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Abbreviation : RBP
Long Form : retinol-binding protein
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 1HN, 13C, and 15N resonance assignments of human calmodulin bound to a peptide derived from the STRA6 vitamin A transporter (CaMBP2). CaM
2019 A cross-sectional study on school-age children living near a municipal waste incinerator: Urinary metal levels and renal impairment assessment. BMG, Cd, Cr, ICP-MS, NAG, U-Cr
2019 A developmentally regulated spliced variant of PTBP1 is upregulated in type 1 diabetic hearts. AS, T1D
2019 A massively parallel 3' UTR reporter assay reveals relationships between nucleotide content, sequence conservation, and mRNA destabilization. ---
2019 A miR-194/PTBP1/CCND3 axis regulates tumor growth in human hepatocellular carcinoma. 5'-UTR, CCND3, HCC, PTBP1
2019 A panel of urinary biochemical markers for the noninvasive detection of kidney dysfunction in HIV-infected patients. beta2m, KIM-1, NAG
2019 A splice-site variant in the lncRNA gene RP1-140A9.1 cosegregates in the large Volkmann cataract family. CLIP-Seq, LOD, qRT-PCR, RT-PCR, SNPs
2019 An Assay for Quantifying Protein-RNA Binding in Bacteria. ---
2019 Association between inflammation, oxidative stress, vitamin D, copper and zinc with pre-obesity and obesity in school children from the city of Podgorica, Montenegro. BMI, CRP, IOTF, TAS, VD
10  2019 Association of retinol binding protein-4, cystatin C, homocysteine and high-sensitivity C-reactive protein levels in patients with newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes mellitus. CysC, ELISA, Hcy, hs-CRP, nT2DM, PDM
11  2019 Biomarkers of cadmium, lead and mercury exposure in relation with early biomarkers of renal dysfunction and diabetes: Results from a pilot study among aging Canadians. Cd, CLSA, KIM-1, T2D
12  2019 Butyrate mediated regulation of RNA binding proteins in the post-transcriptional regulation of inflammatory gene expression. ARE, COX-2, SCFAs, TTP
13  2019 C9orf72 and triplet repeat disorder RNAs: G-quadruplex formation, binding to PRC2 and implications for disease mechanisms. ALS, FTD, GQ, PRC2
14  2019 Clinical diagnostic significance of prealbumin, cholinesterase and retinol binding protein in liver cirrhosis combined with encephalopathy. AUCs
15  2019 Comparison of Inflammation Adjustment Strategies for Retinol-binding Protein in Acute and Convalescent Serum of Patients with Acute Febrile Illness in Guayaquil, Ecuador (P10-095-19). AGP, BRC, CAF, CRP, IL-6, TCF
16  2019 Comprehensive catalog of dendritically localized mRNA isoforms from sub-cellular sequencing of single mouse neurons. ---
17  2019 Comprehensive characterization of circular RNAs in ~ 1000 human cancer cell lines. circRNAs
18  2019 Crystal and solution structures of human oncoprotein Musashi-2 N-terminal RNA recognition motif 1. Msi1, MSI2
19  2019 Diagnostic value of urinary RBP, ALB and AQP2 in neonatal hydronephrosis and the relationship with expression of MCP-1 in the prenatal maternal peripheral blood. ALB, AQP2, AUC, MCP-1
20  2019 Effect of Infection on Nutritional Status of Infants in a Cohort Study of Vitamin a in Western Kenya (P10-121-19). AGP, APP, CRP
21  2019 Enhancement of LIN28B-induced hematopoietic reprogramming by IGF2BP3. HSPCs, ifHSCs
22  2019 Enteral Nutrition Support Does Not Improve PNI in Radiotherapy Patients with Locally Advanced Esophageal Cancer. ALB, ETF, LSD, PA, PNI
23  2019 Etiology of Anemia Among Women and Children in Rural Bangladesh: An Assessment of Nutritional and Non-nutritional Factors (P10-115-19). FAARM, MMA
