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Abbreviation : RD
Long Form : reaction-diffusion
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Spacial sampled-data control for H∞ output synchronization of directed coupled reaction-diffusion neural networks with mixed delays. HOS, NNs
2019 Conserved gene signalling and a derived patterning mechanism underlie the development of avian footpad scales. ---
2019 Modeling Edar expression reveals the hidden dynamics of tooth signaling center patterning. ---
2019 Optimizing multi-modal cancer treatment under 3D spatio-temporal tumor growth. MIP
2018 A Brownian dynamics tumor progression simulator with application to glioblastoma. AB, GBM
2018 Accurate tooth segmentation with improved hybrid active contour model. CBCT, CT, LLIF
2018 Designing Stationary Reaction-Diffusion Patterns in pH Self-Activated Systems. ---
2018 Heterogeneity induces spatiotemporal oscillations in reaction-diffusion systems. ---
2018 MSM/RD: Coupling Markov state models of molecular kinetics with reaction-diffusion simulations. MD, MSM/RD, MSMs
10  2018 Optical Control of a Biological Reaction-Diffusion System. ---
11  2018 Possibility of Controlling Self-Organized Patterns with Totalistic Cellular Automata Consisting of Both Rules like Game of Life and Rules Producing Turing Patterns. CA
12  2018 Turing Instability-Driven Biofabrication of Branching Tissue Structures: A Dynamic Simulation and Analysis Based on the Reaction⁻Diffusion Mechanism †. ---
13  2017 A mechanically coupled reaction-diffusion model that incorporates intra-tumoural heterogeneity to predict in vivo glioma growth. CC, MC
14  2017 A New Spectral Approach on Steady-State Concentration of Species in Porous Catalysts Using Wavelets. ---
15  2017 A stepwise model of reaction-diffusion and positional information governs self-organized human peri-gastrulation-like patterning. hPSC, PI, pSMAD1
16  2017 Bifurcation Analysis of Reaction Diffusion Systems on Arbitrary Surfaces. ---
17  2017 Chirality Controls Reaction-Diffusion of Nanoparticles for Inhibiting Cancer Cells. ALP, L-pY, NPs, PARP
18  2017 Dissipative structures: From reaction-diffusion to chemo-hydrodynamic patterns. ---
19  2017 Efficient computation of electrograms and ECGs in human whole heart simulations using a reaction-eikonal model. HPS, R-E
20  2017 Free-standing supramolecular hydrogel objects by reaction-diffusion. ---
21  2017 The interplay between phenotypic and ontogenetic plasticities can be assessed using reaction-diffusion models : The case of Pseudoplatystoma fishes. ---
22  2016 A Method to Differentiate Mild Cognitive Impairment and Alzheimer in MR Images using Eigen Value Descriptors. AD, GT, LB, SVM
23  2016 Algebraic study of drifting spiral waves. ---
24  2016 Laser Spot Detection Based on Reaction Diffusion. ---
25  2016 Stability of patterns on thin curved surfaces. ---
26  2015 Open quantum reaction-diffusion dynamics: Absorbing states and relaxation. ---
27  2015 Reaction diffusion Voronoi diagrams: from sensors data to computing. VD
28  2015 Synthesis of programmable reaction-diffusion fronts using DNA catalyzers. ---
29  2014 A developmental model for branching morphogenesis of lake cress compound leaf. ---
30  2014 Modeling how shark and dolphin skin patterns control transitional wall-turbulence vorticity patterns using spatiotemporal phase reset mechanisms. ---
31  2013 Reinitialization-free level set evolution via reaction diffusion. LSE
32  2012 A comparison of computational models for eukaryotic cell shape and motility. ---
33  2012 Magnetic levitation as a platform for competitive protein-ligand binding assays. BCA, MagLev
34  2012 Microscopic approach to nonlinear reaction-diffusion: the case of morphogen gradient formation. ---
35  2011 A discrete model to study reaction-diffusion-mechanics systems. dRDM
36  2011 Accurate eikonal-curvature relation for wave fronts in locally anisotropic reaction-diffusion systems. ---
37  2011 Are assumptions about the model type necessary in reaction-diffusion modeling? A FRAP application. FRAP
39  2011 Evidence of negative-index refraction in nonlinear chemical waves. CIMA
40  2011 Structural control of reaction-diffusion networks. ---
41  2010 A new multicompartmental reaction-diffusion modeling method links transient membrane attachment of E. coli MinE to E-ring formation. ---
42  2010 Dynamics of notch activity in a model of interacting signaling pathways. HS, RA
43  2010 Evolving mazes from images. ---
44  2010 Measurement of protein-ligand binding constants from reaction-diffusion concentration profiles. ---
45  2010 Reaction-diffusion model as a framework for understanding biological pattern formation. ---
46  2010 Reaction-diffusion systems in intracellular molecular transport and control. ---
47  2010 Rearrangement dynamics of fishbonelike Turing patterns generated by spatial periodic forcing. ---
48  2010 The evolution of reaction-diffusion controllers for minimally cognitive agents. ---
49  2009 Controlling the onset of traveling pulses in excitable media by nonlocal spatial coupling and time-delayed feedback. ---
50  2009 Disordered plane waves in the transition between target and antitarget patterns. ---
51  2009 How animals get their skin patterns: fish pigment pattern as a live Turing wave. ---
52  2008 Dynamics of A + B --> C reaction fronts in the presence of buoyancy-driven convection. ---
53  2008 Inward propagating chemical waves in a single-phase reaction-diffusion system. CGLE
54  2008 Study and simulation of reaction-diffusion systems affected by interacting signaling pathways. RA
55  2007 Canonical WNT signalling controls hair follicle spacing. Dkk
56  2007 Drift and breakup of spiral waves in reaction-diffusion-mechanics systems. ---
57  2007 Why do we need supercomputers to understand the electrocardiographic T wave? AP, ECGs
58  2006 Asymptotic methods for reaction-diffusion systems: past and present. ---
59  2006 Microchameleons: nonlinear chemical microsystems for amplification and sensing. ---
60  2006 Noise-induced spatiotemporal patterns in a bistable reaction-diffusion system: photoelectron emission microscopy experiments and modeling of the oxidation reaction on Ir(111). PEEM
61  2005 Labyrinthine versus straight-striped patterns generated by two-dimensional Turing systems. ---
62  2004 Chemical turbulence equivalent to Nikolavskii turbulence. CGL
63  2003 Origin of directionality in the fish stripe pattern. ---
64  2001 Control and coupling of spiral waves in excitable media. ---
65  2000 Invasion of Gleditsia triacanthos in Lithraea ternifolia Montane Forests of Central Argentina. ---
66  1999 Zebrafish leopard gene as a component of the putative reaction-diffusion system. ---
67  1992 From stripes to spots: prepatterns which can be produced in the skin by a reaction-diffusion system. ---
68  1992 Models of the spreading of excitation in myocardial tissue. ---
69  1989 Wavelike isomorphic prepatterns in development. ---
70  1988 A pattern formation mechanism to control spatial organization in the embryo of Drosophila melanogaster. ---
71  1985 Spatial patterns produced by a reaction-diffusion system in primary hair follicles. ---