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Abbreviation : RSC
Long Form : retrosplenial cortex
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Hippocampal Ripple Coordinates Retrosplenial Inhibitory Neurons during Slow-Wave Sleep. ---
2020 Hyperexcitable Neurons Enable Precise and Persistent Information Encoding in the Superficial Retrosplenial Cortex. FS, LR, RS
2020 Neonatal ethanol exposure triggers apoptosis in the murine retrosplenial cortex: Role of inhibition of NMDA receptor-driven action potential firing. EPSCs
2019 A functional dissociation of face-, body- and scene-selective brain areas based on their response to moving and static stimuli. EBA, FBA, FFA, fMRI, OFA, OPA, PPA, STS
2019 A New Projection From the Deep Cerebellar Nuclei to the Hippocampus via the Ventrolateral and Laterodorsal Thalamus in Mice. DCN, DG, IntP, LAT, rAAV, RC
2019 A Posterior-Anterior Distinction between Scene Perception and Scene Construction in Human Medial Parietal Cortex. CON, MPA
2019 Age-Related Differences in Functional and Structural Connectivity in the Spatial Navigation Brain Network. HC, mPFC, OPA, PPA
2019 Area-Specificity and Plasticity of History-Dependent Value Coding During Learning. ---
2019 Clozapine increased c-Fos protein expression in several brain subregions of socially isolated rats. AcbC, AcbSh, BL, CLZ, CPu, CSIS, DGd, LA
10  2019 Considering the Evidence for Anterior and Laterodorsal Thalamic Nuclei as Higher Order Relays to Cortex. LD
11  2019 Development and topographical organization of projections from the hippocampus and parahippocampus to the retrosplenial cortex. HF, PHR
12  2019 Differential Contributions of Glutamatergic Hippocampal→Retrosplenial Cortical Projections to the Formation and Persistence of Context Memories. DH, VGLUT1
13  2019 Distinct representations of spatial and categorical relationships across human scene-selective cortex. PPA
14  2019 Fear-context association during memory retrieval requires input from granular to dysgranular retrosplenial cortex. CFC, CFM, i.p, ORC
15  2019 Involvement of the retrosplenial cortex in the processing of the temporal aspect of episodic-like memory in rats. ---
16  2019 Meta-analysis of functional subdivisions within human posteromedial cortex. PCC, PMC, PrC
17  2019 Parsing rooms: the role of the PPA and RSC in perceiving object relations and spatial layout. MVPA, PPA
18  2019 Permanent damage or temporary silencing of retrosplenial cortex impairs the expression of a negative patterning discrimination. ---
19  2019 Processing of different spatial scales in the human brain. DMN, OPA, PPA
20  2019 Prolonged functional development of the parahippocampal place area and occipital place area. fMRI, OPA, PPA
21  2019 Rat Retrosplenial Cortical Involvement in Wayfinding Using Visual and Locomotor Cues. ---
22  2019 Representation of human spatial navigation responding to input spatial information and output navigational strategies: An ALE meta-analysis. ALE, OPA, PPA, SAC, SMC
23  2019 Retrosplenial cortex and its role in cue-specific learning and memory. ---
24  2019 Retrosplenial cortex damage produces retrograde and anterograde context amnesia using strong fear conditioning procedures. ---
25  2019 Retrosplenial Cortical Representations of Space and Future Goal Locations Develop with Learning. ---
26  2019 Switching From Fear to No Fear by Different Neural Ensembles in Mouse Retrosplenial Cortex. ---
27  2018 A functional circuit for the retrieval of remote cued fear memory. ---
28  2018 Complex selection on a regulator of social cognition: Evidence of balancing selection, regulatory interactions and population differentiation in the prairie vole Avpr1a locus. ---
29  2018 Conjunctive coding in an evolved spiking model of retrosplenial cortex. ---
30  2018 Converging meta-analytic and connectomic evidence for functional subregions within the human retrosplenial region. DMN, RS region, RSFC
31  2018 Dissociating Landmark Stability from Orienting Value Using Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging. fMRI
32  2018 Granger causal connectivity dissociates navigation networks that subserve allocentric and egocentric path integration. ICA, ICs, sdDTF, SRFs
33  2018 Heterogeneity in human retrosplenial cortex: A review of function and connectivity. ---
