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Abbreviation : PtNPs
Long Form : platinum nanoparticles
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 A fluorescent biosensor based on catalytic activity of platinum nanoparticles for freshness evaluation of aquatic products. HX
2020 A high-performance amperometric sensor based on amonodisperse Pt-Au bimetallic nanoporous electrode for determination of hydrogen peroxide released from living cells. EDS, Pt-Au-BNP, SEM, XPS
2020 A nanocomposite hydrogel with catalytic properties for trace-element detection in real-world samples. ---
2020 Anisotropic Platinum Nanoparticle-Induced Cytotoxicity, Apoptosis, Inflammatory Response, and Transcriptomic and Molecular Pathways in Human Acute Monocytic Leukemia Cells. ATF6, ERS, IFN-gamma, IL-1beta, ROS, TNF-alpha
2020 Anticancer Properties of Platinum Nanoparticles and Retinoic Acid: Combination Therapy for the Treatment of Human Neuroblastoma Cancer. ATF4, ATF6, ATP, BCl-2, ERS, HNE, IRE1, LDH, MDA, MMP, NO, OS, PCC, PERK, PGC-1alpha, RA, ROS
2020 Autonomous Motion of Bubble-Powered Carbonaceous Nanoflask Motors. CNF
2020 Biogenic platinum nanoparticles using black cumin seed and their potential usage as antimicrobial and anticancer agent. TEM, XPS, XRD
2020 Capillary-driven blood separation and in-situ electrochemical detection based on 3D conductive gradient hollow fiber membrane. HFM, PANI, POCT
2020 Chemo-Photothermal Combination Cancer Therapy with ROS Scavenging, Extracellular Matrix Depletion, and Tumor Immune Activation by Telmisartan and Diselenide-Paclitaxel Prodrug Loaded Nanoparticles. ECM, PTT, PTX, TM, TME
10  2020 Combined X-ray radiotherapy and laser photothermal therapy of melanoma cancer cells using dual-sensitization of platinum nanoparticles. PTT, ROS, RT
11  2020 Comparative study of cytotoxicity by platinum nanoparticles and ions in vitro systems based on fish cell lines. FBS, MEM, PVP, TEM
12  2020 Constructing Conductive Channels between Platinum Nanoparticles and Graphitic Carbon Nitride by Gamma Irradiation for an Enhanced Oxygen Reduction Reaction. ORR
13  2020 Covalent organic framework-supported platinum nanoparticles as efficient electrocatalysts for water reduction. HER
14  2020 Efficient tailoring of platinum nanoparticles supported on multiwalled carbon nanotubes for cancer therapy. BM-MSCs, CSCs, MWCNT, PBI
15  2020 Engineering Inorganic Nanoflares with Elaborate Enzymatic Specificity and Efficiency for Versatile Biofilm Eradication. CDs, CPP
16  2020 Facile Fabrication of Hierarchical MOF-Metal Nanoparticle Tandem Catalysts for the Synthesis of Bioactive Molecules. MOFs
17  2020 Facile synthesis of a cyclodextrin-metal organic framework decorated with Ketjen Black and platinum nanoparticles and its application in the electrochemical detection of ofloxacin. CD-MOFs, KB
18  2020 Glucose Biosensor Based on Disposable Activated Carbon Electrodes Modified with Platinum Nanoparticles Electrodeposited on Poly(Azure A). GOx, PAA
19  2020 Green One-Step Synthesis of Medical Nanoagents for Advanced Radiation Therapy. M-NPs, PEG
20  2020 Highly sensitive and selective aflatoxin B1 biosensor based on Exonuclease I-catalyzed target recycling amplification and targeted response aptamer-crosslinked hydrogel using electronic balances as a readout. AFB1
21  2020 Hybrid Materials Based on Silica Matrices Impregnated with Pt-Porphyrin or PtNPs Destined for CO2 Gas Detection or for Wastewaters Color Removal. AFM, BET, HRTEM, PtTAOPP, TAOPP, TEOS
22  2020 Improved delivery of doxorubicin using rationally designed PEGylated platinum nanoparticles for the treatment of melanoma. DDS, i.p, PEG
23  2020 Laser-induced noble metal nanoparticle-graphene composites enabled flexible biosensor for pathogen detection. ---
