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Abbreviation : RMSE
Long Form : root mean square error
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 3-Dimensional optical scanning for body composition assessment: A 4-component model comparison of four commercially available scanners. 3DO, CCC, FFM, FM
2020 3D Localization for Light-Field Microscopy via Convolutional Sparse Coding on Epipolar Images. CSC, EPI, LFM
2020 A Calibration Procedure for Field and UAV-Based Uncooled Thermal Infrared Instruments. UAV
2020 A Capillary-Perfused, Nanocalorimeter Platform for Thermometric Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay with Femtomole Sensitivity. Ea, InF, TELISA
2020 A combination method for multicriteria uncertainty analysis and parameter estimation: a case study of Chaohu Lake in Eastern China. MUAPE, RE
2020 A comparative study of two methods to predict the incidence of hepatitis B in Guangxi, China. ARIMA, ElmanNN, HB, MAE
2020 A comparison of Bayesian and frequentist methods in random-effects network meta-analysis of binary data. SUCRAs
2020 A Data Fusion Modeling Framework for Retrieval of Land Surface Temperature from Landsat-8 and Modis Data. LST, SSIM
2020 A deep learning approach for prediction of Parkinson's disease progression. DNN, MAE, PCA, PD, UPDRS
10  2020 A deep learning approach to predict visual field using optical coherence tomography. mGCIPL, OCT, pRNFL
11  2020 A deep neural network combined with molecular fingerprints (DNN-MF) to develop predictive models for hydroxyl radical rate constants of water contaminants. DNN, DNN-MF, MF, QSARs
12  2020 A Dynamic Model for Strategies and Dynamics of Plant Water-Potential Regulation Under Drought Conditions. ---
13  2020 A generalized linear stochastic model for lake level prediction. GLSM
14  2020 A generalized predictive model for TiO2-Catalyzed photo-degradation rate constants of water contaminants through artificial neural network. ANN, MF
15  2020 A hybrid air quality early-warning framework: An hourly forecasting model with online sequential extreme learning machines and empirical mode decomposition algorithms. AI, ICEEMDAN, IMFs, MAE, MAE, MAE, MLR, OS-ELM, WI
16  2020 A hybrid approach to estimating long-term and short-term exposure levels of ozone at the national scale in China using land use regression and Bayesian maximum entropy. BME, LUR
17  2020 A Learning-Enhanced Two-Pair Spatiotemporal Reflectance Fusion Model for GF-2 and GF-1 WFV Satellite Data. AAD, CC, ERGAS, ESTARFM, GF-1 WFV, GF-2 MS, PSNR, SAM, SPSTFM, SSIM, STARFM
18  2020 A machine learning based prediction system for the Indian Ocean Dipole. ANNs, IOD, NMME
19  2020 A Modified Bayesian Framework for Multi-Sensor Target Tracking with Out-of-Sequence-Measurements. FTD, IR, OOSMs
20  2020 A multi-resolution air temperature model for France from MODIS and Landsat thermal data. LST, MAE, Ta, Tmin
21  2020 A network-based toolkit for evaluation and intercomparison of weather prediction and climate modeling. CONUS, MAE
22  2020 A New Equation for Calculation of Low-Density Lipoprotein Cholesterol in Patients With Normolipidemia and/or Hypertriglyceridemia. LDL-C, MAD, TG
23  2020 A novel approach to forecast global CO2 emission using Bat and Cuckoo optimization algorithms. BA-GCO_2, COA-GCO_2, MAE, MSE
24  2020 A Novel Feature Selection Approach Based on Tree Models for Evaluating the Punching Shear Capacity of Steel Fiber-Reinforced Concrete Flat Slabs. CART, FS, RF, RT, SFRC
25  2020 A novel fuzzy Wiener-based nonlinear modelling for engineering applications. ARMA, FIT, IT2FSs, IT2TSK
