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Abbreviation : RV
Long Form : rabies virus
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 A Neural Circuit from Thalamic Paraventricular Nucleus to Central Amygdala for the Facilitation of Neuropathic Pain. CeA, pPVT, pPVT, PVT, SNI
2020 Cell-Type-Specific Whole-Brain Direct Inputs to the Anterior and Posterior Piriform Cortex. CNU, GABA, HB, HPF, IB, MB, OLF, PC
2020 Characterization of the Immune Response of MERS-CoV Vaccine Candidates Derived from Two Different Vectors in Mice. GEM, MERS, MERS-CoV, RBD
2020 Mapping Cell Types and Efferent Pathways in the Ascending Relaxin-3 System of the Nucleus Incertus. DpMe, NI, NMB, PAG, Rln3, Rln3
2020 Monosynaptic Tracing Success Depends Critically on Helper Virus Concentrations. AAVs
2019 Complementary Genetic Targeting and Monosynaptic Input Mapping Reveal Recruitment and Refinement of Distributed Corticostriatal Ensembles by Cocaine. DS, OFC
2019 Development of a recombinant replication-deficient rabies virus-based bivalent-vaccine against MERS-CoV and rabies virus and its humoral immunogenicity in mice. MERS-CoV, RV-G, RVDeltaP
2019 Differences in neurotropism and neurotoxicity among retrograde viral tracers. PRV
2019 Immune-Mediated Control of a Dormant Neurotropic RNA Virus Infection. CNS, IAV, MV, SV, TRM, WNV
10  2019 Isolation of Rabies Virus from the Salivary Glands of Wild and Domestic Carnivores during a Skunk Rabies Epizootic. SCSK
11  2019 The effect of combined drugs therapy on the course of clinical rabies infection in a murine model. ---
12  2019 Tracing of Afferent Connections in the Zebrafish Cerebellum Using Recombinant Rabies Virus. cbln12, CFs, CG, DON, GCs, MON, NLV, PCs
13  2018 Additional Progress in the Development and Application of a Direct, Rapid Immunohistochemical Test for Rabies Diagnosis. Ab, dRIT, MABs, PT
15  2018 Replication-incompetent rabies virus vector harboring glycoprotein gene of lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus (LCMV) protects mice from LCMV challenge. GPC, LCMV, NAb
16  2018 Resurgence of rabies in Hungary during 2013-2014: An attempt to track the origin of identified strains. ---
17  2017 Experimental infection of Artibeus intermedius with a vampire bat rabies virus. hnRT-PCR, RFFIT
18  2017 Increased transgene expression level of rabies virus vector for transsynaptic tracing. ---
19  2017 Inhibition of MEK-ERK1/2-MAP kinase signalling pathway reduces rabies virus induced pathologies in mouse model. CVS, ERK, i.c
20  2017 Serology and protein electrophoresis for evidence of exposure to 12 mink pathogens in free-ranging American mink (Neovison vison) in Argentina. ADV, CAV, CDV, CPV
21  2016 A novel rabies virus lipopeptide provides a better protection by improving the magnitude of DCs activation and T cell responses. ---
22  2016 A VL-linker-VH Orientation Dependent Single Chain Variable Antibody Fragment Against Rabies Virus G Protein with Enhanced Neutralizing Potency in vivo. PEP, RIG, scFv, VH, VL
23  2016 Combining Optogenetics and Electrophysiology to Analyze Projection Neuron Circuits. AAV, ChR2, LED
24  2016 Early postnatal maturation in vestibulospinal pathways involved in neck and forelimb motor control. EMG, LVST, MNs
25  2016 Immunostained plaque assay for detection and titration of rabies virus infectivity. FAT
26  2016 [Effect of free-roaming dogs culling on the control of canine rabies]. ---
27  2016 [Generation of Human ScFv Antibodies for Antigenic Site III of Rabies Virus Glycoprotein from Antibody-phage Libraries by Chain Shuffling]. ---
28  2015 A novel variable antibody fragment dimerized by leucine zippers with enhanced neutralizing potency against rabies virus G protein compared to its corresponding single-chain variable antibody fragment. PEP, RIG, scFv, VH, VL
29  2015 A recombinant canine distemper virus expressing a modified rabies virus glycoprotein induces immune responses in mice. CDV, RVG
30  2015 Effects of G-gene Deletion and Replacement on Rabies Virus Vector Gene Expression. G gene
31  2015 Efficiency of live attenuated and inactivated rabies viruses in prophylactic and post exposure vaccination against the street virus strain. i.c, IM, p.e, p.i
32  2015 Lentiviral vectors for retrograde delivery of recombinases and transactivators. ---
33  2015 Pseudotyping of G-Gene-Deficient Rabies Virus. ---
