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Abbreviation : RBM
Long Form : red bone marrow
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 1H-MRS of femoral red and yellow bone marrow fat composition and water content in healthy young men and women at 3T. MRS, RBMV, YBM
2017 Bioactivity of NANOZR Induced by Alkali Treatment. ALP, NANOZR, OCN
2017 Leukaemia mortality and low-dose ionising radiation in the WISMUT uranium miner cohort (1946-2013). CLL, ERR, LET
2017 Local bone-marrow exposure: how to interpret the data on stable chromosome aberrations in circulating lymphocytes? (some comments on the use of FISH method for dose reconstruction for Techa riverside Residents). FISH, TG
2017 Residential Exposure to Natural Background Radiation and Risk of Childhood Acute Leukemia in France, 1990-2009. 9,056 cases, AL, NBR
2017 The feasibility of semi-automatically generated red bone marrow segmentations based on MR-only for patients with gynecologic cancer. ---
2016 Development of skeletal system for mesh-type ICRP reference adult phantoms. CT, DCs, ICRP
10  2016 Establishment of a gamma-H2AX foci-based assay to determine biological dose of radon to red bone marrow in rats. BMLs, PBLs, WLM
11  2015 Fabrication of strongly attached hydroxyapatite coating on titanium by hydrothermal treatment of Ti-Zn-PO4 coated titanium in CaCl 2 solution. HAP
12  2015 Resolution enhancement in MR spectroscopy of red bone marrow fat via intermolecular double-quantum coherences. iDQC, MRS
13  2015 The Effect of Concentrated Growth Factor on Rat Bone Marrow Cells In Vitro and on Calvarial Bone Healing In Vivo. CGF, PPP
14  2015 Tumor and red bone marrow dosimetry: comparison of methods for prospective treatment planning in pretargeted radioimmunotherapy. 3D-RD, RIT, SPECT
15  2014 FISH analysis of translocations induced by chronic exposure to Sr radioisotopes: second set of analysis of the Techa River Cohort. GE
16  2014 mFISH analysis of chromosome aberrations in workers occupationally exposed to mixed radiation. mFISH, PA
17  2014 Red bone marrow dose calculations in radiotherapy of prostate cancer based on the updated VCH adult male phantom. CB, OAR, TB, YBM
18  2013 Chronic radioisotope effects on residents of the Techa River (Russia) region: cytogenetic analysis more than 50 years after onset of exposure. UCA
19  2013 The effect of head size∕shape, miscentering, and bowtie filter on peak patient tissue doses from modern brain perfusion 256-slice CT: how can we minimize the risk for deterministic effects? ---
20  2012 Adaptive response of blood lymphocytes as a marker of hemopoiesis status in exposed persons. ---
21  2012 Personalized estimation of dose to red bone marrow and the associated leukaemia risk attributable to pelvic kilo-voltage cone beam computed tomography scans in image-guided radiotherapy. IGRT, kV-CBCT, PBD
22  2011 Does the cortical bone resorption rate change due to 90Sr-radiation exposure? Analysis of data from Techa Riverside residents. BS, WBC
23  2011 Doses to the red bone marrow of young people and adults from radiation of natural origin. LET
24  2011 Hematologic recovery in patients who are treated with autologous stem cells transplantation taken from bone marrow after granulocyte-colony-stimulating factor stimulation. G-CSF
25  2011 In vivo distribution of avidin-conjugated MX35 and (211)At-labeled, biotinylated poly-L-lysine for pretargeted intraperitoneal alpha-radioimmunotherapy. avidin-MX35, i.p
26  2011 Organ-specific external dose coefficients and protective apron transmission factors for historical dose reconstruction for medical personnel. AP, DCCs
27  2010 Diagnostic X-ray examinations and increased chromosome translocations: evidence from three studies. ---
28  2010 Dose to medium versus dose to water as an estimator of dose to sensitive skeletal tissue. BSC, DVHs
29  2010 Genetic profiling of osteoblast-like cells cultured on a novel bone reconstructive material, consisting of poly-L-lactide, carbon nanotubes and microhydroxyapatite, in the presence of bone morphogenetic protein-2. BMP-2, CNTs
