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Abbreviation : SAB
Long Form : single antigen bead
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 A novel approach reveals that HLA class 1 single antigen bead-signatures provide a means of high-accuracy pre-transplant risk assessment of acute cellular rejection in renal transplantation. ACR
2019 An Easy and Sensitive Method to Profile the Antibody Specificities of HLA-specific Memory B Cells. ---
2019 Crossing low-level donor-specific antibodies in heart transplantation. AMR, CAV, DSA
2019 Detecting donor-specific antibodies: the importance of sorting the wheat from the chaff. DSA, HLA
2019 Discrepant Antibody Testing Results: Which One to Believe? ---
2019 Epitope Analysis Aids in Transplant Decision Making by Determining the Clinical Relevance of Apparent Pre-Transplant Donor Specific Antibodies (DSA). CDC-XM, DSA
2019 Getting on target: Development of the novel, prozone-resistant, dual antibody rapid test (DART) for the LABScreen single antigen bead (SAB) assay. DART, DTT, EDTA, MFI, ROB
2019 Pretransplant Single Antigen Bead-Detected HLA Antibodies in Kidney Transplant Long-term Outcome: A Single-Center Cohort Experience. CI
2018 Acute Antibody-Mediated Rejection by De Novo Anti-HLA-DPbeta and -DPalpha Antibodies After Kidney Transplantation: A Case Report. NDSAs
10  2018 Detection and clinical impact of human leukocyte antigen antibodies in lung transplantation: A systematic review and meta-analysis. CI, CLAD, dnDSA, HR
11  2018 False negative single antigen bead assay: Is it always an effect of prozone? PRA
12  2018 Graft immunologic events in deceased donor kidney transplant recipients with preformed HLA-donor specific antibodies. ACR, AMR, DD, KTR
13  2018 Pretransplant C3d-Fixing Donor-Specific Anti-HLA Antibodies Are Not Associated with Increased Risk for Kidney Graft Failure. DSAs
14  2018 Rapid optimized flow cytometric crossmatch (FCXM) assays: The Halifax and Halifaster protocols. MCFS, MFI
15  2018 The good, the bad, and the ugly of luminex donor-specific crossmatch. AHG-CDCXm, LumXm
16  2018 The Spectrum of Histopathological Changes in the Renal Allograft - a 12 Months Protocol Biopsy Study. ATG, CAT, CNI, ENDAT, IL-2R, KTR, MMF
17  2018 Therapeutic Human IgG Preparations Contain Mixture of HLA Antibodies to Native HLA Antigens and Cryptic Epitopes With Little Clinical Significance. H-Ig, IgG
18  2017 C1q Test for Identification of Sensitized Liver Recipients at Risk of Early Acute Antibody-Mediated Rejection. AMR, DSA, MFI
19  2017 Comparative analysis of Luminex-based donor-specific antibody mean fluorescence intensity values with complement-dependent cytotoxicity & flow crossmatch results in live donor renal transplantation. CDC, DSA, HLA, MFI
20  2017 Comparison Between Total IgG, C1q, and C3d Single Antigen Bead Assays in Detecting Class I Complement-Binding Anti-HLA Antibodies. C1q, C3d, DSAs, MFI
21  2017 Conformational Variants of the Individual HLA-I Antigens on Luminex Single Antigen Beads Used in Monitoring HLA Antibodies: Problems and Solutions. beta2fHC, HC, pepA-beta2aHC, pepF-beta2aHC
22  2017 Determining donor-specific antibody C1q-binding ability improves the prediction of antibody-mediated rejection in human leucocyte antigen-incompatible kidney transplantation. AMR, DSAs
23  2017 Monitoring native HLA-I trimer specific antibodies in Luminex multiplex single antigen bead assay: Evaluation of beadsets from different manufacturers. beta 2m, HC
24  2017 Personalized Peptide Arrays for Detection of HLA Alloantibodies in Organ Transplantation. HLA
25  2017 Quantitative Evaluation of the Impact of Ethylenediaminetetraacetic Acid Pretreatment on Single-Antigen Bead Assay. CV, EDTA, MFI
26  2017 Technical Limitations of the C1q Single-Antigen Bead Assay to Detect Complement Binding HLA-Specific Antibodies. MFI
27  2017 The Road to HLA Antibody Evaluation: Do Not Rely on MFI. MFI
28  2017 Understanding solid-phase HLA antibody assays and the value of MFI. MFI
29  2016 A reliable method for avoiding false negative results with Luminex single antigen beads; evidence of the prozone effect. EDTA, HLA
30  2016 Association of C1q-fixing DSA with late graft failure in pediatric renal transplant recipients. ABMR, DSA, eGFR, HR
31  2016 Clinical Significance of Pretransplant Donor-Specific Antibodies in the Setting of Negative Cell-Based Flow Cytometry Crossmatching in Kidney Transplant Recipients. DSA, eGFR, MFI
