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2022 A Pre-Pandemic Evaluation of the State of Staffing and Future of the Respiratory Care Profession: Perceptions of Louisiana Respiratory Therapists. AARC
2022 Alveolar Ventilation-Targeted Versus Spontaneous/Timed Mode for Home Noninvasive Ventilation in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. AHI, ALS, IQR, iVAPS, NIV, S/T
2022 Burnout Among Respiratory Therapists Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic. ---
2022 Burnout among Respiratory Therapists and Perception of Leadership: A Cross Sectional Survey Over Eight Intensive Care Units. BOS, CWEQ, DP, EE, ICU, PA
2022 Emotional impact of compassionate extubation on respiratory therapists and nurses: A pilot study. CE, IES, PTSD, RNs
2022 Faculty Perspective on Interprofessional Education Competencies: Respiratory Therapy Compared to Other Allied Health Professions. AT, DH, DSCF, IPE, NT, OT, PT
2022 Identification and Prevention of Extubation Failure by Using an Automated Continuous Monitoring Alert Versus Standard Care. ---
2022 Pediatric ventilation liberation: evaluating the role of endotracheal secretions in an extubation readiness bundle. ---
2022 Respiratory Therapist-Driven Extubation Readiness Testing in a Single Pediatric ICU. ERT, NIV, PDSA, PICU, QI
10  2022 Safe and Effective Use of Score-Based Continuous Albuterol Therapy in a Pathway for Treatment of Pediatric Asthma Exacerbation. LOS, PAS, PICU
11  2022 The Impact of a Home Respiratory Therapist to Reduce 30-Day Readmission Rates for Exacerbation of COPD. ---
12  2022 The Rapid Implementation of Ad Hoc Tele-Critical Care Respiratory Therapy (eRT) Service in the Wake of the COVID-19 Surge. APP, eRT, eRT
13  2022 [Respiratory therapy at a university hospital: evaluation of a job profile]. ---
14  2021 A behavioural study of obedience in health professional students. ACP, IPECP
15  2021 Impact of Providing a Tape Measure on the Provision of Lung-protective Ventilation. ED, ICU
16  2021 Incorporating remote patient monitoring in virtual pulmonary rehabilitation programs. PR, RPM
17  2021 Protocolized ventilator weaning verses usual care: A randomized controlled trial. ICU, LOS, NIF, PW, RSBI, SBTs, UC
18  2021 Rapid On-Site Cytologic Evaluation: A Feasibility Study Using Ancillary Interventional Pulmonary Personnel. ASE, CYTO-ROSE, ROSE, RT-ROSE
19  2021 Use of a Multidisciplinary Mechanical Ventilation Weaning Protocol to Improve Patient Outcomes and Empower Staff in a Medical Intensive Care Unit. ICU, RN
20  2021 Virtual mask fitting in pediatric patients during COVID-19: A case series. FC, LTV, NIV
21  2021 Weaning from Mechanical Ventilator in a Long-term Acute Care Hospital: A Retrospective Analysis. LTAC, PMV, RDCP
22  2020 A Structured Curriculum for Interprofessional Training of Emergency Medicine Interns. EM, H-AHRP, IPE, lab, LAB, SW, PH, RN, SW
23  2020 Feasibility of Aerosol Bronchodilators Delivery Through High-Flow Nasal Cannula in Pediatric Subjects With Respiratory Distress. HFNC
24  2020 Implementation of a High-Flow Nasal Cannula Management Protocol in the Pediatric ICU. HFNC, LOS
25  2020 Resilience and Burnout Resources in Respiratory Care Departments. ---
26  2020 The Impact of Respiratory Therapy International Education in the United States: Saudi International Students' Perceptions. ---
27  2020 Using gel for difficult mask ventilation on the bearded patients: a simulation-based study. IQR, TV
28  2019 Economic impact and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease outcomes of a comprehensive inhaler to nebulization therapy protocol implementation in a large multi-state healthcare system. COPD, DPI, LOS, PY1, PY2
29  2019 Implementing a peer-learning approach for the clinical education of respiratory therapy students. PL, UHN
30  2019 Practical implementation of noninvasive ventilation in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis: lessons learned from a clinical case series. ALS, NIV
31  2019 Reassessing a Respiratory Therapy Consult Service After 20 Years. RTCS
32  2019 Reducing the rare event: lessons from the implementation of a ventilator bundle. GLA, ICU, MV, SAT, SBT, VAE
33  2019 Respiratory Therapy Administrators' Perceptions of Effective Teaching Characteristics of Clinical Preceptors. ---
34  2019 Technology-Enabled Self-Monitoring of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease With or Without Asynchronous Remote Monitoring: Protocol for a Randomized Controlled Trial. COPD, IRRID, RM, SC, SM
35  2018 Daily routine versuson-demand chest radiograph policyand practice in adult ICU patients- clinicians' perspective. ACR, ICU
36  2018 Evaluation of the Clinical Learning Environment in Respiratory Therapy Education: Student Perceptions. CLE
37  2018 Financial Impact of Incentive Spirometry. CI, IS
38  2018 Increasing Awareness of the Roles, Knowledge, and Skills of Respiratory Therapists Through an Interprofessional Education Experience. IPE
39  2017 Challenges With Implementation of a Respiratory Therapist-Driven Protocol of Spontaneous Breathing Trials in the Pediatric ICU. SBT
40  2017 Respiratory Therapist-Managed Arterial Catheter Insertion and Maintenance Program: Experience in a Non-Teaching Community Hospital. ---
41  2017 Respiratory Therapy Faculty Knowledge of and Attitudes Toward Interprofessional Education. IPE
