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Abbreviation : QDA
Long Form : quadratic discriminant analysis
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 A Unified Framework for Quality Indexing and Classification of Seismocardiogram Signals. DTFM, SCG, SQI
2019 Automatic Classification of Sarcopenia Level in Older Adults: A Case Study at Tijuana General Hospital. MNA, MPL, RBF, SVM
2019 Comparing radiomic classifiers and classifier ensembles for detection of peripheral zone prostate tumors on T2-weighted MRI: a multi-site study. CAD, DTs, PCa, SVMs, T2W
2019 Detection of Salmonella from chicken rinsate with visible/near-infrared hyperspectral microscope imaging compared against RT-PCR. HMI, RT-PCR
2019 Forensic classification of black inkjet prints using Fourier transform near-infrared spectroscopy and Linear Discriminant Analysis. CA, DA, FT-NIR, LDA, PCs, SNV
2019 Machine Learning for the Prediction of New-Onset Diabetes Mellitus during 5-Year Follow-up in Non-Diabetic Patients with Cardiovascular Risks. AUC, EMRs, KNN, LDA, LR, T2DM
2019 Neural Activities Classification of Human Inhibitory Control Using Hierarchical Model. ADHD, BCI, EEG, PLV
2019 Predicting provenance of forensic soil samples: Linking soil to ecological habitats by metabarcoding and supervised classification. eDNA
2019 Quantitative Evaluation of Cerebellar Ataxia Through Automated Assessment of Upper Limb Movements. CA, SARA
10  2019 Radiomics robustness assessment and classification evaluation: A two-stage method demonstrated on multivendor FFDM. RACE, ROC
11  2019 Raman Spectroscopy Analysis for Optical Diagnosis of Oral Cancer Detection. LDA, LOOCV, PCA, RS
12  2019 Registration and Analysis of Acceleration Data to Recognize Physical Activity. ---
13  2019 Statistical characterization and classification of colon microarray gene expression data using multiple machine learning paradigms. AB, ACC, ANN, AUC, DT, GPC, KW, LDA, LR, ML, NB, RF, SVM, WCSRS
14  2019 Tea types classification with data fusion of UV-Vis, synchronous fluorescence and NIR spectroscopies and chemometric analysis. LDA, RDA, SVM
15  2019 The Potential Use of DCE-MRI Texture Analysis to Predict HER2 2+ Status. AUC, DCE-MR, HER2, LR, SVM
16  2019 Uncertainty estimation and misclassification probability for classification models based on discriminant analysis and support vector machines. LDA, PCA, SVM
17  2018 Assessment of oximetry-based statistical classifiers as simplified screening tools in the management of childhood obstructive sleep apnea. FCBF, LDA, LR, OSAS
18  2018 Chemical Sensing Employing Plant Electrical Signal Response-Classification of Stimuli Using Curve Fitting Coefficients as Features. LDA
19  2018 Combining spectroscopic techniques and chemometrics for the interpretation of lichen biomonitoring of air pollution. FFFS, NIRS, PCA, PEA
20  2018 Is Sjogren's syndrome dry eye similar to dry eye caused by other etiologies? Discriminating different diseases by dry eye tests. BAK, CFS, CG, DED, DM, GO, GVHD, NSS, OSDI, ROC, SS, ST, TFBUT
21  2018 Motor Oil Classification Using Color Histograms and Pattern Recognition Techniques. HSI, LDA, OAA, RGB, SVM
22  2018 Predicting Lameness in Sheep Activity Using Tri-Axial Acceleration Signals. ---
23  2018 Quadratic discriminant analysis model for assessing the risk of cadmium pollution for paddy fields in a county in China. Cd, CEC, SOM
24  2018 Real-Time On-Board Recognition of Continuous Locomotion Modes for Amputees With Robotic Transtibial Prostheses. ---
25  2018 Two-channel autofluorescence analysis for oral cancer. FAD
26  2017 Autofluorescence spectroscopy for nerve-sparing laser surgery of the head and neck-the influence of laser-tissue interaction. AUC, PCA, ROC
27  2017 Classification of Ciprofloxacin Tablets Using Near-Infrared Spectroscopy and Chemometric Modeling. APIs, HCA, NIR
28  2017 Colorimetric recognition for urinalysis dipsticks based on quadratic discriminant analysis. ---
29  2017 Comparative approaches for classification of diabetes mellitus data: Machine learning paradigm. ACC, GP, GPC, LDA, NB, NPV, PPV, ROC, Se, Sp, WHO
30  2017 Longitudinal Changes in Audiometric Phenotypes of Age-Related Hearing Loss. ---
31  2017 Noncontact Capacitive Sensing-Based Locomotion Transition Recognition for Amputees With Robotic Transtibial Prostheses. SVM
32  2017 Novel quantitative analysis of autofluorescence images for oral cancer screening. ROI
33  2017 Rapid classification of Chinese quince (Chaenomeles speciosa Nakai) fruit provenance by near-infrared spectroscopy and multivariate calibration. LDA, NIR, PCA, SVMs
