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Abbreviation : RBM
Long Form : reconstituted basement membrane
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2017 Using 3D Culture of Primary Mammary Epithelial Cells to Define Molecular Entities Required for Acinus Formation: Analyzing MAP Kinase Phosphatases. ECM, EHS, MECs, MKPs, PMMEC
2016 Pathomimetic cancer avatars for live-cell imaging of protease activity. MAME, TAME
2014 Functional interactions between 17 beta -estradiol and progesterone regulate autophagy during acini formation by bovine mammary epithelial cells in 3D cultures. MECs
2014 Laminin- and basement membrane-polycaprolactone blend nanofibers as a scaffold for regenerative medicine. BM, EHS, NFs, PCL
2013 Endothelial-rich microenvironment supports growth and branching morphogenesis of prostate epithelial cells. ---
2012 MAME models for 4D live-cell imaging of tumor: microenvironment interactions that impact malignant progression. DCIS, DQ, MAME
2012 RNA-Seq of human breast ductal carcinoma in situ models reveals aldehyde dehydrogenase isoform 5A1 as a novel potential target. ALDH5A1, DCIS
2012 Survivin expression in human lung cancer and the influence of its downregulation on the biological behavior of human lung cancer cells. MTT assay, RNAi, siRNA
2011 A multifunctional 3D co-culture system for studies of mammary tissue morphogenesis and stem cell biology. ECM, HA
10  2010 SWI/SNF chromatin remodeling enzyme ATPases promote cell proliferation in normal mammary epithelial cells. BRG1, BRM
11  2004 Developing mouse Sertoli cells in vitro: effects on developing ovaries in co-culture and production of anti-Mullerian hormone. ---
12  2002 Expression of integrin beta 6 enhances invasive behavior in oral squamous cell carcinoma. ECM, PTF, SCC
13  2002 Phenotypic reversion or death of cancer cells by altering signaling pathways in three-dimensional contexts. EGFR, MAPK, PI3K
14  2001 Functional role of matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs) in mammary epithelial cell development. ECM, MEC, MMPs
15  2000 Expression of emmprin by oral squamous cell carcinoma. EMMPRIN, PTF, SCC, TN-C
16  2000 Mammary fibroblasts stimulate growth, alveolar morphogenesis, and functional differentiation of normal rat mammary epithelial cells. MEC
17  1999 E7-transduced human breast epithelial cells show partial differentiation in three-dimensional culture. HMEC, HPV-16, pRb, Rb
18  1999 Multiple differentiation pathways of rat mammary stromal cells in vitro: acquisition of a fibroblast, adipocyte or endothelial phenotype is dependent on hormonal and extracellular matrix stimulation. HUVEC, VEGF
19  1998 Follicle-like structure and polarized monolayer: role of the extracellular matrix on thyroid cell organization in primary culture. ---
20  1998 The effect of extracellular matrix on the growth of mouse olfactory tissue in vitro. ECM, NT, OB, OMP, OSN
21  1998 Tissue phenotype depends on reciprocal interactions between the extracellular matrix and the structural organization of the nucleus. ---
22  1993 Temporal restriction of neural crest development in vitro: changes in the adrenergic differentiation of neural crest clusters in the presence and absence of an overlay of reconstituted basement membrane-like matrix. ---
23  1992 Polarity reversal of inside-out thyroid follicles cultured on the surface of a reconstituted basement membrane matrix. ---
24  1990 Artificial matrix barriers: a diffusion study utilizing dextrans and microspheres. AMs
25  1990 Sertoli cell glycosylation patterns as affected by culture age and extracellular matrix. ---
26  1990 Stimulation of adrenergic development in neural crest cultures by a reconstituted basement membrane-like matrix is inhibited by agents that elevate cAMP. ---
27  1990 The phenotypic response of cultured quail trunk neural crest cells to a reconstituted basement membrane-like matrix is specific. CA
28  1989 Comparison of tumor cell invasion assays: human amnion versus reconstituted basement membrane barriers. MICS
29  1988 Adrenergic development of neural crest cells grown in a defined medium under a reconstituted basement-membrane-like matrix. ---
30  1987 Effect of subcellular matrix on glycosaminoglycan synthesis by human lung fibroblasts. ---
31  1987 Exogenous basement-membrane-like matrix stimulates adrenergic development in avian neural crest cultures. ---
32  1987 Vectorial secretion of transferrin and androgen binding protein in Sertoli cell cultures: effect of extracellular matrix, peritubular myoid cells and medium composition. ABP, CL, ECM, Pc, SC, TRF