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Abbreviation : RQA
Long Form : recurrence quantification analysis
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Recurrence analysis of surface pressure characteristics over symmetrical aerofoil. ---
2019 A unified non-linear approach based on recurrence quantification analysis and approximate entropy: application to the classification of heart rate variability of age-stratified subjects. ApEn, HRV, MLPNN, RD, RMSSD, RRi, SVM
2019 Affect variability and predictability: Using recurrence quantification analysis to better understand how the dynamics of affect relate to health. ---
2019 Application of nonlinear methods to discriminate fractionated electrograms in paroxysmal versus persistent atrial fibrillation. AF, CFAE, DET, MMSE, RP, TT
2019 Data mining based approach to study the effect of consumption of caffeinated coffee on the generation of the steady-state visual evoked potential signals. ANN, BCI, CCA, EEG, SSVEP
2019 Determining rhythmicity and determinism of temperature curves in septic and non-septic critically ill patients through chronobiological and recurrence quantification analysis: a pilot study. CBT
2019 Dynamical properties of elemental metabolism distinguish attention deficit hyperactivity disorder from autism spectrum disorder. ADHD, ASD
2019 Epilepsy identification based on EEG signal using RQA method. ---
2019 Recurrence dynamics reveals differential control strategies to maintain balance on sloped surfaces. COP, VTC
10  2019 Recurrence Quantification Analysis for Investigating Atrial Fibrillation Dynamics in a Heterogeneous Simulation Setup. AEGs, AF, DET, DF, LAM, PS, RR, SampEn
11  2019 Recurrence quantification analysis of complex-fractionated electrograms differentiates active and passive sites during atrial fibrillation. AF, CFAEs, CL, Egm-C
12  2019 Recurrence quantification analysis of eye movements during mental imagery. AOI
13  2019 Understanding health management and safety decisions using signal processing and machine learning. ---
14  2018 A jugular vein compression collar prevents alterations of endogenous electrocortical dynamics following blast exposure during special weapons and tactical (SWAT) breacher training. EEG, SWAT
15  2018 A recurrence quantification analysis-based channel-frequency convolutional neural network for emotion recognition from EEG. CFCNN, EEG
16  2018 Automatic Seizure Detection Based on Nonlinear Dynamical Analysis of EEG Signals and Mutual Information. MI
17  2018 Beyond fixation durations: Recurrence quantification analysis reveals spatiotemporal dynamics of infant visual scanning. AOIs
18  2018 Center of Pressure Motion After Calf Vibration Is More Random in Fallers Than Non-fallers: Prospective Study of Older Individuals. COP
19  2018 Characterization of human persistent atrial fibrillation electrograms using recurrence quantification analysis. AEGs, AF, persAF, PVI, RPs
20  2018 Computational Approach to Musical Consonance and Dissonance. ---
21  2018 Detection of traffic incidents using nonlinear time series analysis. RP
22  2018 Dynamical Coordination of Hand Intrinsic Muscles for Precision Grip in Diabetes Mellitus. APB, CRQA, DM, FDI, sEMG
23  2018 Exploiting nonlinearity of the speech production system for voice disorder assessment by recurrence quantification analysis. ---
24  2018 Extended recurrence plot and quantification for noisy continuous dynamical systems. DET, LAM, RP
25  2018 Identification of preterm birth based on RQA analysis of electrohysterograms. EHG, PCA
26  2018 Improving the understanding of sleep apnea characterization using Recurrence Quantification Analysis by defining overall acceptable values for the dimensionality of the system, the delay, and the distance threshold. FAN, HRV
27  2018 Investigating Echo-State Networks Dynamics by Means of Recurrence Analysis. ESNs, RPs
28  2018 Is Bach's brain a Markov chain? Recurrence quantification to assess Markov order for short, symbolic, musical compositions. ---
29  2018 Nonlinear analysis of natural folds using wavelet transforms and recurrence plots. ---
30  2018 Predicting vection and visually induced motion sickness based on spontaneous postural activity. COP, VIMS
31  2018 Recurrence plots for the assessment of patient-ventilator interactions quality during invasive mechanical ventilation. PVI, RPs
