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Abbreviation : PtNPs
Long Form : Pt nanoparticles
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Artificial nanozyme based on platinum nanoparticles anchored metal-organic frameworks with enhanced electrocatalytic activity for detection of telomeres activity. Fe
2020 Coral-like hierarchical structured carbon nanoscaffold with improved sensitivity for biomolecular detection in cancer tissue. ACF, HCT
2020 Highly dispersed Pt nanoparticles on ultrasmall EMT zeolite: A peroxidase-mimic nanoenzyme for detection of H2O2 or glucose. HRP, TMB
2020 Molecule-gated surface chemistry of Pt nanoparticles for constructing activity-controllable nanozymes and a three-in-one sensor. GSSG, TMB
2020 Multifunctional Active-Center-Transferable Platinum/Lithium Cobalt Oxide Heterostructured Electrocatalysts towards Superior Water Splitting. HER, OER
2020 Nanozyme-Modified Metal-Organic Frameworks with Multienzymes Activity as Biomimetic Catalysts and Electrocatalytic Interfaces. Fe, ORR
2020 Visualization of Hydrogen Evolution at Individual Platinum Nanoparticles at a Buried Interface. HER, SECCM
2019 A single nanowire sensor for intracellular glucose detection. GOD
2019 Collision of Aptamer/Pt Nanoparticles Enables Label-Free Amperometric Detection of Protein in Rat Brain. PDGF
10  2019 Photocatalysis Enhancement for Programmable Killing of Hepatocellular Carcinoma through Self-Compensation Mechanisms Based on Black Phosphorus Quantum-Dot-Hybridized Nanocatalysts. BMSF, BPQDs, HCC, PDT, TME
11  2019 Thin-layer MoS2 and thionin composite-based electrochemical sensing platform for rapid and sensitive detection of zearalenone in human biofluids. MoS2-Thi, ZEA, ZEA-MAb
12  2019 Ti3C2Tx MXene nanosheet-confined Pt nanoparticles efficiently catalyze dye-sensitized photocatalytic hydrogen evolution reaction. AQY, Ti3C2Tx NSs
13  2018 Enhanced Photoinduced Electrocatalytic Oxidation of Methanol Using Pt Nanoparticle-Decorated TiO2-Polyaniline Ternary Nanofibers. PTP
14  2018 Highly sensitive electrochemiluminescence immunosensor based on ABEI/H2O2 system with PFO dots as enhancer for detection of kidney injury molecule-1. ECL, KIM-1, PFO, RGOS
15  2018 Immobilization of Pt nanoparticles in hollow mesoporous silica nanocapsules: An aggregation- and leaching-resistant catalyst. ---
16  2018 Integrating in situ formation of nanozymes with three-dimensional dendritic mesoporous silica nanospheres for hypoxia-overcoming photodynamic therapy. Ce6, PDT, ROS, TPP
17  2018 Portable detection of serum HER-2 in breast cancer by a pressure-based platform. LOD, sHER-2 ECD
18  2018 Pt nanoparticles supported on nitrogen-doped porous graphene for sensitive detection of Tadalafil. GR, NPGR, TAD
19  2017 DNA-mediated inhibition of peroxidase-like activities on platinum nanoparticles for simple and rapid colorimetric detection of nucleic acids. HCR, PAD
20  2017 Efficient Direct Formic Acid Fuel Cells (DFAFCs) Anode Derived from Seafood waste: Migration Mechanism. DFAFCs, FA
21  2017 Enhanced electrochemical degradation of ibuprofen in aqueous solution by PtRu alloy catalyst. EAOPs, IBU, MWCNTs
22  2017 Laser irradiation in water for the novel, scalable synthesis of black TiO x photocatalyst for environmental remediation. ---
23  2017 Nanoelectrical and Nanoelectrochemical Imaging of Pt/p-Si and Pt/p+ -Si Electrodes. AFM, SECM
24  2017 Self-Propelled Soft Protein Microtubes with a Pt Nanoparticle Interior Surface. E. coli, HSA, PC, PLA
25  2017 Size-related cytotoxicological aspects of polyvinylpyrrolidone-capped platinum nanoparticles. PVP
