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2022 A long-term anti-inflammation markedly alleviated high-fat diet-induced obesity by repeated administrations of overexpressing IL10 human umbilical cord-derived mesenchymal stromal cells. HFD, hUCMSCs, IL-10
2022 Clinical analysis on diagnostic accuracy of Bosch Vivalytic SARS-CoV-2 point-of-care test and evaluation of cycle threshold at admission for COVID-19 risk assessment. COVID-19, Ct, LOS, PCR, POC, SARS-CoV-2
2022 Construction of drought stress regulation networks in potato based on SMRT and RNA sequencing data. DEGs, NGS, SMRT
2022 Development and validation of cost-effective one-step multiplex RT-PCR assay for detecting the SARS-CoV-2 infection using SYBR Green melting curve analysis. ---
2022 Evaluation of the Altered Tissue Expression of HSP60 and HSP70 Genes in Oral and Cutaneous Lichen Planus Compared to Normal Healthy Tissues. CLP, HSPs, LP, OLP
2022 Exploring the Therapeutic Potentials of Exopolysaccharides Derived From Lactic Acid Bacteria and Bifidobacteria: Antioxidant, Antitumor, and Periodontal Regeneration. Bb, EPS, HEK293, hPDLFCs, HPLC, LAB, LDH
2022 Genetic and pharmacological inhibition of XBP1 protects against APAP hepatotoxicity through the activation of autophagy. ER, TEM, UPR
2022 Imaging of arrhythmia: Real-time cardiac magnetic resonance imaging in atrial fibrillation. SA
2022 Immunohistochemistry with 3 different clones in anaplastic lymphoma kinase fluorescence in situ hybridization positive non-small-cell lung cancer with thymidylate synthase expression analysis: a multicentre, retrospective, Italian study. IHC, TS
10  2022 Immunotherapeutic potential of ethanolic olive leaves extract (EOLE) and IL-28B combination therapy in ENU induced animal model of leukemia. ENU, EOLE
11  2022 Increasing the reliability of real-time electrocochleography during cochlear implantation: a standardized guideline. CI, ECochG
12  2022 Linear and Nonlinear Optical Properties from TDOMP2 Theory. TDCCSD
13  2022 Long non-coding RNA GHET1 promotes thyroid cancer cell proliferation and invasion. GHET1, lncRNA, TC
14  2022 Metabolic Engineering of Rice Cells with Vanillin Synthase Gene (VpVAN) to Produce Vanillin. GUS, PCR
15  2022 MiR-29a Increase in Aging May Function as a Compensatory Mechanism Against Cardiac Fibrosis Through SERPINH1 Downregulation. miRNA
16  2022 Mitochondrial DNA as a Biomarker for Acute Central Serous Chorioretinopathy: A Case-Control Study. CSC, HMGB, mtDNA
17  2022 No evidence of Borrelia in cutaneous infiltrates of B-cell lymphomas with a highly sensitive, semi-nested real-time polymerase chain reaction targeting the 5S-23S intergenic spacer region. IGS
18  2022 Occurrence of Chlamydiae in Corvids in Northeast Italy. ---
19  2022 SARS-CoV-2 and post-donation information: a one-year experience of the French haemovigilance network. NP, PDI
20  2022 The Tomato Transcription Factor SlNAC063 Is Required for Aluminum Tolerance by Regulating SlAAE3-1 Expression. Al, KEGG, TF, WT
21  2021 A comparison of two- and three-dimensional ultrasonographic methods for evaluation of ovarian follicle counts and classification of polycystic ovarian morphology. FNPO, MPV, PCOM, SonoAVC, TUI
22  2021 A Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 detection method based on nasal and nasopharyngeal lavage fluid: A pilot feasibility study. SARS-CoV-2
23  2021 An Atlas of Heparan Sulfate Proteoglycans in the Postnatal Rat Lens. FGF, HS, HSPGs
24  2021 Benefits of a Switch from Intermittently Scanned Continuous Glucose Monitoring (isCGM) to Real-Time (rt) CGM in Diabetes Type 1 Suboptimal Controlled Patients in Real-Life: A One-Year Prospective Study . AGP, DG4, FSL1, GMI, isCGM, TAR, TBR, TIR