24  2019 Evaluation of glucocorticoid treatment on different pathological types of primary nephrotic syndrome. GML, MPGN, PNS
25  2019 First-year profile of biomarkers for early detection of renal injury in infants with congenital urinary tract obstruction. KIM-1, LUTO, muALB, NGAL, sCr, TGF-beta1, UTO
26  2019 Four years after implementation of a national micronutrient powder program in Kyrgyzstan, prevalence of iron deficiency and iron deficiency anemia is lower, but prevalence of vitamin A deficiency is higher. AGP, CRP, IYCN, MNP, sTfR
27  2019 Functional and molecular characterization of the conserved Arabidopsis PUMILIO protein, APUM9. TE
28  2019 GIGYF1/2-Driven Cooperation between ZNF598 and TTP in Posttranscriptional Regulation of Inflammatory Signaling. ARE, TTP
29  2019 Guanine-rich RNA binding protein GRSF1 inhibits myoblast differentiation through repressing mitochondrial ROS production. GRSF1
30  2019 Handling FMRP and its molecular partners: Structural insights into Fragile X Syndrome. ASD, FMRP, FXS
31  2019 HnRNPL promotes Wilms tumor progression by regulating the p53 and Bcl2 pathways. GO, hnRNP L, KEGG
32  2019 Identifying Cancer-Specific circRNA-RBP Binding Sites Based on Deep Learning. circRNAs, CSCRSites
33  2019 Immature megalin expression in the preterm neonatal kidney is associated with urinary loss of vitamin carrier proteins. VDBP
34  2019 Improved library preparation with the new iCLIP2 protocol. iCLIP
35  2019 Insulin-like growth factor-1 as a nutritional monitoring factor in patients with chronic intestinal failure. CIF, IGF-1, LOS, SCr
36  2019 Integrating thermodynamic and sequence contexts improves protein-RNA binding prediction. ---
37  2019 Integrative transcriptomic analysis suggests new autoregulatory splicing events coupled with nonsense-mediated mRNA decay. NMD, PTC
38  2019 Interplay Between the RNA binding-protein Musashi and Developmental Signaling Pathways. Hh, TGF-beta
39  2019 Investigating RNA-Protein Interactions in Neisseria meningitidis by RIP-Seq Analysis. Co-IP, RIP, RIP-Seq
40  2019 Investigation of galectin-3, lipocalin 2, retinol binding protein (RBP), small dense low-density lipoprotein (sdLDL) in patients with hirsutism. gal-3, IH, LCN2, mFG, PCOS, sdLDL
41  2019 Iron and Vitamin a Biomarkers in Mothers and Infants in Rural Uganda: Using the BRINDA Approach to Adjust for Inflammation (P10-108-19). FER, Hb, sTfR, USAID
42  2019 Long Non-Coding RNA Expression Levels Modulate Cell-Type-Specific Splicing Patterns by Altering Their Interaction Landscape with RNA-Binding Proteins. FDR, lncRNAs
43  2019 Mechanisms of Transport and Delivery of Vitamin A and Carotenoids to the Retinal Pigment Epithelium. HDL, LDL, LUT, RPE, Zea
44  2019 Micronutrients, immunological parameters, and dengue virus infection in coastal Ecuador: A nested case-control study in an infectious disease surveillance program. DENV, OFI
45  2019 MicroRNA 7 Impairs Insulin Signaling and Regulates Abeta Levels through Posttranscriptional Regulation of the Insulin Receptor Substrate 2, Insulin Receptor, Insulin-Degrading Enzyme, and Liver X Receptor Pathway. AD, CNS, hnRNP K, IDE, INSR, IRS2, LXR, miR-7
46  2019 MiR-760 enhances sensitivity of pancreatic cancer cells to gemcitabine through modulating Integrin beta1. ITGB1, PC
47  2019 Multimicronutrient Biomarkers Are Related to Anemia during Infancy in Indonesia: A Repeated Cross-Sectional Study. Hb, ID, sTfR
48  2019 Multiple micronutrient status and predictors of anemia in young children aged 12-23 months living in New Delhi, India. AGP, CRP, Hb, sTfR
