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Abbreviation : RTA
Long Form : rapid thermal annealing
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 Border Trap Extraction with Capacitance- Equivalent Thickness to Reflect the Quantum Mechanical Effect on Atomic Layer Deposition High-k/In0.53Ga0.47As on 300-mm Si Substrate. CET, FGA
2019 Control of Nitrogen Inhomogeneities in Type-I and Type-II GaAsSbN Superlattices for Solar Cell Devices. EQE, GLCM, MJSC, SLs, STEM
2019 Development of an anti-pollution coating process technology for the application of an on-site PV module. PV
2019 Effect of Microwave Annealing on the Interface Properties Between the Top Silicon and Buried Oxide Layers in Silicon-on-Insulator MOSFETs. DET, MOSFET, MWA, SOI
2019 Effects of Different Ion Irradiation on the Contact Resistance of Pd/Graphene Contacts. Ar, Pd
2019 Improving Charge Trapping/Detrapping Characteristics of Amorphous In-Ga-ZnO Thin-Film-Transistors Using Microwave Irradiation. a-IGZO, CTA, MWI, PDA, TFTs
2019 Near-ideal subthreshold swing MoS2 back-gate transistors with an optimized ultrathin HfO2 dielectric layer. ALD, SS
2019 Rapid thermal annealing for high-quality ITO thin films deposited by radio-frequency magnetron sputtering. ITO, rfMS
2019 Realizing High Thermoelectric Performance at Ambient Temperature by Ternary Alloying in Polycrystalline Si1-x-yGexSny Thin Films with Boron Ion Implantation. TE
10  2018 Effect of Surface and Defect Chemistry on the Photocatalytic Properties of Intentionally Defect-Rich ZnO Nanorod Arrays. NR, PL, ZnO
11  2018 Effects of Rapid Thermal Treatment on Characteristics of Magnetron-Sputtered NiO Thin Films for Supercapacitor Applications. ---
12  2018 Improving carrier transport in Cu2O thin films by rapid thermal annealing. NBE
13  2018 Improving carrier transport in Cu2O thin films by rapid thermal annealing. NBE
14  2018 InAs/GaAs Quantum Dot Dual-Mode Distributed Feedback Laser Towards Large Tuning Range Continuous-Wave Terahertz Application. CW, LC-DFB, QD, SMSR
15  2018 PEDOT:PSS Morphostructure and Ion-To-Electron Transduction and Amplification Mechanisms in Organic Electrochemical Transistors. LTA, OECTs, PEDOT
16  2018 Sensing and Impedance Characteristics of YbTaO4 Sensing Membranes. EIS
17  2017 Anneal-Hardening Behavior of Cr-Fe-C Alloy Deposits Prepared in a Cr3+-Based Bath with Fe2+ Ions. ---
18  2017 Atomic-Layer-Deposition Assisted Formation of Wafer-Scale Double-Layer Metal Nanoparticles with Tunable Nanogap for Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering. ALD, EF, FDTD, MB, NPs, SERS
19  2017 Au nanoparticle-decorated silicon pyramids for plasmon-enhanced hot electron near-infrared photodetection. AuNP, NIR, Si, SPRs
20  2017 Carrier-Type Modulation and Mobility Improvement of Thin MoTe2. BV, FETs
21  2017 Controlling Growth High Uniformity Indium Selenide (In2Se3) Nanowires via the Rapid Thermal Annealing Process at Low Temperature. VLS
22  2017 Defect-promoted photo-electrochemical performance enhancement of orange-luminescent ZnO nanorod-arrays. VO-Zni, ZnO
23  2017 Effects of Annealing Ambient on the Characteristics of LaAlO3 Films Grown by Atomic Layer Deposition. ILs
24  2017 Effects of Rapid Thermal Annealing and Different Oxidants on the Properties of LaxAlyO Nanolaminate Films Deposited by Atomic Layer Deposition. ALD, EOT, XPS
25  2017 Enhanced Crystalline Phase Purity of CH3NH3PbI3-xClx Film for High-Efficiency Hysteresis-Free Perovskite Solar Cells. GIXRD, GTA, PSCs