34  2017 Untargeted metabolomic profiling of seminal plasma in nonobstructive azoospermia men: A noninvasive detection of spermatogenesis. NOA, TICs
35  2016 (1)H NMR- based metabolomics approaches as non- invasive tools for diagnosis of endometriosis. ANNs
36  2016 A 'complex' of brain metabolites distinguish altered chemistry in the cingulate cortex of episodic migraine patients. ACC, ANOVA, Asp, Cre, Gln, HC, MCE, MP, NAA
37  2016 Analysis of Different Classification Techniques for Two-Class Functional Near-Infrared Spectroscopy-Based Brain-Computer Interface. ANN, fNIRS, HbO, k-NN, LDA, SVM
38  2016 Characterizing Awake and Anesthetized States Using a Dimensionality Reduction Method. BIS, EEG, LLE
39  2016 Computer-Aided Diagnosis Scheme for Distinguishing Between Benign and Malignant Masses in Breast DCE-MRI. CAD, DCE-MRI
40  2016 Enhancing Electronic Nose Performance Based on a Novel QPSO-KELM Model. e-nose, ELM, GA, GS, KNN, LDA, PSO, QPSO-KELM, SVM
41  2016 Multispectral fluorescence imaging of human ovarian and fallopian tube tissue for early-stage cancer detection. MLR
42  2016 Quantification of knee vibroarthrographic signal irregularity associated with patellofemoral joint cartilage pathology based on entropy and envelope amplitude measures. ApEn, CP, FuzzyEn, GLRA, HS, RMS, SVM, SyEn, VAG
43  2015 Automated analysis of nocturnal oximetry as screening tool for childhood obstructive sleep apnea-hypopnea syndrome. AHI, FCBF, LDA, LR, OSAHS
44  2015 Cancers of unknown primary origin (CUP) are characterized by chromosomal instability (CIN) compared to metastasis of know origin. CIN, CUP, CUPs, LDA
45  2015 Characterization of defects using ultrasonic arrays: a dynamic classifier approach. PCA, SVM
46  2015 Diagnostic prediction of renal failure from blood serum analysis by FTIR spectrometry and chemometrics. ATR-FTIR
47  2015 Discrimination and classification techniques applied on Mallotus and Phyllanthus high performance liquid chromatography fingerprints. CART, CC, LDA, N_CC, PCA, RP-HPLC-UV, SIMCA, SNV_CC
48  2015 Does Laser Surgery Interfere with Optical Nerve Identification in Maxillofacial Hard and Soft Tissue?--An Experimental Ex Vivo Study. PCA
49  2015 Identify five kinds of simple super-secondary structures with quadratic discriminant algorithm based on the chemical shifts. AAC, ANOVA, CSs, SVM
50  2015 Intravoxel incoherent motion imaging kinetics during chemoradiotherapy for human papillomavirus-associated squamous cell carcinoma of the oropharynx: preliminary results from a prospective pilot study. ADC, CR, IRB, IVIM
51  2015 Minimally invasive identification of degraded polyester-urethane magnetic tape using attenuated total reflection Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy and multivariate statistics. ATR FT-IR, PCA
52  2015 Patient-Specific Variations in Biomarkers across Gingivitis and Periodontitis. LDA, NBC, SVA, SVM
53  2015 Prediction of delayed graft function after kidney transplantation: comparison between logistic regression and machine learning methods. AUROC, DGF, DT, LDA, LR, RF, SGB
54  2015 Rational Design of QCM-D Virtual Sensor Arrays Based on Film Thickness, Viscoelasticity, and Harmonics for Vapor Discrimination. DA, PCA, VSA
55  2015 Selective invocation of shape priors for deformable segmentation and morphologic classification of prostate cancer tissue microarrays. AdACM
56  2014 A chemometric approach to characterization of ionic liquids for gas chromatography. CA, DPLS, GC, ILs, LDA, MLR
57  2014 Global Clustering Quality Coefficient Assessing the Efficiency of PCA Class Assignment. GCQC, PCA
58  2014 Identification of potential biomarkers of disease progression in bovine tuberculosis. bTB, IGRA, k-NN, LDA
59  2014 Single trial classification of fNIRS-based brain-computer interface mental arithmetic data: a comparison between different classifiers. BCI, fNIRS, LDA, sLDA, sQDA, SVM
60  2013 Application of a self-enhancing classification method to electromyography pattern recognition for multifunctional prosthesis control. AR, EMG, FC, LDA, PR, SELDA, SEQDA
61  2013 Automated differentiation of pre-diagnosis Huntington's disease from healthy control individuals based on quadratic discriminant analysis of the basal ganglia: the IMAGE-HD study. BG, DTI, FA, MD, pre-HD, ROI, symp-HD
62  2013 Half-Against-Half structure in classification of benthic macroinvertebrate images. HAH, LDA, MMDC, RBF, SVM
63  2013 Machine Learning in Computer-aided Diagnosis of the Thorax and Colon in CT: A Survey. CADe, CTC, LDA, ML, PML, SVM
64  2013 Non-contact capacitance sensing for continuous locomotion mode recognition: design specifications and experiments with an amputee. C-Sens
