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略語 : RT
展開形 : Radon transform
No. 発表年 題目 共起略語
2022 A Multi-Frequency Tomographic Inverse Scattering Using Beam Basis Functions. DoI, FD, TD, UWB
2022 Pixel-driven computation of parallel and fan-beam projections of a digital image based on pixel-representation using a new formula. ---
2020 Modulation format identification of optical signals: an approach based on singular value decomposition of Stokes space projections. DT, KNN, MFI, OSNRs, PN, SOP, SS, SVD, SVM, SVs
2020 Optical multiple-image compression-encryption via single-pixel Radon transform. MIE, PTFT
2019 A novel glaucomatous representation method based on Radon and wavelet transform. AUC, DWT, ONH, PCA, SVM
2019 A Novel Neutrosophic Method for Automatic Seed Point Selection in Thyroid Nodule Images. DC, FP, HD, HOSE, SI, TP
2017 Automated diabetic macular edema (DME) grading system using DWT, DCT Features and maculopathy index. DCT, DM, DME, DWT, LSDA
2016 Novel risk index for the identification of age-related macular degeneration using radon transform and DWT features. AMD, CNV, DT, DWT, GA, k-NN, LSDA, PNN, SVM
2016 Structure Integral Transform Versus Radon Transform: A 2D Mathematical Tool for Invariant Shape Recognition. SIT
10  2014 Imaging ultrasonic dispersive guided wave energy in long bones using linear radon transform. f-c, FT
11  2010 Advanced Hough transform using a multilayer fractional Fourier method. HT
12  2010 Compton scattered imaging based on the V-line radon transform and its medical imaging applications. ---
13  2008 On-board selection of relevant images: an application to linear feature recognition. ---
14  2008 Using Radon transform of standard radiographs of the hip to differentiate between post-menopausal women with and without fracture of the proximal femur. AUC, BMD
15  2007 Improvement of the diffusion-weighted images acquired with radial trajectories using projection data regeneration. DWI, ECG, IRT, rSE-DWI
16  2006 Preliminary study of correction of original metal artifacts due to 1-125 seeds in postimplant dosimetry for prostate permanent implant brachytherapy. IRT
17  2000 Consistency conditions and linear reconstruction methods in diffraction tomography. DRT, DT, FDP
18  1992 Full data utilization in PVI using the 3D radon transform. PVI, XT