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Abbreviation : SAF
Long Form : self-adjusting file
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Biomechanical preparation in primary molars using manual and three NiTi instruments: a cone-beam-computed tomographic in vitro study. PTN, PTU
2019 Canal Transportation and Centering Ability in Long Oval Canals: A Multidimentional Analysis. PTN
2019 Comparative Evaluation of Cleaning Efficacy of Self-adjusting File and WaveOne File: An in vitro Scanning Electron Microscopic Study. EDTA, WO
2019 Dentinal defects induced by 6 different endodontic files when used for oval root canals: an in vitro comparative study. HFs, PTN, RC, RS, WO
2019 Effects of preparation with the Self-Adjusting File, TRUShape and XP-endo Shaper systems, and a supplementary step with XP-endo Finisher R on filling material removal during retreatment of mandibular molar canals. micro-CT
2019 Influence of Adjuncts to Irrigation in the Disinfection of Large Root Canals. CFUs, NFX, PUI, XPF
2019 Micro-CT evaluation of different final irrigation protocols on the removal of hard-tissue debris from isthmus-containing mesial root of mandibular molars. AHTD, micro-CT, PUI
2018 Apical extrusion of debris during the preparation of oval root canals: a comparative study between a full-sequence SAF system and a rotary file system supplemented by XP-endo finisher file. ---
2018 Apical extrusion of debris in primary molar root canals using mechanical and manual systems. ---
10  2018 Comparison of the incidence of postoperative pain after using a continuous rotary system, a reciprocating system, and a Self-Adjusting File system in single-visit endodontics: A prospective randomized clinical trial. PTN, WOG
11  2018 Effect of self-adjusting file and WaveOne reciprocating file on the filling ability of oval-shaped canals with thermoplasticized gutta-percha. PGFA, PSFA, PVA
12  2018 Efficacy of self-adjusting file, XP-endo finisher and passive ultrasonic irrigation on the removal of calcium hydroxide paste from an artificial standardized groove. PUI, SNI, XP
13  2018 Evaluation of four instruments with different working motion using artificial plastic model with C-shaped single canal. micro-CT, PTN, REC, SSK
14  2018 Force and vibration correlation analysis in the self-adjusting file during root canal shaping: An in-vitro study. CI, RMS
15  2018 Micro-CT assessment of the shaping ability of four root canal instrumentation systems in oval-shaped canals. ---
16  2017 Apical extrusion of debris in four different endodontic instrumentation systems: A meta-analysis. ---
17  2017 Canal transportation and centering ability of protaper and self-adjusting file system in long oval canals: An ex-vivo cone-beam computed tomography analysis. CBCT, PT
18  2017 Cleaning and Shaping Oval Canals with 3Instrumentation Systems: A Correlative Micro-computed Tomographic and Histologic Study. micro-CT
19  2017 Comparative analysis of SAF, Protaper Next and BT-Race in eliminating Enterococcus faecalis from long oval canals: An ex vivo study. CFUs, RR
20  2017 Comparison and evaluation of two reciprocating root canal instruments on removal of smear layer by using two irrigants at apical one-third of the root canal-an ex vivo-scanning electron microscopic study. CHX, EDTA, WO
21  2017 Effect of glide path preparation on apical extrusion of debris in root canals instrumented with three single-file systems: An ex vivo comparative study. ANOVA, OS, WO
22  2017 Effect of Intermediate Flush Using Different Devices to Prevent Chemical Smear Layer Formation. CSL
23  2017 Effect of ProTaper Gold, Self-Adjusting File, and XP-endo Shaper Instruments on Dentinal Microcrack Formation: A Micro-computed Tomographic Study. CT, PTG, PTU, XP
24  2017 Evaluation of apically extruded debris and irrigant using different file systems. TF
25  2017 Evaluation of the Self-Adjusting File system (SAF) for the instrumentation of primary molar root canals: a micro-computed tomographic study. ---
26  2017 Ex vivo evaluation of four final irrigation protocols on the removal of hard-tissue debris from the mesial root canal system of mandibular first molars. APP, PUI, XPF
27  2017 Extrusion of Debris from Primary Molar Root Canals following Instrumentation with Traditional and New File Systems. ANOVA, PTN, PTU
28  2017 Incidence of microcracks in maxillary first premolars after instrumentation with three different mechanized file systems: a comparative ex vivo study. ---
29  2017 Influence of apical enlargement and complementary canal preparation with the Self-Adjusting File on endotoxin reduction in retreatment cases. CMP, LAL
30  2017 Mechanical Preparation Showed Superior Shaping Ability than Manual Technique in Primary Molars - A Micro-Computed Tomography Study. HF, micro-CT, PTN, SMI
