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2022 Does hyperbaric oxygen therapy pressure reduce mechanical stability of implants? HBOT, RFA
2022 Effect of Framework's Manufacturing Technique on Screw's Preload of Implant Supported Prosthesis. 3D-PF, ANOVA, CF, ISF, MF, PF, SGs, TT
2022 Histological and histomorphometric aspects of continual intermittent parathyroid hormone administration on osseointegration in osteoporosis rabbit model. BIC, PTH
2022 Histomorphometric and biomechanical evaluation of the osseointegration around micro- and nano-level boron-nitride coated titanium dental implants. BATA, BIC, BN-coated
2022 Mechanical stability of orthodontic miniscrew depends on a thread shape. MIT, TR
2022 Surface Structure of Zirconia Implants: An Integrative Review Comparing Clinical Results with Preclinical and In Vitro Data. BIC, MBL
2021 Comparative Evaluation of Implant Stability, Insertion Torque, and Implant Macrogeometry in Different Bone Densities Using Resonance Frequency Analysis. ISQ, IT
2021 Influence of the dental implant macrogeometry and threads design on primary stability: an in vitro simulation on artificial bone blocks. ISQ, IT
2021 Osteogenic effect of low-intensity pulsed ultrasound and whole-body vibration on peri-implant bone. An experimental in vivo study. BIC, LIPUS, LMHF, RG, WBV
10  2020 Implant primary stability with an osteocondensation drilling protocol in different density polyurethane blocks. IT
11  2019 Photo-activated implants: a triple-blinded, split-mouth, randomized controlled clinical trial on the resistance to removal torque at various healing intervals. BIC, UV
12  2017 A stepwise under-prepared osteotomy technique improves primary stability in shallow-placed implants: a preliminary study for simultaneous vertical ridge augmentation. ISQ, IT, PS, VRA
13  2017 Effect of Zirconia Dental Implant Surfaces on Bone Integration: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. BIC
14  2017 Enhanced Osseointegration of a Modified Titanium Implant with Bound Phospho-Threonine: A Preliminary In Vivo Study. BIC, p-Thr
15  2017 Evaluation of mechanical strengths of three types of mini-implants in artificial bones. IT, RF
16  2016 Influence of Liquid Lubrication on the Screw-Joint Stability of Y-TZP Implant Abutment Systems. ---
17  2016 Insertion torque, resonance frequency, and removal torque analysis of microimplants. IT, RF
18  2016 The Performance of Titanium-Zirconium Implants in the Elderly: A Biomechanical Comparative Study in the Minipig. BMD, TiZr-SLActive
19  2015 Mechanical influence of thread pitch on orthodontic mini-implant stability. IT, LT, MIs, PS, PTV
20  2015 Osseointegration of titanium implants with SLAffinity treatment: a histological and biomechanical study in miniature pigs. BA, BIC, SLA, Ti
21  2015 Time-dependent periimplant bone reaction of acidic monomer-treated injection molded zirconia implants in rabbit tibiae. BIC, MDP
22  2014 Carbon film coating of abutment surfaces: effect on the abutment screw removal torque. DLC, MC
23  2014 Comparison of clinical performance of zirconia implants and titanium implants in animal models: a systematic review. BIC
24  2013 Torque stability of different abutment screws submitted to mechanical cycling. ---
25  2010 Evaluation of a new titanium-zirconium dental implant: a biomechanical and histological comparative study in the mini pig. ---
26  2010 Peripheral quantitative computer tomographic, histomorphometric, and removal torque analyses of two different non-coated implants in a rabbit model. BA, BIC, MS, pQCT
27  2004 Influence of implant taper on the primary and secondary stability of osseointegrated titanium implants. IT, RFA
28  2004 Oxidized implants and their influence on the bone response. ACP, RFA, Sa