26  2017 The duality of UiO-67-Pt MOFs: connecting treatment conditions and encapsulated Pt species by operando XAS. MOFs, PMLS, PSF, RT, TPR
27  2017 Thrombin aptasensor enabled by Pt nanoparticles-functionalized Co-based metal organic frameworks assisted electrochemical signal amplification. TB
28  2016 Elucidating the degradation mechanism of the cathode catalyst of PEFCs by a combination of electrochemical methods and X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy. ASPs, ECSA
29  2016 Explaining the Size Dependence in Platinum-Nanoparticle-Catalyzed Hydrogenation Reactions. ---
30  2016 Nanofabrication of a Solid-State, Mesoporous Nanoparticle Composite for Efficient Photocatalytic Hydrogen Generation. NADH
31  2016 One-Step Synthesis of Pt/Graphene Composites from Pt Acid Dissolved Ethanol via Microwave Plasma Spray Pyrolysis. ---
32  2016 Photo-Promoted Platinum Nanoparticles Decorated MoS2@Graphene Woven Fabric Catalyst for Efficient Hydrogen Generation. HER, NiWF
33  2015 A novel solid-state Ru(bpy)3(2+) electrochemiluminescence immunosensor based on poly(ethylenimine) and polyamidoamine dendrimers as co-reactants. AFP, AuNPs, ECL, PAMAM, PEI
34  2015 An electrochemical biosensor for sensitive detection of microRNA-155: combining target recycling with cascade catalysis for signal amplification. AOX, cyt c, miRNA
35  2015 Electrocatalytic amplification of nanoparticle collisions at electrodes modified with polyelectrolyte multilayer films. PEM
36  2015 Electrocatalytic Amplification of Single Nanoparticle Collisions Using DNA-Modified Surfaces. ECA, UME
37  2015 High performance of electrocatalytic oxidation and determination of hydrazine based on Pt nanoparticles/TiO2 nanosheets. GCE, TiO2-NSs
38  2015 Highly exposed Pt nanoparticles supported on porous graphene for electrochemical detection of hydrogen peroxide in living cells. GCE, LOD, PG
39  2015 Highly-ordered perpendicularly immobilized FWCNTs on the thionine monolayer-modified electrode for hydrogen peroxide and glucose sensors. AUT, FWCNTs, GOx, p-FWCNTs, PAA, PDDA, PVS, SWCNTs
40  2015 Photocatalytic H2 evolution from NADH with carbon quantum dots/Pt and 2-phenyl-4-(1-naphthyl)quinolinium ion. CQDs
41  2015 Preparation of Au-Pt nanostructures by combining top-down with bottom-up strategies and application in label-free electrochemical immunosensor for detection of NMP22. anti-NMP22, NMP22, NPG
42  2014 Amplified electrochemiluminescent aptasensor using mimicking bi-enzyme nanocomplexes as signal enhancement. ECL, GOxNPs, HAuNPs, HRP, TB
43  2014 Effects of electron charge density and particle size of alkali metal titanate nanotube-supported Pt photocatalysts on production of H2 from neat alcohol. ---
44  2014 Highly selective and sensitive adenosine aptasensor based on platinum nanoparticles as catalytical label for amplified detection of biorecognition events through H2O2 reduction. ---
45  2014 Highly sensitive graphene-Pt nanocomposites amperometric biosensor and its application in living cell H2O2 detection. EDS, GCE, SEM
46  2014 Non-enzymatic Hydrogen Peroxide Sensors Based on Multi-wall Carbon Nanotube/Pt Nanoparticle Nanohybrids. MWCNTs, Pt, TEM
47  2014 Single nanoparticle collisions at microfluidic microband electrodes: the effect of electrode material and mass transfer. UMEs
48  2013 Advantages of electrodes with dendrimer-protected platinum nanoparticles and carbon nanotubes for electrochemical methanol oxidation. ---
49  2013 An ultrasensitive electrochemiluminescence immunoassay based on supersandwich DNA structure amplification with histidine as a co-reactant. CEA, ECL