31  2017 Micro-computed Tomography Assessment of Dentinal Micro-cracks after Root Canal Preparation with TRUShape and Self-adjusting File Systems. ---
32  2017 Permanent Maxillary Central Incisor with Dilacerated Crown and Root and C-Shaped Root Canal. ---
33  2017 Post-instrumentation pain after the use of either Mtwo or the SAF system: a randomized controlled clinical trial. ---
34  2017 Preservation of root canal anatomy using self-adjusting file instrumentation with glide path prepared by 20/0.02 hand files versus 20/0.04 rotary files. ---
35  2016 Apical extrusion of debris by supplementary files used for retreatment: An ex vivo comparative study. ANOVA, PTN, RFs, WO
36  2016 Assessment of the fracture resistance of teeth instrumented using 2 rotary and 2 reciprocating files versus the Self-Adjusting File (SAF): An ex vivo comparative study on mandibular premolars. ---
37  2016 Can size 20, .04 taper rotary files reproducibly create a glide path for the self-adjusting file? An ex vivo study in MB canals of mandibular molars. ---
38  2016 Comparative evaluation of apically extruded debris with V-Taper, ProTaper Next, and the Self-adjusting File systems. ---
39  2016 Comparative evaluation of canal cleaning ability of various rotary endodontic filesin apical third: A scanning electron microscopic study. SEM
40  2016 Efficacy of Combined Use of Different Nickel-Titanium Files on Removing Root Canal Filling Materials. PTUR
41  2016 Evaluation of apically extruded debris during root canal retreatment with two different rotary systems followed by a self-adjusting file. ---
42  2016 Fracture Resistance of Endodontically Retreated Roots After Retreatment Using Self-Adjusting File, Passive Ultrasonic Irrigation, Photon-Induced Photoacoustic Streaming, or Laser. PIPS, PUI
43  2016 Push-out bond strength of root fillings made with C-Point and BC sealer versus gutta-percha and AH Plus after the instrumentation of oval canals with the Self-Adjusting File versus WaveOne. BC Sealer, WO
44  2016 Radiological, stereological, and microscopic evaluation of the quality of canal fillings in oval-shaped root canals prepared with self-adjusting file. BL, CBCT, CLC, MD
45  2016 Supplementary Steps for Removing Hard Tissue Debris from Isthmus-containing Canal Systems. AHTD
46  2016 The efficacy of the Self-Adjusting File versus WaveOne in removal of root filling residue that remains in oval canals after the use of ProTaper retreatment files: A cone-beam computed tomography study. CBCT
47  2016 The shaping and cleaning abilities of self-adjusting files in the preparation of canals with isthmuses after glidepath enlargement with ISO or ProTaper Universal NiTi files. PTU
48  2015 Apical extrusion of debris in flat-oval root canals after using different instrumentation systems. PTN, TFA
49  2015 Comparative evaluation of root canal preparations of maxillary first molars with self-adjusting file, reciproc single file, and revo-s rotary file: A micro-computed tomography study. muCT
50  2015 Comparison of apical extrusion of sodium hypochlorite using 4 different root canal irrigation techniques. EV30, NI30, PUI30, SAF30
51  2015 Comparison of different irrigation activation regimens and conventional irrigation techniques for the removal of modified triple antibiotic paste from root canals. CI, MTAP, PUI
52  2015 Effectiveness of different irrigation procedures for removal of dentin debris from a simulated internal resorption cavity. CSI, EA, IRR, PUI
53  2015 Efficacy of different irrigation techniques in the removal of calcium hydroxide from a simulated internal root resorption cavity. CB, CH, CSI, EA, PUI
54  2015 Endodontic management of C-shaped root canal system of mandibular first molar by using a modified technique of self-adjusting file system. NiTi
55  2015 Infection Control in Retreatment Cases: In Vivo Antibacterial Effects of 2 Instrumentation Systems. PUI, TFA
56  2015 Self-adjusting file (SAF) separation in clinical use: A preliminary survey among experienced SAF users regarding prevalence and retrieval methods. SAFs
57  2015 Single C-shaped canal in mandibular first molar: A case report. CBCT
58  2015 The self-adjusting file instrumentation results in less debris extrusion apically when compared to WaveOne and ProTaper NEXT. WO
59  2014 3D analysis of D-RaCe and self-adjusting file in removing filling materials from curved root canals instrumented and filled with different techniques. micro-CT
60  2014 Apical extrusion of debris and irrigant using novel preparation systems. ---
61  2014 Clinical antibacterial effectiveness of the self-adjusting file system. qPCR
62  2014 Effect of different final irrigation methods on the removal of calcium hydroxide from an artificial standardized groove in the apical third of root canals. PUI