34  2015 Rabies viral vectors for monosynaptic tracing and targeted transgene expression in neurons. ---
35  2015 Recombinant Fluorescent Rabies Virus Vectors for Tracing Neurons and Synaptic Connections. cDNA
36  2015 Recovery of Replication-Competent and G-Gene-Deleted Rabies Viruses from cDNA. ---
37  2015 Segmental organization of vestibulospinal inputs to spinal interneurons mediating crossed activation of thoracolumbar motoneurons in the neonatal mouse. dCINs, LVST, MNs, VR
38  2015 Viral suppression function of intracellular antibody against C-terminal domain of rabies virus phosphoprotein. aa, RV-P
39  2014 Innate immune responses in raccoons after raccoon rabies virus infection. RRV
40  2014 Negative effects of a disulfide bond mismatch in anti-rabies G protein single-chain antibody variable fragment FV57. PEP, RIG, scFv
41  2014 Protection of mice against lethal rabies virus challenge using short interfering RNAs (siRNAs) delivered through lentiviral vector. CVS-11, PV-11, siRNAs
42  2014 Rabies virus glycoprotein variants display different patterns in rabies monosynaptic tracing. RVG
43  2014 Re-emergence of rabies in the Guangxi province of Southern China. mAbs, MIT
44  2014 Recombinant rabies virus expressing the H protein of canine distemper virus protects dogs from the lethal distemper challenge. CDV, IM, VNA
45  2014 Tail vaccination in cats: a pilot study. FPV
46  2014 The coelomic fluid of the sea urchin Tripneustes depressus shows antiviral activity against Suid herpesvirus type 1 (SHV-1) and rabies virus (RV). CF, SHV-1
47  2013 Complete genome sequence of a rabies virus isolate from cattle in guangxi, southern china. ---
48  2013 Evaluation of single and dual siRNAs targeting rabies virus glycoprotein and nucleoprotein genes for inhibition of virus multiplication in vitro. PV-11, shRNAs, siRNAs
49  2013 Metagenomic and metabolomic characterization of rabies encephalitis: new insights into the treatment of an ancient disease. NMR
50  2013 Rabies virus vector transgene expression level and cytotoxicity improvement induced by deletion of glycoprotein gene. mRFP
51  2013 Responses of mice to inoculation with low doses of a bat rabies virus variant. ---
52  2013 Secretion of truncated recombinant rabies virus glycoprotein with preserved antigenic properties using a co-expression system in Hansenula polymorpha. H. polymorpha
53  2013 Unique characteristics of bat rabies viruses in big brown bats (Eptesicus fuscus). ---
54  2012 A novel disulfide-stabilized single-chain variable antibody fragment against rabies virus G protein with enhanced in vivo neutralizing potency. PEP, RIG, scFv, VL85Ser
55  2012 Ecological and anthropogenic drivers of rabies exposure in vampire bats: implications for transmission and control. ---
56  2012 Generation and characterization of neutralizing human recombinant antibodies against antigenic site II of rabies virus glycoprotein. mAbs, PEP, RIG
57  2012 Inhibition of rabies virus multiplication by siRNA delivered through adenoviral vector in vitro in BHK-21 cells and in vivo in mice. rAdV, rAdV-L, rAdV-Neg, shRNAs, siRNA
58  2012 Naturally acquired rabies virus infections in wild-caught bats. ---
59  2012 Oral immunisation of mice with a recombinant rabies virus vaccine incorporating the heat-labile enterotoxin B subunit of Escherichia coli in an attenuated Salmonella strain. LTB
60  2012 Organization of cerebral projections to identified cerebellar zones in the posterior cerebellum of the rat. CTB
61  2012 Postexposure treatment with the live-attenuated rabies virus (RV) vaccine TriGAS triggers the clearance of wild-type RV from the Central Nervous System (CNS) through the rapid induction of genes relevant to adaptive immunity in CNS tissues. CNS, GZMA, IFN, IL-12B, PET, qPCR
62  2012 Protective vaccine-induced CD4(+) T cell-independent B cell responses against rabies infection. GC, PEP, VNAs
63  2012 Rabies virus and canine distemper virus in wild and domestic carnivores in Northern Kenya: are domestic dogs the reservoir? CDV
64  2012 Significantly improved rescue of rabies virus from cDNA plasmids. HDVagrz, RNP
65  2012 The importance of being short: the role of rabies virus phosphoprotein isoforms assessed by differential IRES translation initiation. FMDV, IRES
66  2012 Tracing synaptic connectivity onto embryonic stem cell-derived neurons. ESCs, mESC