32  2016 Correlation of Circulating Complement-Fixing Donor-Specific Antibodies Identified by the C1q Assay and Presence of C4d in Endomyocardial Biopsy Specimens. DSAs, EMB, IF, IgG
33  2016 Detection of alloantibody-mediated complement activation: A diagnostic advance in monitoring kidney transplant rejection? ABMR, DSA
34  2016 Flow Cytometric Panel-Reactive Antibody Results and the Ability to Find Transfusion-Compatible Platelets after Antibody-Desensitization for Allogeneic Bone Marrow Transplant. BMT, CDC, DSA, FC, PRA
35  2016 From Accurate Assessment of Anti-HLA Antibody MFI to Complement-Binding Assays. MFI
36  2016 How can we reduce costs of solid-phase multiplex-bead assays used to determine anti-HLA antibodies? HLA, MARD, MFI
37  2016 Many de novo donor-specific antibodies recognize beta2 -microglobulin-free, but not intact HLA heterodimers. AMR, DSA, nHLA, SOT
38  2015 An Anti-C1s Monoclonal, TNT003, Inhibits Complement Activation Induced by Antibodies Against HLA. AMR, DSA, HAEC, HLA, HLA-Ab, SOT
39  2015 The dilemma of DQ HLA-antibodies. anti-DQ-Abs, DSA
40  2014 De novo donor-specific HLA antibodies are associated with early and high-grade bronchiolitis obliterans syndrome and death after lung transplantation. BOS, dnDSA, DSA, ELISA, HLA, LTRs, PRA
41  2014 Determinants of C1q binding in the single antigen bead assay. AHG, MFI
42  2014 Nothing's perfect: the art of defining HLA-specific antibodies. ---
43  2014 The role of donor-specific antibodies in acute cardiac allograft dysfunction in the absence of cellular rejection. AAD, AMR, DSAs, MFI
44  2013 HLA-specific antibody distribution in renal transplant waiting list patients: utility of antigen frequency data in the definition of HLA-reactive epitopes. HLA
45  2013 Influence of test technique on sensitization status of patients on the kidney transplant waiting list. CDC, ELISA, HLA, MFI
46  2013 Interpretation of HLA single antigen bead assays. MFI
47  2013 LVAD implant as a bridge to heart transplantation is associated with allosensitization as measured by single antigen bead assay. LVAD, PRA
48  2013 Modified solid-phase alloantibody detection for improved crossmatch prediction. AUC, CDCXM, DSA, MFI, ROC
49  2013 Persistent strong anti-HLA antibody at high titer is complement binding and associated with increased risk of antibody-mediated rejection in heart transplant recipients. cAMR, CDCXM, cPRA, DSA, MFI, SAB-C1q
50  2013 Pre-transplant donor specific anti-HLA antibody is associated with antibody-mediated rejection, progressive graft dysfunction and patient death. AMR, CDC, DSA, MFI
51  2013 Solid phase detection of C4d-fixing HLA antibodies to predict rejection in high immunological risk kidney transplant recipients. AMR, C4d, DSA
52  2013 The effectiveness of the combination of rituximab and high-dose immunoglobulin in the immunomodulation of sensitized kidney transplant candidates. MFI
53  2013 The significance of pretransplant donor-specific antibodies reactive with intact or denatured human leucocyte antigen in kidney transplantation. DSA, HLA
54  2012 C1q-fixing human leukocyte antigen assay in immunized renal patients: correlation between Luminex SAB-C1q and SAB-IgG. LMX, MFI
55  2012 Clinically irrelevant circulating human leukocyte antigen antibodies in the presence of ventricular assist devices. HLA, VAD
56  2011 Complement (C1q) fixing solid-phase screening for HLA antibodies increases the availability of compatible platelet components for refractory patients. CCI, cPRA, Ig, PLT
57  2011 HLA antibody specification using single-antigen beads--a technical solution for the prozone effect. EDTA
58  2011 Interpretation of positive flow cytometric crossmatch in the era of the single-antigen bead assay. HLA, OR
59  2011 Novel C1q assay reveals a clinically relevant subset of human leukocyte antigen antibodies independent of immunoglobulin G strength on single antigen beads. CDC, HLA, IgG, MFI
60  2011 Positive virtual crossmatch with negative flow crossmatch results in two cases. DSA, HLA-Ab, SPA
61  2011 Revisiting traditional risk factors for rejection and graft loss after kidney transplantation. AMR, CMR, DCGS, DD, DSA, PRA
62  2010 Identification of specificities of antibodies against human leukocyte antigens in blood donors. HLA, LAPS, NBG, TRALI
63  2010 Improved Luminex-based human leukocyte antigen-specific antibody screening using dithiothreitol-treated sera. DTT, HLA