26  2017 Enhanced Photoelectrochemical Behavior of H-TiO2 Nanorods Hydrogenated by Controlled and Local Rapid Thermal Annealing. H-TiO2, PEC
27  2017 Germanium-doped Metallic Ohmic Contacts in Black Phosphorus Field-Effect Transistors with Ultra-low Contact Resistance. BP
28  2017 Lead-free piezoelectrics: V3+ to V5+ ion conversion promoting the performances of V-doped Zinc Oxide. VZO
29  2017 Manipulating the adhesion of electroless nickel-phosphorus film on silicon wafers by silane compound modification and rapid thermal annealing. ELP Ni-P, ETAS, PVA-Pd, SAM
30  2017 Nanoscale Junction Formation by Gas-Phase Monolayer Doping. GP-MLD, MLD
31  2017 Rapid thermal annealing treated spin-on doped antireflective radial junction Si nanopillar solar cell. ---
32  2017 Single layer of Ge quantum dots in HfO2 for floating gate memory capacitors. NCs, QDs
33  2016 Effects of Rapid Thermal Annealing on the Structural, Electrical, and Optical Properties of Zr-Doped ZnO Thin Films Grown by Atomic Layer Deposition. ALD
34  2016 Non-Stoichiometric Amorphous Indium Selenide Thin Films as a Buffer Layer for CIGS Solar Cells with Various Temperatures in Rapid Thermal Annealing. ---
35  2016 Reduced Subthreshold Characteristics and Flicker Noise of an AlGaAs/InGaAs PHEMT Using Liquid Phase Deposited TiO₂ as a Gate Dielectric. MOS-PHEMT
36  2016 Thermal dewetting with a chemically heterogeneous nano-template for self-assembled L1(0) FePt nanoparticle arrays. PS-b-PDMS, RIE
37  2015 Carrier-induced fast wavelength switching in tunable V-cavity laser with quantum well intermixed tuning section. QWI, VCL
38  2015 Effect of Annealing Process on the Properties of Ni(55%)Cr(40%)Si(5%) Thin-Film Resistors. ICs, TCR
39  2015 Influence of microwave annealing on optical and electrical properties of plasma-induced defect structures in Si substrate. C-V, MWA, PRS, SE, Ta
40  2015 Nano-Welding of Ag Nanowires Using Rapid Thermal Annealing for Transparent Conductive Films. NW
41  2015 Silicon diffusion control in atomic-layer-deposited Al2O3/La2O3/Al2O3 gate stacks using an Al2O3 barrier layer. ALD, ToF-SIMS, XPS
42  2015 Synthesis and Characterization of High c-axis ZnO Thin Film by Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition System and its UV Photodetector Application. DL, FESEM, NBE, PECVD, PL, Pt, RF, Si, UV, XRD, ZnO
43  2014 Dielectric functions of solution-processed GdAlO(x)/Si films measured with vacuum ultra-violet spectroscopic ellipsometry. GAO, SE, TL
44  2014 Energy band structure tailoring of vertically aligned InAs/GaAsSb quantum dot structure for intermediate-band solar cell application by thermal annealing process. QD
45  2014 RTA-treated carbon fiber/copper core/shell hybrid for thermally conductive composites. ---
46  2014 Wafer-scale double-layer stacked Au/Al2O3@Au nanosphere structure with tunable nanospacing for surface-enhanced Raman scattering. ALD, EF, SERS
47  2014 [Research on the phase and optical properties of nc-Si films prepared by low temperature aluminum induced crystallization]. ---
48  2013 Crystallization of Electrodeposited Germanium Thin Film on Silicon (100). AES, EBSD, Ge, Si
49  2013 In situ observations of gas phase dynamics during graphene growth using solid-state carbon sources. PMMA
50  2013 Nano-scale surface morphology evolution of Cu/Ti thin films. ---
51  2013 Rapid-thermal-annealing surface treatment for restoring the intrinsic properties of graphene field-effect transistors. GFETs
52  2012 Can commonly used hydrazine produce n-type graphene? rGO
53  2012 Dependences of photoluminescence from P-implanted epitaxial Ge. PL
