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Abbreviation : PrE
Long Form : primitive endoderm
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Defined Stem Cell Culture Conditions to Model Mouse Blastocyst Development. EPI, ESC, TE, TSCs
2019 Direct Induction of the Three Pre-implantation Blastocyst Cell Types from Fibroblasts. EPI, iPSCs, iTSCs, iXENs, TE
2019 Human Pluripotency Is Initiated and Preserved by a Unique Subset of Founder Cells. hPFCs, PSC
2019 Imprinted X-chromosome inactivation impacts primitive endoderm differentiation in mouse blastocysts. ICM, iXCI
2019 In vitro establishment of expanded-potential stem cells from mouse pre-implantation embryos or embryonic stem cells. EPI, EPSCs, ES, iPS, TE, TS
2019 Inhibitory action of an ERK1/2 inhibitor on primitive endoderm cell differentiation from mouse embryonic stem cells. ESCs, GSK3beta
2019 Naive human pluripotent stem cells respond to Wnt, Nodal and LIF signalling to produce expandable naive extra-embryonic endoderm. ESCs, nEnd
2019 No evidence of involvement of E-cadherin in cell fate specification or the segregation of Epi and PrE in mouse blastocysts. Epi, ICM, PE, VE
2019 p38-Mitogen Activated Kinases Mediate a Developmental Regulatory Response to Amino Acid Depletion and Associated Oxidative Stress in Mouse Blastocyst Embryos. EPI, ICM, NAC
10  2019 PDGF Signaling in Primitive Endoderm Cell Survival Is Mediated by PI3K-mTOR Through p53-Independent Mechanism. EPI, ICM
11  2019 Re-evaluation of the causes of variation among mouse aggregation chimaeras. ICM, TE
12  2019 Regulation of the ERK signalling pathway in the developing mouse blastocyst. EPI, ICM
13  2019 Transcriptome analysis shows ambiguous phenotypes of murine primitive endoderm-related stem cell lines. ---
14  2019 Wnt Signaling Modulates Routes of Retinoic Acid-Induced Differentiation of Embryonic Stem Cells. ESCs, RA, SMCs
15  2018 Distinct mechanisms for PDGF and FGF signaling in primitive endoderm development. EPI, ICM
16  2018 Extracellular Vesicles: Decoding a New Language for Cellular Communication in Early Embryonic Development. ESCs, EVs, ICM
17  2018 GATA6 phosphorylation by Erk1/2 propels exit from pluripotency and commitment to primitive endoderm. EPI, ICM
18  2018 Primitive Endoderm Differentiation: From Specification to Epithelialization. EPI, TE
19  2017 Distinct Requirements for FGFR1 and FGFR2 in Primitive Endoderm Development and Exit from Pluripotency. ESC
20  2017 Frizzled gene expression and negative regulation of canonical WNT-beta-catenin signaling in mouse F9 teratocarcinoma cells. FZD, PE, RA
21  2017 ICM conversion to epiblast by FGF/ERK inhibition is limited in time and requires transcription and protein degradation. EPI, ERK, FGF, ICM
22  2017 Insulin fine-tunes self-renewal pathways governing naive pluripotency and extra-embryonic endoderm. ActA, EpiSC
23  2017 Klf5 maintains the balance of primitive endoderm versus epiblast specification during mouse embryonic development by suppression of Fgf4. EPI, FGF, Fgfr, KO
24  2017 Lineage Establishment and Progression within the Inner Cell Mass of the Mouse Blastocyst Requires FGFR1 and FGFR2. EPI, FGF4, Fgfr, ICM
25  2017 NOX1 and NOX4 are required for the differentiation of mouse F9 cells into extraembryonic endoderm. NOX, RA, ROS
26  2017 PDGFRalpha+ Cells in Embryonic Stem Cell Cultures Represent the InVitro Equivalent of the Pre-implantation Primitive Endoderm Precursors. mESCs, PDGFRalpha, PECAM-1
27  2017 Single-Cell Landscape of Transcriptional Heterogeneity and Cell Fate Decisions during Mouse Early Gastrulation. ICM, Seq