63  2014 Effectiveness of various irrigation activation protocols and the self-adjusting file system on smear layer and debris removal. PUI
64  2014 Efficacy of three irrigation agitation techniques on bacterial elimination: a microbiologic and microscopic evaluation. ---
65  2014 Efficacy of Two Irrigants Used with Self-Adjusting File System on Smear Layer: A Scanning Electron Microscopy Study. ---
66  2014 Efficiency of the Self Adjusting File, WaveOne, Reciproc, ProTaper and hand files in root canal debridement. HF
67  2014 Fracture strength of roots instrumented with self-adjusting file and the ProTaper rotary systems. SAF filling
68  2014 Meant to make a difference, the clinical experience of minimally invasive endodontics with the self-adjusting file system in India. NiTi
69  2014 Oval-shaped canal retreatment with self-adjusting file: a micro-computed tomography study. CLC, IQR, VC
70  2014 Quantitative evaluation of apically extruded debris during root canal instrumentation with ProTaper Universal, ProTaper Next, WaveOne, and self-adjusting file systems. ---
71  2014 Retreatment of flat-oval root canals with a self-adjusting file: an SEM study. SEM
72  2014 The self-adjusting file (SAF) system: An evidence-based update. ---
73  2013 A comparative study of biofilm removal with hand, rotary nickel-titanium, and self-adjusting file instrumentation using a novel in vitro biofilm model. ---
74  2013 Comparison of calcium hydroxide removal by self-adjusting file, EndoVac, and CanalBrush agitation techniques: An in vitro study. SEM
75  2013 Comparison of the cleaning efficacy of self-adjusting file and rotary systems in the apical third of oval-shaped canals. ---
76  2013 Comparison of the self-adjusting file with rotary and hand instrumentation in long-oval-shaped root canals. HF, PF
77  2013 Effects of self-adjusting file, Mtwo, and ProTaper on the root canal wall. ---
78  2013 Efficacy of self-adjusting file and passive ultrasonic irrigation on removing calcium hydroxide from root canals. CH, CI, PUI, SEM
79  2013 Self-adjusting file cleaning-shaping-irrigation system improves root-filling bond strength. ---
80  2013 Surface change of root canal dentin after the use of irrigation activation protocols: electron microscopy and an energy-dispersive X-ray microanalysis. EDS, EDTA, G-VI, GI, GII, GIII, GIV, GV, GVII, GVIII
81  2013 The efficacy of the self-adjusting file and ProTaper for removal of calcium hydroxide from root canals. ---
82  2013 The permanent deformation of the self-adjusting files when used in canals of extracted teeth. ---
83  2013 [Single file endodontic treatment: a new era?]. ABC
84  2012 Efficacy of irrigation systems on penetration of sodium hypochlorite to working length and to simulated uninstrumented areas in oval shaped root canals. ANP, WL
85  2012 Efficacy of the self-adjusting file system on cleaning and shaping oval canals: a microbiological and microscopic evaluation. CFUs, SEM
86  2012 Hard-tissue debris accumulation created by conventional rotary versus self-adjusting file instrumentation in mesial root canal systems of mandibular molars. ---
87  2012 In vitro canal and isthmus debris removal of the self-adjusting file, K3, and WaveOne files in the mesial root of human mandibular molars. ---
88  2012 Self-adjusting files in retreatment: a high-resolution micro-computed tomography study. CT, IQR
89  2012 Shaping ability of three nickel-titanium endodontic file systems in simulated S-shaped root canals. NiTi
90  2012 The challenge of C-shaped canal systems: a comparative study of the self-adjusting file and ProTaper. ---
91  2012 The effectiveness of a self-adjusting file to remove residual gutta-percha after retreatment with rotary files. ---
92  2011 Effectiveness of ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA) and MTAD on debris and smear layer removal using a self-adjusting file. EDTA, SEM
93  2011 Eight months of clinical experience with the Self-Adjusting File system. ---
94  2011 Evaluation of radicular dentin erosion and smear layer removal capacity of Self-Adjusting File using different concentrations of sodium hypochlorite as an initial irrigant. SEM
95  2011 Flat-oval root canal preparation with self-adjusting file instrument: a micro-computed tomography study. ---
96  2011 From files to SAF: 3D endodontic treatment is possible at last. ---
97  2011 Micro-computed tomography evaluation of the preparation of long oval root canals in mandibular molars with the self-adjusting file. ---
98  2011 Root canal preparation of maxillary molars with the self-adjusting file: a micro-computed tomography study. DB, MB
99  2011 The self-adjusting file optimizes debridement quality in oval-shaped root canals. NiTi
100  2011 Time-dependent antibacterial effects of the self-adjusting file used with two sodium hypochlorite concentrations. ---