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Abbreviation : ROK
Long Form : Republic of Korea
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 A new Korean Research Investment for Global Health Technology (RIGHT) Fund to advance innovative neglected-disease technologies. RIGHT
2020 Annual Disease Experience by Type and Correlations with Unmet Healthcare Needs among ROK Military Personnel. CI, OR
2020 Associations between earplug use and hearing loss in ROK military personnel. MND, NIHL
2020 Characteristics of Klebsiella pneumoniae Isolates from Stool Samples of Patients with Liver Abscess Caused by Hypervirulent K. pneumoniae. hvKP, ST
2020 Disparities in Age-specific Morbidity and Mortality From SARS-CoV-2 in China and the Republic of Korea. ---
2020 Distribution of 239,240Pu in marine products from the seas around the Korean Peninsula after the Fukushima nuclear power plant accident. CFs, IAEA, NPP, TF, ww
2020 Fighting the COVID-19 pandemic: onsite mass workplace testing for COVID-19 in the Republic of Korea. COVID-19
2020 First glimpse into the origin and spread of the Asian longhorned tick, Haemaphysalis longicornis, in the United States. ALT, KOT, US
2020 Genetic diversity and phylogeography of Jeju Orthohantavirus (Hantaviridae) in the Republic of Korea. ---
10  2020 How lessons learned from the 2015 MERS outbreak affected the effective response to the COVID-19 epidemic in the Republic of Korea. COVID-19, MERS
11  2020 Identification of Zoonotic Tick-Borne Pathogens from Korean Water Deer (Hydropotes inermis argyropus). ankA, msp4, rRNA, TBDs, TBPs
12  2020 Investigation of glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase (G6PD) deficiency prevalence in a Plasmodium vivax-endemic area in the Republic of Korea (ROK). G6PD, Hb
13  2020 Molecular and Serological Investigation of Severe Fever with Thrombocytopenia Syndrome Virus in Cats. SFTS, SFTSV
14  2020 Molecular surveillance of viral pathogens associated with diarrhea in pre-weaned Korean native calves. BCoV, BNoV, BoRV-A, BToV
15  2020 Phylogenetic analysis of severe fever with thrombocytopenia syndrome virus in Korean water deer (Hydropotes inermis argyropus) in the Republic of Korea. SFTS
16  2020 Sarcopenia and Hip-Structure Analysis Variables in Korean Elderly Population. HSA, SMI
17  2020 Support from superiors reduces depression in Republic of Korea military officers. ---
18  2020 The impact of social distancing and public behavior changes on COVID-19 transmission dynamics in the Republic of Korea. ---
19  2020 Trends in Incidence and Treatment of Herniated Lumbar Disc in Republic of Korea : A Nationwide Database Study. HLD, OD
20  2020 Trends in skin prick test according to seasons: Results of a Korean multi-center study. SPT
21  2020 Vitamin C supplementation reduces the odds of developing a common cold in Republic of Korea Army recruits: randomised controlled trial. ---
22  2020 [Secondary Publication] Standard Operating Procedure for Post-mortem Inspection in a Focus on Coronavirus Disease-19: the Korean Society for Legal Medicine. COVID-19, KSLM, SARS-CoV-2
23  2019 Development of a Quantitative RT-PCR Assay to Differentiate Rift Valley Fever Virus Smithburn Vaccine Strain from Clone 13 Vaccine Strain. RVF
24  2019 Economic Impact of the 2015 MERS Outbreak on the Republic of Korea's Tourism-Related Industries. MERS
25  2019 Epidemiologic study on changes in occurrence of hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome in Republic of Korea for 17 years according to age group: 2001-2017. HFRS, IHV
26  2019 Epidemiological, clinical, and microbiological characteristics of carbapenemase-producing Enterobacteriaceae bloodstream infection in the Republic of Korea. BSIs, CPE
27  2019 Evidence of bluetongue virus circulation in farmed and free-ranging cervids from the Republic of Korea: A retrospective cross-sectional study. BTV
28  2019 Genetic analysis of bovine viral diarrhea virus in pre-weaned native Korean calves. BVDV
29  2019 Genetic characteristics and analysis of a novel rotavirus G3P[22] identified in diarrheic feces of Korean rabbit. LRV, RVAs
30  2019 Metagenomic Analysis Reveals Three Novel and Prevalent Mosquito Viruses from a Single Pool of Aedes vexans nipponii Collected in the Republic of Korea. RdRp, RT-PCR, YBV1, YPLV3, YSLV1
31  2019 Molecular detection of viruses causing hemorrhagic fevers in rodents in the south-west of Korea. HFRS, RT-nPCR, SFTS
32  2019 Notified Incidence of Tuberculosis in Foreign-born Individuals in Jeju Province, Republic of Korea. MDR, NITFBI, RR