28  2017 Suppression of ERK signalling abolishes primitive endoderm formation but does not promote pluripotency in rabbit embryo. EPI
29  2016 3D high throughput screening and profiling of embryoid bodies in thermoformed microwell plates. HCI, HTS
30  2016 Cell Fate Specification Based on Tristability in the Inner Cell Mass of Mouse Blastocysts. EPI, ICM
31  2016 Early preimplantation cells expressing Cdx2 exhibit plasticity of specification to TE and ICM lineages through positional changes. EPI, ICM
32  2016 p38 (Mapk14/11) occupies a regulatory node governing entry into primitive endoderm differentiation during preimplantation mouse embryo development. BMP, EPI, FGF, ICM
33  2016 [Epiblast and primitive endoderm cell specification during mouse preimplantation development: a combination between biology and mathematical modeling]. EPI, ICM, TE
34  2015 Actl6a protects embryonic stem cells from differentiating into primitive endoderm. EPI, ESCs, ICM, mESCs
35  2015 Cyclin E1 plays a key role in balancing between totipotency and differentiation in human embryonic cells. CCNE1, EPI, hESC, ICM, METH, TE
36  2015 FGF/MAPK signaling sets the switching threshold of a bistable circuit controlling cell fate decisions in embryonic stem cells. EPI, ESC
37  2015 Heterogeneities in Nanog Expression Drive Stable Commitment to Pluripotency in the Mouse Blastocyst. EPI, ICM
38  2015 LIF supports primitive endoderm expansion during pre-implantation development. EPI, ESCs
39  2015 RAR/RXR binding dynamics distinguish pluripotency from differentiation associated cis-regulatory elements. EC, RARs
40  2015 The first two cell-fate decisions of preimplantation mouse embryo development are not functionally independent. EPI, ICM, TE
41  2014 Cell-to-cell expression variability followed by signal reinforcement progressively segregates early mouse lineages. EPI, ICM
42  2014 Erk signaling suppresses embryonic stem cell self-renewal to specify endoderm. ESCs
43  2014 GATA6 levels modulate primitive endoderm cell fate choice and timing in the mouse blastocyst. ICM
44  2014 Gata6, Nanog and Erk signaling control cell fate in the inner cell mass through a tristable regulatory network. EPI, ICM
45  2014 Primitive endoderm differentiation: from specification to epithelium formation. ---
46  2014 Redox regulation of canonical Wnt signaling affects extraembryonic endoderm formation. Dvl2, NRX, RA, ROS
47  2013 Activation of the PTHRP/adenylate cyclase pathway promotes differentiation of rat XEN cells into parietal endoderm, whereas Wnt/beta-catenin signaling promotes differentiation into visceral endoderm. EMT, PE, PTHRP, VE
48  2013 Anatomy of a blastocyst: cell behaviors driving cell fate choice and morphogenesis in the early mouse embryo. EPI, ICM, TE
49  2013 Atypical protein kinase C couples cell sorting with primitive endoderm maturation in the mouse blastocyst. aPKC, ICM
50  2013 Derivation of extraembryonic endoderm stem (XEN) cells from mouse embryos and embryonic stem cells. EPI, ES, TS
51  2013 FGF4 is required for lineage restriction and salt-and-pepper distribution of primitive endoderm factors but not their initial expression in the mouse. EPI, ICM
52  2013 Interaction domains of Sos1/Grb2 are finely tuned for cooperative control of embryonic stem cell fate. FGF, RasGEF
53  2013 PDGF signaling is required for primitive endoderm cell survival in the inner cell mass of the mouse blastocyst. EPI, FGF, ICM, PDGF
54  2013 Rho-associated kinase activity is required for proper morphogenesis of the inner cell mass in the mouse blastocyst. EPI, ICM, mESC, ROCK
55  2012 Bmi1 facilitates primitive endoderm formation by stabilizing Gata6 during early mouse development. ES, TS
