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略語 : RT
展開形 : reaction time
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2022 "Emotional distractor images disrupt target processing in a graded manner": Correction. EAB
2022 "Guidance of spatial attention by incidental learning and endogenous cuing": Retraction. ---
2022 A diffusion model for the congruency sequence effect. CSE, DMC
2022 A high-performance brain switch based on code-modulated visual evoked potentials. BCIs, c-VEPs, concatenation mode, FPR, FPs, IDLE
2022 A large scale multi-laboratory suspect screening of pesticide metabolites in human biomonitoring: From tentative annotations to verified occurrences. LC-HRMS
2022 A multimodal analysis of sustained attention in younger and older adults. TEPRs
2022 A neurophysiologically interpretable deep neural network predicts complex movement components from brain activity. 3D-CNN, EEG
2022 A Strategy for Identification and Structural Characterization of Compounds from Plantago asiatica L. by Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry Combined with Ion Mobility Spectrometry. TCM, UHPLC-IM-MS, UHPLC-QTOF MS
2022 A TMS-induced cortical silent period delays the contralateral limb for bimanual symmetrical movements and the reaction time delay is reduced on startle trials. SAS, TMS
10  2022 Acute Tai Chi Chuan exercise enhances sustained attention and elicits increased cuneus/precuneus activation in young adults. ATCC, PVT
11  2022 Altered Neural Reactivity in Adolescents With Nonsuicidal Self-Injury During Exposure to Self-Injury Related Cues: Electrophysiological Evidence From a Two-Choice Oddball Paradigm. HC, MDD, NSSI
12  2022 An Initial Psychometric Analysis of the Brain Gauge Tactile-Based Test Battery and Its Potential for Clinical Use Assessing Patients With Acute Mild Traumatic Brain Injury. BG, mTBI, SM
13  2022 Analyzing facial expression decision times: Reaction time distribution matters. ---
14  2022 Assessment of the Relevance and Reliability of Reaction Time Tests Performed in Immersive Virtual Reality by Mixed Martial Arts Fighters. MMA, VR
15  2022 Attention and executive control in varsity athletes engaging in strategic and static sports. ANT-I
16  2022 Attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder disrupts selective mechanisms of action. ADHD, NT
17  2022 Attention impairment in patients with cervical dystonia: An attention network test study. ANT, CD, HCs
18  2022 Attention modulates the contextual similarity effect in negative priming: evidence from task demand and attentional capture. ---
19  2022 Attentional function and inhibitory control in different substance use disorders. ANT, CaUD, CoUD, OUD, SST, SUD
20  2022 Attentional Prioritization of Complex, Naturalistic Stimuli Maintained in Working-Memory-A Dot-Probe Event-Related Potentials Study. WM
21  2022 Autism Spectrum Disorder and Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder: Shared or Unique Neurocognitive Profiles? SST
22  2022 Bioprospecting of the novel isolate Microbacterium proteolyticum LA2(R) from the rhizosphere of Rauwolfia serpentina. SMs
23  2022 Characteristics of implicit schemas in patients with major depressive disorder. EAST, HCs, MDD
24  2022 Characterization of Monoclonal Antibody Glycan Heterogeneity Using Hydrophilic Interaction Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry. AM, CHO, GU, HILIC-MS, mAb
25  2022 Contralateral Limb Specificity for Movement Preparation in the Parietal Reach Region. LOP, MIP, PRR
26  2022 Cortical Stimulation Paired With Volitional Unimanual Movement Affects Interhemispheric Communication. CS, LFP
27  2022 Coupling Stable Isotope Labeling and Liquid Chromatography-Trapped Ion Mobility Spectrometry-Time-of-Flight-Tandem Mass Spectrometry for De Novo Mosquito Ovarian Lipid Studies. CCS, DG, PVG, SIL, TG
28  2022 COVID-19 Quarantine Impact on Wellbeing and Cognitive Functioning During a 10-Week High-Intensity Functional Training Program in Young University Students. HIFT, PT
29  2022 Decreased Empathy Response to Other's Pain in Parents of Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder. ASD, EQ
30  2022 Detecting concealed information using functional near-infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS) combined with skin conductance, heart rate, and behavioral measures. CIT, fNIRS, HbO, HR, IFG, MFG, SCR, SFG
31  2022 Diagnostic ions guided 2D-locating strategy for characterization of chemical analogues in complex herbal medicines using liquid chromatography-ion mobility-mass spectrometry. AF, CE, DIA, DT, LC-IM-MS
32  2022 Discernible effects of tDCS over the primary motor and posterior parietal cortex on different stages of motor learning. PPC, SRTT, tDCS