33  2019 Prevalence and molecular characterization of Cryptosporidium and Giardia in pre-weaned native calves in the Republic of Korea. bg
34  2019 Prevalence of Orientia tsutsugamushi, Anaplasma phagocytophilum and Leptospira interrogans in striped field mice in Gwangju, Republic of Korea. A. agrarius
35  2019 Prevalence of Severe Fever with Thrombocytopenia Syndrome Virus in Ticks Collected from National Parks in Korea. SFTS, SFTSV
36  2019 Suicide and the standardized mortality ratio among Republic of Korea Armed Forces personnel, 2011-2016. SMRs
37  2019 The effects of past SARS experience and proximity on declines in numbers of travelers to the Republic of Korea during the 2015 MERS outbreak: A retrospective study. ---
38  2019 The risk of active tuberculosis among individuals living in tuberculosis-affected households in the Republic of Korea, 2015. AFB, LTBI, TB
39  2018 Adult invasive pneumococcal disease in the Republic of Korea: Risk medical conditions and mortality stratified by age group. IPD
40  2018 Bluetongue Virus Antibodies in Domestic Goats: A Countrywide and Retrospective Study in the Republic of Korea. BTV
41  2018 Cluster of vivax malaria in U.S. soldiers training near the demilitarized zone, Republic of Korea during 2015. DMZ
42  2018 Colonization and Maintenance of Anopheles belenrae and Anopheles pullus From the Republic Of Korea. PCR
43  2018 Enhancing 'Whole-of-Government' Response to Biological Events in Korea: Able Response 2014. AR, AR14, BSP, US
44  2018 First report of Anaplasma phagocytophilum infection in Holstein cattle in the Republic of Korea. ---
45  2018 Health Care Burden of Spinal Diseases in the Republic of Korea: Analysis of a Nationwide Database From 2012 Through 2016. ---
46  2018 Identification of a new bovine viral diarrhea virus subtype in the Republic of Korea. BVDV
47  2018 Identification of zoonotic Giardia duodenalis in Korean native calves with normal feces. ---
48  2018 Malaria control and chemoprophylaxis policy in the Republic of Korea Armed Forces for the previous 20years (1997-2016). DMZ, MND
49  2018 Molecular characterization of Haemaphysalis longicornis-borne rickettsiae, Republic of Korea and China. ---
50  2018 Molecular detection of Anaplasma bovis in Holstein cattle in the Republic of Korea. ---
51  2018 Monitoring and Control of Aedes albopictus, a Vector of Zika Virus, Near Residences of Imported Zika Virus Patients during 2016 in South Korea. KCDC, TIs, ZIKV
53  2018 Prevalence of antibodies against severe fever with thrombocytopenia syndrome virus in shelter dogs in the Republic of Korea. SFTSV
54  2018 Prevalence of severe fever with thrombocytopenia syndrome virus in black goats (Capra hircus coreanae) in the Republic of Korea. SFTSV
55  2018 Semi-quantitative assessment of disease risks at the human, livestock, wildlife interface for the Republic of Korea using a nationwide survey of experts: A model for other countries. ---
56  2018 Urban Rodent Surveillance, Climatic Association, and Genomic Characterization of Seoul Virus Collected at U.S. Army Garrison, Seoul, Republic of Korea, 2006-2010. SEOV, USAG
57  2017 A novel flavivirus detected in two Aedes spp. collected near the demilitarized zone of the Republic of Korea. ABFVs, CDS, DMZ, ILOV, PANFV
58  2017 Association Between Personal Protective Equipment Use and Injury Occurrence Among the Republic of Korea Armed Forces. PPE, RR
59  2017 Clinical Features of Influenza and Acute Respiratory Illness in Older Adults at Least 50 Years of Age in an Outpatient Setting in the Republic of Korea: a Prospective, Observational, Cohort Study. ARI, GSK, LCI
60  2017 Diversity of vir Genes in Plasmodium vivax from Endemic Regions in the Republic of Korea: an Initial Evaluation. HD, VSAs
61  2017 Dynamic Circulation and Genetic Exchange of a Shrew-borne Hantavirus, Imjin virus, in the Republic of Korea. ---
62  2017 Estimating and modelling the transmissibility of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome CoronaVirus during the 2015 outbreak in the Republic of Korea. CI, MERS-CoV
63  2017 Francisella-Like Endosymbiont Detected in Haemaphysalis Ticks (Acari: Ixodidae) From the Republic of Korea. ---
64  2017 Genetic characterization of Theileria orientalis from cattle in the Republic of Korea. MPSP
65  2017 Hantavirus surveillance and genetic diversity targeting small mammals at Camp Humphreys, a US military installation and new expansion site, Republic of Korea. Cp, HTNV
66  2017 Molecular detection and phylogenetic analysis of severe fever with thrombocytopenia syndrome virus in shelter dogs and cats in the Republic of Korea. SFTSV
