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Abbreviation : RPE
Long Form : rapid palatal expansion
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Class II treatment by palatal miniscrew-system appliance: A case report. ---
2020 Effects of rapid palatal expansion (RPE) and twin block mandibular advancement device (MAD) on pharyngeal structures in Class II pediatric patients from Cluj-Napoca, Romania. MAD
2019 Influence of changing various parameters in miniscrew-assisted rapid palatal expansion: A three-dimensional finite element analysis. FEM
2019 Long-term stability of maxillary and mandibular arch dimensions when using rapid palatal expansion and edgewise mechanotherapy in growing patients. ---
2019 Oral mucosal complications in orthodontic treatment. WSL
2019 Using of modified rapid palate expander with miniscrews in a patient affected by ectodermic dysplasia. ---
2019 [Advance and review: miniscrew-assisted rapid palatal expansion]. MARPE
2019 [Proposal for a clinical diagnosis index in rapid palatal expansion (RPE) in childhood]. ---
2018 Evaluation of bacterial flora composition on teeth and periodontal tissues in patients in treatment with rapid palatal expander. ---
10  2018 Evaluation of the effects of miniscrew incorporation in palatal expanders for young adults using finite element analysis. ---
11  2018 Gait and posture analysis in patients with maxillary transverse discrepancy, before and after RPE. CS
12  2018 Insertion torque values and success rates for paramedian insertion of orthodontic mini-implants : Aretrospective study. OMIs
13  2018 Rapid palatal expansion (RPE): Meta-analysis of long-term effects. ---
14  2018 Rapid Palatal Expansion with the Keles Keyless Expander. KKE
15  2017 Three dimensional evaluation of alveolar bone changes in response to different rapid palatal expansion activation rates. ---
16  2016 A retrospective cephalometric study on pharyngeal airway space changes after rapid palatal expansion and Herbst appliance with or without skeletal anchorage. LA, OA
17  2016 Effect of rapid palatal expansion in early tratment and spontaneous correction of maxillary canine-first premolar transposition. ---
18  2016 Rapid palatal expander vs. quad-helix in the orthodontic treatment of cleft lip and palate patients. CLP, ICC, QH
19  2016 Rapid palatal expansion effects on mandibular transverse dimensions in unilateral posterior crossbite patients: a three-dimensional digital imaging study. ---
20  2016 Stresses in the midpalatal suture in the maxillary protraction therapy: a 3D finite element analysis. ---
21  2016 Three-Dimensional Force Measurements During Rapid Palatal Expansion in Sus scrofa. FEA
22  2015 Comparison of two maxillary protraction protocols: tooth-borne versus bone-anchored protraction facemask treatment. ---
23  2015 Denture-frame modifications in class III patients treated with rapid palatal expansion and facemask: a prospective controlled study. FM, POC
24  2015 Effect of maxillary protraction with alternating rapid palatal expansion and constriction vs expansion alone in maxillary retrusive patients: a single-center, randomized controlled trial. ES, RPE/C
25  2015 Surgically assisted rapid palatal expansion with tent screws and a custom-made palatal expander: a case report. ---
26  2015 The effect of rapid palatal expansion on sleep bruxism in children. EMG, ODI, PSG, RMMA, SB, SDB
27  2015 [A cone-beam computed tomography evaluation of maxillary protraction with repetitive rapid palatal expansions and constrictions]. Ba-A, CBCT, RPE/C
28  2014 Comparison between rapid and slow palatal expansion: evaluation of selected periodontal indices. SPE
29  2014 Salivary Streptococcus Mutans and Lactobacillus spp. levels in patients during rapid palatal expansion. ---
30  2014 Second molar impaction associated with lip bumper therapy. LBs
31  2014 The effects of micro-implant assisted rapid palatal expansion (MARPE) on the nasomaxillary complex--a finite element method (FEM) analysis. CT, FEM, MARPE
32  2014 Ultrasonography in the evaluation of the mid-palatal suture in rapid palatal expansion. USG
33  2013 Metabolic changes of human dental pulp after rapid palatal expansion. AST
34  2012 A computerized photographic method to evaluate changes in head posture and scapular position following rapid palatal expansion: a pilot study. FHP, FSP
