras/MAPK pathway. CFC, DPD, MAPK, NF1
50  2010 Effects of the contraceptive patch and the vaginal ring on bone metabolism and bone mineral density: a prospective, controlled, randomized study. BMD, Dpyd, EE
51  2010 Prevention of bone resorption by intake of phytoestrogens in postmenopausal women: a meta-analysis. CI, Dpyd
52  2010 Quantitative measurement of mature collagen cross-links in human carotid artery plaques. DPD
53  2010 Urinary markers of bone resorption, pyridinoline and deoxypyridinoline, are increased in sickle cell patients with further increments during painful crisis. DPD, HPLC, SCD
54  2010 Vitamin E reversed nicotine-induced toxic effects on bone biochemical markers in male rats. GTT, NC, TEF
55  2009 Association between collagen cross-links and trabecular microarchitecture properties of human vertebral bone. DPD, PEN
56  2009 Bone resorption in kidney transplant recipients. ALP, DPD, HP, iPTH, OC
57  2009 Bone responses to body weight and moderate treadmill exercising in growing male obese (fa/fa) and lean Zucker rats. DPD
58  2009 Combining bone resorption markers and heel quantitative ultrasound to discriminate between fracture cases and controls. AUC, DPD, QUS
59  2009 Detection of unsaturated disaccharides, pyridinoline, and hydroxyproline in urine of patients with Kashin-Beck disease: comparison with controls in an endemic area. Hyp, KBD
60  2009 The effect of n-3 fatty acids on bone biomarkers in Iranian postmenopausal osteoporotic women: a randomized clinical trial. BALP
61  2009 The influence of late pregnancy and lactation on bone metabolism in mares. BAP, Ca, Pi
62  2009 Whole-body vibration effects on bone before and after hind-limb unloading in rats. ALP, BMD, HLU, WBV
63  2008 Automated HPLC assay for urinary collagen cross-links: effect of age, menopause, and metabolic bone diseases. DPD
64  2008 Bone histomorphometry and biochemical markers of bone turnover in patients with chronic kidney disease Stages 3 - 5. APh, ARBD, BAP, CKD, Dpyd, OF, PTH
65  2008 Evidence of increased bone resorption in neurofibromatosis type 1 using urinary pyridinium crosslink analysis. DPD, NF1
66  2008 Reduction of urinary levels of pyridinoline and deoxypyridinoline and serum levels of soluble receptor activator of NF-kappaB ligand by etanercept in patients with rheumatoid arthritis. BAP, DPD, OPG, RA, sRANKL
67  2008 [Biochemical bone resorption markers during the healing of osteoporotic fractures]. BSP, DPD
68  2007 Biochemical and structural factors contributing to seasonal variation in the texture of farmed Atlantic halibut (Hippoglossus hippoglossus L.) flesh. HPLC, Hyp, MLR
69  2007 Biochemical assessment of Paget's disease of bone. Bone ALP, DPD, OC, P1NP, Total ALP
70  2007 Bisphosphonates alter trabecular bone collagen cross-linking and isomerization in beagle dog vertebra. ALN, DPD, PEN, RAL, RIS, VEH
71  2007 Comparison of the effects of Tai Chi and resistance training on bone metabolism in the elderly: a feasibility study. BAP, PTH, RT, TC
72  2007 Evaluation of 41calcium as a new approach to assess changes in bone metabolism: effect of a bisphosphonate intervention in postmenopausal women with low bone mass. BALP, bone, CTXs, DPD
73  2007 Factors modifying collagen catabolism in patients with ankylosing spondylitis. AS, CL, DPD
74  2007 Investigations on the effects of growth rate and dietary vitamin C on skeletal muscle collagen and hydroxylysyl pyridinoline cross-link concentration in farmed Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar). Hyp, i-s, TGC
75  2007 Urinary markers of altered collagen metabolism in fibromyalgia patients. ACR, BMD, DPD, ELISA, FIQ, FM, Hyp