67  2017 Molecular detection of Rickettsia species in ticks collected from the southwestern provinces of the Republic of Korea. nPCR, SFGR
70  2017 Seasonal dynamics of Anopheles species at three locations in the Republic of Korea. CH, DD, EIP, GH, WB
71  2017 Sequence-Independent, Single-Primer Amplification Next-Generation Sequencing of Hantaan Virus Cell Culture-Based Isolates. HFRS, HTNV, NGS, RACE, RT-PCR, SISPA
72  2017 The association between perceived unmet medical need and mental health among the Republic of Korea Armed Forces. MHS
73  2017 The influence of sexual harassment on mental health among female military personnel of the Republic of Korea Armed Forces. ANOVA
74  2017 Tick-borne encephalitis in Japan, Republic of Korea and China. TBEV
75  2016 Assessing the impact of meteorological factors on malaria patients in demilitarized zones in Republic of Korea. DMZ
76  2016 Current status of personnel and infrastructure resources for infection prevention and control programs in the Republic of Korea: A national survey. IPC, MDROs
77  2016 Detection of Hantaan virus RNA from anti-Hantaan virus IgG seronegative rodents in an area of high endemicity in Republic of Korea. HFRS, HTNV
78  2016 Detection of Severe Fever with Thrombocytopenia Syndrome Virus from Wild Animals and Ixodidae Ticks in the Republic of Korea. IFA, KWD, MIR, SFTS, SFTSV, WBs
79  2016 Detection of SFTS Virus in Ixodes nipponensis and Amblyomma testudinarium (Ixodida: Ixodidae) Collected From Reptiles in the Republic of Korea. SFTS
80  2016 Distribution of malaria vectors and incidence of vivax malaria at Korean army installations near the demilitarized zone, Republic of Korea. MND, PCR, ROKA
81  2016 Epidemiologic Aspects of Medical Retirement from the Republic of Korea Army due to Visual Impairment. ---
82  2016 Epidemiology and virologic investigation of human enterovirus 71 infection in the Republic of Korea from 2007 to 2012: a nationwide cross-sectional study. EV, HFMD
83  2016 First Isolation of Severe Fever with Thrombocytopenia Syndrome Virus from Haemaphysalis longicornis Ticks Collected in Severe Fever with Thrombocytopenia Syndrome Outbreak Areas in the Republic of Korea. SFTS, SFTSV
84  2016 Further Evidence of Increasing Diversity of Plasmodium vivax in the Republic of Korea in Recent Years. ---
85  2016 Genetic Diversity and Reassortment of Hantaan Virus Tripartite RNA Genomes in Nature, the Republic of Korea. HFRS, HTNV, KCDC
86  2016 Molecular detection of Bartonella spp. in terrestrial leeches (Haemadipsa rjukjuana) feeding on human and animal blood in Gageo-do, Republic of Korea. ---
87  2016 Molecular detection of severe fever with thrombocytopenia syndrome and tick-borne encephalitis viruses in ixodid ticks collected from vegetation, Republic of Korea, 2014. LGTV, MLE, OHFV, POWV, RT-PCR, SFTSV, TBEV
88  2016 Ornithodoros sawaii (Ixodida: Argasidae) Larvae Collected from Hydrobates monorhis on Sogugul and Gaerin Islands, Jeollanam-do (Province), Republic of Korea. ---
89  2016 Prevalence, Isolation and Molecular Characterization of Bartonella Species in Republic of Korea. GDH1, HbpE, ITS, nPCR, rpoB
90  2016 Surveillance of Rift Valley Fever Virus in Mosquito Vectors of the Republic of Korea. RVF, RVFV
91  2016 Syndromic Surveillance System for Korea-US Joint Biosurveillance Portal: Design and Lessons Learned. BSP, MARSS
92  2015 Clinical Markers Associated with Metabolic Syndrome Among Military Aviators. ALT, HDL, MetS, WBC
93  2015 First report of Bluetongue virus isolation in the Republic of Korea and analysis of the complete coding sequence of the segment 2 gene. BTV
94  2015 Intestinal nematodes from small mammals captured near the demilitarized zone, Gyeonggi province, Republic of Korea. DMZ
95  2015 Measles Elimination Activities in the Western Pacific Region: Experience from the Republic of Korea. WHO, WPR
96  2015 Population Genetic Structure of the Malaria Vector Anopheles sinensis (Diptera: Culicidae) Sensu Stricto and Evidence for Possible Introgression in the Republic of Korea. mtDNA, s.s
97  2015 Republic of Korea's Health Aid Governance: Perspectives from Partner Countries. DAC, ODA
98  2015 Seroconversion to Japanese Encephalitis Virus Among U.S. Infantry Forces in Korea. JEV
99  2015 Summing up the Global Health Security Agenda 2015 High Level Meeting in Seoul. GHSA
100  2015 Trends of Antibiotic Consumption in Korea According to National Reimbursement Data (2008-2012): A Population-Based Epidemiologic Study. DDD