35  2012 Measurement of somatosensory-evoked potential to evaluate function of the trigeminal nerve after rapid palatal expansion treatment in a rabbit model. TSEP
36  2010 Activation-deactivation rapid palatal expansion and reverse headgear in Class III cases. RH
37  2010 An orthodontic/orthopedic correction of the Class III malocclusion in young patients with a modified RPE appliance and a facemask. ---
38  2010 Application and effectiveness of a mini-implant- and tooth-borne rapid palatal expansion device: the hybrid hyrax. ---
39  2010 Cone-beam computerized tomography evaluation of the maxillary dentoskeletal complex after rapid palatal expansion. ---
40  2010 Effects of bonded rapid palatal expansion on the transverse dimensions of the maxilla: a cone-beam computed tomography study. CBCT
41  2010 Oropharyngeal airway changes after rapid palatal expansion evaluated with cone-beam computed tomography. CBCT
42  2010 Orthopedic palatal expansion in the treatment of bilateral congenital choanal atresia: an additional tool in the long term follow up of patients? BCCA
43  2010 Pulp vitality after rapid palatal expansion. CT, EPT
44  2010 Three-dimensional computed tomography comparison of the maxillary palatal vault between patients with rapid palatal expansion and orthodontically treated controls. ---
45  2010 [Correlation between circadian rhythm and rapid palatal expansion]. ---
46  2009 CT analysis of nasal volume changes after surgically-assisted rapid maxillary expansion. CT
47  2009 Maxillary Expansion in Cleft Lip and Palate using Quad Helix and Rapid Palatal Expansion Screw. CLP, SPE
48  2009 [Effect of maxillary protraction with or without rapid palatal expansion in treating early skeletal Class III malocclusion]. ---
49  2008 Effects on the sagittal pharyngeal dimensions of protraction and rapid palatal expansion in Class III malocclusion subjects. ---
50  2008 Headache and transverse maxillary discrepancy. ---
51  2008 [A comparison of rapid palatal expansion and Damon appliance on non-extraction correction of dental crowding]. ---
52  2007 Biomechanical effects of rapid palatal expansion on the craniofacial skeleton with cleft palate: a three-dimensional finite element analysis. CLP, CT, FEA
53  2007 Evaluation of cervical posture following palatal expansion: a 12-month follow-up controlled study. ---
54  2007 High-resolution multislice computerized tomography with multiplanar and 3-dimensional reformation imaging in rapid palatal expansion. CT
55  2007 Multitomographic evaluation of the dental effects of two different rapid palatal expansion appliances. ---
56  2006 Changes in pharyngeal aerobic microflora in oral breathers after palatal rapid expansion. ENT
57  2006 Orthodontic and orthopaedic changes associated with treatment in subjects with Class III malocclusions. ---
58  2006 Sagittal airway dimensions following maxillary protraction: a pilot study. ---
59  2005 Maxillary incisor root resorption after rapid palatal expansion in Felis catus. ---
60  2005 Skeletal and dental response to rapid maxillary expansion with 2- versus 4-band appliances. ---
61  2004 Mandibular basal structure response to lip bumper treatment in the transverse dimension. ---
62  2004 Skeletal and dental changes in the sagittal, vertical, and transverse dimensions after rapid palatal expansion. PA
63  2004 [Non-extraction approach using RPE to correct Angle Class I malocclusion with moderate crowding: A cephalometric study]. ---
64  2004 [Rapid palatal expansion for the treatment of maxillary constriction]. ---
65  2002 [Combined rapid palatal expansion (RPE), edgewise technique and protraction headgear in correction of skeletal Class III malocclusion]. PH
66  2000 A histologic and histomorphometric evaluation of pulpal reactions following rapid palatal expansion. ---
67  2000 Case report: Long-term outcome of class II division 1 malocclusion treated with rapid palatal expansion and cervical traction. ---
68  2000 Reports of pain by children undergoing rapid palatal expansion. ---
69  2000 [Rapid maxillary expansion: presentation of 3 clinical cases]. ---
70  1997 Outpatient orthognathic surgery: review of 205 cases. BSSO, HMO, LFI
71  1995 Clinical results of the maxillary protraction in Korean children. ---
72  1994 Biomechanical basis of vertical dimension control during rapid palatal expansion therapy. ---
73  1990 Two-point rapid palatal expansion: an alternate approach to traditional treatment. ---