25  2021 Comparative anticancer activities of Ficus carica and Ficus salicifolia latex in MDA-MB-231 cells. TNBC
26  2021 Comparison of cine and real-time cardiac MRI in rhesus macaques. ---
27  2021 Detection of SARS-CoV-2 RNA by a Multiplex Reverse-Transcription Loop-Mediated Isothermal Amplification Coupled with Melting Curves Analysis. LAMP
28  2021 Diagnostic performance of real-time polymerase chain reaction assay on blood for invasive aspergillosis and mucormycosis. CI, PCR
29  2021 DNA primase subunit 1 deteriorated progression of hepatocellular carcinoma by activating AKT/mTOR signaling and UBE2C-mediated P53 ubiquitination. EMT, GEO, HCC, PRIM1, UBE2C
30  2021 Effect of epigallocatechin gallate on dental biofilm of Streptococcus mutans: An in vitro study. EGCG, EPS, qPCR, S. mutans
31  2021 Ensuring respiratory phase consistency to improve cardiac function quantification in real-time CMR. ---
32  2021 Existence of SARS-CoV-2 RNA on ambient particulate matter samples: A nationwide study in Turkey. CDC, COVID-19, PM
33  2021 Expression of MicroRNA 146a, 155, 181 and 223 in febrile seizure. FS, IL-1beta, IL-6, miRNAs, PCR, TNF-alpha
34  2021 Identification, expression and pro-inflammatory effect of interleukin-17N in common carp (Cyprinus carpio L.). IL, PCR
35  2021 Individual hosts carry H. pylori isolates with different cagA features - motifs and copy number. PCR
36  2021 Induction of Bone Remodeling by Raloxifene-Doped Iron Oxide Functionalized with Hydroxyapatite to Accelerate Fracture Healing. NPs
37  2021 Initial multi-target approach shows importance of improved caprine arthritis-encephalitis virus control program in Russia for hobbyist goat farms. CAEV, ELISA
38  2021 Lumpy skin disease outbreaks investigation in Egyptian cattle and buffaloes: Serological evidence and molecular characterization of genome termini. LSD, LSDV
39  2021 Mayaro virus detection in the western region of Para state, Brazil. DENV, MAYV, OROV, PCR
40  2021 MicroRNA-21 facilitates osteoblast activity. ALP, miR-21KO, OPN, Osx, WT
41  2021 miR-375 prevents high-fat diet-induced insulin resistance and obesity by targeting the aryl hydrocarbon receptor and bacterial tryptophanase (tnaA) gene. GDNP, HFD, IECs, miRNA, PCR, tnaA
42  2021 No widespread dissemination of Chlamydia trachomatis diagnostic-escape variants and the impact of Neisseria gonorrhoeae positivity on the Aptima Combo 2 assay. AC2, ACT, CT, NG
43  2021 Occupational Risk of Airborne Mycobacterium tuberculosis Exposure: A Situational Analysis in a Three-Tier Public Healthcare System in South Africa. HCWs, IPC, Mtb, PCR, PHCs
44  2021 Rapid identification and metagenomics analysis of the adenovirus type 55 outbreak in Hubei using real-time and high-throughput sequencing platforms. HAdV, PCR
45  2021 Real-time signal processing system based on FPGA for motional Stark effect diagnostic on EAST. ADC, DAC, MSE, PEM
46  2021 SARS-CoV-2 Serological testing in frontline health workers in Zimbabwe. IPC
47  2021 Significant contribution of the CmeABC Efflux pump in high-level resistance to ciprofloxacin and tetracycline in Campylobacter jejuni and Campylobacter coli clinical isolates. MIC
48  2021 Systematic review on the association between respiratory virus real-time PCR cycle threshold values and clinical presentation or outcomes. Ct, LOS
49  2021 The real-time reproduction number, impact of interventions and prediction of the epidemic size of COVID-19 in the center of Iran. COVID-19, SIs
50  2021 The RNA Directed DNA Methylation (RdDM) Pathway Regulates Anthocyanin Biosynthesis in Crabapple (Malus cv. spp.) Leaves by Methylating the McCOP1 Promoter. BiFC, McCOP1, McDRM2, RdDM
