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Abbreviation : RIF
Long Form : retrieval-induced forgetting
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Retrieval-induced forgetting in a social context: Do the same mechanisms underlie forgetting in speakers and listeners? SS-RIF
2019 Positivity bias in past and future episodic thinking: Relationship with anxiety, depression, and retrieval-induced forgetting. ---
2019 Retrieval-Induced Forgetting in the Feigning Amnesia for a Crime Paradigm. ---
2019 Short- and longer-term effects of selective discussion of adolescents' autobiographical memories. ---
2019 Theta oscillations show impaired interference detection in older adults during selective memory retrieval. ---
2018 Control over interfering memories in eating disorders. AN, BN
2018 Improving Memory Inhibition: A Study of Retrieval Induced Forgetting, Executive Control, and Chronic Aerobic Exercise. ---
2018 It's in the details: The role of selective discussion in forgetting of children's autobiographical memories. ---
2018 Retrieval-Induced Forgetting in a Pentylenetetrazole-Induced Epilepsy Model in the Rat. ---
10  2018 The Influence of Trauma on Autobiographical Memory in the Assessment of Somatoform Disorders According to DSM IV Criteria. DF, DRM, HS, NSE, PD, PHA, SLESQ-R, SSAS
11  2017 Episodic Memory and Age-Related Deficits in Inhibitory Effectiveness. ---
12  2017 Memorable objects are more susceptible to forgetting: Evidence for the inhibitory account of retrieval-induced forgetting. ---
13  2016 Competition dependence of retrieval-induced forgetting in motor memory. ---
14  2016 Competitive Semantic Memory Retrieval: Temporal Dynamics Revealed by Event-Related Potentials. ERP
15  2016 How motor practice shapes memory: retrieval but not extra study can cause forgetting. ---
16  2016 Retrieval-induced versus context-induced forgetting: Does retrieval-induced forgetting depend on context shifts? ---
17  2016 Retrieval-practice task affects relationship between working memory capacity and retrieval-induced forgetting. SSRTs, WMC
18  2016 When remembering the past suppresses memory for future actions. PM
19  2015 Categorization by movement direction: retrieval-induced forgetting of motor sequences grouped by motion features. ---
20  2015 Individual differences in retrieval-induced forgetting affect the impact of frontal dysfunction on retrieval-induced forgetting. DLPFC, tDCS
21  2015 Initial retrieval shields against retrieval-induced forgetting. Nrp
22  2015 Low involvement of preexisting associations makes retrieval-induced forgetting long lasting. ---
23  2015 Neural Differentiation Tracks Improved Recall of Competing Memories Following Interleaved Study and Retrieval Practice. ---
24  2015 Retrieval-induced forgetting of multiplication facts and identity rule. ---
25  2015 The relationship between thought suppression and retrieval-induced forgetting: an analysis of witness memories. WBSI
26  2015 The role of warnings in younger and older adults' retrieval-induced forgetting. ---
27  2014 Effect of circadian rhythms on retrieval-induced forgetting. ---
28  2014 Electrophysiological correlates of competitor activation predict retrieval-induced forgetting. ERPs
29  2014 Failure to observe renewal following retrieval-induced forgetting. ---
30  2014 Finding retrieval-induced forgetting in recognition tests: a case for baseline memory strength. ---
31  2014 Forgetting motor programmes: retrieval dynamics in procedural memory. SFMs
32  2014 Human memory retrieval and inhibitory control in the brain: beyond correlational evidence. tDCS
33  2014 Noncompetitive retrieval practice causes retrieval-induced forgetting in cued recall but not in recognition. ---
34  2014 Obsessed not to forget: lack of retrieval-induced suppression effect in obsessive-compulsive disorder. OCD
35  2014 Retrieval-induced forgetting under psychosocial stress: no reduction by delayed stress and beta-adrenergic blockade. ---
36  2014 Reward eliminates retrieval-induced forgetting. ---
37  2014 The hippocampus, medial prefrontal cortex, and selective memory retrieval: evidence from a rodent model of the retrieval-induced forgetting effect. mPFC
38  2014 The role of exemplar typicality and encoding strategies in category retrieval-induced forgetting. ---
39  2013 Auditory distraction eliminates retrieval induced forgetting: implications for the processing of unattended sound. ---
40  2013 Contextual match and cue-independence of retrieval-induced forgetting: Testing the prediction of the model by Norman, Newman, and Detre (2007). ---
41  2013 Failures to replicate hyper-retrieval-induced forgetting in arithmetic memory. ---
42  2013 Induced forgetting and reduced confidence in our personal past? The consequences of selectively retrieving emotional autobiographical memories. ---
