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Abbreviation : RRI
Long Form : R-R interval
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 Associations of fitness and physical activity with orthostatic responses of heart rate and blood pressure at midlife. BP, CRF, MVPA, PA
2019 Baroreflex sensitivity in frailty syndrome. SBP
2019 Does touch matter? The impact of stroking versus non-stroking maternal touch on cardio-respiratory processes in mothers and infants. CT, MVR, RSA
2019 How the insula speaks to the heart: Cardiac responses to insular stimulation in humans. ---
2019 Pulse Arrival Time and Pulse Interval as Accurate Markers to Detect Mechanical Alternans. MA, PAT, PI
2019 The effect of unilateral stroke on autonomic function in the term newborn. MCA
2018 ADARRI: a novel method to detect spurious R-peaks in the electrocardiogram for heart rate variability analysis in the intensive care unit. adRRI, ICU
2018 Association Between Phase Coupling of Respiratory Sinus Arrhythmia and Slow Wave Brain Activity During Sleep. ANS, ARSA, ECG, EEG, HFn, HRV, RSA, SWS
2018 Bispectrum and Histogram Features for the Identification of Atrial Fibrillation Based on Electrocardiogram. AF
10  2018 Deniosing Autoencoder-based Modification of RRI data with Premature Ventricular Contraction for Precise Heart Rate Variability Analysis. DAE, DAERM, ECG, HRV, PVC, RMSE
11  2018 Heart Rate Variability-based Driver Drowsiness Detection and its Validation with EEG. ANS, ECG, EEG, HRV, MSPC
12  2018 Inter and Intra-Rater Reliability of Short-Term Measurement of Heart Rate Variability on Rest in Diabetic Type 2 Patients. HRV, ICC, MDC, SEM, T2DM
13  2018 Missing RRI Interpolation Algorithm based on Locally Weighted Partial Least Squares for Precise Heart Rate Variability Analysis. ANS, ECG, HRV, JIT, LWPLS, LWPLS-RI, RMSE
14  2018 Parasomnia versus epilepsy: An affair of the heart? AUC, CA, FLE, NA, NT, TLE
15  2018 Promising effects of xanthine oxidase inhibition by allopurinol on autonomic heart regulation estimated by heart rate variability (HRV) analysis in rats exposed to hypoxia and hyperoxia. CAT, GPx, HRV, ROS, SOD, TSP, XO
16  2018 Psychophysiological characterization of different capoeira performances in experienced individuals: A randomized controlled trial. BP, FS, HR, PA, RPE
17  2018 R-R Interval Outlier Exclusion Method Based on Statistical ECG Values Targeting HRV Analysis Using Wearable ECG Devices. ECG
18  2018 Spectral fusion-based breathing frequency estimation; experiment on activities of daily living. BF, CPSD, MSV, PSM
19  2018 Transcutaneous Carbon Dioxide Treatment Affects Heart Rate Variability - A Pilot Study. HRV, RMSSD, SDNN
20  2018 Ultra-short-term heart rate variability during resistance exercise in the elderly. HR, HRV, SDNN
21  2017 Are heart rate dynamics in the transition from rest to submaximal exercise related to maximal cardiorespiratory responses in COPD? COPD, HF, HRV, LF
22  2017 Cardiac Autonomic Modulation and the Kinetics of Heart Rate Responses in the On- and Off-Transient during Exercise in Women with Metabolic Syndrome. CPET, HR, HRR, HRV, MS
23  2017 Cardiac Baroreflex Variability and Resetting during Sustained Mild Effort. MSNA, PECO, SBP
24  2017 Cardiovascular and Autonomic Responses to a Maximal Exercise Test in Elite Youngsters. BLa, HR, HRV, RER, RPE
25  2017 Characteristics and Consequences of Non-apneic Respiratory Events During Sleep. CPAP, ECG, PSG, REs, SDB
26  2017 Clinical Validation of Heart Rate Apps: Mixed-Methods Evaluation Study. ANOVA, FDA, HR, NRMSE, PPG, PPI, RMSE
27  2017 Coherence analysis of invasive blood pressure and its noninvasive indicators for improvement of cuffless measurement accuracy. BP, ECG, PIR, PTT, SBP, SSA
28  2017 Dynamic Hilbert warping, a new measure of RR-interval signals evaluated in the cognitive load estimation. CLE, DHW
29  2017 Dynamics of the RR-interval versus blood pressure relationship at exercise onset in humans. CO, MAP, MAPm, TPR
30  2017 Effects of different stresses on cardiac autonomic control and cardiovascular coupling. BRS, CO, CPT, HR, MAT, SV, SVR
31  2017 Estimation of Circadian Body Temperature Rhythm Based on Heart Rate in Healthy, Ambulatory Subjects. MHR
32  2017 Fingolimod initiation in multiple sclerosis patients is associated with potential beneficial cardiovascular autonomic effects. ANOVA, BRS, HF, HR, LF, RESP, RRI-CV, RRI-SD, RRMS
33  2017 Heart rate variability as a biomarker for epilepsy seizure prediction. HF, HR, LF