51  2021 The role of chromodomain helicase DNA binding protein 1 (CHD1) in promoting an invasive prostate cancer phenotype. CHD1, ECM, ETS, HPV-16, ITGA2, ITGA5, ITGA6, KO, LAMB3, MMP-2, PCa, PTEN, SPARC
52  2020 A case report of COVID-19 with false negative RT-PCR test: necessity of chest CT. COVID-19, PCR
53  2020 Association of MDM2 T309G (rs2279744) Polymorphism and Expression Changes With Risk of Prostate Cancer in the Slovak Population. BPH, PCR-RFLP
55  2020 Automatic Guided Waves Data Transmission System Using an Oil Industry Multiwire Cable. DSP, HMI, PPM
56  2020 Basolateral Secretion from Caco-2 Cells Pretreated with Fecal Waters from Breast Cancer Patients Affects MCF7 Cell Viability. FW, OR, SCFA
57  2020 Clinical, molecular, and radiomic profile of gliomas with FGFR3-TACC3 fusions. AUC, FGFR3
58  2020 Decidual stromal cells maintain decidual macrophage homeostasis by secreting IL-24 in early pregnancy. DSCs, IL, rhIL-24
59  2020 Defactinib attenuates osteoarthritis by inhibiting positive feedback loop between H-type vessels and MSCs in subchondral bone. CM, ECs, FAK, OA
60  2020 Developing a sensitive HBV genotyping assay for HBV DNA suppressed patients using both DNA and RNA sequencing. HBV, NAs, PCR
61  2020 Enabling Real-Time Monitoring of Intrabody Networks Through the Acoustic Discovery Architecture. ADA, IMDs, INs, PMUTs
62  2020 Evaluation of a novel antigen-based rapid detection test for the diagnosis of SARS-CoV-2 in respiratory samples. COVID-19, NP, OP, RDT, SARS-CoV-2
63  2020 Expression of genes containing tandem repeat patterns involved in the fungal-host interaction and in the response to antifungals in Trichophyton rubrum. DTRDB, TRs
64  2020 Fentanyl inhibits the progression of gastric cancer through the suppression of MMP-9 via the PI3K/Akt signaling pathway. DAPK1, MMP-9, PI3K
65  2020 First record of besnoitiosis caused by Besnoitia bennetti in donkeys from the UK. IFAT
67  2020 Improved real-time recordings using the fourth-generation cryoballoon technology-detection of dual fascicle electrograms. CB, PVs
68  2020 Interleukin-33 promotes proliferation and inhibits apoptosis of fibroblast-like synoviocytes in rheumatoid arthritis. Bax, Bcl-2, FLSs, IL, NF-kappaB, OA, RA, TNF
69  2020 Left ventricular geometry during unloading and the end-systolic pressure volume relationship: Measurement with a modified real-time MRI-based method in normal sheep. ES, ESPAR, LSSPM, LV, VCO
70  2020 Levels of different cytokines in women and men with asymptomatic genital infection caused by Chlamydia. IL
71  2020 Long noncoding RNA MALAT1 sponges miR-129-5p to regulate the development of bronchopulmonary dysplasia by increasing the expression of HMGB1. HMGB1, lncRNA, MALAT1
72  2020 Molecular characterization and immunohistochemical localization of tilapia piscidin 3 in response to Aeromonas hydrophila infection in Nile tilapia. CDS, MBC, MIC, TP3
73  2020 Natural agents inhibit colon cancer cell proliferation and alter microbial diversity in mice. CRC, ETO-Cur, OTU, QIIME, TRF
74  2020 Prenatal betamethasone exposure increases corticotropin-releasing hormone expression along with increased hippocampal slice excitability in the developing hippocampus. CRH, KA
75  2020 Rapid detection of Babesia motasi responsible for human babesiosis by cross-priming amplification combined with a vertical flow. CPA-VF
76  2020 Rapid detection of EGFR mutations in decalcified lung cancer bone metastasis. LCBM, NGS
77  2020 Real-time cardiovascular magnetic resonance T1 and extracellular volume fraction mapping for tissue characterisation in aortic stenosis. AS, CMR, ECV, FLASH, LV, MOLLI, SAX, TAVR
