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Abbreviation : RE
Long Form : restriction enzyme
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 Highly selective sensing and measurement of microRNA-541 based on its sequence-specific digestion by the restriction enzyme Hinf1. ---
2018 Genome editing of bread wheat using biolistic delivery of CRISPR/Cas9 in vitro transcripts or ribonucleoproteins. IVTs, RNPs
2018 Identification of Homologous Recombination Events in Mouse Embryonic Stem Cells Using Southern Blotting and Polymerase Chain Reaction. ES, gDNA, HR, NMHC IIs
2017 A simple and efficient method for CRISPR/Cas9-induced mutant screening. ACT-PCR, Cas9, CRISPR, HRM, PCR, T7EI
2017 Genome and epigenome of a novel marine Thaumarchaeota strain suggest viral infection, phosphorothioation DNA modification and multiple restriction systems. PT, R-M
2017 Polymorphism in 5' untranslated region of heat-shock protein 70 gene as marker of post-partum anoestrus in Murrah buffaloes. HSP70
2016 Molecular characterization and combined genotype association study of bovine cluster of differentiation 14 gene with clinical mastitis in crossbred dairy cattle. CD14, HinfI, Hpy188I, KF, nt, PCR, RFLP, SNPs
2015 MIG-seq: an effective PCR-based method for genome-wide single-nucleotide polymorphism genotyping using the next-generation sequencing platform. ISSR
2015 Practical identification of human originated Lactobacillus species by amplified ribosomal DNA restriction analysis (ARDRA) for probiotic use. ARDRA
10  2014 Berberine alters epigenetic modifications, disrupts microtubule network, and modulates HPV-18 E6-E7 oncoproteins by targeting p53 in cervical cancer cell HeLa: a mechanistic study including molecular docking. AFM, FACS, FTIR, HPV, MMP, MSP
11  2014 Generation of Ugt1-deficient murine liver cell lines using TALEN technology. CNS-I, SNPs
12  2013 16S rRNA PCR followed by restriction endonuclease digestion: a rapid approach for genus level identification of important enteric bacterial pathogens. ---
13  2013 Detection and differentiation of pigeon paramyxovirus serotype-1 (PPMV-1) isolates by RT-PCR and restriction enzyme analysis. APMV-1, NDV, PPMV-1, RT-PCR
14  2010 Molecular variants of human papilloma viruses type 16 and 6 in women with different cytological results detected by RFLP analysis. ---
15  2010 Novel restriction enzyme SSiI for the detection of mutation in GyrA gene of Salmonella enterica serovar Typhi. MIC, PCR, RFLP
16  2009 Genomic and bioinformatics analyses of HAdV-14p, reference strain of a re-emerging respiratory pathogen and analysis of B1/B2. ARD, HAdV
17  2009 Restriction enzyme analysis of VP7 gene of Indian isolates of bluetongue virus. BTV
18  2008 The molecular heterogeneity of beta-thalassemia in Greece. ASO, DGGE
19  2007 Isolation and characterization of an Indian ORF virus from goats. GIF
20  2006 Identification and subgrouping of pigeon type Newcastle disease virus strains by restriction enzyme cleavage site analysis. ---
21  2006 Molecular characterization of pestiviruses isolated from bovines in Chile. 5'UTR, BVDV-1, BVDV-2, RT-PCR
22  2006 New threshold and confidence estimates for terminal restriction fragment length polymorphism analysis of complex bacterial communities. T-RFLP
23  2006 Use of molecular tools to distinguish Entamoeba histolytica and Entamoeba dispar infection among the aborigines in Cameron Highlands. Nested PCR
24  2005 Endonuclease banding reveals that atrazine-induced aneuploidy resembles spontaneous chromosome loss in Crassostrea gigas. ---
25  2004 Characterizations of adenovirus type 41 isolates from children with acute gastroenteritis in Japan, Vietnam, and Korea. Ad41, ELISA, GTCs, HVRs, mAb
26  2002 A novel approach for uniform (13)C and (15)N labeling of DNA for NMR studies. ESRA
27  2002 Genomic variations among wildtype and mutant strains of pseudorabies virus. BUdR, CEF, IUdR, PRV, RFP