24  2020 Measurement of aflatoxin M1 in powder and pasteurized milk samples by using a label-free electrochemical aptasensor based on platinum nanoparticles loaded on Fe-based metal-organic frameworks. AFM1, EIS, Fe, GCE
25  2020 Microbial cell lysate supernatant (CLS) alteration impact on platinum nanoparticles fabrication, characterization, antioxidant and antibacterial activity. AFM, CLS, CLS, FTIR, HRTEM, TEM, XRD
26  2020 Photoelectric Conversion System Composed of Gene-Recombined Photosystem I and Platinum Nanoparticle Nanosheet. cyt c, G-PSI, IQY, N-PSI, PSI
27  2020 Platinum nanoparticle-deposited multi-walled carbon nanotubes as a NADH oxidase mimic: characterization and applications. ---
28  2020 Platinum nanoparticles induced genotoxicity and apoptotic activity in human normal and cancer hepatic cells via oxidative stress-mediated Bax/Bcl-2 and caspase-3 expression. NRU, ROS, RT-PCR
29  2020 Platinum Nanozyme-Triggered Pressure-Based Immunoassay Using a Three-Dimensional Polypyrrole Foam-Based Flexible Pressure Sensor. CEA, ELISA, POC, PPy
30  2020 Shape inducer-free polygonal angle platinum nanoparticles in graphene oxide as oxygen reduction catalyst derived from gamma irradiation. N-rGO, ORR, rGO
31  2020 Silver Nanoparticles as a Novel Potential Preventive Agent against Acanthamoeba Keratitis. AK, FDA
32  2020 Simple and ultrasensitive electrochemical sensor for oxalic acid detection in real samples by one step co-electrodeposition strategy. OA
33  2020 Ultrasmall Peptide-Coated Platinum Nanoparticles for Precise NIR-II Photothermal Therapy by Mitochondrial Targeting. PTT, TPP-Pt
34  2019 A Comprehensive Review on the Synthesis, Characterization, and Biomedical Application of Platinum Nanoparticles. ---
35  2019 A Novel Graphdiyne-Based Catalyst for Effective Hydrogenation Reaction. ---
36  2019 A perspective on biogenic synthesis of platinum nanoparticles and their biomedical applications. ---
37  2019 Amperometric hydrogen peroxide sensor using a glassy carbon electrode modified with a nanocomposite prepared from ferumoxytol and reduced graphene oxide decorated with platinum nanoparticles. Fer, GCE, rGO
38  2019 An electrochemical daunorubicin sensor based on the use of platinum nanoparticles loaded onto a nanocomposite prepared from nitrogen decorated reduced graphene oxide and single-walled carbon nanotubes. DNR, GCE, N-rGO, N-rGO-SWCNTs-Pt, SWCNTs
39  2019 Are platinum nanoparticles safe to human health? ---
40  2019 Black oxidized 3,3',5,5'-tetramethylbenzidine nanowires (oxTMB NWs) for enhancing Pt nanoparticle-based strip immunosensing. hCG, ICTSs, oxTMB, oxTMB NWs, TMB
41  2019 Carbon Nanotubes Decorated with Platinum Nanoparticles for Field-Emission Application. ALD, CNTs, FE
42  2019 Colorimetric bio-barcode immunoassay for parathion based on amplification by using platinum nanoparticles acting as a nanozyme. C-ssDNA, mAbs, MNPs, RSDs, ssDNA
43  2019 Electrochemical Detection for Uric Acid Based on beta-Lactoglobulin-Functionalized Multiwall Carbon Nanotubes Synthesis with PtNPs Nanocomposite. BLG, BSA, GC, MWCNTs, UA, UOX
44  2019 Fast responding hydrogen gas sensors using platinum nanoparticle modified microchannels and ionic liquids. RTILs
45  2019 Influence of gas environment and heating on atomic structures of platinum nanoparticle catalysts for proton-exchange membrane fuel cells. ETEM
46  2019 Interactions of newly synthesized platinum nanoparticles with ICR-191 and their potential application. ---
47  2019 Locally pH controlled and directed growth of supramolecular gel microshapes using electrocatalytic nanoparticles. ---
48  2019 Nanozymes-Engineered Metal-Organic Frameworks for Catalytic Cascades-Enhanced Synergistic Cancer Therapy. PCN
49  2019 Organic resolution function and effects of platinum nanoparticles on bacteria and organic matter. LPSs