54  2012 Fabrication of copper nanoparticles in a thick polyimide film cured by rapid thermal annealing. PAA, PI
55  2012 Facile synthesis of few-layer graphene with a controllable thickness using rapid thermal annealing. ---
56  2012 Improvement on laser-induced damage threshold of sol-gel ZrO(2) coatings by crystal structure tuning. CFA, LIDT
57  2012 Inkjet-printing of antimony-doped tin oxide (ATO) films for transparent conducting electrodes. ATO
58  2012 Ultrafast all-optical switch with cross-phase modulation by area-selective ion implantation in InGaAs/AlAsSb coupled double quantum wells. CDQWs, ISBT, MZI, TE/TM
59  2011 Enhanced UV photosensitivity from rapid thermal annealed vertically aligned ZnO nanowires. NWs, PC
60  2011 Optical identification of electronic state levels of an asymmetric InAs/InGaAs/GaAs dot-in-well structure. ES, GS, QDs, QW, WL
61  2011 Rapid thermal annealing and crystallization mechanisms study of silicon nanocrystal in silicon carbide matrix. Si-nc, SiC
62  2011 The effect of thickness on the texture and magnetic properties of single-layered FePt films by rapid thermal annealing. Ms
63  2011 The influences of rapid-thermal annealing on the characteristics of Sr0.6Ba0.4Nb2O6 thin film. C-V, P-E
64  2011 Thermal stability of the peak emission wavelength in multilayer InAs/GaAs QDs capped with a combination capping of InAlGaAs and GaAs. QD
65  2010 Titanium-tungsten nanocrystals embedded in a SiO(2)/Al(2)O(3) gate dielectric stack for low-voltage operation in non-volatile memory. MOS, NCs, NVM
66  2009 Analysis of vacancy and interstitial nucleation kinetics in Si wafers during rapid thermal annealing. ---
67  2009 Ex situ n and p doping of vertical epitaxial short silicon nanowires by ion implantation. SEM, SiNWs
68  2009 Long-wavelength emission InAs quantum dots grown on InGaAs metamorphic buffers. AFM, PL, QDs
69  2009 Phase stabilization by rapid thermal annealing in amorphous hydrogenated silicon nitride film. Si
70  2009 Post-growth annealing effects of Mg doped GaAs epitaxial layers on microstructural and optical properties. DCXRD, FWHM, MBE, PL
71  2008 Effect of rapid thermal annealing on the electrical properties of GaAs Schottky diodes embedded with self-assembled InAs quantum dots. MEMBE
72  2008 Formation of TiO2 nanorings due to rapid thermal annealing of swift heavy ion irradiated films. AFM, GAXRD, PLD, SHI
73  2008 Improved light extraction efficiency in GaN-based light emitting diode by nano-scale roughening of p-GaN surface. EL, p-GaN, UV-LED
74  2008 Shift in room-temperature photoluminescence of low-fluence Si+-implanted SiO2 films subjected to rapid thermal annealing. PL
75  2007 Decrease in work function of boron ion-implanted ZnO thin films. ---
76  2007 Effects of rapid thermal annealing on nucleation, growth, and properties of lead zirconate titanate films. ---
77  2007 Nanostructuring of InP surface by low-energy ion beam irradiation. ---
78  2003 Implication of rapid thermal annealing-induced cracks on the performance of multiple-quantum-well laser diodes. ---
79  2001 Crystallization kinetics of sol-gel derived hydroxyapatite thin films. HA, TCP
80  1998 Characterization of dielectric and electro-optic properties of PLZT 9/65/35 films on sapphire for electro-optic applications. FA
81  1994 Digitization and image processing methods for enhancement and quantification of grazing-incidence x-ray topographs. ---
82  1989 Use of a rapid thermal annealing system to initiate indiffusion for fabrication of Ti:LiNbO(3) optical channel waveguides. ---