43  2013 Interference resolution in retrieval-induced forgetting: behavioral evidence for a nonmonotonic relationship between interference and forgetting. ---
44  2013 On the status of cue independence as a criterion for memory inhibition: evidence against the covert blocking hypothesis. ---
45  2013 Putting retrieval-induced forgetting in context: an inhibition-free, context-based account. ---
46  2013 Retrieval-induced forgetting in recall: competitor interference revisited. ---
47  2013 Retrieval-induced forgetting of words with negative emotionality. ---
48  2013 Stress eliminates retrieval-induced forgetting--does the oral application of cortisol? ---
49  2013 The motivational dynamics of retrieval-induced forgetting: a test of cognitive energetics theory. CET
50  2013 The representation of response effector and response location in episodic memory for newly acquired actions: evidence from retrieval-induced forgetting. ---
51  2012 Evidence against associative blocking as a cause of cue-independent retrieval-induced forgetting. ---
52  2012 Forgetting in context: the effects of age, emotion, and social factors on retrieval-induced forgetting. ---
53  2012 Forgetting the unforgotten affective autobiographical memories in nonclinical dissociators. ---
54  2012 Incidental retrieval-induced forgetting of location information. ---
55  2012 Less we forget: retrieval cues and release from retrieval-induced forgetting. ---
56  2012 Memory inhibition, aging, and the executive deficit hypothesis. ---
57  2012 Retrieval-induced forgetting after trauma: a study with victims of sexual assault. ---
58  2012 Retrieval-induced forgetting in old and very old age. ---
59  2012 Retrieval-induced forgetting of arithmetic facts. ---
60  2012 Retrieval-induced forgetting, delay, and sleep. ---
61  2012 Retrieval-induced forgetting: testing the competition assumption of inhibition theory. ---
62  2012 The effect of practice on the recall of salient information in obsessive-compulsive disorder. NRp, OCD
63  2012 The relationship between retrieval-induced forgetting, anxiety, and personality. ACT
64  2011 Individual differences in working memory capacity predict retrieval-induced forgetting. WMC
65  2011 Prefrontal dopamine and the dynamic control of human long-term memory. COMT, RP
66  2011 Retrieval-induced forgetting in recognition is absent under time pressure. ---
67  2011 Retrieval-induced forgetting of performed and observed bizarre and familiar actions. ---
68  2011 Semantic integration as a boundary condition on inhibitory processes in episodic retrieval. ---
69  2010 Retrieval-induced forgetting in young children. ---
70  2010 Theta oscillations predict the detrimental effects of memory retrieval. ---
71  2010 [Competition-dependence on retrieval-induced forgetting: the influence of the amount of retrieval cues]. ---
72  2009 Inhibition and retrieval of facts in young and older adults. ---
73  2009 Inhibitory processes in memory are impaired in schizophrenia: evidence from retrieval induced forgetting. ---
74  2009 Retrieval-induced forgetting and executive control. ---
75  2009 Script knowledge modulates retrieval-induced forgetting for eyewitness events. ---
76  2009 Target strength and retrieval-induced forgetting in semantic recall. ---
77  2009 When stereotype knowledge prevents retrieval-induced forgetting. ---
78  2008 Nicotine effects on retrieval-induced forgetting are not attributable to changes in arousal. ---
79  2008 Retrieval-induced forgetting in normal ageing. ---
80  2007 A neural network model of retrieval-induced forgetting. ---
81  2007 Effects of repeated retrieval of central and peripheral details in complex emotional slides. ---
82  2007 Reconsolidation of declarative memory in humans. ---
83  2007 The role of retrieval inhibition in the associative memory impairment of schizophrenia. ---
84  2006 Retrieval-induced forgetting in perceptually driven memory tests. ---
85  2006 Retrieval-induced forgetting of autobiographical memory details. ---
86  2006 The effect of practice on recall of negative material in dysphoria. ---
87  2005 Retrieval-induced forgetting in recall and recognition of thematically related and unrelated sentences. ---
88  2005 Retrieval-induced forgetting in schizophrenia. SZ
89  2005 Retrieval-induced forgetting is inversely related to everyday cognitive failures. CFQ
90  2004 Effects of multiplication practice on product verification: integrated structures model or retrieval-induced forgetting? ---
91  2003 Disruption of inhibitory control of memory following lesions to the frontal and temporal lobes. DF
92  2003 Separate and combined effects of scopolamine and nicotine on retrieval-induced forgetting. DAT
93  2002 Retrieval-induced forgetting in Alzheimer's disease. AD, CG