67  2012 Trends in national surveillance data for bat rabies in the United States: 2001-2009. ---
68  2012 [Development and preliminary assessment of a recombinant canarypox virus as an antirabic vaccine candidate]. CNPV
69  2011 A reverse-transcription, loop-mediated isothermal amplification assay for detection of bovine ephemeral fever virus in the blood of infected cattle. BEFV, RT-LAMP, RT-PCR
70  2011 Characterization of last-order premotor interneurons by transneuronal tracing with rabies virus in the neonatal mouse spinal cord. loINs, MNs, TS
71  2011 Development of recombinant rabies viruses vectors with Gaussia luciferase reporter based on Chinese vaccine strain CTN181. Gluc
72  2011 Genetic dissection of interferon-antagonistic functions of rabies virus phosphoprotein: inhibition of interferon regulatory factor 3 activation is important for pathogenicity. aa, IFN, IFN, WT
73  2011 Molecular characterization of China rabies virus vaccine strain. RdRp, L
74  2011 Molecular characterization of rabies virus isolated from dogs in Tunisia: evidence of two phylogenetic variants. ---
75  2011 Monosynaptic inputs to ErbB4-expressing inhibitory neurons in mouse primary somatosensory cortex. LV, RG
76  2011 Proteomic profiles of mouse neuro N2a cells infected with variant virulence of rabies viruses. CIAPIN1
77  2011 Rabies virus (RV) glycoprotein expression levels are not critical for pathogenicity of RV. ---
78  2011 Recombinant canine parvovirus-like particles express foreign epitopes in silkworm pupae. CPV, VLPs
79  2011 Reviewing host proteins of Rhabdoviridae: possible leads for lesser studied viruses. CHPV, ISFV, PIRYV, VSV
80  2011 [Development of SPA-ELISA for detection of antibodies against rabies virus based on expression of main antigenic determinant of nucleoprotein]. IPTG
81  2010 A multiplex reverse transcription-nested polymerase chain reaction for detection and differentiation of wild-type and vaccine strains of canine distemper virus. CAV, CCV, CDV, CPV, NDV, RT-nPCR
82  2010 A novel composite immunotoxin that suppresses rabies virus production by the infected cells. ---
83  2010 A recombinant rabies virus expressing luciferase. Luc
84  2010 Characterization of a single-cycle rabies virus-based vaccine vector. RV-G
85  2010 Engineering, expression, and immuno-characterization of recombinant protein comprising multi-neutralization sites of rabies virus glycoprotein. G protein
86  2010 Human rabies transmitted by vampire bats: antigenic and genetic characterization of rabies virus isolates from the Amazon region (Brazil and Ecuador). AgV3
87  2010 Induction of neutralizing antibody responses to anthrax protective antigen by using influenza virus vectors: implications for disparate immune system priming pathways. HA, PA
88  2010 Molecular basis of neurovirulence of flury rabies virus vaccine strains: importance of the polymerase and the glycoprotein R333Q mutation. HEP, LEP
89  2010 Role of interferon antagonist activity of rabies virus phosphoprotein in viral pathogenicity. IFN, P protein
90  2010 The added value of rabies virus as a retrograde tracer when combined with dual anterograde tract-tracing. BDA, PHA-L
91  2010 The basal ganglia communicate with the cerebellum. ---
92  2010 [Study on the status of infection and distribution of rabies virus in China]. DFA
93  2009 Attenuation of rabies virus replication and virulence by picornavirus internal ribosome entry site elements. HRV2, IRES, PV
94  2009 Changes to interneuron-driven striatal microcircuits in a rat model of Parkinson's disease. ---
95  2009 Dual transneuronal tracing in the rat entorhinal-hippocampal circuit by intracerebral injection of recombinant rabies virus vectors. ---
96  2009 Effective preexposure and postexposure prophylaxis of rabies with a highly attenuated recombinant rabies virus. ---
97  2009 Immunogenicity and safety of recombinant rabies viruses used for oral vaccination of stray dogs and wildlife. DCs, SPBNGAS
98  2009 In vitro propagation of rabies virus in mouse dorsal root ganglia cells. CNS, DRG, N protein
99  2009 Intravenous inoculation of a bat-associated rabies virus causes lethal encephalopathy in mice through invasion of the brain via neurosecretory hypothalamic fibers. CNS, i.m, i.v, qRT-PCR
100  2009 Proteomics analysis of BHK-21 cells infected with a fixed strain of rabies virus. ---