34  2018 Hippocampus-dependent emergence of spatial sequence coding in retrosplenial cortex. ---
35  2018 Individual Variation in Social Behaviours of Male Lab-reared Prairie voles (Microtus ochrogaster) is Non-heritable and Weakly Associated with V1aR Density. V1aR, VP
36  2018 Landmark-Based Updating of the Head Direction System by Retrosplenial Cortex: A Computational Model. BC, HD, WC
37  2018 Neurophysiological signatures of temporal coordination between retrosplenial cortex and the hippocampal formation. HPC, LFPs
38  2018 PDE4D regulates Spine Plasticity and Memory in the Retrosplenial Cortex. HC, KD
39  2018 Places in the Brain: Bridging Layout and Object Geometry in Scene-Selective Cortex. OPA, PPA
40  2018 Putting fear in context: Elucidating the role of the retrosplenial cortex in context discrimination in rats. ---
41  2018 Representational differences between line drawings and photographs of natural scenes: A dissociation between multi-voxel pattern analysis and repetition suppression. CPs, LDs, MVPA, OPA, PPA, RS
42  2018 Retrosplenial cortex has a time-dependent role in memory for visual stimuli. ---
43  2018 Retrosplenial Cortex Indexes Stability beyond the Spatial Domain. ---
44  2018 Revealing the Semantic Association between Perception of Scenes and Significant Objects by Representational Similarity Analysis. fMRI, LO, LOC, pF, PPA, RSA
45  2018 Scaling of Optogenetically Evoked Signaling in a Higher-Order Corticocortical Pathway in the Anesthetized Mouse. ChR2
46  2018 Spatial Memory Engram in the Mouse Retrosplenial Cortex. ---
47  2018 Structural and functional brain network of human retrosplenial cortex. BA, DTI, MRI
48  2018 The retrosplenial cortex: A memory gateway between the cortical default mode network and the medial temporal lobe. DMN, EM, FC, MTL, PCC
49  2018 The retrosplenial cortical role in encoding behaviorally significant cues. ---
50  2017 Acute systemic MK-801 induced functional uncoupling between hippocampal areas CA3 and CA1 with distant effect in the retrosplenial cortex. IEGs
51  2017 Architecture of the Entorhinal Cortex A Review of Entorhinal Anatomy in Rodents with Some Comparative Notes. EC, LEC, MEC
52  2017 Common Neural Representations for Visually Guided Reorientation and Spatial Imagery. JRD, PPA
53  2017 Connectivity Reveals Sources of Predictive Coding Signals in Early Visual Cortex During Processing of Visual Optic Flow. BOLD, CSv, EC, EVC, PC
54  2017 Direct and indirect parieto-medial temporal pathways for spatial navigation in humans: evidence from resting-state functional connectivity. AG, cIPL, HC, PPA
55  2017 Distinct retrosplenial cortex cell populations and their spike dynamics during ketamine-induced unconscious state. ISICA
56  2017 Electrophysiological Evidence That the Retrosplenial Cortex Displays a Strong and Specific Activation Phased with Hippocampal Theta during Paradoxical (REM) Sleep. ACA, aWk, HPC, PS, SWS
57  2017 Functional Disintegration of the Default Mode Network in Prodromal Alzheimer's Disease. AD, DMN, HC, PCC, SCD, vmPFC
58  2017 Genetic Variation in S100B Modulates Neural Processing of Visual Scenes in Han Chinese. ---
59  2017 Heightened Responses of the Parahippocampal and Retrosplenial Cortices during Contextualized Recognition of Congruent Objects. fMRI, IPL, PHC
60  2017 Human navigation network: the intrinsic functional organization and behavioral relevance. ---
61  2017 In vivo visualization of connections among revised Papez circuit hubs using full q-space diffusion spectrum imaging tractography. DSI, HCP, PCC, VHC
62  2017 Individual Differences in Social Behavior and Cortical Vasopressin Receptor: Genetics, Epigenetics, and Evolution. V1aR
63  2017 Intact renewal after extinction of conditioned suppression with lesions of either the retrosplenial cortex or dorsal hippocampus. CS, DH
64  2017 Medial Prefrontal-Medial Temporal Theta Phase Coupling in Dynamic Spatial Imagery. mPFC
65  2017 Network oscillatory activity driven by context memory processing is differently regulated by glutamatergic and cholinergic neurotransmission. ACC, DH, LFPs, SCOP
66  2017 Neural representation of geometry and surface properties in object and scene perception. FFA, fMRI, LO, OFA, OPA, PPA
