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展開形 : reduced tillage
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2022 Effects of Fallow Management Practices on Soil Water, Crop Yield and Water Use Efficiency in Winter Wheat Monoculture System: A Meta-Analysis. CT, ET, PSE, ST, SWSp, WUE
2022 Evaluation of carbon mineralization and its temperature sensitivity in different soil aggregates and moisture regimes: A 21-year tillage experiment. CT, NT, SOC, SS
2022 Restoring soil carbon in marginal land of Indian Himalayas: Impact of crop intensification and conservation tillage. CT, NT, SOC
2021 Conservation tillage improves the yield of summer maize by regulating soil water, photosynthesis and inferior kernel grain filling on the semiarid Loess Plateau, China. CT
2021 Effect of tillage, biochar, poultry manure and NPK 15-15-15 fertilizer, and their mixture on soil properties, growth and carrot (Daucus carota L.) yield under tropical conditions. CT, PM
2020 Influence of two management practices in the Canadian Prairies on radiative forcing. CT, MODIS, NT
2019 Climate and land use change effects on soil erosion in two small agricultural catchment systems Fugnitz - Austria, Can Revull - Spain. BMPs, CT
2019 Cover crops and compost prevent weed seed bank buildup in herbicide-free wheat-potato rotations under conservation tillage. CT
2019 Soil C and N dynamics and hydrological processes in a maize-wheat rotation field subjected to different tillage and straw management practices. CT, CTSR, RTSR
10  2018 Fungal Genetics and Functional Diversity of Microbial Communities in the Soil under Long-Term Monoculture of Maize Using Different Cultivation Techniques. CR, DS, FT, NGS
11  2018 Tillage Changes Vertical Distribution of Soil Bacterial and Fungal Communities. CT
12  2017 Conventional tillage decreases the abundance and biomass of earthworms and alters their community structure in a global meta-analysis. CA
13  2017 Impact of reduced tillage on greenhouse gas emissions and soil carbon stocks in an organic grass-clover ley - winter wheat cropping sequence. MC, SL, SOC
14  2017 Long-term impact of reduced tillage on water and pesticide flow in a drained context. CT
15  2016 How do we cultivate in England? Tillage practices in crop production systems. ---
16  2015 Does inorganic nitrogen fertilization improve soil aggregation? Insights from two long-term tillage experiments. CP, MP, MWDA, NT, RidgeT, SOC
17  2015 Modelling the impact of agricultural management on soil carbon stocks at the regional scale: the role of lateral fluxes. CT, SOC
18  2014 [Effects of long-term tillage measurements on soil aggregate characteristic and microbial diversity]. CT, NT, SM, TC
19  2011 Long-term influence of tillage and fertilization on net carbon dioxide exchange rate on two soils with different textures. CT, NCER, NT, SOC
20  2009 Interactions of tillage and cover crop on water, sediment, and pre-emergence herbicide loss in glyphosate-resistant cotton: implications for the control of glyphosate-resistant weed biotypes. BMP, GRCs, RC
21  2008 Impact of different tillage practices on molecular characteristics of humic acids in a long-term field experiment - an application of three different spectroscopic methods. CT, HAs, MT, SOC
22  2008 Profile analysis and modeling of reduced tillage effects on soil nitrous oxide flux. CT, NT
23  2007 Degradation and sorption of fluometuron and metabolites in conservation tillage soils. CT, DMF, FLM, NT, TFMA, TFMPU
24  2006 The influence of 10 years reduced tillage on the potential carbon mineralization of silt loam soils under a temperate climate. CT
25  2002 Preferential bromide and pesticide movement to tile drains under different cropping practices. CT
26  2002 Soil CO2 fluxes in cereal land use of the Spanish plateau: influence of conventional and reduced tillage practices. CT