50  2019 Peptide-Coated Platinum Nanoparticles with Selective Toxicity against Liver Cancer Cells. ---
51  2019 Platinum Nanoparticles As A Therapeutic Agent Against Dextran Sodium Sulfate-Induced Colitis In Mice. ---
52  2019 Platinum Nanoparticles to Enable Electrodynamic Therapy for Effective Cancer Treatment. AC, DC, EChT, EDT
53  2019 Proteomic analysis of the bio-corona formed on the surface of (Au, Ag, Pt)-nanoparticles in human serum. ---
54  2019 Pt NPs catalyzed chemiluminescence method for Hg2+ detection based on a flow injection system. CL, LOD
55  2019 Pt/UiO-66 Nanocomposites as Catalysts for CO₂ Methanation Process. ---
56  2019 Radioactive Uranium Preconcentration via Self-Propelled Autonomous Microrobots Based on Metal-Organic Frameworks. MOFs, ZIF-8
57  2019 Saw-Toothed Microstructure-Based Flexible Pressure Sensor as the Signal Readout for Point-of-Care Immunoassay. CEA, POC
58  2019 Sensitive and Simple Competitive Biomimetic Nanozyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay for Colorimetric and Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering Sensing of Triazophos. BELISA, BNLISA, BSA, MIPs, SERS, TMB
59  2019 Staining Traditional Colloidal Gold Test Strips with Pt Nanoshell Enables Quantitative Point-of-Care Testing with Simple and Portable Pressure Meter Readout. POC
60  2019 Sub lethal levels of platinum nanoparticle cures plasmid and in combination with carbapenem, curtails carbapenem resistant Escherichia coli. CREC, ESBL, MDR
61  2019 Synthesis, characterization, and environmental behaviors of monodispersed platinum nanoparticles. PVP
62  2019 The acute toxic effects of platinum nanoparticles on ion channels, transmembrane potentials of cardiomyocytes in vitro and heart rhythm in vivo in mice. AVB, LDH, PtNP-5
63  2019 The effect of the oxidation states of supported oxides on catalytic activity: CO oxidation studies on Pt/cobalt oxide. APD
64  2019 The Effects of Apigenin-Biosynthesized Ultra-Small Platinum Nanoparticles on the Human Monocytic THP-1 Cell Line. CAT, GM-CSF, GPx, IL-1beta, MCP-1, SOD, TNF-alpha, Trx
65  2019 Ultrasensitive and Portable Assay for Lead(II) Ions by Electronic Balance as a Readout. ---
66  2019 Well-distributed Pt-nanoparticles within confined coordination interspaces of self-sensitized porphyrin metal-organic frameworks: synergistic effect boosting highly efficient photocatalytic hydrogen evolution reaction. HER, TOF, TON
67  2018 3D-macroporous chitosan-based scaffolds with in situ formed Pd and Pt nanoparticles for nitrophenol reduction. PdNPs
68  2018 A highly sensitive impedimetric aptasensor for the selective detection of acetamiprid and atrazine based on microwires formed by platinum nanoparticles. IDEs, LOD
69  2018 A non-enzymatic voltammetric xanthine sensor based on the use of platinum nanoparticles loaded with a metal-organic framework of type MIL-101(Cr). Application to simultaneous detection of dopamine, uric acid, xanthine and hypoxanthine. Cr, DPV, GCE
70  2018 A palladium-platinum bimetal nanodendritic melamine network for signal amplification in voltammetric sensing of DNA. MECP2, NDs, PdNPs, SP
71  2018 Biodistribution and Toxicity of Micellar Platinum Nanoparticles in Mice via Intravenous Administration. DSPE, ICP-MS, PEG
72  2018 Competitive electrochemical platform for ultrasensitive cytosensing of liver cancer cells by using nanotetrahedra structure with rolling circle amplification. cDNA, FAM, HRP, NTH, RCA, SPGE
73  2018 Cytotoxic effects of platinum nanoparticles obtained from pomegranate extract by the green synthesis method on the MCF-7 cell line. FESEM, FTIR, TEM, XRD
74  2018 Electrochemical Immunoassay Using Open Circuit Potential Detection Labeled by Platinum Nanoparticles. hCG, OCP, SPCEs
75  2018 Fully Reversible Optical Sensor for Hydrogen Peroxide with Fast Response. ---
