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略語 : RT
展開形 : reptilase time
No. 発表年 題目 共起略語
2019 Effects of long-term exposure to an extremely low frequency magnetic field (15 T) on selected blood coagulation variables in OF1 mice. APTT, ELF-MF, PT, WBC
2018 Identification and characterization of novel mutations implicated in congenital fibrinogen disorders. TT
2013 Reptilase time (RT). ---
2013 [Functional study of abnormal fibrinogen caused by Arg275His mutation in fibrinogen gamma chain]. PLG, TEG, TT, uPA
2012 [Genotype and function analyses of four inherited dysfibrinogenemia pedigree caused by Arg16 amino acid substitution in fibrinogen Aalpha chain]. APTT, AT, PC, PS, PT, TT
2011 [Analysis of phenotype and genotype in three Chinese pedigrees with inherited dysfibrinogenemia]. APTT, AT, Fg, PC, PS, PT, SDS-PAGE, TT
2007 An acquired inhibitor that produced a delay of fibrinopeptide B release in an asymptomatic patient. FPA, FPB, TT
2000 Clotting alterations in primary systemic amyloidosis. AL, APTT, PT, TT
1995 The prolonged thrombin time of nephrotic syndrome. PAGE, SA, TT
10  1994 The coagulopathy of heat stroke: alterations in coagulation and fibrinolysis in heat stroke patients during the pilgrimage (Haj) to Makkah. APTT, ATIII, PAI, PT, tPA, TT
11  1992 Bovine submandibular gland extracts interact with the human hemostasis factors. APTT, PT, TT
12  1992 Hemostatic activity of the bovine parotid gland glycoconjugates. TT
13  1990 Serial thrombolysis-related changes after thrombolytic therapy with TPA in patients with acute myocardial infarction. AAP, ATIII, ELT, Fg, tPA
14  1985 Anticoagulant activity in cell-free peritoneal fluid of an experimental pancreatic ascites tumor. APTT, PT, RCT, TT
15  1982 Bleeding and coagulation abnormalities in alcoholic cirrhotic liver disease. PT, TT