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Abbreviation : QE
Long Form : quantum efficiency
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 Enhanced oxygen sensing sensitivity by eliminating the protection of triplet phosphorescence. Gd-HMME
2019 Synthesis of g-C3 N4 Nanosheets by Using a Highly Condensed Lamellar Crystalline Melamine-Cyanuric Acid Supramolecular Complex for Enhanced Solar Hydrogen Generation. MCS
2018 A far-red emission (Ca,Sr)14Zn6Ga10O35:Mn4+ phosphor for potential application in plant-growth LEDs. LEDs, NUV
2018 Color-Tunable and High-Efficiency Dye-Encapsulated Metal-Organic Framework Composites Used for Smart White-Light-Emitting Diodes. LEDs, MOFs, VLC
2018 Development of Low Parasitic Light Sensitivity and Low Dark Current 2.8 mum Global Shutter Pixel. PLS
2018 Dynamics of Charge Transfer and Multiple Exciton Generation in the Doped Silicon Quantum Dot-Carbon Nanotube System: Density Functional Theory-Based Computation. BE, CNT, CT, DFT, MBPT, MEG, QD
2018 External quantum efficiency enhancement by photon recycling with backscatter evasion. PD
2018 Highly Efficient and Thermally Stable Blue-Green (Ba0.8Eu0.2O)(Al2O3)4.575(1+ x) Phosphor through Structural Modification. LEDs
2018 Improved luminescence and energy-transfer properties of Ca14Al10Zn6O35:Ti4+,Mn4+ deep-red-emitting phosphors with high brightness for light-emitting diode (LED) plant-growth lighting. CAZO, LED, NUV
10  2018 Quantum efficiency measurement of an x-ray charge-coupled device by means of an x-ray generator monochromatized over the 0.2-1.2  keV spectral region. CCD, PTB
11  2018 Segmented waveguide photodetector with 90% quantum efficiency. ---
12  2018 Two-dimensional plasmonic grating for increased quantum efficiency in midwave infrared nBn detectors with thin absorbers. MWIR
13  2017 Artificial Photosynthesis of Alcohols by Multi-Functionalized Semiconductor Photocathodes. XPS
14  2017 Band-edge oscillator strength of colloidal CdSe/CdS dot-in-rods: comparison of absorption and time-resolved fluorescence spectroscopy. HNCs, PL
15  2017 Composition Screening in Blue-Emitting Li4Sr1+xCa0.97-x(SiO4)2:Ce3+ Phosphors for High Quantum Efficiency and Thermally Stable Photoluminescence. pc-LEDs
16  2017 Crystal structure and luminescence properties of the blue-green-emitting Ba9 (Lu, Y)2 Si6 O24 :Ce3+ phosphor. NUV
17  2017 Fabrication of highly luminescent and concentrated quantum dot/poly(methyl methacrylate) nanocomposites by matrix-free methods. PMMA, QD
18  2017 Highly Efficient and Thermally Stable K3AlF6:Mn4+ as a Red Phosphor for Ultra-High-Performance Warm White Light-Emitting Diodes. EQE, IQE, LE, WLEDs
19  2017 Hot Carrier-Based Near-Field Thermophotovoltaic Energy Conversion. NFTPV, PV
20  2017 Multiple exciton generation in chiral carbon nanotubes: Density functional theory based computation. BE, MEG, SWCNTs
21  2017 Quantitative performance evaluation of a back-illuminated sCMOS camera with 95% QE for super-resolution localization microscopy. sCMOS
22  2017 Quantum efficiency optimization by maximizing wave function overlap in type-II superlattice photodetectors. MSWF, SL, WFO
23  2017 Recovery of quantum efficiency in spin-polarized photocathodes by atomic hydrogen cleaning. SL
24  2017 Resonant structures for infrared detection. CE, R-QWIPs
25  2017 Tailored Fano resonance and localized electromagnetic field enhancement in Ag gratings. ND, OAD
26  2017 Type-II superlattice-based extended short-wavelength infrared focal plane array with an AlAsSb/GaSb superlattice etch-stop layer to allow near-visible light detection. e-SWIR
27  2017 Ultra-thin infrared metamaterial detector for multicolor imaging applications. LWIR, MWIR
28  2016 A mechanism of Cu work function reduction in CsBr/Cu photocathodes. DFT
29  2016 A novel apatite, Lu5(SiO4)3N:(Ce,Tb), phosphor material: synthesis, structure and applications for NUV-LEDs. CIE, DFT
30  2016 Direct observation of the core/double-shell architecture of intense dual-mode luminescent tetragonal bipyramidal nanophosphors. DC, EDX, STEM, UC, UV
31  2016 Enhanced rare earth photoluminescence in inverse opal photonic crystals and its application for pH sensing. ET, IOPCs, PL, PSB, RE
32  2016 Features of spectral properties of Sm(3+) complexes with dithia- and diselenophosphinate ligands. PL, PMMA
33  2016 Illuminating microemulsions: ionic liquid-CdS quantum dots hybrid materials as potential white light harvesting systems. HO-EAF, MEs, QDs