32  2018 Recurrence Quantification Analysis at work: Quasi-periodicity based interpretation of gait force profiles for patients with Parkinson disease. ---
33  2018 Recurrence quantification analysis for the identification of burst phase synchronisation. ---
34  2018 Recurrence quantification analysis of radiologists' scanpaths when interpreting mammograms. ---
35  2018 Recurrence quantification analysis of resting state EEG signals in autism spectrum disorder - a systematic methodological exploration of technical and demographic confounders in the search for biomarkers. ASD, EEG, rsEEG, TD
36  2018 Sleep-wake detection using recurrence quantification analysis. PSG
37  2018 Temporal organization of magnetospheric fluctuations unveiled by recurrence patterns in the Dst index. Dst, RNA
38  2018 The variable and chaotic nature of professional golf performance. ---
39  2018 Towards an objective assessment of motor function in sub-acute stroke patients: Relationship between clinical rating scales and instrumental gait stability indexes. SEN
40  2018 Using recurrence plots for the analysis of the nonlinear dynamical response of iron passivation-corrosion processes. RPs
41  2017 A method for quantifying recurrent patterns of local wavefront direction during atrial fibrillation. AF, Egm-C, WD
42  2017 A new approach to analyze data from EEG-based concealed face recognition system. ERP, GA, LDA
43  2017 Classification of mild cognitive impairment EEG using combined recurrence and cross recurrence quantification analysis. CRQA, EC, MCI, NC, RR, STM
44  2017 Recurrence analysis of ant activity patterns. RPs
45  2017 Recurrence quantification analysis to characterize cyclical components of environmental elemental exposures during fetal and postnatal development. CRQA
46  2017 Recurrence Quantification for the Analysis of Coupled Processes in Aging. CRQA
47  2017 Reprint of "A new approach to analyze data from EEG-based concealed face recognition system". ERP, GA, LDA
48  2017 The attractor recurrent neural network based on fuzzy functions: An effective model for the classification of lung abnormalities. ARNN, LS
49  2016 An exploratory analysis of emotion dynamics between mothers and adolescents during conflict discussions. SPAFF
50  2016 Characterization of a transition in the transport dynamics of a diffusive sandpile by means of recurrence quantification analysis. ---
51  2016 Characterizing Fluctuations of Arterial and Cerebral Tissue Oxygenation in Preterm Neonates by Means of Data Analysis Techniques for Nonlinear Dynamical Systems. ACE, FTOE, HR, MESA, MINE, NIRS
52  2016 Feature selection and classification methodology for the detection of knee-joint disorders. ApEn, FDR, FS, GA, LS-SVM, SampEn, VAG
53  2016 Heart rate and blood pressure control in obesity - how to detect early dysregulation? ---
54  2016 Nonlinear dynamics and intermittency in a turbulent reacting wake with density ratio as bifurcation parameter. ---
55  2016 Patient-specific detection of ventricular tachycardia in remote continuous health devices. CUDB, SDAE, VT
56  2016 Prediction of Muscle Fatigue during Minimally Invasive Surgery Using Recurrence Quantification Analysis. MIS
57  2016 Recurrence Quantification Analysis of Sentence-Level Speech Kinematics. ---
58  2016 Synchronization Analysis of Language and Physiology in Human Dyads. CRQA, GSR, MTM, PCA
59  2016 The Impact of Social-Cognitive Stress on Speech Variability, Determinism, and Stability in Adults Who Do and Do Not Stutter. AWNS, AWS, STI
60  2016 The Non-linear Trajectory of Change in Play Profiles of Three Children in Psychodynamic Play Therapy. CPTI
61  2015 A Time Series Approach to Random Number Generation: Using Recurrence Quantification Analysis to Capture Executive Behavior. RNG
62  2015 Evaluation of an Expanded Disability Status Scale (EDSS) modeling strategy in multiple sclerosis. EDSS, MS, RR
63  2015 Influence of repeated effort induced by a 6-min walk test on postural response in older sedentary women. 6MWTs, COP, CTM, ML
64  2015 Nonlinear parameters of surface EMG in schizophrenia patients depend on kind of antipsychotic therapy. AIMS, AP, MI, NIP, PANSS, SAS, sEMG
65  2015 Paradoxical response to an emotional task: trait characteristics and heart-rate dynamics. BIS/BAS, DFA
66  2015 Recurrence quantification analysis and support vector machines for golf handicap and low back pain EMG classification. BF, DET, EMG, EO, Hc, LBP, RF, RR, ST