56  2012 BMP4 signaling directs primitive endoderm-derived XEN cells to an extraembryonic visceral endoderm identity. ex, VE
57  2012 Cell lineage allocation within the inner cell mass of the mouse blastocyst. EPI, ICM, TE
58  2012 Differential plasticity of epiblast and primitive endoderm precursors within the ICM of the early mouse embryo. ICM
59  2012 PINCH-1 promotes Bcl-2-dependent survival signalling and inhibits JNK-mediated apoptosis in the primitive endoderm. EBs, FA, RSU-1
60  2011 Choice of random rather than imprinted X inactivation in female embryonic stem cell-derived extra-embryonic cells. ES, ICM, TE, Xi
61  2011 Primitive endoderm differentiates via a three-step mechanism involving Nanog and RTK signaling. ICM
62  2011 The primitive endoderm lineage of the mouse blastocyst: sequential transcription factor activation and regulation of differentiation by Sox17. EPI, ICM
63  2011 The RNA-binding protein Unr prevents mouse embryonic stem cells differentiation toward the primitive endoderm lineage. ESCs
64  2010 A role for PDGF signaling in expansion of the extra-embryonic endoderm lineage of the mouse blastocyst. EPI, ExEn, ICM, PDGFRalpha
65  2010 Differences in the epigenetic and reprogramming properties of pluripotent and extra-embryonic stem cells implicate chromatin remodelling as an important early event in the developing mouse embryo. ES, ICM, TE, TS
66  2010 Transcriptional profiling of human embryonic stem cells differentiating to definitive and primitive endoderm and further toward the hepatic lineage. DE, DE-Hep, DE-Prog, hESC
67  2009 Derivation and transcriptional profiling analysis of pluripotent stem cell lines from rat blastocysts. EBs, ES
68  2008 Distinct sequential cell behaviours direct primitive endoderm formation in the mouse blastocyst. EPI, TE
69  2008 Dynamic expression of Lrp2 pathway members reveals progressive epithelial differentiation of primitive endoderm in mouse blastocyst. Dab2, TE
70  2008 Identification and characterization of subpopulations in undifferentiated ES cell culture. ES, ICM
71  2007 Stem cells and lineage development in the mammalian blastocyst. ES, TE, TS
72  2006 Changes in S1P1 and S1P2 expression during embryonal development and primitive endoderm differentiation of F9 cells. EC, S1P
73  2005 Role for up-regulated ganglioside biosynthesis and association of Src family kinases with microdomains in retinoic acid-induced differentiation of F9 embryonal carcinoma cells. Dab2, GSLs, MbetaCD, RA, SFKs, SL
74  2003 Sphingosine-1-phosphate lyase is involved in the differentiation of F9 embryonal carcinoma cells to primitive endoderm. S1P
75  2000 Snail is an immediate early target gene of parathyroid hormone related peptide signaling in parietal endoderm formation. EC, EMT, PE, PTHrP, Sna, VE
76  1999 Interdependent action of RalGEF and Erk in Ras-induced primitive endoderm differentiation of F9 embryonal carcinoma cells. EC, RalGEFs
77  1999 Signals governing extraembryonic endoderm formation in the mouse: involvement of the type 1 parathyroid hormone-related peptide (PTHrP) receptor, p21Ras and cell adhesion molecules. EMI, EMT, PE, PTHrP
78  1999 The Ras/Erk pathway induces primitive endoderm but prevents parietal endoderm differentiation of F9 embryonal carcinoma cells. EC, PE, PTH, PTHrP, RA
79  1996 TGF-beta 1 regulation of laminin secretion by F9-derived primitive endoderm cells: a potential role in cell migration within the mouse blastocyst. dbcAMP, ICM, TGF
80  1994 Influence of extracellular matrix gradients on the haptotactic migration of F9 embryocarcinoma-derived primitive and parietal endoderm-like cells. ICM, PE, RA