67  2017 Postnatal changes of interleukin-18 receptor immunoreactivity in neurons of the retrosplenial cortex in wild-type and interleukin-18 knock out mice. IL-18, IL-18R-ir, KO
68  2017 Quantifying the variability of scene-selective regions: Interindividual, interhemispheric, and sex differences. PPA, SSRs, TOS
69  2017 Requirement of an Early Activation of BDNF/c-Fos Cascade in the Retrosplenial Cortex for the Persistence of a Long-Lasting Aversive Memory. aRSC, ASO, IA
70  2017 Retrograde amnesia of contextual fear conditioning: Evidence for retrosplenial cortex involvement in configural processing. ---
71  2017 Retrosplenial and postsubicular head direction cells compared during visual landmark discrimination. HD, PoS
72  2017 Retrosplenial Cortical Neurons Encode Navigational Cues, Trajectories and Reward Locations During Goal Directed Navigation. ---
73  2017 Sex-linked association between cortical scene selectivity and navigational ability. fMRI, OPA, PPA
74  2017 Sparse orthogonal population representation of spatial context in the retrosplenial cortex. ---
75  2017 Spatially Periodic Activation Patterns of Retrosplenial Cortex Encode Route Sub-spaces and Distance Traveled. ---
76  2016 A Corticocortical Circuit Directly Links Retrosplenial Cortex to M2 in the Mouse. ---
77  2016 Aberrant functional connectivity differentiates retrosplenial cortex from posterior cingulate cortex in prodromal Alzheimer's disease. AD, FC, PCC
78  2016 Analysis of coherent activity between retrosplenial cortex, hippocampus, thalamus, and anterior cingulate cortex during retrieval of recent and remote context fear memory. ACC, ADT, DH, LFPs
79  2016 Evidencing a place for the hippocampus within the core scene processing network. HC, PHG, TOS
80  2016 Fine structure of interleukin 18 (IL-18) receptor-immunoreactive neurons in the retrosplenial cortex and its changes in IL18 knockout mice. IL-18
81  2016 Functional connectivity between posterior hippocampus and retrosplenial complex predicts individual differences in navigational ability. HC, PPA
82  2016 Functional Subdomains within Scene-Selective Cortex: Parahippocampal Place Area, Retrosplenial Complex, and Occipital Place Area. OPA, PPA
83  2016 Functionally Brain Network Connected to the Retrosplenial Cortex of Rats Revealed by 7T fMRI. ---
84  2016 Higher-order conditioning and the retrosplenial cortex. ---
85  2016 Increase in c-Fos and Arc protein in retrosplenial cortex after memory-improving lateral hypothalamic electrical stimulation treatment. ICSS, LH, TWAA
86  2016 Mediation of episodic memory performance by the executive function network in patients with amnestic mild cognitive impairment: a resting-state functional MRI study. AD, aMCI, DLPFC, EF, EM, FC, fMRI, HC, IPL, MCC, ReHo
87  2016 Motion parallax links visual motion areas and scene regions. OPA, PPA
88  2016 Muscarinic acetylcholine receptors act in synergy to facilitate learning and memory. DH, mAChR
89  2016 Navigating toward a novel environment from a route or survey perspective: neural correlates and context-dependent connectivity. AG, PPA
90  2016 Neural correlates of the LSD experience revealed by multimodal neuroimaging. ASL, BOLD, CBF, LSD, MEG
91  2016 Neural representation of scene boundaries. PPA
92  2016 Neural Representations Integrate the Current Field of View with the Remembered 360 Panorama in Scene-Selective Cortex. OPA
93  2016 Perceived egocentric distance sensitivity and invariance across scene-selective cortex. OPA, PPA
94  2016 Postnatal development of retrosplenial projections to the parahippocampal region of the rat. PHR
95  2016 Rectilinear Edge Selectivity Is Insufficient to Explain the Category Selectivity of the Parahippocampal Place Area. OPA, PPA
96  2016 Retrosplenial cortex is required for the retrieval of remote memory for auditory cues. ---
97  2016 Retrosplenial Cortical Contributions to Anterograde and Retrograde Memory in the Monkey. ---
98  2016 Scene-Selectivity and Retinotopy in Medial Parietal Cortex. cIPL, FFA, MPA, OFA, OPA, POS, PPA, pRF
99  2016 Selective neuronal degeneration in the retrosplenial cortex impairs the recall of contextual fear memory. ---
100  2016 Simultaneous Two-photon in Vivo Imaging of Synaptic Inputs and Postsynaptic Targets in the Mouse Retrosplenial Cortex. ---