34  2016 Mesoporous Cd1-xZnxS microspheres with tunable bandgap and high specific surface areas for enhanced visible-light-driven hydrogen generation. DETA
35  2016 Quantum efficiency of colloidal suspensions containing quantum dot/silica hybrid particles. DI, QD, SQS
36  2016 Simulation study of PET detector configuration with thick light guide and GAPD array having large-area microcells for high effective quantum efficiency. GAPD, LCE, PDE
37  2016 Single Photon Counting UV Solar-Blind Detectors Using Silicon and III-Nitride Materials. AR, UV
38  2016 Theoretical predictions on efficiency of bi-exciton formation and dissociation in chiral carbon nanotubes. MEG, SWCNTs
39  2016 Two-window InSbBi quantum-dot photodetector. QD
40  2015 A novel Ce⁺ activated Lu₃MgAl₃SiO₁₂ garnet phosphor for blue chip light-emitting diodes with excellent performance. ---
41  2015 An order of magnitude increase in the quantum efficiency of (Al)GaAs nanowires using hybrid photonic-plasmonic modes. ---
42  2015 Camera selection for real-time in vivo radiation treatment verification systems using Cherenkov imaging. CCD, CMOS, EM-ICCD, ICCD
43  2015 Enhanced photocatalytic H₂-production activity of bicomponent NiO/TiO₂ composite nanofibers. BET
44  2015 Highly bright yellow-green-emitting CuInS₂ colloidal quantum dots with core/shell/shell architecture for white light-emitting diodes. LEDs, QDs
45  2015 New Insight into Phase Formation of MxMg2Al(4+x)Si(5-x)O18:Eu2+ Solid Solution Phosphors and Its Luminescence Properties. HRTEM
46  2015 Performance characterization of high quantum efficiency metal package photomultiplier tubes for time-of-flight and high-resolution PET applications. LuYAP, PET, PMTs, SBA, TOF, UBA
47  2015 Quantum efficiency of InSbBi quantum dot photodetector. QD
48  2014 Abnormal anti-quenching and controllable multi-transitions of Bi3+ luminescence by temperature in a yellow-emitting LuVO4 :Bi3+ phosphor for UV-converted white LEDs. pc-WLEDs, XPS
49  2014 Assessment of luminescent downshifting layers for the improvement of light-harvesting efficiency in dye-sensitized solar cells. DSSCs, LDS, R-LDS
50  2014 Blue organic light-emitting diodes based on new bipolar anthracene derivatives containing pyridine. EL, LE, PE
51  2014 Design of resonant cavity structure for efficient high-temperature operation of single-photon avalanche photodiodes. DBRs, RC, SPAD, SPQE
52  2014 Effects of crystalline phase and morphology on the visible light photocatalytic H₂-production activity of CdS nanocrystals. WZ, ZB
53  2014 High-efficiency plasmon-enhanced and graphene-supported semiconductor/metal core-satellite hetero-nanocrystal photocatalysts for visible-light dye photodegradation and H2 production from water. ---
54  2014 Influence of n-doped muc-Si:H back surface field layer with micro growth in crystalline-amorphous silicon heterojunction solar cells. BSF, HIT
55  2014 Monte Carlo simulation of a quantum noise limited erenkov detector based on air-spaced light guiding taper for megavoltage x-ray imaging. AMFPI, DQE, EPIDs, kV-CBCT
56  2014 Near-ultraviolet-sensitive graphene/porous silicon photodetectors. PDs, PSi, RI, td, UV
57  2014 Photoluminescence properties of Eu(3+)-doped glaserite-type orthovanadates CsK(2)Gd[VO(4)](2). PL, PLE
58  2014 Sol-gel synthesized far-red chromium-doped garnet phosphors for phosphor-conversion light-emitting diodes that meet the photomorphogenetic needs of plants. PL, PLE
59  2014 Spectral analysis of the effects of 1.7 MeV electron irradiation on the current transfer characteristic of cadmium telluride solar cells. AS, FF
60  2014 Synthesis, structure, and peculiar green emission of NaBaBO₃:Ce⁺ phosphors. XRD
61  2014 Triphenylamine substituted anthracene derivatives for blue organic light-emitting diodes. EL, LE, PE
62  2013 Current enhancement of aluminum doped ZnO/n-Si isotype heterojunction solar cells by embedding silver nanoparticles. AZO, FDTD, Si
63  2013 Energy-level matching of Fe(III) ions grafted at surface and doped in bulk for efficient visible-light photocatalysts. ---
64  2013 Enhanced photocatalytic H2-production activity of TiO2 using Ni(NO3)2 as an additive. CB
65  2013 Evaluation of the Timing Properties of a High Quantum Efficiency Photomultiplier Tube. ABSI, ALS, CBSI, CLS, GCE, GCE, PMTs, SBA
66  2013 New methods of data calibration for high power-aperture lidar. PMT, SIN
67  2013 Roles of cocatalysts in semiconductor-based photocatalytic hydrogen production. ---