49  2019 MYC upregulated LINC00319 promotes human acute myeloid leukemia (AML) cells growth through stabilizing SIRT6. AML, lncRNAs
50  2019 NELFE promoted pancreatic cancer metastasis and the epithelial‑to‑mesenchymal transition by decreasing the stabilization of NDRG2 mRNA. NDRG2, NELFE, PC, sh
51  2019 New Insights into the Interplay between Non-Coding RNAs and RNA-Binding Protein HnRNPK in Regulating Cellular Functions. hnRNP K, lncRNAs, ncRNAs
52  2019 Nutritional status of Tajik children and women: Transition towards a double burden of malnutrition. Hb, SF, TfR
53  2019 Peroxiredoxin 1 post-transcriptionally regulates snoRNA expression. Prx1, snoRNAs
54  2019 Post-translational modification control of RNA-binding protein hnRNPK function. hnRNP K, PTMs
55  2019 PRAS: Predicting functional targets of RNA binding proteins based on CLIP-seq peaks. CELF, CLIP-seq, eCLIP, PRAS
56  2019 Preventive Effects of Dexmedetomidine on Renal Dysfunction and Hemodynamic Stability in Malignant Obstructive Jaundice Patients During Peri-Operative Period. BUN, CVP, CysC, DEX, HR, MAP, SVV
57  2019 Primary Membranous Glomerulonephritis: The Role of Serum and Urine Biomarkers in Patient Management. MGN, PLA2R
58  2019 Quaking orchestrates a post-transcriptional regulatory network of endothelial cell cycle progression critical to angiogenesis and metastasis. CCND1, EC, miR, QKI
59  2019 RBP and Alb in neonatal hydronephrosis and its association with IL-12 levels in pregnant women before delivery. ALB, SD, UUO
60  2019 RBPSponge: genome-wide identification of lncRNAs that sponge RBPs. lncRNAs
61  2019 rec-Y3H screening allows the detection of simultaneous RNA-protein interface mutations. rec-Y3H
62  2019 Recent methodology progress of deep learning for RNA-protein interaction prediction. ---
63  2019 Regulation of Flowering Time by the RNA-Binding Proteins AtGRP7 and AtGRP8. AP, FLC, FLM
64  2019 Regulator of calcineurin 1 is a novel RNA-binding protein to regulate neuronal apoptosis. NFAT, RCAN1
65  2019 Relationship between nutritional status and frailty in hospitalized older patients. ALB, Hb, MNA-SF, PA, TNF, TP
66  2019 Relationship of NEFA concentrations to RBP4 and to RBP4/retinol in prepubertal children with and without obesity. NEFA
67  2019 RIMB-1/RIM-Binding Protein and UNC-10/RIM Redundantly Regulate Presynaptic Localization of the Voltage-Gated Calcium Channel in Caenorhabditis elegans. AZs, CAZ, RIM, VGCC, VGCCs
68  2019 RNA binding protein 24 deletion disrupts global alternative splicing and causes dilated cardiomyopathy. DCM, RBM24
69  2019 RNA Targets Ribogenesis Factor WDR43 to Chromatin for Transcription and Pluripotency Control. ESCs, pol
70  2019 Serum retinol-binding protein: a novel biomarker for recalcitrant cutaneous warts. HPVs
71  2019 SIRT1 activation rescues the mislocalization of RNA-binding proteins and cognitive defects induced by inherited cobalamin disorders. ---
72  2019 SliceIt: A genome-wide resource and visualization tool to design CRISPR/Cas9 screens for editing protein-RNA interaction sites in the human genome. ---
73  2019 Stage-specific combinations of opposing poly(A) modifying enzymes guide gene expression during early oogenesis. ---
74  2019 Stress granule mediated protein aggregation and underlying gene defects in the FTD-ALS spectrum. ALS, FTD, LCD, RBPs, SGs
75  2019 Switching Lamivudine with Adefovir Dipivoxil Combination Therapy to Entecavir Monotherapy Provides Better Viral Suppression and Kidney Safety. ADV, beta2m, CHB, eGFR, ETV, LAM
76  2019 Synthetic 5' UTRs Can Either Up- or Downregulate Expression upon RNA-Binding Protein Binding. ---
