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Abbreviation : SAB
Long Form : salvianolic acid B
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 Behaviour of cell penetrating peptide TAT-modified liposomes loaded with salvianolic acid B on the migration, proliferation, and survival of human skin fibroblasts. HSF, PDI
2019 Genome-Wide Identification and Characterization of Salvia miltiorrhiza Laccases Reveal Potential Targets for Salvianolic Acid B Biosynthesis. RA, SmLAC
2019 Improved dialysis removal of protein-bound uremic toxins by salvianolic acids. CA, DHI, IS, LA, PA, PCS, RA, SA-A
2019 Overexpression of SmANS Enhances Anthocyanin Accumulation and Alters Phenolic Acids Content in Salvia miltiorrhiza and Salvia miltiorrhiza Bge f. alba Plantlets. ANS, ER, RA
2019 Preparation of Salvianolic Acid B Disodium Salt Considering the Water Extract Quality Standard. ---
2019 Salvianolic Acid B Attenuates Apoptosis of HUVEC Cells Treated with High Glucose or High Fat via Sirt1 Activation. HUVEC, SIRT1, TXNIP
2019 Salvianolic acid B attenuates experimental skin fibrosis of systemic sclerosis. SM, SSc
2019 Salvianolic Acid B Inhibits Activation of Human Primary Hepatic Stellate Cells Through Downregulation of the Myocyte Enhancer Factor 2 Signaling Pathway. alpha-SMA, hHSCs, HSCs, MAPK, MEF2, TGF-beta1
2019 Salvianolic acid B protects against ANIT-induced cholestatic liver injury through regulating bile acid transporters and enzymes, and NF-kappaB/IkappaB and MAPK pathways. ANIT
10  2019 The application of combined 1H NMR-based metabolomics and transcriptomics techniques to explore phenolic acid biosynthesis in Salvia miltiorrhiza Bunge. DEGs, HPLC, MeJA, NMR, RA
11  2019 Transport of salvianolic acid B via the human organic anion transporter 1B1 in the liver. ---
12  2018 A Method for Preparation of an Internal Layer of Artificial Vascular Graft Co-Modified with Salvianolic Acid B and Heparin. HUVEC
13  2018 A quality marker study on salvianolic acids for injection. CM, LA, Q-Marker, RA, SA-D, SA-Y, SAI
14  2018 Bioprofiling of Salvia miltiorrhiza via planar chromatography linked to (bio)assays, high resolution mass spectrometry and nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy. AChE, bio, CT, DB, DHTI, LSA, PLC, RA
15  2018 Blue light decreases tanshinone IIA content in Salvia miltiorrhiza hairy roots via genes regulation. LEDs, RA, TSIIA
16  2018 Impact of Sodium N-[8-(2-Hydroxybenzoyl)amino]-caprylate on Intestinal Permeability for Notoginsenoside R1 and Salvianolic Acids in Caco-2 Cells Transport and Rat Pharmacokinetics. AUC, RA, SA-A, SAs, SNAC, TEER
17  2018 Inhibition of the CD36 receptor reduces visceral fat accumulation and improves insulin resistance in obese mice carrying the BDNF-Val66Met variant. BDNF, CD36, Val66Met
18  2018 Molecular Pharmacology of Rosmarinic and Salvianolic Acids: Potential Seeds for Alzheimer's and Vascular Dementia Drugs. AD, RA
19  2018 Salvianolic acid B attenuates experimental pulmonary inflammation by protecting endothelial cells against oxidative stress injury. ---
20  2018 Salvianolic acid B protects against acute lung injury by decreasing TRPM6 and TRPM7 expressions in a rat model of sepsis. ALI, BALF, LPS, MPO, SOD, WBC
21  2018 [Effect of salvianolic acid B on proliferation and apoptosis of human nasal polyps fibroblasts]. NPFs
22  2017 Attenuation of renal ischemic reperfusion injury by salvianolic acid B via suppressing oxidative stress and inflammation through PI3K/Akt signaling pathway. BUN, Cr, IR
23  2017 Inhibition of Human UGT1A1-Mediated Bilirubin Glucuronidation by Polyphenolic Acids Impact Safety of Popular Salvianolic Acid A/B-Containing Drugs and Herbal Products. DSS, PA, RA, SAA
24  2017 Involvement of NADPH oxidase in high-dose phenolic acid-induced pro-oxidant activity on rat mesenteric venules. CA, CHA, FA