50  2013 Aqueous dispersible graphene/Pt nanohybrids by green chemistry: application as cathodes for dye-sensitized solar cells. CEs, CV, DSSCs, EIS, fcc, GNSs, GO, NHBs
51  2013 Atomistic nucleation sites of Pt nanoparticles on N-doped carbon nanotubes. EXAFS, NCNTs, XANES
52  2013 Effects triggered by platinum nanoparticles on primary keratinocytes. Pt
53  2013 Electroless deposition of platinum nanoparticles in room-temperature ionic liquids. RTILs
54  2013 Electrospun TiC/C nano-felt surface-decorated with Pt nanoparticles as highly efficient and cost-effective counter electrode for dye-sensitized solar cells. CE, DSSCs, FF, Rct
55  2013 Highly sensitive glucose sensor based on pt nanoparticle/polyaniline hydrogel heterostructures. ---
56  2013 Plant-mediated synthesis of platinum nanoparticles and its bioreductive mechanism. CPE
57  2013 Synthesis of carboxylate-functionalized graphene nanosheets for high dispersion of platinum nanoparticles based on the reduction of graphene oxide via 1-pyrenecarboxaldehyde. GNs, GO, PCA
58  2012 4-(dimethylamino)butyric acid@PtNPs as enhancer for solid-state electrochemiluminescence aptasensor based on target-induced strand displacement. ECL, TBA
59  2012 Advantages of immobilization of Pt nanoparticles protected by dendrimers on multiwalled carbon nanotubes. MWCNTs, PAMAM
60  2012 Modification of polypyrrole nanowires array with platinum nanoparticles and glucose oxidase for fabrication of a novel glucose biosensor. GOx, PPyNWA
61  2012 Pt nanoparticle-reduced graphene oxide nanohybrid for proton exchange membrane fuel cells. EG, PEMFC, Pt-RGO, RH, TEM, XRD
62  2012 Pt nanoparticles decorated with a discrete number of DNA molecules for programmable assembly of Au-Pt bimetallic superstructures. ---
63  2012 Real-time DNA detection using Pt nanoparticle-decorated reduced graphene oxide field-effect transistors. FET, LB, rGO, ssDNA
64  2011 Controlled synthesis of Pt nanoparticles array through electroreduction of cisplatin bound at nucleobases terminated surface and application into H2O2 sensing. MPA
65  2011 Fabrication of Pt nanoparticles-decorated CVD diamond electrode for biosensor applications. BDD, CV, EIS
66  2011 Mechanism of the lifespan extension of Caenorhabditis elegans by electrolyzed reduced water--participation of Pt nanoparticles. ERW, ROS
67  2011 Resistive random access memory utilizing ferritin protein with Pt nanoparticles. ReRAM
68  2011 Size- and shape-dependent activity of metal nanoparticles as hydrogen-evolution catalysts: mechanistic insights into photocatalytic hydrogen evolution. NADH
69  2011 The application of novel spindle-like polypyrrole hollow nanocapsules containing Pt nanoparticles in electrocatalysis oxidation of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NADH). CV, GCE
70  2010 Electrochemical deposition of Pt nanoparticles on carbon nanotube patterns for glucose detection. GOx, SWCNT
71  2010 Layer-by-layer self-assembly for constructing a graphene/platinum nanoparticle three-dimensional hybrid nanostructure using ionic liquid as a linker. AFM, CV, IL, IS-IL, LbL, UV-vis-NIR
72  2010 Novel polymeric bionanocomposites with catalytic Pt nanoparticles label immobilized for high performance amperometric immunoassay. GA, hIgG, PBNCs, PDA
73  2010 Pt-dispersed flower-like carbon nanosheet aggregation for low-overpotential electrochemical biosensing. FCNA, GOx
74  2009 In situ PEI and formic acid directed formation of Pt NPs/MWNTs hybrid material with excellent electrocatalytic activity. CNTs, MWNTs
75  2006 Nucleic acid-functionalized Pt nanoparticles: Catalytic labels for the amplified electrochemical detection of biomolecules. ---