77  2019 The HuR CMLD-2 inhibitor exhibits antitumor effects via MAD2 downregulation in thyroid cancer cells. HuR
78  2019 The Nuclear RNA-binding Protein RBSR1 Interactome in Trypanosoma cruzi. mRNP, RRM, SR
79  2019 The Quansys multiplex immunoassay for serum ferritin, C-reactive protein, and alpha-1-acid glycoprotein showed good comparability with reference-type assays but not for soluble transferrin receptor and retinol-binding protein. AGP, CRP, FER, Q-Plex, sTfR
80  2019 The RNA-Binding Protein A1CF Regulates Hepatic Fructose and Glycerol Metabolism via Alternative RNA Splicing. A1CF
81  2019 The RNA-binding protein SORBS2 suppresses hepatocellular carcinoma tumourigenesis and metastasis by stabilizing RORA mRNA. HCC, RORA, SORBS2
82  2019 The role of renal biomarkers to predict the need of surgery in congenital urinary tract obstruction in infants. CyC, KIM-1, LUTO, muALB, NGAL, SCr, TGF-beta1, UTO
83  2019 Transcriptome-Wide Analysis Reveals the Landscape of Aberrant Alternative Splicing Events in Liver Cancer. AS, HCC, UGP2
84  2019 Urinary NGAL and RBP Are Biomarkers of Normoalbuminuric Renal Insufficiency in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus. DKD, eGFR, ET-1, Hb, NGAL, PAI-1, SBP, T2DM, UACR, VCAM-1
85  2019 Urine Haptoglobin/Creatinine Ratio Correlates with Tubular Injury Biomarkers and Severity of Albuminuria in Type 2 Diabetes Patients. UACR, UHCR
86  2019 Urine markers of renal tubular injury in idiopathic membranous nephropathy: A cross sectional study. IMN, KIM-1, NAG, NGAL
87  2019 Using structural equation modelling to understand the contributors to anaemia among young Burkinabe children. ID
88  2019 Within-individual differences in plasma ferritin, retinol-binding protein, and zinc concentrations in relation to inflammation observed during a short-term longitudinal study are similar to between-individual differences observed cross-sectionally. AGP, CFs, CRP, CS, MN, PF, RCs, sTfR
89  2019 [Prokaryotic expression of human retinol binding protein and preparation of rabbit polyclonal antibody]. IPTG, RT-PCR
90  2019 [The Molecular Basis of Drug Discovery Targeting the Regulatory Mechanism of MAPK Signaling via the Spatial Regulation of RNA-binding Proteins]. ERK, KH, MAPK, SGs
91  2018 An in Vivo Binding Assay for RNA-Binding Proteins Based on Repression of a Reporter Gene. SHAPE-seq
92  2018 Antidepressant-like actions by silencing of neuronal ELAV-like RNA-binding proteins HuB and HuC in a model of depression in male mice. aODN, UCMS
93  2018 Apolipoproteins C-II and C-III as nutritional markers unaffected by inflammation. apo, CRP, RTPs, Tf, TTR
94  2018 Approaches to Assess Vitamin A Status in Settings of Inflammation: Biomarkers Reflecting Inflammation and Nutritional Determinants of Anemia (BRINDA) Project. AGP, BRINDA, CRP, PSC, SAC, VAD, WRA
95  2018 Arid5a stabilizes OX40 mRNA in murine CD4+ Tcells by recognizing a stem-loop structure in its 3'UTR. 3'UTR, ADE, Arid5a, IL-6, SL, STAT3
96  2018 Association between urine retinol-binding protein levels and nonalcoholic fatty liver disease: A cross-sectional study in Chinese population. AUC, NAFLD, ROC
97  2018 cCLIP-Seq: Retrieval of Chimeric Reads from HITS-CLIP (CLIP-Seq) Libraries. cCLIP
98  2018 Circular RNAs: Characteristics, function, and role in human cancer. circRNAs, miRNA, ncRNAs
99  2018 Clinical Significance of Urinary Biomarkers in Patients With Primary Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis. FSGS, KIM-1, NAG, NGAL
100  2018 CLIP-related methodologies and their application to retrovirology. CLIP