76  2018 Functionalization of Silk with In-Situ Synthesized Platinum Nanoparticles. E. coli
77  2018 Gloriosa superba Mediated Synthesis of Platinum and Palladium Nanoparticles for Induction of Apoptosis in Breast Cancer. DLS, EDS, GSTE, HRTEM, PdNPs
78  2018 High-performance Forster resonance energy transfer-based dye-sensitized photocatalytic H2 evolution with graphene quantum dots as the homogeneous energy donor. ErB, FRET, NSGQDs
79  2018 Highly efficient monodisperse Pt nanoparticles confined in the carbon black hybrid material for hydrogen liberation. DMAB, fcc, HRTEM, XPS, XRD
80  2018 In Situ Pt Staining Method for Simple, Stable, and Sensitive Pressure-Based Bioassays. PASS
81  2018 Laser-induced formation of Au/Pt nanorods with peroxidase mimicking and SERS enhancement properties for application to the colorimetric determination of H2O2. SERS, TMB
82  2018 Multifunctional Platinum@BSA-Rapamycin Nanocarriers for the Combinatorial Therapy of Cerebral Cavernous Malformation. CCM, RAPA
83  2018 Nanoparticle-enhanced electrical detection of Zika virus on paper microchips. POC, ZIKV
84  2018 On the origin of the synergy between the Pt nanoparticles and MnO2 nanosheets in Wonton-like 3D nanozyme oxidase mimics. cryo-EM, DA, LOD, LOQ, TMB
85  2018 Platinum Nanoparticles Decrease Reactive Oxygen Species and Modulate Gene Expression without Alteration of Immune Responses in THP-1 Monocytes. CCR2, CD14, LPS, ROS
86  2018 Processable enzyme-hybrid conductive polymer composites for electrochemical biosensing. EDS, FTIR, GOx, PEDOT-MSs, SEM
87  2018 Sputtering-Enabled Intracellular X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy: A Versatile Method To Analyze the Biological Fate of Metal Nanoparticles. NPs
88  2018 Synthesis and Characterization of Advanced Nanomaterials: Tin-Doped Indium Oxide (ITO) and Platinium Deposited on Tin-Doped Indium Oxide (Pt/ITO). ITO NPs
89  2018 Synthesis of platinum nanoparticles templated by dendrimers terminated with alkyl chains. ---
90  2018 Synthesis of Poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene)-Platinum and Poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene)-Poly(styrenesulfonate) Hybrid Fibers by Alternating Current Bipolar Electropolymerization. AC, BPEs, EDOT, PEDOT, PSS
91  2018 Toxicological Implications of Platinum Nanoparticle Exposure: Stimulation of Intracellular Stress, Inflammatory Response, and Akt Signaling In Vitro. ---
92  2018 Ultrasensitive and Facile Detection of MicroRNA via a Portable Pressure Meter. MBs, miR-21, miRNA, POCT, SDR
93  2018 Ultrasensitive and portable assay of mercury (II) ions via gas pressure as readout. DNA2, MBs
94  2018 Ultrasensitive colorimetric determination of silver(I) based on the peroxidase mimicking activity of a hybrid material composed of graphitic carbon nitride and platinum nanoparticles. TMB
95  2018 Voltammetric determination of 5-hydroxytryptamine based on the use of platinum nanoparticles coated with molecularly imprinted silica. 5-HT, GCE, MIS
96  2017 A high-sensitive nano-modified biosensor for dynamic monitoring of glutamate and neural spike covariation from rat cortex to hippocampal sub-regions. Glu, MEA
97  2017 A MWCNTs-Pt nanohybrids-based highly sensitive electrochemiluminescence sensor for flavonoids assay. bpy, ECL, GCE, MWCNTs, TPA
98  2017 A nanocomposite-based electrochemical sensor for non-enzymatic detection of hydrogen peroxide. GCE, GO, PANI, rGO-PANI
99  2017 A novel chondroitin sulfate decorated nano platinum for the treatment of osteoarthritis. FTIR, SAED, TEM, XRD
100  2017 A novel non-invasive detection method for the FGFR3 gene mutation in maternal plasma for a fetal achondroplasia diagnosis based on signal amplification by hemin-MOFs/PtNPs. bio-CP, cffDNA, hemin-MOFs, NIPD, rGO-TEPA