78  2020 Role of TG2-Mediated SERCA2 Serotonylation on Hypoxic Pulmonary Vein Remodeling. CCK, CHPH, hPVSMC, RVHI, RVSP, s-SERCA2, SMCs, SOCE, TG2
79  2020 Sentinel surveillance of selected veterinary and public health pathogens in camel population originating from Southern Punjab province, Pakistan. BT, BTV, PPRV
80  2020 The elevation of S100B and downregulation of circulating miR-602 in the sera of ischemic stroke (IS) patients: the emergence of novel diagnostic and prognostic markers. IS
81  2020 The Joint Effect of a Combination of Components From the Fruit of Crataegus pinnatifida Bge. Var. major N.E. Br. and the Root of Salvia miltiorrhiza Bge. With Exercises on Swimming in Focal Cerebral Infraction in Rat. 6-keto-PGF1alpha, ET-1, HUVECs, ICAM-1, PAI-1, qPCR, RB, TCM, TNF-alpha, tPA, TXB2, VCAM-1, vWF
82  2020 Understanding Non-P2 Mitral Regurgitation Using Real-Time Three-Dimensional Transesophageal Echocardiography: Characterization and Factors Leading to Underestimation. MR, TEE, TTE
83  2020 Versican G1 Fragment Establishes a Strongly Stabilized Interaction with Hyaluronan-Rich Expanding Matrix during Oocyte Maturation. ECM, HA, MGCs, OCC
84  2020 Wild Boar as a Sylvatic Reservoir of Hepatitis E Virus in Poland: A Cross-Sectional Population Study. HEV
85  2019 A scalable real-time framework for Thomson scattering analysis: Application to NSTX-U. MPTS, NSTX-U, Te, TS
86  2019 Characterization of Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae strains in vaccinated and non-vaccinated pigs from Spanish slaughterhouses. CVPC, EP, M. hyopneumoniae, NV, RF, TP, VS
87  2019 Comparative Accuracy Analysis of a Real-time and an Intermittent-Scanning Continuous Glucose Monitoring System. CGM, DG5, FL, MARD
88  2019 Comparison of the Genedia MTB/NTM Detection Kit and Anyplex plus MTB/NTM Detection Kit for detection of Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex and nontuberculous mycobacteria in clinical specimens. Mtb, NTM
89  2019 Continuous glucose monitoring in pregnant women with type 1 diabetes: an observational cohort study of 186 pregnancies. CGM, LGA, NCO
90  2019 Detection of BCR-ABL1 fusion gene transcripts in the saliva of Nigerian patients with chronic myeloid leukemia. CML
91  2019 Dissemination of Multidrug-Resistant and mcr-1 Gram-Negative Bacilli in Broilers, Farm Workers, and the Surrounding Environment in Lebanon. ESBLs, MLST
92  2019 Dynamic Supramolecular Ruthenium-Based Gels Responsive to Visible/NIR Light and Heat. P4VP
93  2019 Early dysregulation of cardiac-specific microRNA-208a is linked to maladaptive cardiac remodelling in diabetic myocardium. LV, MHC, RAA, TRalpha
94  2019 Effect of Acute Heat Stress on the mRNA Levels of Cytokines in Broiler Chickens Subjected to Embryonic Thermal Manipulation. AHS, ED, RH, TM
95  2019 Effects of fenbendazole and triclabendazole on the expression of cytochrome P450 1A and flavin-monooxygenase isozymes in bovine precision-cut liver slices. FBZ, PCLS, TCBZ
96  2019 Endothelial Cell-Derived TGF-beta Promotes Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition via CD133 in HBx-Infected Hepatoma Cells. CM, EMT, HBV, HBx, HCC
97  2019 Estimating real-time infiltration for use in residential ventilation control. ---
98  2019 Long noncoding RNA H19 is a critical oncogenic driver and contributes to epithelial-mesenchymal transition in papillary thyroid carcinoma. EMT, lncRNA H19, PTC
99  2019 Microarray analysis of apoptosis gene expression in liver injury induced by chronic exposure to arsenic and high-fat diet in male mice. HFD
100  2019 Non-invasive surveillance of Plasmodium infection by real-time PCR analysis of ethanol preserved faeces from Ugandan school children with intestinal schistosomiasis. DBS, EPF, POC, RDTs