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展開形 : reminiscence therapy
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2022 Effectiveness of Reminiscence Therapy versus Cognitive Stimulation Therapy in Older Adults with Cognitive Decline: A Quasi-Experimental Pilot Study. CSS, CST, QoL
2022 Informative and semantic language features of people with dementia displayed during reminiscence therapy. HCS, PwD
2022 LONG-REMI: An AI-Based Technological Application to Promote Healthy Mental Longevity Grounded in Reminiscence Therapy. ---
2022 Non-Pharmacological Interventions for the Hallucinations in Patients with Dementia. A Cross-Over Randomized Controlled Trial. AD, MT, VT
2022 Non-Pharmacological Interventions for Wandering/Aberrant Motor Behaviour in Patients with Dementia. ACE-R, GDS, MMSE, MT, NPI, PE, RCT
2022 The use of digital touch screen technology to deliver reminiscence therapy among people with dementia in Jordanian care homes: a mixed-method feasibility study. ---
2021 A Library of Old Photos Supporting Conversation of Two Generations Serving Reminiscence Therapy. ---
2021 Comparative efficacy of non-pharmacological interventions on behavioural and psychological symptoms in elders with dementia: A network meta-analysis. BT, IN, MT, RCTs, TC
2021 Effectiveness of a Randomized Controlled Trial of Individual Reminiscence Therapy on Cognition, Mood and Quality of Life in Azorean Older Adults with Neurocognitive Disorders. ---
10  2021 Effectiveness of reminiscence therapy in reducing agitation and depression and improving quality of life and cognition in long-term care residents with dementia: A systematic review and meta-analysis. QoL
11  2021 Multicenter randomized controlled trial of the effects of individual reminiscence therapy on cognition, depression and quality of life: Analysis of a sample of older adults with Alzheimer's disease and vascular dementia. ---
12  2021 Pilot study on the effectiveness of Reminiscence Therapy on cognition, depressive symptoms, and quality of life in nursing home residents. QoL
13  2021 Proposing a novel care program: reminiscence therapy involved care for anxiety, depression, and quality of life in postoperative cervical cancer patients. OS, QoL, RTIC, UC
14  2020 Effect of reminiscence therapy based on positive psychology theory (RTBPPT) on the positive feelings of the spousal caregivers of elderly patients with advanced cancer in China. RTBPPT
15  2020 Multicentre randomised controlled trial about the effect of individual reminiscence therapy in older adults with neurocognitive disorders. FAB, GDS-15, MAT, MMSE, QoL
16  2020 The effect of digital reminiscence therapy on people with dementia: a pilot randomized controlled trial. BPSD, PwD
17  2019 Reminiscence Therapy for Dementia. ---
18  2018 Psychosocial interventions for Alzheimer's disease cognitive symptoms: a Bayesian network meta-analysis. AD, AT, ChEIs, GE, HE, MMSE, WP
19  2018 Reminiscence therapy for dementia. CI, MD, MMSE, QoL, SMD
20  2018 Reminiscence therapy for dementia: an abridged Cochrane systematic review of the evidence from randomized controlled trials. ---
21  2018 The Effect of Individual Reminiscence Therapy on Self-Esteem and Depression Among Institutionalized Elderly in India. ---
22  2017 Distinctive effects between cognitive stimulation and reminiscence therapy on cognitive function and quality of life for different types of behavioural problems in dementia. CST, PwD
23  2017 Using multimedia information and communication technology (ICT) to provide added value to reminiscence therapy for people with dementia : Lessons learned from three field studies. ICT, PwD
24  2016 Comparing the Effects of Cognitive Stimulation, Reminiscence, andAroma-Massage on Agitation and Depressive Mood in People With Dementia. AT, CST, PwD
25  2016 Effectiveness of meaningful occupation interventions for people living with dementia in residential aged care: a systematic review. BPSD, MSIs, PCC, QoL, RACFs
26  2015 Effectiveness of follow-up reminiscence therapy on autobiographical memory in pathological ageing. AD, aMCI, AMI
27  2015 Protecting cognition from aging and Alzheimer's disease: a computerized cognitive training combined with reminiscence therapy. HE, mAD, MCI, pb-CT
28  2015 Reminiscence and dementia: a therapeutic intervention. ---
29  2014 A systematic review of the use of technology for reminiscence therapy. ICT
30  2014 The effect of individual reminiscence therapy on self-esteem and depression among institutionalized elderly in India. ---
31  2005 Reminiscence therapy for dementia. ---
32  2001 Reminiscence therapy using odor in alcohol-dependent patients--psychophysiological evaluation and psychological evaluation; power spectral analysis of heart rate variability. ---
33  2000 Reminiscence therapy for dementia. ---
34  2000 Reminiscence therapy for dementia. ---
35  1998 Late-life depression and functional disability: the role of goal-focused group psychotherapy. GFGP
36  1993 Comparative effectiveness of social problem-solving therapy and reminiscence therapy as treatments for depression in older adults. PST, WLC