76  2006 Contribution of the advanced glycation end product pentosidine and of maturation of type I collagen to compressive biomechanical properties of human lumbar vertebrae. BMD, DPD, PEN
77  2006 ENA Actimineral Resource A restores bone loss and bone quality in ovariectomized rats. ENA-A
78  2006 First-line therapy with thalidomide, dexamethasone and zoledronic acid decreases bone resorption markers in patients with multiple myeloma. BAP, Dpyd, MM
79  2006 Hypercalcemia in rheumatoid arthritis: relationship with disease activity and bone metabolism. BMD, CRP, DPD, ESR, iPTH, RA
80  2005 Alcohol-induced bone degradation and its early detection in the alcohol-fed castrated rats. ---
81  2005 Clinical observation on 96 cases of primary osteoporosis treated with kidney-tonifying and bone-strengthening mixture. BGP, BMD, BUN
82  2005 Correlation of different bone markers with bone density in patients with rheumatic diseases on glucocorticoid therapy. DPX, GC
83  2005 Dietary ratio of n-6/n-3 PUFAs and docosahexaenoic acid: actions on bone mineral and serum biomarkers in ovariectomized rats. BMC, DHA, HP, LP, PUFAs
84  2005 Hydroxylysyl pyridinoline cross-link concentration affects the textural properties of fresh and smoked Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.) flesh. Hyp
85  2005 Multigenerational exposure to genistein does not increase bone mineral density in rats. ALP, BMC, BMD, DXA
86  2005 Relationship between bone markers and knee cartilage volume in healthy men. BMC, DPD, MRI, OA, OC
87  2005 Serum BAP as the clinically useful marker for predicting BMD reduction in diabetic hemodialysis patients with low PTH. BAP, BMD, DM, DPD, HD, OC, PINP, PTH
88  2005 Serum concentrations of cross-linked N-telopeptides of type I collagen: new marker for bone resorption in hemodialysis patients. BAP, BMD, DPD, HD, OC
89  2005 Vitamin K in combination with other biochemical markers to diagnose osteoporosis. AP, AUC, BAP, BSP, CTRL, DPD, nOSP, OC, OSP, ucOC
90  2004 Connective tissue metabolism in patients with unclassified polyarthritis and early rheumatoid arthritis. Relationship to disease activity, bone mineral density, and radiographic outcome. BMD, MMP-3, RA
91  2004 Effect of polymyxin B-immobilized fiber on bone resorption in patients with sepsis. DPD, PMX-F
92  2004 Regulation of bone metabolism in immunosuppressant (FK506)-treated rats. DPD, PTH
93  2004 Restoration of euthyroidism accelerates bone turnover in patients with subclinical hypothyroidism: a randomized controlled trial. BMD, DPD, OC, TSH
94  2004 Serum levels of C-terminal telopeptide of type I collagen: a useful new marker of cortical bone loss in hemodialysis patients. BAP, BMD, DPD, N-mid, OC
95  2004 Significance of Bio-intact PTH(1-84) assay in hemodialysis patients. BAP, Bio-PTH, BMD, Ca, DPD, HD, iOC, iPTH, N-Mid OC, PINP
96  2004 SU11248 inhibits tumor growth and CSF-1R-dependent osteolysis in an experimental breast cancer bone metastasis model. BLI, OC, RTK
97  2004 The clinical significance of serum osteocalcin and N-terminal propeptide of type I collagen in predialysis patients with chronic renal failure. BAP, BMD, CRF, DPD, OC, PINP, pQCT
98  2004 The steroidal aromatase inhibitor exemestane prevents bone loss in ovariectomized rats. BMD, BV, EXE, HDL, LDL, OC
99  2004 The urinary excretion of pyridinoline and deoxypyridinoline during rheumatoid arthritis therapy with infliximab. Dpyr
100  2003 Association of immune function with bone mineral density and biochemical markers of bone turnover in patients with anklylosing spondylitis. AS, BALP, BMD, Dpyd