28  2001 Detection and rapid differentiation of human enteroviruses in water sources by restriction enzyme analysis. nPCR, RT-PCR
29  2000 Comparison of the genome of ovine adenovirus types 1 through 5 by restriction enzyme analysis and DNA hybridisation. OAdV
30  2000 Expression and distribution of GABAA receptor subtypes in human alcoholic cerebral cortex. SFC
31  1999 First Report of Tomato Yellow Leaf Curl Virus in Tomato in South Georgia. PCR, ToMoV, TYLCV
32  1998 Antigenic characterization of canine parvovirus strains isolated in Italy. CPV-2, PCR
33  1998 Genetic analysis of isolates of the spotted fever group of rickettsiae belonging to the R. conorii complex. ISTT, PCR, RA, RC, RFLP
34  1997 Identification and comparison of point mutations associated in classic and variant infectious bursal disease viruses. IBDV
35  1997 Rapid and enhanced detection of mitochondrial DNA variation using single-strand conformation analysis of superposed restriction enzyme fragments from polymerase chain reaction-amplified products. mt, SSCP
36  1996 Classical swine fever virus diversity and evolution. CSFV, mAb
37  1996 Development of new molecular procedures for the detection of genetic alterations in man. EMS, MNU, PCR, RSM, XP
38  1995 Molecular genetics of glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase (G6PD) deficiency in Spain: identification of two new point mutations in the G6PD gene. CNSHA, G6PD, PCR-SSCP
39  1995 Utility of ribotyping, restriction endonuclease analysis and pulsed-field gel electrophoresis to discriminate between isolates of Neisseria gonorrhoeae of serovar IA-2 which require arginine, hypoxanthine or uracil for growth. PFGE
40  1994 A comparison of restrictive endonuclease sites of bovine herpesvirus type 1 isolates in Chile. BHV-1, LA
41  1994 Infectious bursal disease viruses: molecular differentiation of antigenic subtypes among serotype 1 viruses. PCR, RT
42  1994 Tenebrio obscurus satellite DNA is resistant to cleavage by restriction endonucleases in situ. ---
43  1993 Alteration of gene expression by restriction enzymes electroporated into plant cells. GUS, RSM
44  1993 Non-radioactive ribotyping of Haemophilus ducreyi using a digoxigenin labelled cDNA probe. ---
45  1993 Species differentiation in the Didymozoidae (Digenea): restriction fragment length differences in internal transcribed spacer and 5.8S ribosomal DNA. ITS
46  1992 Diagnosis of glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase (G6PD) mutations by DNA amplification and allele-specific oligonucleotide probes. ASO, G6PD
47  1992 Diverse point mutations result in glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase (G6PD) polymorphism in Taiwan. G6PD, PCR
48  1992 Restriction enzyme banding and in situ nick-translation on different types of hetero- and euchromatin. NT
49  1991 Comparison of biotinylated DNA and RNA probes for rapid detection of varicella-zoster virus genome by in situ hybridization. VZV
50  1990 Characterization of the heterochromatin in moose (Alces alces) chromosomes. ---
51  1989 Chromosome markers and karyology of selachians. ---
52  1988 Analysis of antigenically intermediate strains of subgenus B and D adenoviruses from AIDS patients. HI, SN
53  1988 DNA restriction enzyme analysis of bovine adenoviruses. BAV
54  1988 Genotypic and phenotypic markers in the differentiation of Neisseria gonorrhoeae strains. ---
55  1988 Variation in dengue type 2 viruses isolated in Bangkok during 1980. ---
56  1986 Ig gamma restriction fragment length polymorphisms indicate an ancient separation of Caucasian haplotypes. IgG, RFLPs
57  1985 Genomic fingerprinting in the epidemiology of gonorrhoea. ---
58  1985 Phenotypic and genotypic characterization of penicillinase-producing strains of Neisseria gonorrhoeae. PPNG
59  1984 Restriction endonuclease fingerprinting of chromosomal DNA of Neisseria gonorrhoeae. ---