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Abbreviation : QDA
Long Form : quantitative descriptive analysis
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 Characterization of the major aroma-active compounds in Keitt mango juice: Comparison among fresh, pasteurization and high hydrostatic pressure processing juices. DFA, HHP, OAV, PCA
2019 Comparison between quantitative descriptive analysis and flash profile in profiling the sensory properties of commercial red sufu (Chinese fermented soybean curd). FP, GPA
2019 Discrimination of sensory attributes by trained assessors and consumers in semi-sweet hard dough biscuits and their drivers of liking and disliking. CATA
2019 Effect of sugar reduction on flavour release and sensory perception in an orange juice soft drink model. ---
2019 Impact of Natural and Artificial Sweeteners Compounds in the Sensory Profile and Preference Drivers Applied to Traditional, Lactose-Free, and Vegan Frozen Desserts of Chocolate Flavor. PLS
2019 Influence of microbial communities on the chemical and sensory features of Falanghina sweet passito wines. ---
2019 Lexicon development and quantitative descriptive analysis of Hunan fuzhuan brick tea infusion. ---
2019 Sensory characterisation of black ripe table olives from Spanish Manzanilla and Hojiblanca cultivars. ---
2019 The Use of Upcycled Defatted Sunflower Seed Flour as a Functional Ingredient in Biscuits. DSSF, TPC
10  2018 Assessment of Beer Quality Based on a Robotic Pourer, Computer Vision, and Machine Learning Algorithms Using Commercial Beers. AI, ANN
11  2018 Characterization of key aroma compounds from different rose essential oils using gas chromatography-mass spectrometry, gas chromatography-olfactometry and partial least squares regression. GC-MS, GC-O, PLSR
12  2018 Characterization of Volatile Compounds and Sensory Analysis of Jasmine Scented Black Tea Produced by Different Scenting Processes. CSP, TSA, TSP
13  2018 Identifying Key Flavors in Strawberries Driving Liking via Internal and External Preference Mapping. HCA, PM
14  2018 Physicochemical characteristics and high sensory acceptability in cappuccinos made with jackfruit seeds replacing cocoa powder. ---
15  2018 Sensory Profile, Drivers of Liking, and Influence of Information on the Acceptance of Low-Calorie Synbiotic and Probiotic Chocolate Ice Cream. ANOVA, PLS
16  2018 Sodium reduction and flavor enhancer addition in probiotic prato cheese: Contributions of quantitative descriptive analysis and temporal dominance of sensations for sensory profiling. TDS
17  2017 Effects of Jet-Milled Defatted Soy Flour on the Physicochemical and Sensorial Properties of Hamburger Patties. DSF
18  2017 Effects of packaging materials on the aroma stability of Thai 'tom yam' seasoning powder as determined by descriptive sensory analysis and gas chromatography-mass spectrometry. GC-MS, PET, PLA
19  2017 Influence of the fiber from agro-industrial co-products as functional food ingredient on the acceptance, neophobia and sensory characteristics of cooked sausages. ---
20  2017 Relationship between sensory attributes and volatile compounds of polish dry-cured loin. GC-MS, SPME
21  2017 Sensory Profile and Consumer Acceptability of Prebiotic White Chocolate with Sucrose Substitutes and the Addition of Goji Berry (Lycium barbarum). GB, PLS
22  2017 Verification of key odorants in rose oil by gas chromatography-olfactometry/aroma extract dilution analysis, odour activity value and aroma recombination. ENA, OAV
23  2016 Effect of preservative addition on sensory and dynamic profile of Lucanian dry-sausages as assessed by quantitative descriptive analysis and temporal dominance of sensations. NS, TDS
24  2016 Influence of lactation stage and some flock management practices on sensory characteristics of goat milk from Brazilian Saanen breed. ---
25  2016 Low intramuscular fat (but high in PUFA) content in cooked cured pork ham decreased Maillard reaction volatiles and pleasing aroma attributes. MUFA, PCA, PUFA
26  2016 Quantitative descriptive analysis and principal component analysis for sensory characterization of Indian milk product cham-cham. PCA