42  2017 Respiratory therapy faculty perspectives on interprofessional education: Findings from a cross-sectional online survey. IPE
43  2016 A Respiratory Therapist Disease Management Program for Subjects Hospitalized With COPD. ---
44  2016 Financial effect of converting ipratropium-albuterol therapy from inhalers to nebulizer treatments at an academic health system. MDIs
45  2016 Implementation of a beta-Agonist/Airway Clearance Protocol in a Pediatric ICU. ---
46  2016 Reducing Inpatient Length of Stay Using a Multicollaborative Protocol for Management of Non-Intensive Care Unit Asthmatics. APR-DRGs, LOS, MDI, VHC
47  2015 Effect of Respiratory Therapy on the Prognosis of Chronic Heart Failure Patients Complicated With Sleep-Disordered Breathing - A Pilot Efficacy Trial. AHI, CHF, SDB
48  2015 Implementation of Postoperative Respiratory Care for Pediatric Orthopedic Patients. ---
49  2015 Retrospective Assessment of Home Ventilation to Reduce Rehospitalization in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. adjOR, AVAPS-AE, CI, COPD, NIPPV, PAP, QI
50  2015 The impact of a chest tube management protocol on the outcome of trauma patients with tube thoracostomy. CTT, ED, ISS, OR, TTP
51  2014 Burnout in the intensive care unit professionals. DP, EE, ICU, PA
52  2014 Effectiveness and safety of a protocolized mechanical ventilation and weaning strategy of COPD patients by respiratory therapists. CI, COPD, HR, ICU
53  2014 Financial incentive of home continuous positive airway pressure machine use in the inpatient hospital setting. CPAP, OSA
54  2014 Neonatal respiratory therapist-led rounds can improve staff satisfaction and timeliness of respiratory interventions. ---
55  2014 Peer educator vs. respiratory therapist support: which form of support better maintains health and functional outcomes following pulmonary rehabilitation? COPD, ITT, PR, SGRQ, UC
56  2013 Physician-ordered aerosol therapy versus respiratory therapist-driven aerosol protocol: the effect on resource utilization. ---
57  2013 The effect of a mechanical ventilation discontinuation protocol in patients with simple and difficult weaning: impact on clinical outcomes. ---
58  2012 A computer-aided audit system for respiratory therapy consult evaluations: description of a method and early results. ---
59  2012 A preliminary evaluation of the effectiveness of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Mentoring Program for Respiratory Care. CF
60  2012 A prospective, comparative trial of standard and breath-actuated nebulizer: efficacy, safety, and satisfaction. BAN
61  2012 Respiratory therapy organizational changes are associated with increased respiratory care utilization. BAL, SBTs
62  2011 Distance learning and the internet in respiratory therapy education. ---
63  2011 Respiratory care practices and requirements for respiratory therapists in Beijing intensive care units. ICU
64  2011 Role of the management pathway in the care of advanced COPD patients in their own homes. COPD
65  2010 From admission to graduation: the impact of gender on student academic success in respiratory therapy education. CRT, NBRC, WRRT
66  2010 Prospective evaluation of two clinical scores for acute asthma in children 18 months to 7 years of age. AUC, CI, ED, LOS, PASS, PRAM
67  2010 Team-building and change management in respiratory care: description of a process and outcomes. ---
68  2009 A survey of the use of noninvasive ventilation in academic emergency departments in the United States. CHF, COPD, EDs, NIV
69  2009 Creating a vision for respiratory care in 2015 and beyond. ---
70  2009 Improved outcomes with routine respiratory therapist evaluation of non-intensive-care-unit surgery patients. ICU
71  2009 Respiratory care clinical education: a needs assessment for preceptor training. ---
72  2008 An analysis of features of respiratory therapy departments that are avid for change. ---
73  2008 Asthma disease management and the respiratory therapist. ---
74  2007 A survey of health professions students for knowledge, attitudes, and confidence about tuberculosis, 2005. BCG, LTBI, NTCC, PA, TB
75  2007 Management and processing of respiratory care information in respiratory care departments. ---
76  2005 Instruction of hospitalized patients by respiratory therapists on metered-dose inhaler use leads to decrease in patient errors. MDIs
77  2004 Use of a respiratory clinical score among different providers. ---
78  2003 Practice variation in respiratory therapy documentation during mechanical ventilation. AARC, ALI, CPGs
79  2002 Emergency department personnel use seatbelts almost all the time: what do they know that average Delawareans don't? ED, EMS, EP, NP, PA
80  2002 Impact of a radio frequency management information system on the process and timing of providing respiratory care services. RF
81  1996 Continuous vs intermittent nebulized albuterol for emergency management of asthma. CN, IN
82  1995 Health status measures in allied health curricula: results of a national survey. CSD, HIM, OT, PT
83  1995 Weaning from mechanical ventilation: physician-directed vs a respiratory-therapist-directed protocol. ---
84  1994 Medical personnel's knowledge of and ability to use inhaling devices. Metered-dose inhalers, spacing chambers, and breath-actuated dry powder inhalers. COPD, MD, MDI, RN
85  1988 Can postoperative pulmonary complications after elective cholecystectomy be predicted? ---