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Abbreviation : Psi
Long Form : packaging signal
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2018 Influence of gag and RRE Sequences on HIV-1 RNA Packaging Signal Structure and Function. RRE
2017 HIV-1 Pr55Gag binds genomic and spliced RNAs with different affinity and stoichiometry. gRNA, SL1, svRNAs, vRNA
2017 Potential inhibition of HIV-1 encapsidation by oligoribonucleotide-dendrimer nanoparticle complexes. MTT, SL3
2017 Subcellular Localization of HIV-1 gag-pol mRNAs Regulates Sites of Virion Assembly. gRNAs, HIV-1, PM, RRE
2016 The matrix domain contributes to the nucleic acid chaperone activity of HIV-2 Gag. MA, NAC, NC
2014 In vivo SELEX of single-stranded domains in the HIV-1 leader RNA. DIS, HIV-1, SD
2013 Encapsulating quantum dots into enveloped virus in living cells for tracking virus infection. gRNAs, PTLV, QDs, VSV-G
2012 Comparative structural effects of HIV-1 Gag and nucleocapsid proteins in binding to and unwinding of the viral RNA packaging signal. FP, NC, SL
2012 HIV RNA dimerisation interference by antisense oligonucleotides targeted to the 5' UTR structural elements. 5' UTR, DIS, ODNs, PBS, SD
10  2012 HIV-2 genome dimerization is required for the correct processing of Gag: a second-site reversion in matrix can restore both processes in dimerization-impaired mutant viruses. DIS, HIV-2, SL1
11  2012 Production of lentiviral vectors for transducing cells from the central nervous system. CNS, cPPT, FACS, LTR, RRE, SIN, VSV-G
12  2011 Reciprocal cross-packaging of primate lentiviral (HIV-1 and SIV) RNAs by heterologous non-lentiviral MPMV proteins. ---
13  2011 RNA aptamers directed to human immunodeficiency virus type 1 Gag polyprotein bind to the matrix and nucleocapsid domains and inhibit virus production. HIV-1, MA, NC
14  2011 Self-inactivating helper virus for the production of high-capacity adenoviral vectors. HC-Ads, HV
15  2011 The HIV-1 Rev/RRE system is required for HIV-1 5' UTR cis elements to augment encapsidation of heterologous RNA into HIV-1 viral particles. gRNA, MLV, PBS, UTR
16  2010 Live-cell coimaging of the genomic RNAs and Gag proteins of two lentiviruses. FIV, HIV-1
17  2010 Optimal packaging of FIV genomic RNA depends upon a conserved long-range interaction and a palindromic sequence within gag. FIV, HIV, LRIs, wt
18  2009 Investigation of requirements for efficient gene delivery using the HIV-1 based lentiviral transduction system. RT-PCR
19  2009 Randomization and in vivo selection reveal a GGRG motif essential for packaging human immunodeficiency virus type 2 RNA. HIV-2, SL1
20  2007 Dimerisation of HIV-2 genomic RNA is linked to efficient RNA packaging, normal particle maturation and viral infectivity. DIS, HIV-2, pal, SL1
21  2007 Streamlined design of a self-inactivating feline immunodeficiency virus vector for transducing ex vivo dendritic cells and T lymphocytes. cPPT, CrFK, DCs, FIV, WPRE
22  2007 Using RT-prone recombination to promote re-building of complete retroviral vectors from two defective precursors: low efficiency and sequence specificities. IRES
23  2006 Anti-HIV activity of steric block oligonucleotides. CPP, PNA, TAR
24  2004 Basic residues of the retroviral nucleocapsid play different roles in gag-gag and Gag-Psi RNA interactions. CA, CH, NC
25  2004 Construction of retroviral vectors with enhanced efficiency of transgene expression. Mo-MSV, MoMLV, RCR
26  2004 Self-inactivating retroviral vectors with improved RNA processing. 5'UTR, LTR, PRE, SIN
27  2003 Importance of basic residues in binding of rous sarcoma virus nucleocapsid to the RNA packaging signal. NC
28  2003 Transmissible gastroenteritis coronavirus packaging signal is located at the 5' end of the virus genome. GUS, nt, RT-PCRs, sgmRNAs, TGEV
29  2002 Murine leukemia virus nucleocapsid mutant particles lacking viral RNA encapsidate ribosomes. MuLV, NC
30  2002 Specific packaging of spliced retroviral vector transcripts lacking the Psi-region. cSA, MLV
31  2002 Structure and stability of wild-type and mutant RNA internal loops from the SL-1 domain of the HIV-1 packaging signal. HIV-1
32  2000 Antisense RNA sequences targeting the 5' leader packaging signal region of human immunodeficiency virus type-1 inhibits viral replication at post-transcriptional stages of the life cycle. HIV-1, SD
33  1999 Minimum requirements for efficient transduction of dividing and nondividing cells by feline immunodeficiency virus vectors. FIV, LTR
34  1999 The nucleocapsid domain is responsible for the ability of spleen necrosis virus (SNV) Gag polyprotein to package both SNV and murine leukemia virus RNA. MLV, NC, SNV
35  1998 Nonreciprocal pseudotyping: murine leukemia virus proteins cannot efficiently package spleen necrosis virus-based vector RNA. MLV, SNV
36  1993 Avian retroviral RNA encapsidation: reexamination of functional 5' RNA sequences and the role of nucleocapsid Cys-His motifs. ---
37  1991 RNA secondary structure analysis of the packaging signal for Moloney murine leukemia virus. ---