26  2020 A Novel Hybrid Model Based on a Feedforward Neural Network and One Step Secant Algorithm for Prediction of Load-Bearing Capacity of Rectangular Concrete-Filled Steel Tube Columns. CFST, FNN, MAE, OSS
27  2020 A novel Hybrid Wavelet-Locally Weighted Linear Regression (W-LWLR) Model for Electrical Conductivity (EC) Prediction in Surface Water. ARIMA, DWT, EC, MLR, SVR, W-ARIMA, W-LWLR, W-MLR, W-SVR
28  2020 A novel method of calculating stroke volume using point-of-care echocardiography. BSA, CO, FREEs, LOAs, LVOTd, mBSA, PE, POC-TTE, SV, VTI
29  2020 A novel modeling approach for a generalizable photo-Fenton-based degradation of organic compounds. EMs, FPMs, PPS, TOC
30  2020 A Novel Quantitative Spasticity Evaluation Method Based on Surface Electromyogram Signals and Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Inference System. MAS, sEMG, TSRT
31  2020 A Novel Roll and Pitch Estimation Approach for a Ground Vehicle Stability Improvement Using a Low Cost IMU. CF, GPS, IMU, KF
32  2020 A novel scaling methodology to reduce the biases associated with missing data from commercial activity monitors. TDEE
33  2020 A Novel Sensorised Insole for Sensing Feet Pressure Distributions. ---
34  2020 A Simple Low-Cost Wearable Sensor for Long-Term Ambulatory Monitoring of Knee Joint Kinematics. ---
35  2020 A System for Simple Robotic Walking Assistance With Linear Impulses at the Center of Mass. COM, PID
36  2020 A unified machine-learning protocol for asymmetric catalysis as a proof of concept demonstration using asymmetric hydrogenation. ML, RF
37  2020 A Wrist-worn Respiration Monitoring Device using Bio-Impedance. OSA
38  2020 Accuracy improvement of phase estimation in electron holography using noise reduction methods. WHMM
39  2020 Accuracy of Guided Implant Surgery in 25 Edentulous Arches: A Laboratory Observational Study. STL
40  2020 Accuracy of image data stream of a markerless motion capture system in determining the local dynamic stability and joint kinematics of human gait. pr
41  2020 Accuracy of real-time respiratory motion tracking and time delay of gating radiotherapy based on optical surface imaging technique. OSI, PCC, SGRT
42  2020 Accuracy of Trained Physicians is Inferior to Deep Learning-Based Algorithm for Determining Angles in Ultrasound of the Newborn Hip. CNN
43  2020 Active learning for efficiently training emulators of computationally expensive mathematical models. MAX
44  2020 Adaptive respiratory signal prediction using dual multi-layer perceptron neural networks. MLPNN, RPM
45  2020 Adversarial Networks for Scale Feature-Attention Spectral Image Reconstruction from a Single RGB. GAN, ICVL, SAPUNet, SAPWNet
46  2020 Agreement between equations-estimated resting metabolic rate and indirect calorimetry-estimated resting metabolic rate in low-income obese women. RMR
47  2020 Altimetry-derived surface water data assimilation over the Nile Basin. EnKF
48  2020 An Approach towards Increasing Prediction Accuracy for the Recovery of Missing IoT Data Based on the GRNN-SGTM Ensemble. GRNN, MAPE, SGTM
49  2020 An Automatic Baseline Correction Method Based on the Penalized Least Squares Method. asPLS
50  2020 An Estimation Model for Cardiorespiratory Fitness in Adults with Rheumatoid Arthritis. BMI, CRF, eCRF, RA, RHR
51  2020 An Evaluation of Posture Recognition Based on Intelligent Rapid Entire Body Assessment System for Determining Musculoskeletal Disorders. CPM, REBA
52  2020 An Evaluation of Three Kinematic Methods for Gait Event Detection Compared to the Kinetic-Based 'Gold Standard'. CBTA, CBTA, FVA, GEDM, IC, SK, TC
53  2020 An Exploration of Machine-Learning Estimation of Ground Reaction Force from Wearable Sensor Data. BW, GRF