33  2022 Distribution of polyphenolic compounds, antioxidant potential, and free amino acids in Ziziphus fruits extract; a study for determining the influence of wider geography. DPPH, HPLC-DAD, TPC
34  2022 Dorsal visual stream is preferentially engaged during externally guided action selection in Parkinson Disease. EC, GC, IC, LPMC, PD, PPC
35  2022 Dynamic Transitions Between Brain States Predict Auditory Attentional Fluctuations. fMRI, gradCPT
36  2022 Dynamics of Visual Perceptual Decision-Making in Freely Behaving Mice. CAF, STM
37  2022 Effect of behavioural practice targeted at the motor action selection network after stroke. ---
38  2022 Effect of Emotional Valence on Working Memory of Psychogenic Non-Epileptic Seizures (PNES) Patients. ANOVA, PNES
39  2022 Effects of exergaming on cognition, lower limb functional coordination, and stepping time in people with multiple sclerosis: a randomized controlled trial. MVT, PwMS, SSST, TRT
40  2022 Effects of heat strain on cognitive function among a sample of miners. ---
41  2022 Equivalent Carbon Number and Interclass Retention Time Conversion Enhance Lipid Identification in Untargeted Clinical Lipidomics. ECN, IC-RTC
42  2022 Estimation of chlorpyrifos distribution in forensic visceral samples and body fluids using LCMS method. MRM
43  2022 Evaluation of Machine Learning Models for Proteoform Retention and Migration Time Prediction in Top-Down Mass Spectrometry. CZE, GRU, MS, MT, RPLC
44  2022 Evaluation of oropharyngeal deglutitive pressure dynamics in patients with Parkinson's disease. HRPIM, IBP, IRP, MDS-UPDRS, PD, PhCI, SSQ, SWAL-QOL, UES
45  2022 Evaluation of the Effect of Left Nostril Breathing on Cardiorespiratory Parameters and Reaction Time in Young Healthy Individuals. ART, BP, CRA, DBP, LNB, MHR, PEFR, PR, RR, SBP, VC, VRT
46  2022 Evaluation of visual reaction time in patients with fibromyalgia syndrome. BDI, FIQ, FMS, FSS, PSQI
47  2022 Exploration of cortical inhibition and habituation in insomnia: Based on CNV and EEG. CNV, FFT, PSG
48  2022 Factors Influencing the Accurate Identification of Written Minimal Pairs with Graphemic Similarity: Evidence from Persian-Speaking Children and Adults. WMPs
49  2022 False (or biased) memory: Emotion and working memory capacity effects in the DRM paradigm. DRM, ROC, WMC
50  2022 Feasibility of Volitional Reaction Time Tests in Athletes: A Systematic Review. ---
51  2022 Finding Correspondence between Metabolomic Features in Untargeted Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry Metabolomics Datasets. FI, LC-MS, M2S
52  2022 Hand constraint reduces brain activity and affects the speed of verbal responses on semantic tasks. LIPL, LIPS
53  2022 Hiding the Rabbit: Using a genetic algorithm to investigate shape guidance in visual search. ---
54  2022 High Gamma and Beta Temporal Interference Stimulation in the Human Motor Cortex Improves Motor Functions. RRTT, SRTT, TI
55  2022 Identification of Nonvolatile Migrates from Food Contact Materials Using Ion Mobility-High-Resolution Mass Spectrometry and in Silico Prediction Tools. CCS, FCMs, PA
56  2022 Impact of anodal high-definition transcranial direct current stimulation of medial prefrontal cortex on stroop task performance and its electrophysiological correlates. A pilot study. EEG, HD-tDCS, MPC
57  2022 Impact of defensins-containing body cream on skin composition. TEWL, VE
58  2022 Individual predictors and electrophysiological signatures of working memory enhancement in aging. PAC, tDCS, WM
59  2022 Influence of the Location of a Decision Cue on the Dynamics of Pupillary Light Response. CFD, eCFD, PLR
60  2022 Influential Factors and Preliminary Reference Data for a Clinically Feasible, Functional Reaction Time Assessment: The Standardized Assessment of Reaction Time (StART). StART, StART
61  2022 Inhibitory Control in the Absence of Awareness: Interactions Between Frontal and Motor Cortex Oscillations Mediate Implicitly Learned Responses. ---
62  2022 Integration of solid phase extraction with HILIC-MS/MS for analysis of free amino acids in source water. AAs, LVI, MTCCA, SPE, WTP, WTPs
63  2022 Interictal discharges delay target-directed eye movements and impair attentional set-shifting in children with epilepsy. IEDs
64  2022 Investigation of baseline attention, executive control, and performance variability in female varsity athletes. ANT-I, DAN, FPN, ICA, rs-fMRI, rsFC, SMN, SN
65  2022 L-DOPA administration shifts the stability-flexibility balance towards attentional capture by distractors during a visual search task. ---
66  2022 Learned irrelevant stimulus-response associations and proportion congruency effect: A diffusion model account. DMC, PC, S-R