65  2013 Physical activity classification utilizing SenseWear activity monitor in manual wheelchair users with spinal cord injury. EE, MWUs, NB, SCI, SW
66  2013 Progress toward the determination of correct classification rates in fire debris analysis. ASTM, LDA, PCA
67  2013 Tissue discrimination by uncorrected autofluorescence spectra: a proof-of-principle study for tissue-specific laser surgery. PCA
68  2013 Vapor trace recognition using a single nonspecific chemiresistor. ---
69  2012 Automated Recognition of Robotic Manipulation Failures in High-throughput Biodosimetry Tool. FDA, FLD, PCA, SVM
70  2012 Central gland and peripheral zone prostate tumors have significantly different quantitative imaging signatures on 3 Tesla endorectal, in vivo T2-weighted MR imagery. CaP, CG, PZ, QISes, ROI, RP, T2W
71  2012 Circulating tumor cell detection in advanced non-small cell lung cancer patients by multi-marker QPCR analysis. CK19, CK7, CTC, EGP, EpCAM, FN1, NSCLC, ROC
72  2012 Electrochemical approach for acute myocardial infarction diagnosis based on direct antibodies-free analysis of human blood plasma. AMI, GLM, LDA, SVM, SWV
73  2012 Evaluation of Visible-Near Infrared Reflectance Spectra of Avocado Leaves as a Non-destructive Sensing Tool for Detection of Laurel Wilt. BDT
74  2011 A new method for identifying bivariate differential expression in high dimensional microarray data using quadratic discriminant analysis. TSP
75  2011 A robust and efficient approach to detect 3D rectal tubes from CT colonography. CAD, FPs, RANSAC, RT
76  2011 Classification models for neocryptolepine derivatives as inhibitors of the beta-haematin formation. CART, LDA, OAO, OPLS-DA, PLS-DA, SVM-C
77  2011 Robust discriminant analysis and its application to identify protein coding regions of rice genes. LDA
78  2011 Selecting statistical models and variable combinations for optimal classification using otolith microchemistry. ANN, LDA, RF
79  2011 Using data mining techniques in monitoring diabetes care. The simpler the better? ANN, GAM, LDA, LR, PPR
80  2011 Voice acoustic changes during bilateral subthalamic stimulation in patients with Parkinson's disease. NDA
81  2010 A novel hybrid linear/nonlinear classifier for two-class classification: theory, algorithm, and applications. HLNLC, LDA, ROC
82  2010 Acoustical screening for obstructive sleep apnea during wakefulness. OSA
83  2010 Classification of hard core and petty criminals using anthropometric measurements. ---
84  2010 Emotion recognition from EEG using higher order crossings. EEG, HOC, HOC-EC, SVMs
85  2010 Gasoline classification using near infrared (NIR) spectroscopy data: comparison of multivariate techniques. GC, KNN, LDA, NIR, NMR, PCA, PLS, PNN, RDA, SIMCA, SVM
86  2010 Mid-infrared spectroscopy for detection of Huanglongbing (greening) in citrus leaves. HLB, k-NN
87  2010 Robust Model-Free Multiclass Probability Estimation. LDA
88  2010 Sleep stage and obstructive apneaic epoch classification using single-lead ECG. ECG, k-NN, OSA, PSG, SVM
89  2009 A first-stage approximation to identify new imprinted genes through sequence analysis of its coding regions. PCA
90  2009 Extraction of color features in the spectral domain to recognize centroblasts in histopathology. CB, CB, non-CB, non-CB, PCA
91  2009 Nonlinear dimensionality reduction of electroencephalogram (EEG) for Brain Computer interfaces. BCI, EEG, NN
92  2009 Spatiotemporal neural integration for bistable perception in a response-time structure-from-motion task. LDA, RT, SFM
93  2008 Joint deconvolution and classification with applications to passive acoustic underwater multipath. LTI
94  2008 Machine learning-based receiver operating characteristic (ROC) curves for crisp and fuzzy classification of DNA microarrays in cancer research. ANN, AUC, CPSO, k-NN, LDA, LOG, NBC, PLOG, PSO, RBFN, ROC
95  2008 Towards an optimized platform for the detection, enrichment, and semi-quantitation circulating tumor cells. CTC
96  2007 Non-linear dimensionality reduction of signaling networks. EGF, k-NN, PCA, PLS-DA, TNF
97  2006 Development of novel techniques to classify physical activity mode using accelerometers. HMM, PA
98  2006 Genetic Variability in the Potato Pathogen Colletotrichum coccodes as Determined by Amplified Fragment Length Polymorphism and Vegetative Compatibility Group Analyses. AFLP, nit, VCGs
99  2005 Chemometric discrimination among wild and cultured age-0 largemouth bass, black crappies, and white crappies based on fatty acid composition. PCA
100  2004 Classification of German white wines with certified brand of origin by multielement quantitation and pattern recognition techniques. SF-ICP-MS