54  2020 An improved similarity-based approach to predicting and mapping soil organic carbon and soil total nitrogen in a coastal region of northeastern China. BRT, GWR, ISA, MAE, RD, RK, SOC, STN
55  2020 An Integrated Fuzzy C-Means Method for Missing Data Imputation Using Taxi GPS Data. FCM, GA, GPS, ITS, RA
56  2020 An invitro and in silico investigation of human pregnane X receptor agonistic activity of poly- and perfluorinated compounds using the heuristic method-best subset and comparative similarity indices analysis. AD, CoMSIA, HM-BSM, hPXR, PFCs, QSAR
57  2020 Antral contraction rate estimation from dynamic antral scintigraphy using Hilbert-Huang transform. ACR, DAS, FT, HHT, SD
58  2020 Application of Artificial Neural Network Over Nickel-Based Catalyst for Combined Steam-Carbon Dioxide of Methane Reforming (CSDRM). ANN, CSDRM, MAE, MAPE, MSE
59  2020 Application of hybrid artificial intelligence model to predict coal strength alteration during CO2 geological sequestration in coal seams. AdaBoost, BPNN, GA, MAE, MAPE, MIV, UCS
60  2020 Application of spatial analysis to investigate contribution of VOCs to photochemical ozone creation. BTEXs, INLA-SPDE, MAE, RH
61  2020 Applying a data-driven approach to quantify EEG maturational deviations in preterms with normal and abnormal neurodevelopmental outcomes. EEG
62  2020 Artificial intelligence models to predict acute phytotoxicity in petroleum contaminated soils. ANN, MAE, SVM, TPH
63  2020 Artificial intelligence models versus empirical equations for modeling monthly reference evapotranspiration. AI, ANN, ETo, NSE, PCC, RH, Rs, SVR, SVR-GA, SVR-PSO, WI
64  2020 Artificial intelligence system can achieve comparable results to experts for bone age assessment of Chinese children with abnormal growth and development. AI, BA, GP, MAD
65  2020 Artificial Neural Network (ANN) Approach to Predict an Optimized pH-Dependent Mesalamine Matrix Tablet. ANN, DCP, MLP, QP
66  2020 Artificial neural network for modeling formulation and drug permeation of topical patches containing diclofenac sodium. ANN, CTS, DS, KC
67  2020 Assessing heavy metal concentrations in earth-cumulic-orthic-anthrosols soils using Vis-NIR spectroscopy transform coupled with chemometrics. DRS, PLSR, RPD, SE, Vis-NIR
68  2020 Assessing Soil Organic Matter Content in a Coal Mining Area through Spectral Variables of Different Numbers of Dimensions. PCA, RF, RPIQ, SOM, Vis-NIR
69  2020 Assessing the biochemical oxygen demand using neural networks and ensemble tree approaches in South Korea. BOD, COD, Deep ESN, DO, EC, ELM, GBRT, NSE, RF, SS, TN, TP, WT
70  2020 Assessing the ecotoxicity of ionic liquids on Vibrio fischeri using electrostatic potential descriptors. ELM, ILs
71  2020 Assessment of Ordinary Kriging and Inverse Distance Weighting Methods for Modeling Chromium and Cadmium Soil Pollution in E-Waste Sites in Douala, Cameroon. Cd, Cr, e-waste, IDW, OK
72  2020 Assessment of the glomerular filtration rate (GFR) in kidney transplant recipients using Bayesian estimation of the iohexol clearance. BM, GFR, GFRref, PK, POPPK
73  2020 Assisting Vascular Surgery with Smartphone Augmented Reality. ARAS, HGOT, SOT
74  2020 Associations of Body Mass Index with Demographics, Lifestyle, Food Intake, and Mental Health among Postpartum Women: A Structural Equation Approach. BMI, MPE, MSE, SEM
75  2020 Automated differentiation of benign renal oncocytoma and chromophobe renal cell carcinoma on computed tomography using deep learning. AI, chRCC, CNNs, PEER