67  2022 Magnitude comparison and automaticity in number processing in adolescents with prenatal alcohol exposure: An event-related potentials study. FAS, HE, PFAS, TD
68  2022 MS-IDF: A Software Tool for Nontargeted Identification of Endogenous Metabolites after Chemical Isotope Labeling Based on a Narrow Mass Defect Filter. LC-MS
69  2022 Negative Consequences of Pressure on Marksmanship May be Offset by Early Training Exposure to Contextually Relevant Threat Training: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. DM, UOF
70  2022 Neural correlates of the attentional bias towards pain-related faces in fibromyalgia patients: An ERP study using a dot-probe task. ERP
71  2022 Neuronal congruency effects in macaque prefrontal cortex. NCE
72  2022 Nonlinear Dynamics of Reaction Time and Time Estimation during Repetitive Test. AFE, CV, VRT
73  2022 Novel computerized neurocognitive test battery is sensitive to cancer-related cognitive deficits in survivors. CV
74  2022 Olfactory interference on the emotional processing speed of visual stimuli: The influence of facial expressions intensities. ---
75  2022 Online measurement of learning temporal statistical structure in categorization tasks. VSL
76  2022 Perception of English Stress of Synthesized Words by Three Chinese Dialect Groups. AE, BJ, CS, GZ
77  2022 Performance prediction in a visuo-motor task: the contribution of EEG analysis. PSD
78  2022 Prediction of polarity-dependent environmental behaviors of humic substances (HS) using a HS hydrophobicity index based on hydrophilic interaction chromatography. HILIC, HS
79  2022 Priming effects in inefficient visual search: Real, but transient. ---
80  2022 Psychological Responses to Progressive Exercise Until Voluntary Exhaustion: A Study of Adolescent Male Basketball Players. ---
81  2022 pyAIR-A New Software Tool for Breathomics Applications-Searching for Markers in TD-GC-HRMS Analysis. TD-GC-HRMS, VOCs
82  2022 Reaction time and working memory in middle-aged gamers and non-gamers. ---
83  2022 Retrospective composite analysis of StartReact data indicates sex differences in simple reaction time are not attributable to response preparation. IPD, SAS, SCM
84  2022 Revisiting variable-foreperiod effects: evaluating the repetition priming account. ---
85  2022 Shared and distinct structure-function substrates of heterogenous distractor suppression ability between high and low working memory capacity individuals. DMN, FPN, VAN, WMC
86  2022 Signal Detection Theory as a Novel Tool to Understand Cognitive Fatigue in Individuals With Multiple Sclerosis. MS, SDT
87  2022 Simple and Sensitive RP-HPLC and UV Spectroscopic Methods for the Determination of Remogliflozin Etabonate in Pure and Pharmaceutical Formulations ATST, RMZ, RP-HPLC, UV
88  2022 Simulated Acute Hypobaric Hypoxia Effects on Cognition in Helicopter Emergency Medical Service Personnel - A Randomized, Controlled, Single-Blind, Crossover Trial. a.s.l, BART, CT, DSST, HEMS, HH, PVT, SCR, VAS
89  2022 Sound-induced flash illusion is modulated by the depth of auditory stimuli: Evidence from younger and older adults. SiFI
90  2022 Specific Cues Can Improve Procedural Learning and Retention in Developmental Coordination Disorder and/or Developmental Dyslexia. DCD, DD, SRTT, TD, VS cues
91  2022 Stress management using fNIRS and binaural beats stimulation. BBs, DLPFC, fNIRS, HV, MS, OMST, PLV, SM, VE, VLPFC
92  2022 Striatal Isolated from Cyathus striatus Extracts Induces Apoptosis in Human Pancreatic Cancer Cells. ---
93  2022 Studies on Chemical Characterization of Ginkgo Amillaria Oral Solution and Its Drug-Drug Interaction With Piceatannol 3'-O-β-D-Glucopyranoside for Injection. DDI, GAO, PGI, SULT, UGT
94  2022 Task and information conflicts in the numerical Stroop task. ---
95  2022 The 3-Minute Psychomotor Vigilance Test Demonstrates Inadequate Convergent Validity Relative to the 10-Minute Psychomotor Vigilance Test Across Sleep Loss and Recovery. PVT, SR, TSD
96  2022 The Bilateral Precuneus as a Potential Neuroimaging Biomarker for Right Temporal Lobe Epilepsy: A Support Vector Machine Analysis. DMN, HCs, IPL, ITG, MTG, NH, PCu, rs-fMRI, RTLE, SVM
97  2022 The centrality of working memory networks in differentiating bipolar type I depression from unipolar depression: A task-fMRI study. BDD-I, DC, DMN, HCs, MDD, SMN, WM
98  2022 The contribution of temporal analysis of pupillometry measurements to cognitive research. ---
99  2022 The early attentional pancake: Minimal selection in depth for rapid attentional cueing. ---
100  2022 The effect of mouth rinsing with different concentrations of caffeine solutions on reaction time. CAF-MR