25  2017 Neuroprotective effect of salvianolic acid B against cerebral ischemic injury in rats via the CD40/NF-kappaB pathway associated with suppression of platelets activation and neuroinflammation. I/R, tMCAO
26  2017 Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics of Promising Arginase Inhibitors. DMFO, nor-NOHA, PG
27  2017 Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Danshensu and Tetramethylpyrazine Conjugates as Cardioprotective Agents. ADTM, DSS, TMP
28  2017 The effect of deep eutectic solvent on the pharmacokinetics of salvianolic acid B in rats and its acute toxicity test. DES, RSD
29  2017 [Clinical effectiveness of salvianolic acid B and triamcinolone acetonide in treatment of oral submucous fibrosis]. OSF, TA
30  2017 [Methods and effects of injection of salvianolic acid B combined with triamcinolone acetonide in the treatment of oral submucous fibrosis]. TA
31  2017 [UPLC-MS/MS determination of tanshinone ⅡA, salvianolic acid B and ginsenoside Rg₁ in Fufang Danshen preparation in rat plasma and brain tissues]. SD
32  2016 Effect of salvianolic acid B on TNF-alpha induced cerebral microcirculatory changes in a micro-invasive mouse model. FITC
33  2016 Effects of salvianolic acid B and tanshinone IIA on the pharmacokinetics of losartan in rats by regulating the activities and expression of CYP3A4 and CYP2C9. LC-MS, LST, Tan IIA
34  2016 LC-MS/MS determination and interaction of the main components from the traditional Chinese drug pair Danshen-Sanqi based on rat intestinal absorption. GRb1, GRg1, NGR1
35  2016 Novel anti-infective potential of salvianolic acid B against human serious pathogen Neisseria meningitidis. ---
36  2016 Quantitatively metabolic profiles of salvianolic acids in rats after gastric-administration of Salvia miltiorrhiza extract. CA, DSS, PAL, SAA
37  2016 Salvianolic Acid B Ameliorates Cerebral Ischemia/Reperfusion Injury Through Inhibiting TLR4/MyD88 Signaling Pathway. I/R, MCAO, OGD/R, TLR4
38  2016 Salvianolic Acid B Attenuates Experimental Pulmonary Fibrosis through Inhibition of the TGF-beta Signaling Pathway. SM, YQHX
39  2016 [Research on Molecular Spectra of Interactions Between Salvianolic Acid A and Salvianolic Acid B with Insulin, and Effect of Glucose on the Binding]. SAA
40  2015 Comparative pharmacokinetic and tissue distribution profiles of four major bioactive components in normal and hepatic fibrosis rats after oral administration of Fuzheng Huayu recipe. AMY, DMN, DSS, FZHY, ROS, SFDA
41  2015 Near-Infrared Spectroscopy as an Analytical Process Technology for the On-Line Quantification of Water Precipitation Processes during Danhong Injection. NIR, PA, PLSR, RA
42  2015 Salvianolic acid B as a substrate and weak catechol-O-methyltransferase inhibitor in rats. 3-MMS, 3-OMD, COMT, L-dopa
43  2015 Salvianolic acid B inhibits platelets-mediated inflammatory response in vascular endothelial cells. PRP
44  2015 Salvianolic Acid B Protects Normal Human Dermal Fibroblasts Against Ultraviolet B Irradiation-Induced Photoaging Through Mitogen-Activated Protein Kinase and Activator Protein-1 Pathways. AP-1, ERK, IL-6, JNK, MAPK, MMP, TGF-beta1, UV
45  2015 [Absorption of aqueous extracts from Salviae Miltiorrhizae Radix et Rhizoma by everted intestinal sac method]. PAL
46  2015 [Simultaneous determination of phenolic acids in Guanxinning injection by HPLC]. LA, PA, RA, SD
47  2014 Effects of Danshensu and Salvianolic Acid B from Salvia miltiorrhiza Bunge (Lamiaceae) on cell proliferation and collagen and melanin production. DSU, SME
48  2014 Post-harvest induced production of salvianolic acids and significant promotion of antioxidant properties in roots of Salvia miltiorrhiza (Danshen). SAs
49  2014 Simultaneous determination and pharmacokinetic comparisons of multi-ingredients after oral administration of radix salviae miltiorrhizae extract, hawthorn extract, and a combination of both extracts to rats. DSS, HP, HTE, LA, RA, SME