27  2016 Sensory quality of Camembert-type cheese: Relationship between starter cultures and ripening molds. ---
28  2016 Thermal Processing Alters the Chemical Quality and Sensory Characteristics of Sweetsop (Annona squamosa L.) and Soursop (Annona muricata L.) Pulp and Nectar. FSSAI, PCA
29  2016 Utilization of sorghum, rice, corn flours with potato starch for the preparation of gluten-free pasta. ---
30  2015 Application of Sensory Evaluation, HS-SPME GC-MS, E-Nose, and E-Tongue for Quality Detection in Citrus Fruits. e-nose, e-tongue, GC-MS
31  2015 Check all that apply and free listing to describe the sensory characteristics of low sodium dry fermented sausages: Comparison with trained panel. CATA
32  2015 Effect of adjuncts on sensory properties and consumer liking of Scamorza cheese. ---
33  2015 Effect of Pre-cooking Conditions on the Quality Characteristics of Ready-To-Eat Samgyetang. RTE
34  2015 Passion fruit juice with different sweeteners: sensory profile by descriptive analysis and acceptance. ---
35  2015 Physicochemical properties and sensory characteristics of sausage formulated with surimi powder. SP50, TPA
36  2015 Sensory and metabolic profiles of "Fuji" apples (Malus domestica Borkh.) grown without synthetic agrochemicals: the role of ethylene production. ---
37  2014 A novel approach to assess temporal sensory perception of muscle foods: application of a time-intensity technique to diverse Iberian meat products. TI
38  2014 Sensory and instrumental analysis of medium and long shelf-life Charentais cantaloupe melons (Cucumis melo L.) harvested at different maturities. DHE, GC-MS, SPE
39  2014 Sensory descriptive quantitative analysis of unpasteurized and pasteurized jucara pulp (Euterpe edulis) during long-term storage. ---
40  2014 The impact of hybridization on the volatile and sensorial profile of Ocimum basilicum L. ---
41  2013 Changes in sensory quality characteristics of coffee during storage. ---
42  2013 Sensorial evolution of cassava flour (Manihot esculenta crantz) added to protein concentrate cassava leaves. ---
43  2012 Application of principal component analysis (PCA) as a sensory assessment tool for fermented food products. ANOVA, PCA
44  2012 Correlation of quantitative sensorial descriptors and chromatographic signals of beer using multivariate calibration strategies. GA, OPS
45  2012 Metabolite profiling of soy sauce using gas chromatography with time-of-flight mass spectrometry and analysis of correlation with quantitative descriptive analysis. GC/TOFMS, PLS
46  2012 Sensory and consumer perception of the addition of grape seed extracts in cookies. GSE
47  2012 Verification of aroma profiles of Jiashi muskmelon juice characterized by odor activity value and gas chromatography-olfactometry/detection frequency analysis: aroma reconstitution experiments and omission tests. ENA, OAV
48  2010 Development of a structured sensory honey analysis: application to artisanal Madrid honeys. ---
49  2010 Physicochemical and sensory properties of ice-cream formulated with virgin coconut oil. GC, VCO
50  2010 Relationship between textural properties and sensory qualities of cookies made from medium- and long-chain triacylglycerol-enriched margarines. MLCT
51  2010 Sensory attributes of dishes containing shrimp paste with different concentrations of glutamate and 5'-nucleotides. ---
52  2009 Quantification and odor contribution of 2-furanmethanethiol in different types of fermented soybean paste miso. ---
53  2009 [Gluten-free cookies prepared with sorghum flour]. ---
54  2008 Combined application of modified atmosphere packaging and superchilled storage to extend the shelf life of fresh cod (Gadus morhua) loins. MAP
55  2008 [Inactivated pea flour (Pisum sativum) in bread making]. ANOVA
56  2007 Bubble-included chocolate: relating structure with sensory response. ---
57  2007 Enhancing the oxidative stability of rice crackers by addition of the ethanolic extract of phytochemicals from Cratoxylum formosum Dyer. PV, RH, TBARS
58  2004 Effect of olive ripening degree on the oxidative stability and organoleptic properties of cv. Nostrana di Brisighella extra virgin olive oil. ---
59  2004 Multivariate analysis of the sensory changes in the dehydrated cowpea leaves. PCA