67  2015 Recurrence quantification analysis applied to spatiotemporal pattern analysis in high-density mapping of human atrial fibrillation. AF, PCA, RP
68  2015 Recurrence quantification analysis of electroencephalograph signals during standard tasks of Waterloo-Stanford group scale of hypnotic susceptibility. EEG, WSGS
69  2015 Recurrence Quantification Analysis of F-Waves and the Evaluation of Neuropathies. ---
70  2015 Recurrence quantification analysis of surface electromyogram supports alterations in motor unit recruitment strategies by anodal transcranial direct current stimulation. tDCS
71  2015 The effects of body posture and temperament on heart rate variability in dairy cows. HF, HR, HRV, HT, LF, SDNN
72  2014 An evaluating method for autonomic nerve activity by means of estimating the consistency of heart rate variability and QT variability. ANS, HRV, MI, QTV
73  2014 An online sleep apnea detection method based on recurrence quantification analysis. HRV
74  2014 Characterization of local complex structures in a recurrence plot to improve nonlinear dynamic discriminant analysis. DLR, DSMD, RPs
75  2014 Dynamical characteristics of surface EMG signals of hand grasps via recurrence plot. ANFIS, sEMG
76  2014 Linear and nonlinear analysis of normal and CAD-affected heart rate signals. ApEn, CAD, DFA, ECG, EMD, HOS, HR, SampEn
77  2014 One month of contemporary dance modulates fractal posture in aging. CD, DFA, SDA
78  2014 Surface EMG parameters in schizophrenia patients. MI, sEMG
79  2014 Temporal dynamics of eye movements are related to differences in scene complexity and clutter. ---
80  2014 Toward a dynamical theory of body movement in musical performance. DFA
81  2013 A new framework based on recurrence quantification analysis for epileptic seizure detection. ---
82  2013 Automated identification of normal and diabetes heart rate signals using nonlinear measures. ApEn, DFA, DM, DT, FSC, HRV, k-NN, LLE, LS, PNN, SVM
83  2013 Characterising non-linear dynamics in nocturnal breathing patterns of healthy infants using recurrence quantification analysis. ---
84  2013 Classifying healthy women and preeclamptic patients from cardiovascular data using recurrence and complex network methods. ---
85  2013 Detection of complex fractionated atrial electrograms using recurrence quantification analysis. AF, CFAEs
86  2013 Detection of sleep apnea events via tracking nonlinear dynamic cardio-respiratory coupling from electrocardiogram signals. ECG, OSA, PSG
87  2013 Estimating fall risk with inertial sensors using gait stability measures that do not require step detection. HR, IH, MSE
88  2013 Expanded Disability Status Scale (EDSS) estimation in multiple sclerosis from posturographic data. EDSS, ENT, LL, MS, TT
89  2013 Hypnotic assessment based on the recurrence quantification analysis of EEG recorded in the ordinary state of consciousness. DET, ENT, lows
90  2013 I know it when I quantify it: ecological momentary assessment and recurrence quantification analysis of emotion dysregulation in children with ADHD. ADHD, EMA
91  2013 Investigation of nonlinear pupil dynamics by recurrence quantification analysis. ANS, HDO, RP
92  2013 Nonlinear dynamical structure of sway path during standing in patients with multiple sclerosis and in healthy controls is affected by changes in sensory input and cognitive load. COP, MS
93  2013 Recurrence quantification analysis of eye movements. ---
94  2013 Recurrence quantification analysis of human postural fluctuations in older fallers and non-fallers. COP, ML
95  2013 Research on zheng classification fusing pulse parameters in coronary heart disease. CHD, TCM
96  2012 Application of recurrence quantification analysis to automatically estimate infant sleep states using a single channel of respiratory data. ---
97  2012 EMG-based detection of muscle fatigue during low-level isometric contraction by recurrence quantification analysis and monopolar configuration. BFR, CF, FA
98  2012 Looking for a sequence based allostery definition: a statistical journey at different resolution scales. Cross-RQA, Tanford scale
99  2012 Nonlinear analysis of heart rate variability to assess the reaction of ewe fetuses undergoing fetal cardiac surgery. FCS
100  2012 Recurrence Quantification Analysis as a tool for complex fractionated atrial electrogram discrimination. CFAE