50  2014 [UV-B radiation sensitivity of Salvia miltiorrhiza in different growth periods]. RA, SI
51  2013 Competitive inhibition of human organic anion transporters 1 (SLC22A6), 3 (SLC22A8) and 4 (SLC22A11) by major components of the medicinal herb Salvia miltiorrhiza (Danshen). LSA, RMA, SAA, TSL
52  2013 Efficacy of salvianolic acid B combined with triamcinolone acetonide in the treatment of oral submucous fibrosis. OSF, TA
53  2013 Near infrared spectroscopy in combination with chemometrics as a process analytical technology (PAT) tool for on-line quantitative monitoring of alcohol precipitation. DSS, HSYA, LS-SVM, NIR, PA, PAT, PLS, RBF, SSC
54  2013 Simultaneous determination of six hydrophilic components in rat plasma after oral administration of Jitai tablet by liquid chromatography-electrospray ionization-tandem mass spectrometry: application to a pharmacokinetic study. ADL, DSS, FA, HSYA, SAA
55  2013 The identification and pharmacokinetic studies of metabolites of salvianolic acid B after intravenous administration in rats. LSA, SAS
56  2013 The stability investigation of compound Danshen injection (a traditional medicine) with a new high-performance liquid chromatography method. PA, PHA, RA, SAA
57  2012 Influence of rifampicin on the pharmacokinetics of salvianolic acid B may involve inhibition of organic anion transporting polypeptide (Oatp) mediated influx. OATP, RIF
58  2012 Inhibitory effects of salvianolic acid B on CCl(4)-induced hepatic fibrosis through regulating NF-kappaB/IkappaBalpha signaling. AST, HA, IV-C, LN, PIIIP, RIA, TBIL
59  2012 Metabolomic profiles of myocardial ischemia under treatment with salvianolic acid B. anti-MI, cAMP, PKA
60  2012 Pharmacokinetic comparisons of single herb extract of Fufang Danshen preparation with different combinations of its constituent herbs in rats. FDP, S. miltiorrhiza, TS
61  2012 Production of salvianolic acid B in roots of Salvia miltiorrhiza (Danshen) during the post-harvest drying process. ---
62  2012 Salvianolic Acid B Inhibits ERK and p38 MAPK Signaling in TGF-beta1-Stimulated Human Hepatic Stellate Cell Line (LX-2) via Distinct Pathways. HSCs
63  2012 Salvianolic acid B inhibits macrophage uptake of modified low density lipoprotein (mLDL) in a scavenger receptor CD36-dependent manner. HTS, mLDL, mLDL, oxLDL, PMA, SPR
64  2012 Three-channel column-switching high-performance liquid chromatography with electrochemical detection for determining bioactive redox components in Salvia miltiorrhiza. CA, CRY, LA, PA, PAD, RA, Tan I, Tan IIA
65  2012 [Salvianolic acid B inhibits ERK signal transduction pathway activated by transforming growth factor-beta1 in rat hepatic stellate cells]. alpha-SMA, ERK, HSCs, TGF-beta1
66  2011 Determination and biosynthesis of multiple salvianolic acids in hairy roots of Salvia miltiorrhiza. ESAB, MeJA, MSAB, RA, SAK, YE
67  2011 Improving the NQO1-inducing activities of phenolic acids from radix Salvia miltiorrhiza: a methylation strategy. LA, NQO1, RA
68  2011 [Effect of salvianolic acid B on CD14 expression in rats with liver fibrosis]. TNF-alpha
69  2011 [Effect of salvianolic acid B on TGF-beta1-induced human embryonic lung fibroblast's biological behavior]. TGF-beta1
70  2011 [Effects of salviandic acid B (SA-B) on activity of basement membrane-type collagenase and impact of regulatory factors in rats with cardiac hypertrophy]. AAB, Hyp
71  2010 An anti-ROS/hepatic fibrosis drug delivery system based on salvianolic acid B loaded mesoporous silica nanoparticles. RhB
72  2010 Discovery of antagonists for human scavenger receptor CD36 via an ELISA-like high-throughput screening assay. DSS, ELISA, HTS, Ox-LDL, RA, sCD36
73  2010 Effect of salvianolic-acid B on inhibiting MAPK signaling induced by transforming growth factor-beta1 in activated rat hepatic stellate cells. HSC
74  2010 [Impact of salvianolic acid-B on TGF-beta1-induced HK-2 epithelial-mesenchymal transition]. alpha-SMA, EMT, TGF-beta1