34  2017 Is heart rate variability (HRV) an adequate tool for evaluating human emotions? - A focus on the use of the International Affective Picture System (IAPS). ANS, HRV, IAPS, SAM
35  2017 Long-Term Follow-Up of Autonomic and Enteric Measures in Patients Undergoing Vertical Banded Gastroplasty for Morbid Obesity. EGG, PAR, VC
36  2017 Reliability evaluation of R-R interval measurement status for time domain heart rate variability analysis with wearable ECG devices. ECGs, HRV
37  2017 SinusCor: an advanced tool for heart rate variability analysis. HRV
38  2016 Analysis of cardiorespiratory phase coupling and cardiovascular autonomic responses during food ingestion. BP, CO, FOOD, GUM, HRV, RSA, WATER
39  2016 Association between Birth Characteristics and Cardiovascular Autonomic Function at Mid-Life. BRS
40  2016 Autonomic control of heart rate during non-linear incremental upper-limb resistance exercise with elastic bands in young healthy female subjects. ---
41  2016 Autonomic Recovery Is Delayed in Chinese Compared with Caucasian following Treadmill Exercise. BRS, CVD, HRV, RMSSD
42  2016 Missing RRI interpolation for HRV analysis using locally-weighted partial least squares regression. ECG, HRV, JIT, LW-PLS
43  2016 Multiscale entropic assessment of autonomic dysfunction in patients with obstructive sleep apnea and therapeutic impact of continuous positive airway pressure treatment. AHI, CPAP, ECG, MSE, OSA, PSG
44  2016 Valsalva maneuver unveils central baroreflex dysfunction with altered blood pressure control in persons with a history of mild traumatic brain injury. BP, BRS, CAD, HF, RESP, RRI-SD, VM, VR
45  2015 A Triphasic Change of Cardiac Autonomic Nervous System During Electroconvulsive Therapy. ECT, HF, HR, LF
46  2015 Cardiovascular and cardiorespiratory phase synchronization in normovolemic and hypovolemic humans. DEH, HUT, SBP
47  2015 Development of sleep apnea syndrome screening algorithm by using heart rate variability analysis and support vector machine. A/N, ECG, HRV, PSG, SAS, SVM
48  2015 Evaluation of Cardiovascular Risk Factors in the Wistar Audiogenic Rat (WAR) Strain. WAR
49  2015 Eyeball Pressure Stimulation Unveils Subtle Autonomic Cardiovascular Dysfunction in Persons with a History of Mild Traumatic Brain Injury. EP, HF, LF, ln, mTBI
50  2015 Relationship between linear and nonlinear dynamics of heart rate and impairment of lung function in COPD patients. ApEn, COPD, HRV, nu
51  2015 Tetraplegia is associated with enhanced peripheral chemoreflex sensitivity and ventilatory long-term facilitation. AIH, LF/HF, RA, SCI
52  2015 Whose clock makes yours tick? How maternal cardiorespiratory physiology influences newborns' heart rate variability. RSA
53  2014 Alteration of the QT variability index in end-stage liver disease. ESLD, QTc, QTVI
54  2014 Correlation between surgical manipulations and the variation of surgeon's heart rate in brain surgery: technical note. ---
55  2014 Correlations between the signal complexity of cerebral and cardiac electrical activity: a multiscale entropy analysis. ECG, EEG, MSE
56  2014 Dynamic cerebral autoregulation is compromised in ischaemic stroke of undetermined aetiology only in the non-affected hemisphere. CA, CBFV, ETCO2, MAP, NIHSS
57  2014 Estimation of parasympathetic nerve function during sleep in patients with obstructive sleep apnea by instantaneous time-frequency analysis. CD, CF, CPAP, DSA, ECG, HF, HRV, NREM, OSA, PN, REM
58  2014 Heart rate recovery after maximal exercise is blunted in hypertensive seniors. BP, CON, HRR, HTN, SV
59  2014 Music induces different cardiac autonomic arousal effects in young and older persons. HF, LF, RESP, TP-RRI
60  2014 Poincare plot analysis of autocorrelation function of RR intervals in patients with acute myocardial infarction. ACF, AMI, LHR, nHFP, nVLFP, PCA
61  2014 Water intake accelerates parasympathetic reactivation after high-intensity exercise. HR, HRR, HRV, WI
62  2013 Arrhythmia risk stratification based on QT interval instability: an intracardiac electrocardiogram study. ECG, ICDs, QTI, QTII
63  2013 Association of estrogen receptor alpha gene polymorphisms with autonomic modulation of heart rate in users and nonusers of oral contraceptives. BP, HF, HR, HRV, LF, OC
64  2013 Autonomic blockade during sinusoidal baroreflex activation proves sympathetic modulation of cerebral blood flow velocity. BP, CBFV, NS
65  2013 Circadian changes of influence of swallowing on heart rate variability with respiratory-phase domain analysis. RSA