30  2010 Skeletal dosimetry in a voxel-based rat phantom for internal exposures to photons and electrons. AF, SAF, YBM
31  2009 Skeletal dosimetry for external exposures to photons based on microCT images of spongiosa: consideration of voxel resolution, cluster size, and medullary bone surfaces. BSC
32  2009 Skeletal dosimetry in cone beam computed tomography. BSCs, CBCT, IGRT
33  2008 Cytocompatibility of calcium phosphate coatings deposited by an ArF pulsed laser. ---
34  2008 Routine diagnostic X-ray examinations and increased frequency of chromosome translocations among U.S. radiologic technologists. ---
35  2008 The effect of combined application of TGFbeta-1, BMP-2, and COLLOSS E on the development of bone marrow derived osteoblast-like cells in vitro. BMP-2, TGF-beta1
36  2008 The PPARgamma-selective ligand BRL-49653 differentially regulates the fate choices of rat calvaria versus rat bone marrow stromal cell populations. ALP, BRL, C/EBP, PPAR, RC
37  2008 [Characterization of immunity status in exposed residents of the Techa riverside villages 50 years after the onset of radiation exposure]. ---
38  2007 Cytocompatibility of calcium phosphate coatings deposited by an ArF pulsed laser. ---
39  2007 Patient-specific scaling of reference S-values for cross-organ radionuclide S-values: what is appropriate? MIRD, SAFs
40  2007 Skeletal dosimetry for external exposure to photons based on microCT images of spongiosa from different bone sites. BSC, micro-CT, TBS, TBVFs
41  2006 Skeletal dosimetry in the MAX06 and the FAX06 phantoms for external exposure to photons based on vertebral 3D-microCT images. BSC
42  2006 The in vitro behavior of as-prepared and pre-immersed RF-sputtered calcium phosphate thin films in a rat bone marrow cell model. CaP, ECM, RF
43  2004 In vitro biocompatibility of duplex stainless steel with and without 0.2% niobium. ALP, Ti6Al4V
44  2003 Bone formation in CaP-coated and noncoated titanium fiber mesh. CaP, Ti
45  2003 Effect of calcium phosphate coating composition and crystallinity on the response of osteogenic cells in vitro. CaP
46  2002 Differential expression of estrogen receptor-related receptor alpha and estrogen receptors alpha and beta in osteoblasts in vivo and in vitro. ER, ERR, OPN, RC
47  2002 Effect of calcium phosphate coating crystallinity and implant surface roughness on differentiation of rat bone marrow cells. CaP, OC
48  2002 In vitro osteogenic differentiation of rat bone marrow cells subcultured with and without dexamethasone. ---
49  2002 Initial interaction of rat bone marrow cells with non-coated and calcium phosphate coated titanium substrates. ---
50  2002 Modulation of integrin expression on rat bone marrow cells by substrates with different surface characteristics. ---
51  2001 Biphasic effects of leukemia inhibitory factor on osteoblastic differentiation. LIF, RC
52  2001 Constitutive ERK1/2 activation in esophagogastric rib bone marrow micrometastatic cells is MEK-independent. MAPK
53  2001 Fetal dose assessment for the offspring of the Techa Riverside residents. TC
54  2000 Bone formation in calcium-phosphate-coated titanium mesh. CaP
55  2000 Effect of microgrooved poly-l-lactic (PLA) surfaces on proliferation, cytoskeletal organization, and mineralized matrix formation of rat bone marrow cells. PLA, PLA, PS
56  1999 Response of rat bone marrow cells to differently roughened titanium discs. ECM, EDS, FTIR, SEM, XRD
57  1999 The effect of poly-L-lactic acid with parallel surface micro groove on osteoblast-like cells in vitro. ECM, PLA, PS
58  1997 Effects of low-intensity AC and/or DC electromagnetic fields on cell attachment and induction of apoptosis. RTF
59  1995 Health effects of radiation incidents in the southern Urals. CRS
60  1991 Positive and negative immunoselection for enrichment of two classes of osteoprogenitor cells. APase, DEX, RC
61  1984 Red bone marrow doses, integral absorbed doses, and somatically effective dose equivalent from four maxillary occlusal projections. SEDE