75  2010 [Protection and mechanisms of salvianolic-acid B on experimental renal interstitial fibrosis in rats]. alpha-SMA, E-cad, UUO
76  2009 Effect of Fuzheng Huayu formula and its actions against liver fibrosis. FZHY
77  2009 Microwave-assisted extraction with water for fast extraction and simultaneous RP-HPLC determination of phenolic acids in radix Salviae Miltiorrhizae. Dla, LA, MAE-W, RP-HPLC
78  2009 The attenuation effect of 3,4-dihydroxy-phenyl lactic acid and salvianolic acid B on venular thrombosis induced in rat mesentery by photochemical reaction. CP, DLA, PR, SM
79  2009 [Effect and mechanism of salvianolic-acid B on inhibiting endothelin-1-induced contraction of human hepatic stellate cells]. ET-1, HSCs
80  2009 [Effect of salvianolic acid B on generation and activation of myofibroblast in rat with renal interstitial fibrosis]. alpha-SMA, HE, RT-PCR, UUO
81  2009 [Effects of Salviae miltiorrhizae and salvianolic acid B on microcirculation of liver in mice with portal hypertension]. APS, ET-1, ETAR
82  2009 [Evaluation of different combinations of components of Chinese formulation shuangshentongguan by using AUC values]. DHC, THP
83  2008 LC-MS determination and pharmacokinetic study of six phenolic components in rat plasma after taking traditional Chinese medicinal-preparation: Guanxinning lyophilized powder for injection. CaA, CHA, DSS, ESI, LC-MS, PAC, PAL, SIM, TCMP
84  2008 Protective effect of tetramethylpyrazine and salvianolic acid B on apoptosis of rat cerebral microvascular endothelial cell under high shear stress. PI, rCMECs, TMP
85  2008 Protective effects of dihydroxylphenyl lactic acid and salvianolic acid B on LPS-induced mesenteric microcirculatory disturbance in rats. DLA
86  2008 Salvianolic acid B inhibits platelet adhesion under conditions of flow by a mechanism involving the collagen receptor alpha2beta1. ---
87  2008 [Effects of salvianolic acid B on cardiovascular endothelial cells and platelet activation in a rabbit model of ischemia-reperfusion]. ET, GMP-140, LADCA, NO
88  2007 Protective effect of glycyrrhizin, glycyrrhetic acid and matrine on acute cholestasis induced by alpha-naphthyl isothiocyanate in rats. ANIT, DEX, GA, GL, KPG, MT, OMT, SI
89  2007 [Effect and mechanism of salvianolic acid B in attenuating elevated portal pressure in a rat model of portal hypertension induced by endothelin-1]. ---
90  2006 Study on effects of extracts from Salvia Miltiorrhiza and Curcuma Longa in inhibiting phosphorylated extracellular signal regulated kinase expression in rat's hepatic stellate cells. alpha-SMA, ERK, HSC
91  2006 [Effects of salvianolic acid B on signal transduction induced by transforming growth factor-beta1 and platelet-derived growth factor- BB in hepatic stellate cells of rats]. ERK, HSCs, PDGF-BB, PDGFR-beta, TGF-beta1
92  2005 [Effects of salvianolic acid B on expressions of TGF-beta1 and its receptors in liver of rats with dimethylnitrosamine-induced hepatic fibrosis]. DMN, Hyp, TGF-beta1
93  2004 Effect of salvianolic acid B on Smad3 expression in hepatic stellate cells. HSCs, TGF-beta1
94  2004 Inhibition of shear-induced platelet aggregation in rat by tetramethylpyrazine and salvianolic acid B. PRP, SIPA, TMP
95  2004 [Salianic-acid B inhibits MAPK signaling in activated rat hepatic stellate cells]. ERK, HSCs, MAPK, TGF-beta1
96  2002 Clinical observation of salvianolic acid B in treatment of liver fibrosis in chronic hepatitis B. IFN-gamma
97  2002 Effect of salvianolic acid B on collagen production and mitogen-activated protein kinase activity in rat hepatic stellate cells. HSC, MAPK, TGF-beta1
98  2002 Effects of salvianolic acid-B on TGF-beta 1 stimulated hepatic stellate cell activation and its intracellular signaling. HSC, PAI-1
99  1997 [Direct protection of injured primary cultured hepatocytes of rats treated with carbon tetrachloride by salvianic acid B]. ---