66  2013 Effect of upper torso inclination in Fowler's position on autonomic cardiovascular regulation. DBP, LV spectrum, RSA, SBP, sBRS, TV
67  2013 Heart rate variability during sleep and subsequent sleepiness in patients with chronic fatigue syndrome. CFS, DFA, non-REM
68  2013 Multiscale cross-approximate entropy analysis as a measure of complexity among the aged and diabetic. MCE, PTT
69  2013 Selectivity for specific cardiovascular effects of vagal nerve stimulation with a multi-contact electrode cuff. LV, LVC, PQI
70  2013 The factors influence compatibility of pulse-pulse intervals with R-R intervals. CAE, ECG, FFT, LHRPPI, LHRRRI, PPG, PPI
71  2013 The impact of noise on the reliability of heart-rate variability and complexity analysis in trauma patients. LSIs
72  2013 Wearable seismocardiography: towards a beat-by-beat assessment of cardiac mechanics in ambulant subjects. ECG, SCG
73  2013 [Phase and frequency locking of 0.1 Hz oscillations in heart rhythm and baroreflex control of arterial pressure by respiration with linearly varying frequency in healthy subjects]. AP, HR, PPG
74  2012 An R-peak detection method that uses an SVD filter and a search back system. HPF, MA, SVD
75  2012 Autonomic mechanisms associated with heart rate and vasoconstrictor reserves. BRS, HR, HT, LBNP, LT, MSNA, SAP
76  2012 Bivariate phase-rectified signal averaging for assessment of spontaneous baroreflex sensitivity: normalization of the results. BRS, SBP
77  2012 Bivariate point process modeling and joint non-stationary analysis of pulse transit time and heart period. PTT
78  2012 Lack of association of estrogen receptor alpha gene polymorphisms with cardiorespiratory and metabolic variables in young women. HF, HR, LF
79  2012 Physical exercise improves cardiac autonomic modulation in hypertensive patients independently of angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor treatment. ACEI, AP, HF, HRV, LF
80  2012 The association between baroreflex sensitivity and blood pressure in children. BP, BRS, HBP, HF, HRV, LF, NBP
81  2011 alpha-Adrenergic effects on low-frequency oscillations in blood pressure and R-R intervals during sympathetic activation. BP, HG, LBNP, LBNP, LF, MSNA, PECO
82  2011 An efficient method of addressing ectopic beats: new insight into data preprocessing of heart rate variability analysis. HRV, PSD
83  2011 Application of cardiac autonomous indices in the study of neurogenic erectile dysfunction. LF, LF/HF
84  2011 Biotic patterns of heart rate variation in depressed and psychotic subjects. ---
85  2011 Characterization of QT and RR interval series during acute myocardial ischemia by means of recurrence quantification analysis. CRQA, QTI, RQA
86  2011 Effects of exercise training on arterial-cardiac baroreflex function in POTS. ANOVA, HR, POTS, SBP
87  2011 Effects of lower-leg rhythmic cuff inflation on cardiovascular autonomic responses during quiet standing in healthy subjects. BP, HF, RCI, sBRS, SV
88  2011 High NIHSS values predict impairment of cardiovascular autonomic control. NIHSS, RRI-SD
89  2011 Sensitivity to mental effort and test-retest reliability of heart rate variability measures in healthy seniors. DFA, HRV
90  2011 The incidence of stress symptoms and heart rate variability during sleep and orthostatic test. HR, HRV
91  2011 [Research on the relationship between sleep phases and heart rate variability]. AR, DFA, HRV
92  2010 Aberrances in autonomic cardiovascular regulation in fibromyalgia syndrome and their relevance for clinical pain reports. BRS, FMS, LVET
93  2010 Assessment of gravitational stress on heart rate variability during maneuvers on high performance jet flights. PPE, RMSSD, SDNN
94  2010 Cardiac responses to orthostatic stress deteriorate in Parkinson disease patients who begin to fall. HR, PD
95  2010 Characterization of common measures of heart period variability in healthy human subjects: implications for patient monitoring. ---
96  2010 Comparing real-life and laboratory-induced stress reactivity on cardio-respiratory parameters: differentiation of a tonic and a phasic component. RSA
97  2010 Hemodynamic response to lower body negative pressure in children: a pilot study. BRS, HF, LBNP, LF, SV, TPR
98  2010 Homeobios: the pattern of heartbeats in newborns, adults, and elderly patients. ---
99  2010 Individual differences in the heart rate response to activation of the muscle metaboreflex in humans. HR, PEMI, SAP
100  2010 Linear and fractal heart rate dynamics during sleep at high altitude. Investigation with textile technology. DFA, HRV, SL