76  2020 Automated measurement of fat infiltration in the hip abductors from Dixon magnetic resonance imaging. FF, GMax, GMed, GMin, TFL
77  2020 Automatic Generation of Flexible-Monomer Intermolecular Potential Energy Surfaces. PESs
78  2020 Automatic segment filtering procedure for processing non-stationary signals. ABP, ASFP
79  2020 Basal Energy Expenditure of Chinese Healthy Adults: Comparison of Measured and Predicted Values. BEE, CCC, HB, mBEE
80  2020 Benchmarking machine learning algorithms on blood glucose prediction for Type 1 Diabetes in comparison with classical time-series models. ARX, BG, ESOD, LSTM, ML, T1D, TCN, TG
81  2020 Biomedical Image Denoising Based on Hybrid Optimization Algorithm and Sequential Filters. DICOM, PSNR, SSIM
82  2020 Blood glucose concentration prediction based on kernel canonical correlation analysis with particle swarm optimization and error compensation. CCA, CGMS, PH, PSO
83  2020 Brain volume loss in individuals over time: Source of variance and limits of detectability. MDC, MRI, PBVC, SEM
84  2020 C-arm orbits for metal artifact avoidance (MAA) in cone-beam CT. CBCT, FBP, FOV, MAA, MAR, MBIR
85  2020 Calculation of the inner-shell contribution to the correlation energy through DLPNO-CEPA/1 and scaled same-spin second-order Moller-Plesset perturbation theory. CEPA, DLPNO
86  2020 Calibration and validation of the DNDC model to estimate nitrous oxide emissions and crop productivity for a summer maize-winter wheat double cropping system in Hebei, China. DNDC, nRMSE, RD, WFPS
87  2020 Calibration models database of near infrared spectroscopy to predict agricultural soil fertility properties. Ca, NIRS, PCR, PLSR, RPD
88  2020 Can We Predict Usage of Dental Services? An Analysis from Germany 2000 to 2015. PPDs
89  2020 Capability and robustness of novel hybridized models used for drought hazard modeling in southeast Queensland, Australia. ANFIS, AUC, RDR, RDSM
90  2020 Cardiac cine CT approaching 1mSv: implementation and assessment of a 58-ms temporal resolution protocol. LV
91  2020 Cardiorespiratory fitness estimation from heart rate and body movement in daily life. CRF, HR, TEE
92  2020 Characterization and potential applications of a dual-layer flat-panel detector. a-Si, CNR, DE, DL, FPD, SE, VM
93  2020 Characterization of arterial plaque composition with dual energy computed tomography: a simulation study. CT
94  2020 Characterization of feeding behavior traits in steers with divergent residual feed intake consuming a high-concentrate diet. ADG, BV, BW, DMI, HD, RFI
95  2020 CNN-Based Estimation of Sagittal Plane Walking and Running Biomechanics From Measured and Simulated Inertial Sensor Data. GRFs
96  2020 Combination of Multivariate Standard Addition Technique and Deep Kernel Learning Model for Determining Multi-Ion in Hydroponic Nutrient Solution. CVs, DKL, FE, FE, ISEs
97  2020 Combined Use of Sentinel-1 SAR and Landsat Sensors Products for Residual Soil Moisture Retrieval over Agricultural Fields in the Upper Blue Nile Basin, Ethiopia. ANN, MAE, RSM, UBN, WCM
98  2020 Comparative evaluation of linear and nonlinear weather-based models for coconut yield prediction in the west coast of India. ANN, APE, ELNET, LASSO, PCA-SMLR, SMLR
99  2020 Comparative study of artificial neural network (ANN), adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system (ANFIS) and multiple linear regression (MLR) for modeling of Cu (II) adsorption from aqueous solution using biochar derived from rambutan (Nephelium lappaceum) peel. ANFIS, ANN, MAE, MLR
100  2020 Comparing Single-Objective Optimization Protocols for Calibrating the Birds Nest Aquifer Model-A Problem Having Multiple Local Optima. DRB, GWO, PSO