68  2013 Study of band structure at the Zn(S,O,OH)/Cu(In,Ga)Se2 interface via rapid thermal annealing and their effect on the photovoltaic properties. CBD, CBO, LTPL, REELS, Rs, SIMS, UPS, VBO
69  2013 Tuning the photoisomerization of a N^C-chelate organoboron compound with a metal-acetylide unit. CO
70  2012 Delta-doped electron-multiplied CCD with absolute quantum efficiency over 50% in the near to far ultraviolet range for single photon counting applications. ALD, AR, EMCCDs, MBE
71  2012 Monte Carlo simulation of a novel water-equivalent electronic portal imaging device using plastic scintillating fibers. AMFPI, DQE, EPIDs, MV, MV-CBCT
72  2012 Noble-metal-free carbon nanotube-Cd0.1Zn0.9S composites for high visible-light photocatalytic H2-production performance. ---
73  2012 Optimization of the single-phased white phosphor of Li2SrSiO4: Eu2+, Ce3+ for light-emitting diodes by using the combinatorial approach assisted with the Taguchi method. CRI, LE, Tc
74  2011 A system and methodologies for absolute quantum efficiency measurements from the vacuum ultraviolet through the near infrared. VUV
75  2011 Efficiently harvesting excitons from electronic type-controlled semiconducting carbon nanotube films. ---
76  2011 Enhanced photocatalytic H₂-production activity of graphene-modified titania nanosheets. CB, GO
77  2011 Highly efficient visible-light-driven photocatalytic hydrogen production of CdS-cluster-decorated graphene nanosheets. GO
78  2011 Imaging of moving fiducial markers during radiotherapy using a fast, efficient active pixel sensor based EPID. a-Si, APS, CMOS, CNR, EPID, ROI, SNR
79  2011 Numerical study of carrier multiplication pathways in photoexcited nanocrystal and bulk forms of PbSe. CM
80  2011 Photocatalytic hydrogen production over CuO-modified titania. PL, TEM, UV-LED, XPS, XRD
81  2011 White light emission of Mn-doped SnO-ZnO-P2O5 glass containing no rare earth cation. RE
82  2011 [The spectral response analysis of activated GaN photocathode]. UHV
83  2010 Enhancement of JET’s mirror-link near-ultraviolet to near-infrared divertor spectroscopy system. CCD, near-IR, near-UV
84  2010 Synthesis and luminescent properties of CaTiO3: Pr3+ microfibers prepared by electrospinning method. CL, EDS, FT-IR, HRTEM, PL, SEM, TEM, TG-DTA, XRD
85  2009 High quantum efficiency of near-infrared emission in bismuth doped AlGeP-silica fiber. ---
86  2009 Photoelectron emission from yttrium thin films prepared by pulsed laser deposition. ---
87  2008 Investigation on the surface passivation of intrinsic a-Si:H thin films prepared by inductively coupled plasma-chemical vapor deposition for heterojunction solar cell applications. ICP-CVD, QSS-PC
88  2008 Laser-photofield emission from needle cathodes for low-emittance electron beams. ---
89  2007 Effect of recombination in a high quantum efficiency prototype ionization-chamber-based electronic portal imaging device. DQE, EPID, KCD
90  2007 Synthesis of glutathione-capped CdS quantum dots and preliminary studies on protein detection and cell fluorescence image. BSA, FWHM, HRTEM, PL, QDs
91  2006 High-resolution mapping of quantum efficiency of silicon photodiode via optical-feedback laser microthermography. PD
92  2006 Highly sensitive visible-blind extreme ultraviolet Ni/4H-SiC Schottky photodiodes with large detection area. EUV
93  2006 Monte Carlo and Lambertian light guide models of the light output from scintillation crystals at megavoltage energies. CSI, LLG, MC
94  2006 Study of a prototype high quantum efficiency thick scintillation crystal video-electronic portal imaging device. CCD, DQE, EPIDs, MTF, NPS, subMU, TSC
95  2005 Development of high quantum efficiency, flat panel, thick detectors for megavoltage x-ray imaging: an experimental study of a single-pixel prototype. EPIDs
96  2005 Fluorescence quantum efficiency of dry Bacillus globigii spores. ---
97  2005 Segmented phosphors: MEMS-based high quantum efficiency detectors for megavoltage x-ray imaging. AMFPI, DQE, EPIDs, MEMS, MTF, NPS
98  2004 Development of high quantum efficiency, flat panel, thick detectors for megavoltage x-ray imaging: a novel direct-conversion design and its feasibility. EPIDs, MVCT
99  2002 Development of high quantum efficiency flat panel detectors for portal imaging: intrinsic spatial resolution. EPIDs, MTF
100  2002 Optical properties and quantum efficiency of thin-film alkali halides in the far ultraviolet. ---