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略語 : RT
展開形 : reticular thalamic
No. 発表年 題目 共起略語
2021 Hippocampal and Reticulo-Thalamic Parvalbumin Interneurons and Synaptic Re-Organization during Sleep Disorders in the Rat Models of Parkinson's Disease Neuropathology. HVS, PD, PV
2018 Functional Topography and Development of Inhibitory Reticulothalamic Barreloid Projections. GABA, TRN
2017 Tenuous Inhibitory GABAergic Signaling in the Reticular Thalamus. ---
2011 Cav2.3 channels are critical for oscillatory burst discharges in the reticular thalamus and absence epilepsy. AHP, HVA
2011 Involvement of the Cav3.2 T-type calcium channel in thalamic neuron discharge patterns. KO, T-channel, VP, WT
2008 Acetylcholine innervation of the adult rat thalamus: distribution and ultrastructural features in dorsolateral geniculate, parafascicular, and reticular thalamic nuclei. ACh, ChAT, DLG, Pf, VGLUT2
2005 Coding of stimulus frequency by latency in thalamic networks through the interplay of GABAB-mediated feedback and stimulus shape. POm, VPM
2004 Novel vistas of calcium-mediated signalling in the thalamus. Ca, PLC, RyRs, TRPC
2003 Target-specific neuropeptide Y-ergic synaptic inhibition and its network consequences within the mammalian thalamus. sIPSPs
10  1994 GABA inhibition of lateral hypothalamic neurons: role of reticular thalamic afferents. LH
11  1994 Reticular thalamic inhibitory input to lateral hypothalamic neurons: a functional and histochemical determination. HRP, LH
12  1994 Thalamic mediodorsal and intralaminar nuclear lesions disrupt the generation of experimentally induced generalized absence-like seizures in rats. SWD, VPL
13  1992 Muscarinic inhibition of reticular thalamic cells by basal forebrain neurones. ---
14  1988 Electrophysiological actions of norepinephrine in rat lateral hypothalamus. I. Norepinephrine-induced modulation of LH neuronal responsiveness to afferent synaptic inputs and putative neurotransmitters. ACh, GABA, Glu, LH, LPO, NE